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    ur not late,im in no hurry
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    Oct 29, 2013
    name: Body Memory
    description: You were wounded many times and also know well how to treat injuries. Your body simply got used to regenerating itself. This trait adds +4 to your Healing Rate.
    effect: +4 to your Healing Rate
    requirements: First Aid skill 90%
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Body Memory Required Strength
    Body MemoryRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Perception
    Body MemoryRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Endurance
    Body MemoryRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Charisma
    Body MemoryRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Intelligence
    Body MemoryRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Agility
    Body MemoryRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Luck
    Body MemoryRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Small Guns
    Body MemoryRequirementSmallGuns=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Big Guns
    Body MemoryRequirementBigGuns=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Energy Weapons
    Body MemoryRequirementEnergyWeapons=120
    ;Body Memory Required Unarmed
    Body MemoryRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Melee
    Body MemoryRequirementMelee=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Throwing
    Body MemoryRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Body Memory Required First Aid
    Body MemoryRequirementFirstAid=90
    ;Body Memory Required Doctor
    Body MemoryRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Sneak
    Body MemoryRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Lockpick
    Body MemoryRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Steal
    Body MemoryRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Traps
    Body MemoryRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Science
    Body MemoryRequirementScience=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Repair
    Body MemoryRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Speech
    Body MemoryRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Barter
    Body MemoryRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Gambling
    Body MemoryRequirementGambling=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Outdoorsman
    Body MemoryRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Body Memory Required Level
    Body MemoryRequirementLevel=3
    name: Expert Shooter
    description: You've became a firearm expert. You have 10% more chance to score a critical hit with small guns and all shots have 10% chance to knock down enemy. In addition to that, reload and burst cost is reduced by 1 AP.
    requirements: 120 Small Guns skill.
    effect: 10% more chance to score a critical hit with small guns, 10% chance to knock down enemy, reload and burst cost is reduced by 1 AP.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Expert Shooter Required Strength
    Expert ShooterRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Perception
    Expert ShooterRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Endurance
    Expert ShooterRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Charisma
    Expert ShooterRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Intelligence
    Expert ShooterRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Agility
    Expert ShooterRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Luck
    Expert ShooterRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Small Guns
    Expert ShooterRequirementSmallGuns=120
    ;Expert Shooter Required Big Guns
    Expert ShooterRequirementBigGuns=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Energy Weapons
    Expert ShooterRequirementEnergyWeapons=120
    ;Expert Shooter Required Unarmed
    Expert ShooterRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Melee
    Expert ShooterRequirementMelee=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Throwing
    Expert ShooterRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required First Aid
    Expert ShooterRequirementFirstAid=90
    ;Expert Shooter Required Doctor
    Expert ShooterRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Sneak
    Expert ShooterRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Lockpick
    Expert ShooterRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Steal
    Expert ShooterRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Traps
    Expert ShooterRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Science
    Expert ShooterRequirementScience=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Repair
    Expert ShooterRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Speech
    Expert ShooterRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Barter
    Expert ShooterRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Gambling
    Expert ShooterRequirementGambling=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Outdoorsman
    Expert ShooterRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Expert Shooter Required Level
    Expert ShooterRequirementLevel=3
    name: Energetic
    description: You've became unstoppable with energy weapons. All attacks with energy weapons have 5% chance of causing unconsciousness to the enemy.
    effect: all attacks with energy weapons have 5% chance of causing unconsciousness.
    requirements: 120 energy weapons skill.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Energetic Required Strength
    ;Energetic Required Perception
    ;Energetic Required Endurance
    ;Energetic Required Charisma
    ;Energetic Required Intelligence
    ;Energetic Required Agility
    ;Energetic Required Luck
    ;Energetic Required Small Guns
    ;Energetic Required Big Guns
    ;Energetic Required Energy Weapons
    ;Energetic Required Unarmed
    ;Energetic Required Melee
    ;Energetic Required Throwing
    ;Energetic Required First Aid
    ;Energetic Required Doctor
    ;Energetic Required Sneak
    ;Energetic Required Lockpick
    ;Energetic Required Steal
    ;Energetic Required Traps
    ;Energetic Required Science
    ;Energetic Required Repair
    ;Energetic Required Speech
    ;Energetic Required Barter
    ;Energetic Required Gambling
    ;Energetic Required Outdoorsman
    ;Energetic Required Level
    name: Size Matters
    description: You've became expert with Big Guns. You get + 2 points of damage with Big Guns and all attacks with Big Guns will reduce target's damage threshold by 50%.
    effect: + 2 points of damage with big guns and all attacks with big guns will reduce target's damage threshold by 50%.
    Requirements: 120 big guns skill.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Size Matters Required Strength
    Size MattersRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Perception
    Size MattersRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Endurance
    Size MattersRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Charisma
    Size MattersRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Intelligence
    Size MattersRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Agility
    Size MattersRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Luck
    Size MattersRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Small Guns
    Size MattersRequirementSmallGuns=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Big Guns
    Size MattersRequirementBigGuns=120
    ;Size Matters Required Energy Weapons
    Size MattersRequirementEnergyWeapons=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Unarmed
    Size MattersRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Melee
    Size MattersRequirementMelee=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Throwing
    Size MattersRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Size Matters Required First Aid
    Size MattersRequirementFirstAid=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Doctor
    Size MattersRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Sneak
    Size MattersRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Lockpick
    Size MattersRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Steal
    Size MattersRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Traps
    Size MattersRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Science
    Size MattersRequirementScience=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Repair
    Size MattersRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Energetic Required Speech
    Size MattersRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Barter
    Size MattersRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Gambling
    Size MattersRequirementGambling=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Outdoorsman
    Size MattersRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Size Matters Required Level
    Size MattersRequirementLevel=3
    name: Slaughter Master
    description: You've became a deadly expert with Melee Weapons. You get + 6 points of damage with melee weapons and all melee attacks
    have 30% chance to score a critical hit.
    effect: + 6 points of damage with melee weapons and all melee attacks have 30% chance to score a critical hit.
    requirements: 120 melee weapons skill.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Slaughter Master Required Strength
    Slaughter MasterRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Perception
    Slaughter MasterRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Endurance
    Slaughter MasterRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Charisma
    Slaughter MasterRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Intelligence
    Slaughter MasterRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Agility
    Slaughter MasterRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Luck
    Slaughter MasterRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Small Guns
    Slaughter MasterRequirementSmallGuns=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Big Guns
    Slaughter MasterRequirementBigGuns=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Energy Weapons
    Slaughter MasterRequirementEnergyWeapons=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Unarmed
    Slaughter MasterRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Melee
    Slaughter MasterRequirementMelee=120
    ;Slaughter Master Required Throwing
    Slaughter MasterRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required First Aid
    Slaughter MasterRequirementFirstAid=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Doctor
    Slaughter MasterRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Sneak
    Slaughter MasterRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Lockpick
    Slaughter MasterRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Steal
    Slaughter MasterRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Traps
    Slaughter MasterRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Science
    Slaughter MasterRequirementScience=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Repair
    Slaughter MasterRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Speech
    Slaughter MasterRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Barter
    Slaughter MasterRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Gambling
    Slaughter MasterRequirementGambling=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Outdoorsman
    Slaughter MasterRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Level
    Slaughter MasterRequirementLevel=3
    name: Death Gambler
    description: You are addicted to dangerous situations, always ready for a deadly gamble. Your critical chance increases by 30% when your health is below 50%. Bad news is that your enemies will enjoy an additional 10% chance to score a critical hit too.
    effect: critical chance increased by 30% when player health is below 50%. Enemies get 10% more chance for a critical hit.
    requirements: 100 gambling skill.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Death Gambler Required Strength
    Death GamblerRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Perception
    Death GamblerRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Endurance
    Death GamblerRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Charisma
    Death GamblerRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Intelligence
    Death GamblerRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Agility
    Death GamblerRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Luck
    Death GamblerRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Small Guns
    Death GamblerRequirementSmallGuns=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Big Guns
    Death GamblerRequirementBigGuns=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Energy Weapons
    Death GamblerRequirementEnergyWeapons=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Unarmed
    Death GamblerRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Melee
    Death GamblerRequirementMelee=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Throwing
    Death GamblerRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required First Aid
    Death GamblerRequirementFirstAid=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Doctor
    Death GamblerRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Sneak
    Death GamblerRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Lockpick
    Death GamblerRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Steal
    Death GamblerRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Traps
    Death GamblerRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Slaughter Master Required Science
    Death GamblerRequirementScience=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Repair
    Death GamblerRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Speech
    Death GamblerRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Barter
    Death GamblerRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Gambling
    Death GamblerRequirementGambling=100
    ;Death Gambler Required Outdoorsman
    Death GamblerRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Death Gambler Required Level
    Death GamblerRequirementLevel=3
    name: Desperado
    description: When you're desperate enough, your attack speed rises drastically. There is 10% free attack chance when your health drops below 30%.
    effect: 10% free attack chance when player health drops below 30%
    requirements: 60 gambling skill.
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Desperado Required Strength
    ;Desperado Required Perception
    ;Desperado Required Endurance
    ;Desperado Required Charisma
    ;Desperado Required Intelligence
    ;Desperado Required Agility
    ;Desperado Required Luck
    ;Desperado Required Small Guns
    ;Desperado Required Big Guns
    ;Desperado Required Energy Weapons
    ;Desperado Required Unarmed
    ;Desperado Required Melee
    ;Desperado Required Throwing
    ;Desperado Required First Aid
    ;Desperado Required Doctor
    ;Desperado Required Sneak
    ;Desperado Required Lockpick
    ;Desperado Required Steal
    ;Desperado Required Traps
    ;Desperado Required Science
    ;Desperado Required Repair
    ;Desperado Required Speech
    ;Desperado Required Barter
    ;Desperado Required Gambling
    ;Desperado Required Outdoorsman
    ;Desperado Required Level
    Name: Slightly Feral
    description: You've been feeling really strange lately. Your charisma is lowered by 4 points, Speech and Barter skills gets 90 points penalty, but you enjoy +3 points of damage with hand-to-hand and melee attacks, + 6 sequence and +20% radiation resistance.
    effect: CHA - 4, Speech - 90%, Barter - 90%, + 3 hth and melee damage, + 6 sequence, + 20 rad resistance
    requirements: level 6, min STR 4, min END 4
    per level effect: this perk has only one level and can be taken once.

