So what lore has Bethesda done gone fucked up?

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    The 'old' doors do ... not the 'Bethesdian' versions of the fault doors (not at typo). Kinda fitting, if you ask me. They design new doors, and what surprise? They contain already some flaw.
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    It's rule of cool, and wanting the mechanism to be visible on the inside when the player first sees the door open.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    I swear sometimes I really would love to see how they did their first kind of meetings when they came up with Fallout 3. Do they get up in the morning looking in the mirror saying "Geez! what design of Fallout could I fuck up today?". In all seriousness though, I would be genuely interested about some of their dialog and conversations in those concept phases when they sit around the table brain storming. Are they actually clueless? Or do they just not give a fuck? Is it just about the money?
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    Oct 25, 2015
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    Jan 7, 2018
    Old thread but I thought I would add my 2 cents, I grew up playing fallout 3 it was my first RPG and is what got me into role playing games in general. Then NV came out and at first I didn't really like it, I was still too young and found the map boring and lack of brotherhood of steel dumb, but as I got older it grew on me, the great writing,quests with multiple ways to complete, the deep and intresting characters/factions. It was the game that made me go back and play fallout 1-2 which just made my respect for NV even stronger, and imo it's my favourite fallout.

    Unfortunately it's probably going to be the last great fallout game, I was so exited when I heard the rumours about a new obsidian fallout game ( New Orleans ? I think ) but in reflection it's probably a good think it never happened. Do you really think Beth would allow obsidian to bring the franchise back to is roots ? No. They would force obsidian to add a voice protagonist to add settlement building, to remove skills and traits, to remove a level cap, to remove meaningful choices and instead focus on shooting. They would force this on obsidian so the game doesn't alienate the new fans that fallout 4 has attracted. It's sad but this is fallout now.

    On the topic of lore breaks does anyone else think it's odd that everyone is so impressed by the fact the sole survivor was alive before the war even tho there are multiple gouls who have been alive for just as long ?!
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    Two things.
    1. No one, literally no one in the game is impressed that you're prewar.
    2. No its more wierd they aren't because you're not a ghoul

    I've said this before but I actually think they've managed to contradict literally everything previously asserted in 1/2/NV and even 3. Hell they even got a Jumpstart on 4 because that game also breaks it's own lore in addition to everything that came before.

    1/2/NV built up this interesting and unique universe for fans to explore. And 3/4 fit just piss on what those games accomplished. The bad writing, gaps in logic, and lore breaks, big and small, are so constant and have piled so high on the fallout universe that now it is broken. Bethesda broke fallout creatively with fallout 3. I guess fallout 4 didn't think that was good enough because not only does 4 break fallout creatively but also mechanically. The fallout franchise is destroyed. It has literally lost everything it was. The only way it could get any further way from what it's meant to be is if it somehow became a racing series.
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    It appears to be treated with a level of banality by other wastelanders. I can only think of a few situations where you're asked about your origin, but it's never done so in reverence. It's literally just "cool story mate" followed by asking for some kind of help.

    They're just pissing and shitting on their own side of the Fallout universe. The west is so far removed from the east that it doesn't really matter, and the only thing you hear about it is passing references (with the exception of that mojave ancient aliens quest in Fo4). Then again, it's only a matter of time until Bethesda has raped and pillaged the entirety of the east coast (Fallout 20 give or take). Maybe by then they'll look at spreading into the west and introducing a new baddie faction like a Legion splinter faction - but this time they're the Greek city-states. V-e-r-y original.
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    May 17, 2016
    On the same subject, I was really disappointed that the "sole survivor" acts with the same level of indifference when it comes to the world around him. When Cait tells you that she comes from Europe, there's not a single opportunity to ask "Europe still exists?" which should be the very first thing that comes to the character's mind at this moment.
    You are forced to be someone who doesn't give a damn about knowing if the world outside of Boston still "exists", someone who doesn't care to know if billions of innocent people died or not.
    If I survived a nuclear war, I'd be curious to know if the world is okay or not. Common freaking sense.
  9. Jogre

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    Oct 25, 2015
    I think most people would probably assume that an entire continent hasn't just vanished.

