FO2 Setting Improvement Mod 3.0

Replaces Temple of Trials with a path, edits Arroyo, changes coins to bottlecaps and more.

  1. Risewild
    Made and originally uploaded by Human Shield.

    Trys to alter FO2 to come more in line with Fallout 1.

    Some files from patch000 merged into mod where able.



    Extract using folder names to your Fallout 2 folder.

    Rename PATCH000.dat to something else or mod will not work.

    -----------------Current Changes:

    Replaces gold coins with beautiful, beautiful caps. [Cap treature is now useless paper money]

    Changes some silly Easter Eggs, now more useful.

    Real-world weapons renamed.

    Removed electric maze on oil rig.

    Replaces Temple of Trials with short path.

    Lots of new Arroyo dialogue, better reason for getting GECK.

    Altered Arroyo maps.

    San Fran is now a fight between two gangs, one for more order and power (The Dragon), the other for more freedom and power (The Tiger [formerly Lo Pan]). The two gangs are now more between order and chaos instead of good and evil.

    Shi have some less tech and less old Chinese culture. No more sterotype responses.

    Hubologists are changed. It is explained the Hub was a step towards cilivization and that is what they are about now: Advancing humanity beyond known limits by any means. They want to get into orbit because zero-g and space stuff is the thought to be the final key in their research. They have some dark secrets now (that are mostly left to the players to make the connections, they still don't pose much of a threat) and don't have two stupid porn stars as spokemen.

    Tanker monsters explained.

    BOS can no longer have the resources to issue power armor (BOS combat armor mite be worn now).Hopefully armor progression will no longer be metal or combat armor -> adv. power armor.

    New Reno has more of its shit together. Big Jesus family deals with trade goods and supplies water and power. Biship family deals in drug and entertainment (owns boxing, porn, etc..). Sal family has adv weapons (old guy is leader because he is smart about technology). That hick family supplies farm crops and alcohol. No longer prohibition-gangster/"OMG drugz and whorez" town.

    Some simple merchants that don't restock and can't be pickpocketed.

    Remove force fields and some advanced tech from NCR.

    Ants in broken hills caves reduced.

    New way to find sierra army base.

    New Navarro dialogue. Enclave in NAVARRO no longer hands out plasma rifle and Adv. Power Armor to new recruits (great policy guys). Now they hand out yellow key pass for uniform. Enclave in Navarro now have less adv. Power Armor to hand around to guards.

    No more super deathclaws. Never again hear this out of mouths of Fallout 1's savage killers:

    "I have spent many sleepless nights, deep in thought, pondering just such issues. I have finally come to the conclusion that the burdens and responsibilities associated with the gift of intelligence are countless. There are only two choices available to any thinking being. Either accept life as it comes and make the best of it for yourself and others, or simply cease to be. I have chosen to accept the challenges of life. If this makes me a threat to humankind, then I pity the small mind that finds it so..."

    The Enclave experiments were failures, no one can alter their animal instinct to survive. They won't attack you as long as you don't threaten their survival. Goris can still join.

    Risewild's Note: I noticed that most of the links for this project were dead, so I am re-uploading it.
    Thanks to @NovaRain for letting me know about version 3 of this mod. :ok:

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