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    Whatever we can or can't say about Fallout:BOS it's certainly provoked a lot of debate in these forums, even the negative posts can only be a good thing as they show how much everyone still cares about the Fallout licence and doesn't want a second-rate, bastardised version.

    Someone ( don't even ask me who ) said "you can't please all of the people all of the time", even if BOS is fantastic it will still be disliked by RPG fallout fans, but we shouldn't come down hard on Interplay for trying to branch out in this new direction. I mean, isn't that what the world of Fallout is about, new directions?

    Even if it turns out crap I'll still be glad that they had the confidence to try it, it just proves the strength of the licence and it's massive Black Isle aren't developing it, but if we don't let any other programers TRY then we'll be waiting that much longer for any other expansions of this genre, or even Fallout 3.

    Well, that's about it I think,
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    >Someone ( don't even ask me
    >who ) said "you can't
    >please all of the people
    >all of the time", even
    >if BOS is fantastic it
    >will still be disliked by
    >RPG fallout fans, but we
    >shouldn't come down hard on
    >Interplay for trying to branch
    >out in this new direction.
    >I mean, isn't that what
    >the world of Fallout is
    >about, new directions?

    Fallout: BOS is a strategy game, not an RPG.

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    I know....

    ...That's why I said it would be disliked by RPG fans, despite the fact it might be a good game in it's own right. :)
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    RE: I know....

    1 word about the makers of bos
    'nuff said
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    Apr 24, 2003
    And a response from Interplay to that...

    >1 word about the makers of
    >'nuff said

    Taken from the DAC Fallout tactics board:

    Invictus was a title published by Interplay, not something created in-house. Internally, 14 Degrees East created Starfleet Command, which is a damn fine strategy game.

    Now, FT:BOS is a joint venture between 14 Degrees and Micro Forte, true... but the senior designer on the project is Chris Taylor, who was the lead designer on the original Fallout. I have a lot of faith in it, and I'm sure it'll be a fantastic take on what 14 Degrees does.

    I think it's also important to take note that Black Isle has nothing to do with this project. If and when we decide to continue the Fallout series, it will happen regardless of the development of FT:BOS.

    Take care,

    Scott Warner, Designer, Black Isle Studios