Fallout 2 mod Megamod version 2.47 Bug Reports and Suggestions

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    Just use a crowbar on the damn thing. ;-) The hint is that there is a crowbar in that location right before that rock )

    Actually I don't like the whole "cold hearts" stuff. So I go there (to find Garrett's father's diary), but I don't do quests - I just provoke them and kill them. Probably it's even worth more this way. And it's much better for the karma )
    Plus, I really appreciate that one doesn't have to return through all those traps - just use the ladder ))

    It's probably a serious off-topic in this thread, but I'd say it here anyway )

    After lots and lots of playthroughs I discovered for myself some startup things that ARE SERIOUSLY improve the game.
    0) I ALWAYS place 10 in AG and IN - IN gives you the boost in points per level and AG gives precious action points in battle. I know that one can use certain Chips to upgrade, but actually I consider them a bad thing. If you configure your hero in hopes of later upgrade , you play 3/4 of the game with disadvantage and you get that upgrade in the time when it already doesn't matter much;
    1) I ALWAYS set LK to 1. I know about the chance of critical hits but it's not worth it. Later in the game you even can improve it a bit, and after Lvl24 LK looses a lot of it's significance (Slayer (totally independent of LK) or Sniper (just makes LK negligeble) perks );
    2) I almost always choose "Good Natured" trait. You specialise in ONE weapon class, so you'll loose just -10% to ONE TAGGED skill (tagged means you'll have to use only 5 actual points to compensate for that later), but you get +15% to First Aid, Doctor, Speech, and Barter (effectively, +60 points, 2++ levels worth). Win.
    2) There are two main "builds": HtH or Shooter;
    3) For Shooter I almost always set PE=10. It actually makes sense. You have perfect PE without serious penalties from the start and you don't need to take "Sharpshooter" perk - you can just get something more useful (say, "Dodger");
    5) If I play as a HtH-person, I tend to choose ST=1 (2 max). System is a little bit flawed and it doesn't matter if you have ST=1 or ST=5 - your melee damage is still the same (1). But if one chooses to use ST=1, there're lot of points to beef up Charisma. Yes, you are not that strong, but you'll have the opportunity to invite lots of NPCs to compensate for that. :) Actually, it perfectly aligns with the playthrough as a woman character - not that strong, but charismatic. Also, all HtH-weapons (knuckles, power fists) have no Strength limitation, so no penalties.
    The alternative here is to set ST=10 from the start, get full +5 to melee damage, and CH will be much lower so you'd play as a loner (but Klint will help you anyway);
    6) I almost always tag the Lockpick. There're lots and lots of locks on the game and it's much more comfortable if you have 100%+ to open crates, lockers and tables without trouble. )

    Of cause I played F2 with very different characters, but some builds are just better. ;-)
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    OMG! I didn't know THAT was a possibility!
    And I LOVED being able to pry that submarine door open in Klamath with a wrench and a hammer!
    (I am glad crowbar is more useful with the mods. I never bought how it was a melee weapon. I mean, YES, it can be, just like using a baseball bat outside of baseball, but I remember my first attempt at the game and using crowbar TO PRY DOORS OPEN! THAT WOULD BE NICE! There *are* two ways to break in; LOCKPICK or WORK ON THE DOOR WITH A CROWBAR! Two different techniques, same end result. :D

    I don't know what I am going to do with Cold Hearts. He mentioned Loxley and I realised that this is a nod to Fallout 1's thieves' guild and I always joined them in Fallout 1 because with an electronic lockpick I don't need to increase lockpicks all that much.
    So now I have the "laughing gas on Salvatore" quest hanging (and also the 'find common ground with Metzger', which I can only do if I plant flowers on his grave CUZ I KILLED METZGER! There is no way around because early on, my speech is crap, I don't want to have sex with the guy, and I don't have an extra 1000 to waste on him. I lock the slaves out of our battle, because I don't want them to run help me and get killed. And I ALSO LOCK ALL THE SLAVERS IN, and do away with them, 4 or 5 at a time. ;)

    I have no idea 'how to break the news to Garrett gently, about his pa's death.' If you tell him that his pop will be gone for a long time, I foreseee the boy to have A LOT OF CHRISTMASES staring out a window, waiting for him to come back, then growing disillusioned and thinking his dad abandoned him. This is like growing father-son issues, so truth is best. (I have yet to white-lie to Garrett. Just can't do it.).

