13V mod by Lich 1.0.3

A Fallout 1 remake/parody mod for Fallout 2

  1. NovaRain
    13V is a Fallout 1 remake/parody. Every NPC has funny dialogs, and there are a few quests that lead to alternative game endings (most are funny disasters). Quests are usually solved by finding specific items hidden in maps.

    The total conversion is originally made by Lich, and updated by Pyran with some fixes and improvements.

    1. Download the mod archive and extract it to your Fallout 2 directory (e.g. C:\Games\Fallout 2).
    2. The mod files should be in a "13V" subfolder and shouldn't overwrite any original game files. Run the fallout2.exe inside the subfolder to play the mod.
    3. Check ddraw.ini and f2_res.ini for configuring display or misc settings.