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    You may or may not know, Xfire held a chat session with Uwe Boll the 18th. *edit* found the transcript for the chat finally, so here it is.


    [Xfire] matteox: Hey everyone, we're just waiting for the special guest to arrive. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves in unofficial chatter!

    uweboll: Brinstar: Hello Mr. Boll. Welcome to Xfire.

    uweboll: okay . i will answer as many question as possible

    [Xfire] matteox: Hello! We are very pleased to welcome everyone to the Uwe Boll live chat! Please welcome our special guest, Uwe Boll, who will now start taking your questions!

    Question: romripper: hi mr Boll, how does it feel to be put down like you are? and does it feed you to make more films just to shut them up?

    Answer: uweboll: yes it hurts - i cry all the time about the bad reviews

    Question: TrCoolguy: Is Postal going to attempt to pay Homage to older movies from before this Era?

    Answer: uweboll: POSTAL has nothing to do with my older movies and his no hommage to any body. POSTAL gives a shit everybody else

    Question: Daydream: Considering the content of the movie and the difficulty with censorship the movie will probably not air in many countried outside of the US. How do you expect to profit from this film?

    Answer: uweboll: we will make enouigh money out of USA and Europe

    Question: Rob Lucci: in your recent PAX interview, you mentioned that the games you base your movies about don't have very good stories to begin with (let's use bloodrayne as an example). why bother with making a movie based on something that isn't very good in the first place?

    Answer: uweboll: bloodrayne has a grreat character and nice ideas . not a great story ....this is the reason i created a character based story

    Question: Zeronock: Are you a video game player? and if so what is your favorite?

    Answer: uweboll: i live hitman and silent hill, warcraft also

    Question: Pazy: Seeing as you make so many game movies, do you spend a lot of time playing games?

    Answer: uweboll: i love games and i think games are like bestselling books for younger audiences

    Question: romripper: which game do you wnat to make a film of more than any other?

    Answer: uweboll: i would love to do WARCRAFT or Metal Gear Solid

    Question: Andythebomb9: How much controversy do you feel Postal will cause,and will there be any parts from postal 2 put into the film?

    Answer: uweboll: postal will piss off a lot of people buts its necessary

    Question: [SOS] M2k3: Ultimate question Uwe, Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii?

    Answer: uweboll: X BOX 360 is my favorite

    Question: Aves: Uwe,i know that you have bad critic,i dont worry about that,you are my favourite director.But i am worried if that critics can influence on the media or the threater's owners to forgie you and yours proyects?

    Answer: on POSTAL and SEED the reviews getting better as for BLOODRAYNE etc. ...so there is hope that they treat me fairer in the future ...and that my movies are better

    Question: AuToFiRE: On the lines of new technology, what high definition format do you support, if any or all

    Answer: uweboll: blue ray make s a good impression so far ...but for now i like my DVDs ...where the VHS went away - i lost my whole filmlibray basicly with over 2000 movies

    Question: Zeronock: You said the Xbox 360 is your favorite, are you going to be among the millions camping the release of Halo 3?

    uweboll: i have there an advance ...they send me one this days for free

    Question: [PN] Aracher: Uwe was it difficult to come up with the cast for the new postal film or did you already have a idea in mind of who you wanted in the film?

    Answer: uweboll: all the big agencies hated the script: TO DIRTY , TO HARD, TO POLITICAL RADICAL..... so they didnt gave me actors

    uweboll: and threnall that actors came to the casting we did ..to be a part in the movie

    Question: dedub: How has the 2006 change of legislature that altered the benefits that German directors receive from the government to fund their movies affected you?

    Answer: uweboll: from 2006 on i had to finance my movies thru presales, bankloans, co-investors, product placements

    Question: [SOS] M2k3: Would you ever consider making a movie based on World War II games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor?

    Answer: uweboll: i just wanna do BLOODRAYNE 3 - WARHAMMER what would finally be in the 2 WORLD WAR

    uweboll: and i just got involved in SABOTAGE was is also a WW2 game

    Question: [PN] Aracher: What is your current view on the problem with violence and video games? do you agree with the theory or do you think its a load of nonsence?

    Answer: uweboll: if videogames would make people to run amok then tons of amokruns would happen

    uweboll: i think (see my movie HEART OF AMERICA) a lot of reasons come together before somebody runs amok

    uweboll: family, school, weapons, medicaments

    Question: How hard is it to create a film that pleases the general public as well as the followers of the original game?

    Answer: uweboll: i think every videogame based movie should be shot in a way that the normal audience understands and enjoyes it without knowledge that its based on a game

    uweboll: a lot of the heavy gamers and hardcore fans of a special game -- will never be really satisfied with the movie

    Question: dwnmp3: What scenes that you wanted in the movie but had to cut due to the nature of censorship or ratings?