    The shooter build is always preferable over a HtH build. My bad experiences with raiders are proof. Also with Kaga. It is much better to shoot him before he does damage. (SUGGESTION: KAGA SHOULD TOTALLY JOIN THE EVIL CHOSEN ONE! CUZ HE HAS A TONNE OF HIT POINTS WHICH WILL MAKE HIM THE BEST NPC IN THE GAME! AND IF YOU'RE BOTH EVIL, WHY WOULDN'T HE JOIN? MAYBE HAVE SOME SORT OF CONVERSATION WHERE MORALS DON'T MATTER, AS LONG AS THE VILLAGE GETS SAVED. AND FINALLY CONVINCING KAGA BY SAYING THAT IF HE JOINS YOU IN YOUR QUEST, HE WILL BE WELCOMED BACK WHEN THE TWO OF YOU RETRIEVE THE GECK. Negative karma should start such a conversation. And a speech of 50% or above. Because I don't think Kaga's too bright, so not much convincing will be necessary.^^).

    I think someone said that Sniper is a roll of luck. So a luck of 4 will give sniper 40% of the time. A luck of 10 will give sniper hit 100% of the time. I also think that Sam's thief in Klamath may be a question of luck to catch him...


    Because I took his armor off and I am all like, o_O who is this LOSER, following me?
    Then I went O_O OMFG THAT'S CASSIDY!!!!!
    He needs to look like himself in leather armor when armorless, but with a tribal's bare chest copy-pasted onto his sprite. Because, really! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, CASS! AIN'T NO ONE WANNA SEE DAT! O_O

    I remember first playing Fallout 2 when it came out and there were NO MODS, just the official game.
    The deal breaker for me came when M85 (the metal chains big gun), the light support big gun, would either do 200+ damage and instant death or HIT FOR NO DAMAGE, or worse, HIT FOR 1 HP. *facepalm*

    And when WE use big guns, skill is 120-150.
    And bozar is such a gun, that the only failure possible is a MISS, but with high big guns, missing just is not possible.

    I will NEVER play unmodded Fallout 2. That was just painful.

    As someone said, Strength of 6 is plenty for a good game.
    Because power armor gives +4 strength, so when it becomes necessary to carry more because ammo weighs more, this is when we get it.
    Strength of 6 is plenty pre-power armor, though.
    Not least because points are limited, and I agree,what should be maxed out is Agility and Intelligence.
    (I have never played a stupid character. Because what is the point, if half the game is lost?).
    I am a pack rat, though. Because I LIKE all the stuff! Like gold nuggets and lockets and FLASHLIGHT! :)
    I've never used flares except that one time I needed to kill someone and had no grenades. Total bust. ;)

    Logically, the special skills of a tribal SHOULD be Unarmed, Melee, and Throwing.
    Because this was the experience of the Chosen One before he became.... well, CHOSEN.

    But I think the best build is Guns (any of those three), Unarmed OR Melee (just to not be completely useless in battle until a gun can be acquired), and the third skill does not matter so much. Mine ended up being Lockpicks or Speech (female char).
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    (Eh? Dit i forget to press post this message last day?)


    calm down a little, you're overenthusiastic, its happen so many times when i get to end you post i forget what i want to answer. At last try to put in one, so it will be possible to hit reply and do magic. There is draft save so you shall be protected from lag, and ctr+Z (step back if accidental delete) shall work on browsers to...

    about that stealing kid in Klamath garden. You are supposed to see it in midnight running out and got a observation message
    then confront the drunk and then get the option to get the quest done
    if not then its probably one of stats to low. Probably luck 1 is that case.
    i dint find how to make robins life better.

    For disable corpse looting delete the looting? script? and yes invisible (released slaves continue looting and you can see missing items from ground and picking up sound.) How about force variable to run away to any exit on map and then disappear, or just delete.

    The protection from gas mask = environmental suit = energo armor. Its a scripted event looking for certain items in hand. I thik its in, the list of to do things.
    Something like the robber boots that work only in toxic caves.

    I think sniper rifles like scoped hunter rifle, snip. rifle, bozzar have minimum range penalty.
    But if we are on weapons it will been ice if machine guns and flames have always spread damage Like 3x3 or range from middle of aiming +1 (so + 6 hex around). And the probability to hit enemy target is count separately for each. Plus probability to not hit around targets that are not in same team as targeted target is count by the skill of gunner + evade from surrounded targets.
    (What the heck i just propose for impossible scripting that dint have call function from another script on another object.) (And Cabosse put away that rocket launcher, and hand over all grenades.)

    If you want interest play. Chose luck 10. at last 6 movement point in battle. and curse (jinxed) and watch they doom. The setback is loos on battle equipment even on party, but mostly on opponents... (and enjoy unlocked dialogs)
    (The ant critically miss, fall, and crippled its right leg.
    Me: ... Which one from the tree?)
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    Feb 11, 2017
    I remember vaguely I managed to fly the bird only once. In version 2.47. Somehow. I don't remember how I did it, though. Because I remember the scripts were all messed up for the ex-Enclave pilot and for Maria. All the information was just kinda, THROWN AT ME, leaving me no chance for proper timely feedback. Maria and that ex-pilot dude need better scripts. Becaue I want to sit down and have a moment, reading about their history and talking to them (the pilot dude). And with Maria I never understood what the Enclave Black Box was for. I kept it in my car since I found it, but no one ever asked for it. I WANT MARIA TO ASK! I went somewhere with an Enclave group to Toxic Caves, they just kinda followed me, but I never understood why. (Needs better script). I *like* feedback. :) I like sitting back with a cup of tea and reading up a nice character history. This *is* Fallout. A GOOD STORY is part of the gaming experience. (:

    My favourite conversation ever IS WITH CASSIDY. I like the pitch of his voice, I like his face, I like his personality. He made me want to kick Stark's arse just talking to him. (One guys said he wished he could DUKE IT OUT with Stark, without all the Vault City guards turning aggressive, and I would like that too. And, if Marcus is in the party, TO SCARE THE SHITE OUT OF STARK BY THREATENING MARCUS ON 'IM UNLESS HE APOLOGISES TO CASSIDY. This could be the OTHER option, if not Captain of the Guard, nor have high speech/charisma, to get Cassidy compensation. It'd be mostly text, too. A NICE STORY. ^_^

    I like how Cass looks with metal armor on, those spikes. (:

    Seriously. EVERYONE looking at 'im will crap themselves, MYRON LOOKS LIKE A GHOUL FACE PEEKING OUT OF THAT HOOD! xD

    I think I found combat armor so Cass never ended up without his turn to wear bridgekeeper robes.
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    Because I will NEVER take a dog companion (unless it is a robot) because DOGS DIE TOO EASILY and I don't like killing man's best friend.
    But them alien dudes have TONNES OF HIT POINTS.
    Maybe the alien could be DAMAGED by the VERTIBIRD CRASH and if you help it, it will join you.
    (But please keep in mind, that in Klamath, Chosen One is very low level, so Doctor skill is out. Maybe perception?
    Frankly, I wouldn't mind tying a crowbar to the alien's foot to keep it in place, and the little alien dude joins me. Maybe put a nice long SCRIPT STORY about you see an injured creature wailing, (this explains the sounds the Klamath dwellers heard coming from the canyon) , and see that it is injured. You motion it closer, it is distrustful, you put your weapon away so it does not feel threatened, and approach. You set the injured limb of the creature. With time, it should heal. Then, as you are leaving, it is following you. You talk to it, and it opens up a screen, as though it is an NPC.

    Aliens are SMART, right? Like deathclaws?
    Well, either way, a single unfortunate burst from Sulik WON'T kill it.
    So I like it as a companion.
    (I don't know what to do with Bess. After the foot is treated, SHE IS FOLLOWING ME, which is NO GOOD. I am glad I can tell her to wait. Because I will never take her with me. BUT AN ALIEN WITH TONNES OF HP IS THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR THE CHOSEN ONE!^^).

    The thing that made Fallout 1 ending palatable was having Dogmeat along. It made being exiled better to accept, because my faithful friend was by my side.


    Maybe even TWO ALIENS, beside the TWO DOGS. Because there is some place with mutants where a scientist guy has an alien and I can take his alien along. I never made it into the mutant vault, because I only got as far as the front door and only because MARCUS told me where it was. I WISH THE MUTANT GUARDS HAD THE ENTRANCE KEY ON THEM, SO THAT I CAN MAKE IT IN, EVEN WITHOUT THE WASTELAND ENCOUNTER WITH A RAILROAD TRACK AND A DEAD MUTANT(s).

    And there is this THING that enables STUPID CHARACTERS to talk.
    A great cup of cocoa time where the alien can tell you about his life before, what it was doing with those guys in black metal suits (Enclave), and stuff.
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    Feb 11, 2017
    Know how there is a way to tell Val to be nicer to Vic?
    (Because I totally get why Cass is on 'im all the time.).
    Just a tiny little script.
    "Myron, take a lesson from Cassidy and speak with tact."
    This does NOT need to be a huge thing.
    (And make it worth like 30XP. I think that's what the Val thing is worth.).
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    Feb 11, 2017
  8. Maldredda

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    Feb 11, 2017
    (in addition to first-aid, doctor, and stimpacks, and fruit, and meat on a sticks^^)
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    Feb 11, 2017
    I figured out a way to try and protect my team mates against accidental friendly fire.
    I position myself between the team member with the burst weapon and my other team member(s) so that he won't rapid fire AT ME, which means he won't rapid fire them, either. ;)
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    Feb 11, 2017
    I just imagined coming into New Reno with an alien in tow.
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    Feb 11, 2017
    The ROACH attack animation IS TOO LONG.
    Cut it down to just its turn. Move, attack, miss, whatever.
    (tho I have never seen a roach MOVE.).
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    Apr 9, 2017
    Lucas (in Arroyo) have 2 gekko pelts that do not stack with all other pelts
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    Feb 11, 2017


    Too bad there is no BLACK GIRL SPRITE.