    ;Slightly Feral Required Strength
    Slightly FeralRequirementStrength=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Perception
    Slightly FeralRequirementPerception=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Endurance
    Slightly FeralRequirementEndurance=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Charisma
    Slightly FeralRequirementCharisma=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Intelligence
    Slightly FeralRequirementIntelligence=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Agility
    Slightly FeralRequirementAgility=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Luck
    Slightly FeralRequirementLuck=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Small Guns
    Slightly FeralRequirementSmallGuns=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Big Guns
    Slightly FeralRequirementBigGuns=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Energy Weapons
    Slightly FeralRequirementEnergyWeapons=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Unarmed
    Slightly FeralRequirementUnarmed=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Melee
    Slightly FeralRequirementMelee=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Throwing
    Slightly FeralRequirementThrowing=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required First Aid
    Slightly FeralRequirementFirstAid=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Doctor
    Slightly FeralRequirementDoctor=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Sneak
    Slightly FeralRequirementSneak=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Lockpick
    Slightly FeralRequirementLockpick=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Steal
    Slightly FeralRequirementSteal=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Traps
    Slightly FeralRequirementTraps=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Science
    Slightly FeralRequirementScience=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Repair
    Slightly FeralRequirementRepair=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Speech
    Slightly FeralRequirementSpeech=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Barter
    Slightly FeralRequirementBarter=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Gambling
    Slightly FeralRequirementGambling=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Outdoorsman
    Slightly FeralRequirementOutdoorsman=-10
    ;Slightly Feral Required Level
    Slightly FeralRequirementLevel=6
    Here they are, those 8 perks I personally find the most valuable and ''nice to have''. Please note that almost all of them require only level 3 and quite high skill (I didn't know how to put the min. STr and END in code for ''Slighly Feral''). Those perks would, I hope, fix some skills and encourage the players to invest in them more.
    Skills left to fix with perks (in the future) in my opinion: Sneak, Traps, Science, Barter, Repair. Not bad! I guess we could add 5-6 more perks for those skills and call it finished.

