No .pro file created when adding scenery

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    Hello, I'm trying to add new scenery but I can't get it to work properly.
    I have my mad scientist Fallout 2 located in C:/Fallout2, it is a GOG install without mods that I copied from another drive. I created a dev folder with all the subfolders required in it. I also have a data folder with .FRM files for my new scenery as well as an edited scenery.lst containing my new .FRMs in data/art/scenery. My proto folder has a scenery folder that contains the scenery.lst found in the corresponding master.dat folder. My mapper2.cfg points to the correct folders and has Librarian=1.

    I can import my new scenery in BIS Mapper and it displays correctly. I edit its name and description then quit the program. The issue now is that while my scenery.lst under proto/scenery was updated, no .pro file was created. If I open BIS Mapper and look for my new scenery object, it is blank and I get "error saving prototypes" when I try to edit it. Its name and description are properly saved in pro_scen.msg, though.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've read that moving the folders around shouldn't be a problem. I'm using Windows 10 though, could this be the issue?