  14. Maldredda

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    Feb 11, 2017

    (It can be done like Cassidy got his "armorless" body look in Fallout 2 Restoration. They just pasted a tribal's torso onto Cassidy's leather-armor legs and PRESTO! NEKKID CASSIDY!^^).
    (DA SAME CAN BE DONE FOR BLONDE FEMALE CHOSEN ONE. Just copy/paste the blonde head of Bishop's wife onto a tribal female's body, and leather jacket body, and leather armor body, and metal and combat armor bodies. Only Gatekeeper Robes body and power armor need not be change.^^).
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    Sep 14, 2009
    Sure....you make it.
  16. Dretnoth

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    Dec 9, 2015
    the unused sprites of character have been used when there was a exe install version to. But it was not well make, it was not make as new sprite, but just replace the sprite at all. So when you chose else that blackie, to blond or red. It just replace all the blacks to these and it was like fist mark on eye.
    But there was other issues so thats probably we dint have it. I think its a long run implement this right, so maybe somewhere lower on the ToDo list.
    If the MM and Res(R/T?) mod was compatible, it will have been done loong ago. Sprites, caravans, weapons (bats, grenade Launchers, shuricans,...)
  17. chieftain486

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    Apr 9, 2017
    1) I think it would be more appropriate if yellow and red doors in Gecko's reactor close and lock automatically after some [short] period of time. Security is paramount! :) It would give more purpouse to yellow and red key cards.

    2) In random encounters with robbers many of them attack with combat knives, although they have Hunting rifles in their inventories. I don't know if it's because they have preference to melee weapons, but obviously something's wrong here. Either allow them to use those guns or just remove them from inventories. )
  18. Dretnoth

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    Dec 9, 2015
    1) Thats some little adjustments i want implement, because we saw them in Resurrection/Restoration
    Its shall look like this, but iam not sure. Normaly it can be put on new script as a macro to even refrige bu if the door have its own script needs to be put into it. But i can just write the line on blank paper, the implementation and compile is something else.

    procedure timed_event_p_proc begin
       if(fixed_param == 1)
          if (local_var(LVAR_Locked) == STATE_ACTIVE) then begin
              call key_lock_door;
              else begin
                 call key_unlock_door;
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    Aug 7, 2018
    I have not had time to read through the bug report thread(s), so I apologize in advance if these issues have already been covered.

    That havin been said, I have one issue, a related suggestion and one bug-fixing contribution.

    Contribution: my hs_tohit script from 2.47.3 reads the damage values from damage.ini instead of the hit values. Moreover, the PC can only make use of these if he/she/it has the "True Aim" perk, the alternatives go straight for party members. The result: directional to hit bonuses do not work, and even if they did, the values would be wrong.

    Question: what exactly determines the armor values of a party member? I admit to changing most item protos and many critter damage resistances more to my liking, so I could have easily messed things up. But when Klint and Sulik persisted in being two-shotted, I took a look at their stats using the control all party members mode, and their stats are just bizarre. Nothing like my changes, sometimes completely wacky, like Combat Leather Jacket giving +7 AC and nothing else. The PIDs in e.g. Sulik's script indicate Super Mutants and Mole Rats going by protos, but his appearance works out OK. Clearly I am misunderstanding some facet of creature modding.

    Suggestion: all this armor business would be easier to handle via the .ini-based NPC armor mod from the sfall modders pack, instead of chasing around all the individual NPC scripts. Have you considered doing this?
  20. chieftain486

    chieftain486 War. War never changes...

    Apr 9, 2017
    After learning from Balthas how to make armor, in Mr.Fixit menu, there's an obvious discrepancy in descriptions of all armor types. The text part always mentions tanned brahmin hides but in the list of components it says gecko pelts and pig rat hides. I think it's obvious which part is incorrect. :)
  21. Juku121

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    Aug 7, 2018
    I found the answer to my question, so I'll record it here in case someone stumbles on my post in the far future: having the base proto files (the ones listed on their first line in party.txt) for an NPC in the PROTOS/CRITTERS folder fucks up armors, levelling, drug use and maybe more due to the way FO2 creates its save games. If you need them changed, they should go back into master.dat.
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    Aug 13, 2018
    I am not sure this is a bug or it was designed in this way.

    Except Klint, other NPC such as Vic and Sulik are not leveling correctly.

    For example, Sulik starts with 85 HP and after pups up "Sulik learned something new", he should reach 93 HP. and stay like that. However, whenever I load the game, his maximum HP will drop back to 85 which is the original number. It since the first level will overwrite the leveling. And when you go to the combat control, it's newly HP shows as 93/85.

    It also happened when you enter another map, all other companions except Klint all have this glitch, which makes them super easy to kill in the late game.

    Wonder other people experience this or its a patch in the previous version.

    Version is 2.47.3