    Answer: uweboll: in POSTAL - nothing ...we did it all

    Question: sora000111: Uwe , I would like to ask you a question about the new Postal film , Which way are you trying to promote this film? In a sort of Borat "His is very offensive" way (Which is humans natural instinct to see) or to get them to rush out and see it before it's banned?

    Answer: uweboll: POSTAL is like BORAT meets NAKED GUN and BLUES BROTHERS but more political

    uweboll: I hope finally the release date will be november 7. on RESIDENT EVIL 3 this weekend is supposed to be a POSTAL trailer and also later on SAW 4

    Question: Ice_: The game Postal got some really sick yet funny moments, do you feel that the movie will live up to the game's twisted humor?

    Answer: uweboll: absolutly . even Vince Desi and Steve Wik are happy with the result

    uweboll: POSTAL is an alltime offender and we are using cats as silencers, killing babies and children .....

    uweboll: basicly we do stuff what nobody ever would do in a movie and no MAJOR STUDIO would ever allow this

    uweboll: but the SOUTHPARK producers love it ..and allow us to say ITS LIVE ACTION SOUTHPARK

    Question: Vexxx: Uwe Boll, have you ever considered any acting positions in any of your films, or anyone else's films?

    Answer: uweboll: im acting in POSTAL as Lederhosen Nazi and in SEED as an extra as COP

    uweboll: s fun

    Question: Has it become "easier" through the years to turn a video game into a movie? Many games on nextgen systems seem to already have a cinematic feel to them to begin with.

    Answer: uweboll: its easier now . i got more experience

    uweboll: i spend more time with scriptdevelopment

    Question: Ice_: In the game Postal, the main character is pretty much evil. How will the main character be in the movie, will he be as evil or will he be some kind of hero?

    Answer: uweboll: our postal dude is a looser ...but a nice guy

    uweboll: he is not running amok before the world trashes him

    uweboll: everybody ion POSTAL runs AMOK . it shows what we do --with the planet ...all do

    uweboll: we all together ruin the world and we do nothing against religious bullshit and corrupt political leaders

    uweboll: i thought that POSTAL would work best as comedy --you dont need another movie as TAXI DRIVER

    uweboll: and I did movies like RUN AMOK and HEART OF AMERICA before ..so i was not really interested in making another film where 1 guys runs amok

    uweboll: for me POSTAL was the opportunity to show the BIG PICTURES

    Question: General: Its a hard thing to make a video into a game. Alot of times its a complete failure. Super Mario Brothers, Doom, are just a few examples of movies gone terribly wrong. However once and awhile there are a few movies such as the Resident Evil Franchise that well right now is premiring its 3rd sequal this week. What makes a good video game movie. How did you approch the postal franchise when in the earily concept stages. What ideas do you think makes a movie based off a video game great?

    Answer: uweboll: i like also SILENT HILL and RESIDENT EVIL a lot.

    uweboll: the Internet will drive in 15 years the filmbusniess. you will not have videostores anymore and also TV will be from the net

    Question: AuToFiRE: Master Uwe, do you believe the internet will have a large impact on how people view your film in the near future?

    Answer: uweboll: right now the Internet revenues are not big enough and DVD is still more important

    uweboll: and PIRACY costs real money

    Question: Zombie: Mister Boll; if you weren't a film director, which profession do you think you would pursue instead?

    Answer: uweboll: i made the decision to make where I was 10. so i would not make movies as a director ..i would be a writer or producer

    Question: [PN] Aracher: Do you think that in time games will grow to be as big as the film industry and that directors should look more into this medium as well?

    Answer: uweboll: i think the combination between this 2 medias will get more important

    uweboll: for my vietnam war movie TUNNELRATS i create with REPLAY together the game at the same time

    uweboll: i believe that this drives revenues on both sides

    uweboll: and the film revenues will be bigger because of the game -- and vice versa

    uweboll: i like that they created and distributed POSTAL on their own

    uweboll: Running With Swissors are real Mavericks and I like that

    Question: |CMW| Δ9™: Have you ever been out in the street and has some random person (lets say a gamer) come up to you and started giving you abuse about the type of films you make?

    Answer: uweboll: no. only before or after screenings

    uweboll: but some people do this because they want attention

    Question: [SOS] M2k3: Recently it was reported that a Chinese man died in an internet cafe due to a 3 day gaming binge. This isn't the first time this has happened either. What do you think about governments legally limiting the amount of time one can spend playing a video game?