    And given that Boston was hit directly by a nuke, and is now fine, the Sole Survivor would probably assume the rest of the world can't be much worse.
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    ...A thought occurred to me about that, actually. Perhaps the jet found in some of those containers isn't so much because the stuff was around pre-war, but is instead basically various stashes hidden away for later usage by wastelanders who got ahold of some (through purchases, bartering, or otherwise). Said owners of the substance are either dead or otherwise indisposed, and one or two probably came back when the player wasn't around, likely bemoaning the loss of their "fix".

    As for jet making its way over to the East coast... considering how potent the stuff is, it's not exactly impossible that the recipe made its way across the country via merchants. Furthermore, in New Vegas with a high-enough science skill it's possible to teach the Khans (more specifically, Jack) how to make various chems. Their current products (including Jet, which is sold to the Fiends) also supposedly came about after learning certain skills from the Followers of the Apocalypse, so either the recipe has indeed gotten around or is somewhat replicable (although there may be differences, such as between various "cola"-type drinks that look and taste similar yet are still different).
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    I think he's talking about Europe as a society/civilization/nations of Europe or something like that, not the physical continent itself.

    Except there's really no implications whatsoever that the containers are being used by the wastelanders. It's just the amount of so many problems with how Bethesda presented the games (like how everything just becomes so stagnant with little-to-no rebuilding at all) really makes it impossible to connect the dots like that. Making loot randomly generated inside containers located in a place that looks absolutely like it hasn't been touched for 200 years because it's so dirty and obviously not used by anyone recently.... this was made even worse in Fallout 4 where that terminal log showed the messages was typed during pre-War era.

    Except there's really no clear evidence whatsoever that a trade route has been established that connect the West Coast with the East Coast. And no, let's not talk about Harold because he's there for.... reasons. Just because there's a sidequest where you can teach someone various chems with high Science in New Vegas, doesn't mean it's a possible explanation as to how Jet made its way to the East Coast. Same thing with the Followers of the Apocalypse, but I doubt such kind of organization would actually spread around a dangerously addictive substance considering their goals.
  12. Unorthodox Outlander

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    Aug 28, 2017
    Well, at the very least it offers a possible explanation, along with some evidence that the stuff can indeed be replicated. Thus, if the recipe makes its way to the other coast, an individual with the relevant skills could cook some up.

    ...There's all this (arguably justified) complaining about everything still being abandoned and deteriorating. Just as the lack of any signs of people actually rebuilding civilization/societies on their own is questioned, I also question the improbability of various merchants working in the great expanse between the two coasts.

    Potentially: NCR->Vegas/Other Border Territories->Midwest or Legion Territory (some merchants do operate there, after all)->East Coast (not entirely sure what different regions and civilizations have cropped up further inland along the Appalachians , to be honest).

    In short, not a standard trade route, but merchants simply doing their business with other traders from neighboring regions.
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    Assumptions aren't explanations, they are just that, assumptions. It could very well be that a magic unicorn made all of that, if that's what Bethesda aimed for. We just don't know it.
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    Do you know what that recipe is? :deal:
    (It's described in Fallout 2)

    Myron's lab discovered that they could feed hallucinogens and other (failed experimental) drugs to their cows, and bottle the fumes rising off of their —:nod:.
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  15. Unorthodox Outlander

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    Yes, I was already aware. Only convinces me further that killing the Fiends is an act of mercy.
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    But how? New Vegas is much, MUCH closer to the West Coast and so awfully far away from the East Coast. It makes much more sense for Jet having its recipe remembered by inhabitants of the Mojave Wasteland because they have obvious contact with the West Coast by way of NCR's expansion eastward. Again, it's absolutely not possible for Jet making its way to the East Coast, just because the recipe is remembered by those who live in the Mojave Wasteland.

    Except, Jet doesn't even appear in Fallout: Tactics. And with their restrictive no-drug law, I doubt any of the merchants working in Legion territory would ever dare bringing Jet, its recipes and ingredients to ever make it possible for the thing to go beyond that border.

    The most plausible conclusion would definitely the tired same old song: Bethesda really have no idea what Fallout truly is, and they just take everything at face value and rehash them in their version of the game, putting it there without any kind of explanation that's faithful to the source material.
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  17. Unorthodox Outlander

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    I suppose that's a lore-hole that will remain unpatched. Ah well.