Fallout 1 Demo in Fallout 2 2019-02-20

The original Fallout 1 Demo ported on the Fallout 2 engine

  1. naossano
    This archive contains the Fallout 1 Demo in Fallout 2 mod.

    Get ready to explore the first Fallout settlement introduced to the fans by Interplay on April 26, 1997. This adventure is one of the shortest among those taking place in the Fallout world, but its seniority gives it a very particular historical significance.

    Note that this is not the original demo of the first Fallout, but a mod by FeelTheRads that port the content from this demo into the Fallout 2 engine , to ensure a more comfortable gaming experience, free from the limitations of the original engine. If you want to play the original 1997 demo, it's still possible to download it here : http://www.nma-fallout.com/resources/fallout-1-demo.83/.

    Among the notable differences:

    · Ability to choose your character or to create a new one.

    · Ability to save or reload your game.

    · Access to different menus and options.

    · Differences in the menus.

    · You can get experience points and level up.

    · Some differences in the stats and AI of the characters. (Gameplay)

    · The night person trait is slightly different.

    · Some different sound effects (attacking dog, attacked woman ...)

    · Some disabled dialogs and scripts from the demo have been restored here.

    · Other dialogs and scripts have been added, especially to adapt to a female protagonist, or to help with some localizations.

    · Compatibility with recent Windows operating systems.

    · Compatibility with the High-Resolution Patch by Mash

    For additionnal informations, you can check this thread :