    Answer: uweboll: normally this is not necessary because

    uweboll: people know how long they can play

    uweboll: how you wanna limit playing time?

    Question: D2TheRizzo-A2theKizzo: The production values of your movies have increased dramaticly with each new release. (Compare house of the dead to Dungeon Siege) Can we continue to expect bigger, better movies?

    Answer: uweboll: DUNGEON gets out January 11 in a big release

    uweboll: In Europe with FOX already November 29

    uweboll: it was a long way to finish that giantic movie. 2,5 years

    uweboll: but now im really proud of that movie. with POSTAL, SEED and DUNGEON - IN THE NAME OF THE KING are coming my real best movies out

    Question: 5mtM™: Uwe Boll you said people need to wake up, you said POSTAL was a movie that was beyond the boundries of cliché movies we are permitted to watch...How far have you crossed those boundries?

    Answer: uweboll: a lot of ANTI BUSH or ANTI Islamistic want to like it but then they see it and are shocked because it hurts their feeling

    uweboll: and it exactly that was my plan . POSTAL is funny but also a wake up call -- asking about our plans

    uweboll: for the future --blaming everybody ...and its so dirty like the world around us ...and this is what critics dont wanna see ... they wanna see something nice what supports their point of view

    uweboll: but POSTAL is not doing it ..POSTAL kicks also in the balls of Yoga Fans, Treehuggers etc.

    Question: Treydawg: Would you like to make a movie based off the old NES game "Mike Tyson's Punch Out?"

    Answer: uweboll: no. i like Mke tyson ...he was a great boxer

    uweboll: but a movie ....NO

    Question: [SOS] HeatDrive: Do you often get lots of cooperation from the actual game developers and publishers, or do you just have them check the final product to see if they're acceptable?

    Answer: uweboll: SEGA and ATARI did nothing. Gaspower Games and Running With Swissor are very activ and supportive --this is what I like

    uweboll: UBISOFT on Far Cry was almost not visible --but the CRYTEK guys are nice

    Question: 5mtM™: Uwe Boll what was the turning point in your life that made you realise you could be a great director, I believe you have accomplished your goal, do you?

    Answer: uweboll: I think that I got better as a director and I think a made from my first movie on GERMAN FRIED MOVIE interesting movies. I like genremovies ...I like to have fun in co,me

    uweboll: co,medy but also horror and action in my thrillers, horror or sci-fi movies. I dont like doing always the same movies

    uweboll: And I know that I'm defintly good to show action, gore etc.... harder stuff and harsher stuff

    uweboll: And some people think I'm the worst director ever (wjhat is not true) and some think I'm the best ever (what is stupid) but I think that overall after my 16 movies so far

    uweboll: I'm not a director you can oversee or go over him so easy

    uweboll: Check out BLOODRAYNE 2 ---its a western totally different to the first part ..and this is what I like ....doing different things

    uweboll: surprising things

    uweboll: and you will never see in an Uwe Boll an easy , cheesy happy ending ...all my endings are twisted or depressed or bitte

    Question: |CMW| Δ9™: Have you come across a game that would be almost impossible to make in to a film?

    Answer: uweboll: i think HALO is so big and good as game --it wll be tough to match that in film

    Answer: uweboll: also i dont think that it makes sense to make movies out of games where you have no human or humanlike characters

    uweboll: only roboters etc..... will suck big time

    Question: <SWC> Dark Chicken: Wich of the movies you made by now made you feel most proud???

    Answer: uweboll: POSTAL because how it turned out and that it NAILS the situation right now. IN THE NAME OF THE KING because its really well made , with big actors

    uweboll: and SEED because it has maybe the best ending of a horrormovie ever


    Question: Yoshi: Mr boll what is your views on legistlation against video games and do you feel games should be governened the same way the movie industry and music industry are?

    Answer: uweboll: i think it would be good or it is okay to have a rating ...but nothing should be over NC 17 because

    uweboll: if you are 18 you should decide what you wanna see

    uweboll: without any censorship

    Question: Aves: I like the idea of the movie.I like the reason of you making the movie,but i dont like if Postal its a fit comedy or regular commedy.It has a sublimilar message yes,but as a comedy it would be good?Think also that the story of the movie is not a good reason to explain why you make the movie.Its just a postal dude,a looser in his life,and the terrorist and the goverment attack his village.He makes a killing,yes,but against enemies they attacked him first...so i dont see your protest message

    Answer: uweboll: you dont have to show a message

    and christians and the army ..and weddings etc..... are you get in every dam sandler or ben stiller film ...in every studio film

    uweboll: POSTAL is a mirror

    uweboll: it makes you feel : with bush and bin laden beiing buddies --working together etc.

    uweboll: with the world trade attack , with all that religious cults ...and then with the RICKER GETTING RICHER and the POORER POORER

    uweboll: RICHER getting RICHER ...that something is wrong

    uweboll: we have nothimg else to do as to destroy the planet with global warming , we ignoring desasters like Hurrikan Katrina ...we stay all only money driven ... you and me

    uweboll: and together we will over fell from the cliff

    uweboll: and this shows POSTAL

    Question: Have you ever used games for storyboarding? Or is your process much more traditional?

