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  1. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I've pretty much played all the big quest mods of New Vegas, Only Slave Town, North Road, and Salt Lake Stories remain for the BIG quest mods. I wanna get started on those, but I'm stuck waiting for New California to come out, cause you have to start a new game for that one. 67 fucking days out, and I'm pissing around in TTW.

    So I thought ask: What are the story mods that made such an impression on you that as far as your concerned, it's a cannon event in your Courier's story? Plus or minus a few retcons. And moreover, why is it such an integral part of your Courier's story?

    My Courier is basically known as a hero for hire, has been for decades. She's bored, entrepreneurial she's a Ghoul so she's not afraid to die because she had her life in the pre-war period.

    Mine are:
    Bison Steve Hotel (because it's a way to make cash)
    the Someguy Series (Killing bad guys is the way to make the Wasteland safer, plus she gets paid!)
    Zion Trail (mostly I play this as coming back from Zion Canyon, loaded with loot and harvestable)
    Coito Ego Sum (because A, she's sleazy enough running a brothel is up her alley and B. the tech she finds, Oh My God, it's way more valuable than any bunker full of kill bots)
    Courier's cache (aside from the items, it's great to make my Courier cringe at the surreal stupidity)
    Saxxon's Quests (because she's a hero for hire, a local fixer for everything)
    Run the Lucky 38 (If she's gonna take out House, no way she'll let the Casino go idle.)
    Also via TTW, both Alton Il and Point Lookout (fleeing from NCR after the destruction of the Divide which she felt sure would be pinned on her, before getting word there was no bounty on her head and returning to the Mojave)

    You got any headcannon favorites?
  2. Cobra Commander

    Cobra Commander Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2016
    Only Free the Slaves. I almost dont have patience for quests mods this days.

    Saxxons is cool and lore friendly. Guess I can count that one too.
  3. WeissYohji

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    Nov 8, 2018
    For me, it's freeing the slaves and a bunch of companion mods that let you bring the DLC followers into the Mojave with you. Then there's The Legion Will Ryse, but mainly for the way it alters SUW's helmet. My Courier began as a Dead Horse who left to explore civilization just as Follows-Chalk does (depending on your choices in the quest Civilized Man's Burden). She always proved far more book-smart than others of her tribe and never bought into the religious stuff that the Mormons spread to Zion. She brought a Yao Guai gauntlet with her (thanks to doing some work for the Sorrows) into the Mojave and NCR territory when she started working as a courier. And her travels prior to the start of the game took her into a vault full of Pre-War energy weapons that the Brotherhood didn't claim, so that's why she has a penchant for Holorifles and laser pistols. With this in mind, I also added some perk mods and, of course, a custom race mod to play with the Honest Hearts tribes.

    My M.O. is to do the DLCs early on so that I have all the good stuff well before ever setting foot on the Strip. By the time I've returned to Primm to get the base game's ED-E back and tackle the main quest/side quests, I've already got the following weapons of choice: Fist of Rawr, She's Embrace, Holorifle, Compliance Regulator, throwing spears, tomahawks, and protonic throwing axes. I've always got Courier's Stash stuff to get me from Goodsprings to the abandoned Brotherhood bunker and sell that stuff as soon as I get back from the Sierra Madre. I ALWAYS get all the gold bars so I can then sell them to the Gun Runners, Sink CIU, and Divide commissaries for fat stacks of caps. Upon finishing Honest Hearts, I always make it a point to grab the Compliance Regulator (its stun-on-crit bonus helps later), She's Embrace, and SUW's helmet by the time I've finished purging the White Legs. Then off to Big Mountain to start Venture Bros. Blues; I go for 100% completion while keeping the Heartless and Spineless perks through the remainder of the game. After that, I cap it all off with Lonesome Road. I make sure to get all the ED-E upgrades and Fist of Rawr; so far, I've never detonated all the warheads but have come close. After the final battle, I then nuke the Legion and NCR for the loot.
  4. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    OK, that's cool, tell me this. do you have a story behind why all the DLCs are done first or is it just for the mechanical benefits of all that swag?

    Like I have a set story for why the DLCs are done before I do anything with Vegas. Honest Hearts was years ago, Dead Money happened in the early summer 2281, Christine gave my courier the location of Big Mt. which she did in the late summer. Lonesome Road I don't think can happen except during New Vegas though because until the Platinum Chip run, Ulysses thought the Courier was dead. My Courier has had a very very VERY busy year, oh and the reason she didn't die from Benny's double tap is the second bullet actually hit one of the implants (usually I say the Probability Processor, the one that gives you Luck bonus)
  5. WeissYohji

