Help putting together a modern New Vegas mod list

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 and New Vegas Modding' started by Charwo, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I was thinking of getting back into Fallout New Vegas. but I wanted to put all the bells and whistles on it. And a lot of these mods have come out in the last two years, so I wanna make sure I get it right.

    I was thinking
    Project Nevada (standard)
    Drivable Cars
    Solid Project
    Fallout 4 quickloot

    Is there anything else I should get that expands the mechanical aspects of the game? Anything to make the AI smarter or more responsive?
  2. President_Peaches

    President_Peaches First time out of the vault

    Mar 4, 2018
    The balance from JESawyer's mod is pretty much essential for me. It does tend to cause conflicts with other mods that change NPCs so be careful. I use JSawyer Ultimate Edition from the Nexus which is a updated reworking of Sawyer's original mod.
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  3. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    JSawyer Ultimate is only JSawyer in the name. Not only did the author changed things and values from the original JSawyer mod, it also reverted to vanilla quite a number of other stuff that JSawyer did in his mod. Not to mention all the "additions" that also have nothing to do with the original JSawyer mod.

    It really shouldn't be called JSawyer at all, since it is pretty much a totally different mod that has a couple things similar to the original, but the vast majority really changes the vision of what JSawyer mod was supposed to be.
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  4. Ediros

    Ediros Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Feb 4, 2016
    I recommend fear and loathing as template, not everything is that good in it. Some mods will not appeal to everyone.
  5. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I forgot to mention this before:
    I recommend Loot Menu over Quick Loot. Loot Menu is more up to date, optimized, and just better built in general.
  6. AlphaPromethean

    AlphaPromethean Vault Senior Citizen

    Mar 16, 2013
    I would recommend against Project Nevada. It's mostly garbage. JSawyer, CCO and JSawyer Ultimate are all far better gameplay mods.
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  7. Axonis

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    Jun 5, 2018
    This is also a load order:

    NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
    New Vegas Stutter Remover (not if you're on Windows 10)
    JIP LN NVSE Plugin

    Enhanced Camera
    Collision Meshes FNV
    Worn-Out Scopes (non-severely version)
    Improved LOD noise Texture
    Wasteland Flora Overhaul (esp-less version and delete treejoshAnv.nif, treejoshBnv.nif, yuccaAnv.nif, yuccaCnv.nif, nv_euroaspen02.nif, nv_redced02.nif, nv_westjuniper03.nif)

    NVCE Ultimate
    Better Pickup Prompt
    Barton Thorn Alternative Trigger
    Heroin Zero Weapon Fixes
    Unofficial Patch Plus
    Mojave Music Radio - Extended
    Mr. New Vegas' Secret Stash (hard to find, search the Internet)
    Honest Hearts Letter
    Simple DLC Delay
    5 Level SPECIAL
    Harvestable Cave Fungus
    Vanilla Intro Plus
    Main Story Alterations
    Outside Bets
    Expanded Medical Clinic
    JSawyer Ultimate Edition
    JSawyer Ultimate Edition - GRA Merged
    Throwable Weapon Fixes

    Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)
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  8. Ediros

    Ediros Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Feb 4, 2016
    And I would argue with Alpha Promethean, about Project Nevada. The way I see it, it lets you customize your own game to a massive extent. If you want pure survival, low supplies, J.e.Sawyer is a way to go.

    However Project Nevada lets you: set your level cap, amount of skill points you get, damage threshold bleedthrough (from 100% through 20%- vanilla to 1%), loot drop rates, enemy scaling, etc.

    One of the best mods on the nexus, as far as I am aware.
  9. Proletären

    Proletären Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Mar 15, 2012