    Answer: uweboll: game shots , stills you use for production design , art direction

    uweboll: stopryboards you do with a storyboarder to make the action scnes more visible

    Question: mystycs: Who are your idols in terms of directors of other films? ? ?

    Answer: uweboll: i love john ford , stanley kubrick, orson welles ...a lot of scorsese and Oliver Stone movies , Carpenter

    uweboll: Ridley Scott

    uweboll: so I think this was it

    uweboll: please buy BLOODRAYNE 2 next weekend and go in POSTAL and KING in the theaters

    [Xfire] matteox: Ok, that concludes the chat with Postal Director, Uwe Boll! Thank You Very Much to our special guest and thanks everyone for participiating.

    Now onto the prizes: 15 Signed Postal Posters. If you are one of the winners PM me for instructions on how to claim your prize!

    uweboll: please check out that the POSTAL trailer is running in RESIDENT EVIL and SAW 4 later and email me if that happened

    [Xfire] matteox: [PN] Aracher

    [SOS] M2k3

    <SWC> Dark Chicken








    Rob Lucci


    The Chosen One



    [Xfire] Matthew: Congrats!
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    Do not put your filthy hands on this franchise.
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    can someone gimme the bulletpoints? :)
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    Don't worry, he's not going to be able to get within fifty feet of it...

    Last time I checked, Hideo Kojima was looking for a competent director to handle the film.
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    found the official transcript, changed the weird one i had out with it.
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    Nooooo! Stay away from Pandemic, you cretin. I enjoy thekir franchises, don't ruin that for me.
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    And here we were, thinking they just *gave away* fully armed frigates.
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    Q: Do the bad reviews stop you from making movies?
    B: No.

    Q: How do you intend to profit from POSTAL?
    B: We'll make enough.

    Q: Why make such shitty movies?
    B: The stories suck, but I create character based stories.

    Q: Do you play games yourself?
    B: Hitman and Warcraft.

    Q: Which game would you like to desecrate the most?
    B: Warcraft or Metal Gear Solid.

    Q: HD-DVD?
    B: No. DVDs.

    Q: Halo 3?
    B: Already have it.

    Q: Did you have problems finding actors for Postal?
    B: Everyone hated the script, so I didn't get any actors. I used people from the street.

    Q: Where the fuck do you keep getting all of this money? Why don't you just die already?
    B: I finance my movies through presales, bankloans, co-investors, and product placements.

    Q: Would you ever make a WW2 movie?
    B: Bloodrayne 3 is set in the 1940s.

    Q: How are you promoting Postal?
    B: Postal is like Borat meets Naked Gun and Blues Brothers.

    Q: Tell us more about Postal.
    B: Postal is a universal offender. We are using cats as silencers, killing babies and children, basically doing stuff that no other sane major studio would ever condone.

    Q: Are you an actor in Postal?
    B: I'm playing the part of a Lederhosen Nazi.

    Q: Alot of people are saying you are completely braindead, prove us wrong.
    B: I intend to offend as many people as possible with Postal.

    Q: Do you think you're a good director?
    B: Fuck yes.

    Q: Have you ever found a video game that you couldn't turn into a film?
    B: Big stuff, like Halo.
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    :tired: ,
    The Vault Dweller
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    lol loved the simplification.

    you missed the part where i won a poster.
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    In a movie where people use cats as silencers and kill babies, I don't think the poster really matters much. :?
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    lmfao, that transcription/translation is one of the most abhorrently hilarious things I've read since i discovered engrish.com
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    I think I'll watch Postal in a cinema :D .
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    well considering that the movie will be all that made the game great, yeah it means something to me.

    I mean come on, a cat as a silencer? NO one thought of that before RWS.

    and you dont kill babies in postal, although in the movie some kids get shot. but that's ok. they prolly deserved it for pretending to be "1337 h4x0r5!" on xbox live.
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    Hehe, Uwe Boll just never learns his lesson. Usually the game franchises aren't ones that I really like to enough of an extent to hate him for f**king them up.
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    Thank you. :bow:
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    I think that it's hard to fuck up Postal 2 :) .
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    Did, too. Enki Bilal.
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    he's French, so your argument is invalid.