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    Nov 8, 2018
    I never actually thought much of any RP purposes behind this. I've always thought of it purely as a gameplay thing. I'll usually grind up to level 5-6 before starting Dead Money, putting skill points into Speech, Lockpick, Science, and Medicine for the skill checks down the line. This time, however, I did the main quest up to Novac before going to the Sierra Madre and got up to level 10 because of a particularly high Medicine check with Christine that I'd never done before. By the time I've returned from the Divide, I'll be all the way in the late thirties or so in levels, with more than enough firepower to kill Benny and recover the Platinum Chip. No matter what my build, I always keep the Heartless and Spineless perks after finishing Old World Blues. As long as you have that artificial heart, you'll never need antivenoms or snakebite tourniquets again. Nothing short of the Cloud can poison you, due to its corrosive nature. And the artificial spine also makes your torso immune to crippling damage. That immunity also stacks with the head-crippling immunity of the Big Brained perk. The game can no longer cripple you except for your arms and legs. Regardless of your build, you want BOTH of these perks.

    Companions also tie into this. Per mods, I'll go back to the Suites and get Christine after finishing Heist of the Centuries because you can't go back to the Sierra Madre after you've left. Then I'll go to the 188 Trading Post and reunite her with her long-lost wifey, Veronica (that same mod also adds a permanent perk for this action). Christine dragged her ass all over Hell's half-hectare hunting Elijah after he split he two of them up; she deserves that much. And why the hell should she stay in the Sierra Madre all by herself after finishing Dead Money? She just holes herself up in the Suites; surely hearing those Vera holograms whining about Sinclair and begging to be set free would get grating on her ears after a while! Ditto having to look at a red sky from the toxic cloud all the time! She could stand to get out more and see the rest of the wasteland! I keep ALL the Dead Money companions alive no matter what because you can't recruit them otherwise. Same goes for finishing Honest Hearts since I have mods that let you bring Follows-Chalk, Waking Cloud, and Joshua Graham to the Mojave. Follows-Chalk wants to explore civilization so why not bring him along? Waking Cloud could always learn a thing or two about medicine from the Followers; Daniel can only teach her so much. And Joshua...why shouldn't he pay a visit to his old boss? I don't bother with the Lonesome Road ED-E because it would be game-breaking to have two ED-Es at the same time.

    After finishing Lonesome Road, I then milk the opportunity to kill NCR and Legion soldiers. I'll help the Vault 19 Powder Gangers by having them join the Great Khans, then later turn on them by doing Ghost Town Gunfight and shooting up NCRCF (I help the NCRCF Powders before turning on them, though). Even when slaughtering Profligates and Legionaries, I'm judicious about it. I take care not to kill some named NPCs because I need them alive to do certain quests later. For instance, killing Ranger Andy and/or Corporal Sterling will break Raul's quest. Likewise, you need to keep Manny Vargas and/or Bitter Root alive or you'll break Boone's quest. Normally, I don't bother with Aba Daba Honeymoon because I'll have already killed Motor-Runner before ever talking to Jack and Diane to start that quest. This time, I kept him alive for the quest, then killed him and cleaned out Vault 3 later. This current playthrough of mine has gone on for MONTHS while most have lasted weeks at a time. It took this long here because of meticulous planning. That and life. Just because we're all gamers here doesn't mean we're all a bunch of fat, basement-dwelling neckbeards constantly parked behind PC porn gaming rigs. We have lives, too, myself included.
  6. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I didn'T try them (can't bring myself to play again with the gamebryo), but i recall having been interested trying Deimos, Dog City Denver, Beyond the Boulder Dome, the detterent and all the series of Fallout: New Vegas Uncut.
  7. Paladin Hank

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    May 6, 2018
    I played Beyond Boulder Dome and I can say that while it excels in location design and creativity, it fails completely in dialogue and narrative. Still I don't regret playing it (even though I crashed 17 times at least because of my shitty computer).
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  8. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    I also don´t like it. Only that idiot girl of the Followers that I liked.
  9. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I could have forgiven all of that IF Boulder Dome wasn't wiped out by the time you get there. I wanted a big settlement to explore and people to talk to from before the war as the great payoff.

    It's the opposite of Demios. I LOVED Demois, but I can't include it in headcannon. Because my Courier (being a pre-war Ghoul with lots of plastic surgery to look normal again) would have walked right out in 2077 and never looked back. She looks back with a lot of regret for all things she couldn't do when civilization was crumbling around her ears, and now with a century's worth of experience (my headcannon has a condensed timeline), she'd go back, she'd go back and save everyone she could. It's the same problem I had with the Asylum in Fallout 3's World of Pain. At that point, my Lone Wander knew every location in DC, knew how to get in and save all the Vault Dwellers, where the caches of robots are and by this time, how to stop the Supermutant menace before it even begins.

    Both are great ideas, both can't be played.
  10. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Mods that make it into my head cannon?

    Sprint mod.
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  11. WeissYohji

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    Nov 8, 2018
    And now a new armor mod has joined my head canon: Link's Barbarian Armor.

    Anything CobraCommander/YanL makes is The Tops (no pun intended).