T-51b Power Armor vs Elite Riot Gear or Courier Duster

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I'm planning lightweight and heavyweight versions for each of my builds. Lightweights use the Courier Duster together with the First Recon Beret and Lucky Shades. Heavyweight builds will use Elite Riot Gear together with the Elite Riot Gear Helmet and the First Recon Beret (due to the riot gear helm not filling the hair slot). Another difference between the two is the type of weapons they will use and how much they will carry. Lightweights will have the strong back perk. Heavyweights will have both strong back, burden to bear, and the heavyweight perk. Lightweights will take light touch, travel light, both ranks of toughness, and tunnel runner. Both types can raise my critical hit chance by 10%. For both, 5% comes from wearing the first recon beret. The other 5% comes from using either light touch or wearing elite riot gear.

    Now another armor I am considering for some of my builds is T-51b Power Armor. This version is better than T-45b because there is no agility penalty, even if it has half the strength bonus. The armor and helm together have higher health and damage resistance than either the courier duster or the full elite riot gear. However, it does not increase critical hit chance.

    What kind of builds would be ideal for wearing T-51b Power Armor? Which weapons have little or no critical hit chance?
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    Explosives, hands down. If you're going for pure damage and not up for criticals, you can always get the trait Heavy Handed and grab Ballistic fist/Oh Baby! and do an Unarmed/Melee build, but overall, if you want armor and don't care for crits, you make an explosive build and rain hell on people.

    By the way, Light Touch doesn't work like that. Light touch puts a flat 5% crit chance after the calculations, meaning your natural crit chance doesn't get the light touch until after shit works out, for example if you had 10% and the automatic weapon you're using has a 0.01% Crit multiplier per shot, your initial % would be 0.1% per shot...until you add the flat 5%, so now it's 5.1%. Works the same with 2x and higher crit functions, so it's less useful on high crit weapons, amazingly awesome on automatic weapons.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    So basically, if I take Light Touch, I should use automatic weapons, and forget about using them if I use elite riot gear instead?