Inventory Filter mod (English version) 2.0.3

An inventory management helper

  1. NovaRain

    Originally made by Mr.Stalin, based on the idea of JimTheDinosaur's Inventory Sort Buttons mod.

    This repack contains a new "GIVE ALL" button image in English so people can see a proper button instead of a white square when enabling the UseGiveAllImage option (the button was available only in Russian version). Most of the descriptions in InvenFilter.ini are rewritten to make them more clear.

    • Quickly find ammo for weapons from tons of junk in the inventory: if you click the middle mouse button on the "Weapons" and "Ammo" menu buttons, these items will be displayed simultaneously in the player's inventory.
    • Money is always shown at the top when bartering, or if the "All" filter is selected (the feature does not work right after opening the inventory).
    • Quickly exchange your party members when bartering or opening containers.
    • Displays the weight value for items in the selected category, as well as the amount of money the merchant has in barter.
    • The "Drop All" button.
    • Hotkeys to switch between the selected categories.
    1. Download and extract the mod archive to your main game directory.
    2. The mod requires sfall (ddraw.dll) version or later. The AllowUnsafeScripting option in ddraw.ini must be enabled for the filter to function correctly.
    3. If a mods_order.txt already exists in your "mods" folder, add InventoryFilter.dat to it.
    4. Edit mods\InventoryFilter.dat\InvenFilter.ini to configure the behavior of the filter.
    • Note for the hi-res patch by Mash: DirectDraw 7 graphics mode is known to cause some display glitches with the filter. It is recommended to use DirectX 9 mode.
    Usage Notes
    • Click the middle mouse button on the "Weapons" and "Ammo" menu buttons to display items from these categories simultaneously in the player's inventory. Also, clicking the middle mouse button on the "Weapons" menu button will display only the "Guns" type of weapons.
    • To quickly switch between filter categories, use the hotkeys:
      Player: Q, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
      NPC: W, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
      You can change the hotkeys in InvenFilter.ini.
    • Use the F11 key to turn the filter on or off in game.
    • Delete mods\InventoryFilter.dat folder and remove its name from mods_order.txt.
    Here's the original Russian v2.0.2 as a reference:
    Dropbox / OneDrive

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    Version: 2.0.2
    Thank you for uploading this
  2. Obsti
    Version: 2.0.0
    This is a must-have for everyone playing with unlimited carryweight, aka hoarders aka me, to make the mess manageable.