    I could also, If you have nothing against it, spread the news about your mods Nirran on reddit and wykop.pl (polish reddit where my tag is called #falloutmod and has over 150 subscribers now) so your mods could gain more recognitions and maybe some players would test and review those perks, what do you think?
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    Apr 15, 2007
    thnxz Sagez,il get to that later,hopefully this coming weekend,dont b other spreadin the word,idc ttytt
  4. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    "reload and burst cost is reduced by 1 AP" is problematic,info needed are not present in ap cost hook

    edit : gonna wait for reply before completing adding your perks,have added one and all but ap cost for the shooter perk(so 2 done)

    edit 2: further more,the ap hook cost hookscript does not run for reload weapon

    edit 3: some assumptions wre wrong,scripted but not tested version of the shooter perk is written
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  5. Sagez

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    Oct 29, 2013
    This is great news, thank you! Reload AP reduction is something that we can leave, burst AP reduction is much more important as it allows the player to use burst twice per turn, which is going to be devastating and awesome. Perk will be still good withouth reload ap reduction.
  6. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    nova dirrected me to a method of doing the reload too,it is scripted now but not tested
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  7. Sagez

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    Oct 29, 2013
    I'll start a new playthrough when those perks will be added. It will be fun :D Maybe other will try them too.
  8. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007

    this may not be popssible,ill try

    edit : i coded someof it then ralized that the 10% chance would be continuously run in the hooks script,way too powerfull,sorry

    subtracting from skills is not possible ,ive submitted a request to add it to sfall

    edit : wiht the new perkls i have astack over flow -_- gonna have to figure that out

    edit 2: narrowed it to the ap hook script,thank god it isnt gl_perks

    edit : got it workjng cept for interface redraw,not sure if im using it right
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  9. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    done,all cept Slightly Feral and Desperado can do testing wiht these files,unzip this into fo2\ folder ( it will over write ur customperks.ini/damage.ini and on_death.ini files.as such u should copy over your settings,tho be sure and use the downloaded files)

    please post any bugs here

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    Oct 29, 2013
    That's awesome news, thank you! I'll do some testing when I'll have time. Is there any way we can make Desperado not that powetful and have it added? I like the idea of a free attack chance. What about Slighly Feral perk? Your last edit says ''got it working'' - or did you mean only some aspect of this perk?
  11. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    ill look again for Desperado,for feral it is not possible to subtract from skills(small guns big guns etc)

  12. Sagez

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    Oct 29, 2013
    But if it's possible to subtract from Charisma and Intelligence then let's make this perk lower the player charisma by 6 points and intelligence by 3. It should be good enough even without lowering barter and speech. I just feel that there should be perk for player that don't want to rely on speaking (which makes F2 easy).
  13. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    it is afaik,il look at it when i have time,prolly few days
    try to do desperado