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    Jul 27, 2011
    I'm sure many already know about how The game we do not mention's karma system "works", but I'm gonna tell you my playthrough of the "rpg".

    So the other day my computer was downloading about 3 terabyte of weird Team Fortress 2 p0rn so I thought.. Why not sit down play You-know-what made by You-know-who?

    Started my tv, kick the shitbox 360, waited for the game to load. Pressed A for half an hour until it finaly let me watch a slooooow intro.Got told how I would look 16 years from now(Shut up, It works with SCIENCE!), Got left alone in a room filled with things to swallow while I was 1, turned 10 years old, fucked around in a small vault with 30 other people and a weird guy gave me a huge watch with a crappy flashlight, killed a living creature with my father just for the LoLz of it.

    Turned 16 beat up a dude, told my teatcher I wanted to cheat and he let me because... umm... Yeah...I had to repay him when everone left. Got a gun from a random chick that likes me(?) who also told me my father is a dumbass who leaves the vault wihtout telling his only son, and there for almoste getting everyone in the vault killed. so I took the gun and went on a killingspree through the vault and killed 20 guards who were only doing their job. Then I got crap for killing the owner of the place so I kicked open the door.. Same door that "never opens".

    Ahh!! Blinded!

    Now that I'm in the big...gray....boring...empty land, I felt like being a random asshole with a gun so I killed a pair hunters because.. Why not? And What the fuck? I gained karma!? loaded the save I did before attacking them and talked with them.. Ohh they hunt humans and eat them, Of course!

    .... WHAT?! How can I gain karma for killing some random people I only killed because I can..Because I'm the gatekeeper! For all I knew they could be some pacifist, greenpiece guys who walk around with fake guns just to scare away raiders. But the guy down in the vault who had a loving wife who bakes applepies, two sweet children named John and Lisa and a cute little puppy called Mr Nüfflés Is totaly okay to kill coldblooded or even better! Watching them getting eaten by Radroches

    I walk around some more and find a dead guy laying under a bridge, so I pee a little on his corpse then see a box in his "house". Of course I open it, notice nothing's in it other then his junk and Ohhh! Sugger bombs! I take them and get bad karma! YAY!
    After a while I get tired because I have already killed Threedog and Moira and therefor there's no reason to be evil so I start to saw of "evil" peoples fingers and giving them to a random guy.. And he gives my money for it! Then I go to the ma' gribz and tell my robot butler to make 5 bottles of holy water that I give to some idiot outside Megaton so that he will tell everyone he meet (still sitting outside megaton, even the weird talking Orc) that I'm a nice guy that gave him water instead of You know.. MONEY.

    Later when I find out that BoS have no reason to be in this damn game I got tired so when I gain my next level I turn from a nice guy to teH fucking devil!

    Maybe I'm just being another random internet asshole who does nothing other then whine, But the whole idea about adding a karma/good-evil system in a rpg is so idiotic and have very few times been done in a logical and working way. In most rpgs it feels like when you are being a good guy you are a naive person who trust everyone, doesn't kill the guy who tried to assassinate you and wastes all his clean water on a random person who for some reason sit's OUTSIDE the damn city. While when you're evil you do the logical thing and just execute the damn assassin, interupts people by punching them, drowns kittens and destroys orphanarium's so I can build my new house.

    I know that Dark messiah is not really a RPG but they atleast didn't make any "Ohh I'm a flower loving, unicorn hugging and rainbow pooping goodie goodie guy" endings And never made you pick good or evil but instead what you thought would be the best thing for either yourself or the world. And the game actually made it so that almoste everyone was using you... except for the demon chick who's inside your head.
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    Jul 21, 2011
    hHh HOW much did u take to write this text? ahhaahah
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    Jul 27, 2011
    Do you mean how long? Because really, didn't take me a long time. I work fast when I'm pissed about something.... But I have no fucking idea why I wrote it 4 am. xD