Attitude Towards Mutants and Ghouls

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    >lever gringo

    That shouldn't have made me laugh so hard
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    In tactics, there is heavy, heavy racism against the ghouls. Look at the mission of hostage rescue in springfield, and general barnaky generally.

    Springfield, mayor Avellone is FOR the ghouls, but hear his bill of ghoul rights, he still calls them less than human, grants them the 'right' to be second class citizens. And that by law their pay must be equal to half or (optionally depending on the intentions of their employer) more than the sum paid to a 'human' (which ghouls are. They are irradiated people
    who were mutated to both suffer horribly and gain, if gain it is in their case
    a vastly extended lifespan, as well as being rendered sterile and made to look like my last (both in the sense of time passed and ever again) NT ex girlfriend (sorry, but she really would make a ghoulified floater-centaur bastard child's kid with a wanamingo look sexy).

    Still talks down about them as if they are still dirt, just dirt that doesn't deserve to have their houses burnt down or be stabbed in the street, unless they themselves started the attack, and the killing is in self defense.

    In the real world, that 'if they started it' clause was included in say, a bill against us auties, just for example, we'd get lots of 'the retard started it, they touched me with a hand-flap and hurt me bawwwwwwww they hurt me so badly I'll never recover'. So they started it. Just to excuse themselves (the attacker) from being punished. The ghouls if in this world, they'd get 'they started it' all the time and still be shot for sport. And that shit would probably fly, too.

    I'm different, I'm autistic. I've experienced enough shit from the pigs in both directions to know there is no justice for me. If I even come within a mile of a crime, and do not commit one in reality; I am punished.

    If, even when I am a child, and these happened, someone smashes my face in with a brick, someone KNOWN to the filth, as a thuggish chav piece of shit, and I knew by name, they knew where to find the cock sucking piece of verminous garbage, photographs were taken immediately, minutes after because the assault was close to my home, of the injuries I suffered, one brick being thrown and hitting me centimeter or two above my right eye, a fraction less and I'd have probably been left blind in that eye, if I kept the eyeball itself.

    They told me 'common assault, nothing we can do about that, not interested'.

    I was also attacked by chavscum, 20+ to one. Attacked me, very badly, just after I was recovering from an accidental penetrating glass wound right through the patellar tendon and direct into my knee joint, stamping repeatedly on head and knee. Only ended after I pulled a knife and stabbed one of them. They took off, I collapsed. Left for dead. I don't remember what happened after that, aside from my hiding the knife where it wouldn't be found.

    Again, attackers known to police, at least a portion of them, and I knew exactly who they were, their names, descriptions and area to find them.

    Again 'common assault, nothing we can do' I bet if I walked up to someone random, not that I would, and gave them a single mild slap with an open palm that I would be charged with every crime the filth could cook up.

    Lets see what else. Called 'spastic' and 'spacker' by pigs who made sure no witnesses. 'Retard' and all sort of other shit.

    When a knifeman rampaged in temper in a social worker's dept. and caught on camera almost for sure, there would be CCTV there. The cunt came up in my path as I had an appointment, to try and get the filth off my back, after a long, long and vicious harassment vendetta, up to and including torture and being forced to have seizures. Phoned the pork and they said, while the fuck was in front of me, they said 'sorry nothing we can do, the MOMENT they heard my name, because theres probably no CCTV outside the building.'

    For a KNIFEMAN threatening to commit MURDER. No CCTV needed. He was there, in front of me, still threatening to end my life.

    They were taking details. Then they asked my name. instantly, they changed demeanor entirely from alert and ready to 'lol couldn't give a flying fuck you spastic piece of dog shit'. Wouldn't even come, when in the center of a large, heavily pig-patrolled town where the filth would have been able to get there in moments, despite knowing that this prick was still there, with me on the phone, dodging and weaving to get out of the fucker's way. The attitude change took place instantly upon knowing who was on the line. Didn't come even though the attacker was still there, attacking, just because of the possible lack of CCTV. Although I know damn well the real reason why.

    I am different. Not only that but I am PROUD of being autie, I love it, and I'd never have it any other way. That doesn't just single me out. It
    makes the different one blatant about the fact that they are glad of their difference.

    And, as I have learned, there is no justice for me. There never will be, unless I am injured so badly that I am close to death, and even then I must have a photo or be able to conclusively ID the near-killer, they be clocked on CCTV in the act etc.

    If I'm there in a hospital ICU, possibly they might not just dismiss it as 'common assault, nothing we can do, we don't care', if I've got a knife that has the attacker's prints and DNA all over it. Although I'd be worried that just by retaining it after being attacked, I'd be jailed if I stabbed back before falling and that being why they were driven off, or even just for holding the weapon used against me.

    No, for those different, there is no justice here in the UK. And less still for those proud of and who celebrate their difference as a kind of real-world perk or trait. To the filth, we aren't even ghouls, hell not even 'civilized super mutant' individuals known to be citizens of a town. We are dangerous, unpredictable beastlords. Those with abilities the porcine vermin cannot even begin to predict, much less comprehend. Guilty without even being arrested. I've been subjected so many times to house-raids on no valid grounds whatsoever. Even on warrants stating the purpose to search for items which are not only legal to possess, sell, make use of (and transport from place of purchase to home etc., anything but to be carried or used as a weapon on the street and which are not weapons or related to them) but which can be bought from any pharmacy.

    For example 'to see if you had any acetone' (whilst having similarly illegally raided before and KNOWN full fucking well I'm a chemist as well as they know that they wear handcuffs at their belt and wear a uniform). No law stating one may not have acetone, in any quantity. Warrant didn't specify quantity, suspicion of having performed any act employing acetone, legal or illegal. Simply 'might have some, we don't know and have no evidence to state you have purchased any', a fishing expedition. In which case, they attacked, they TRASHED the place, I'm still rebuilding and getting the crap out my bedroom which is currently completely uninhabitable and unusable over a year later (made far more difficult by the fact I'm physically disabled, with hip and knee and nerve damage issues affecting my leg, which make it very painful and difficult to bend, and even to lie down flat on my back, front or either side without the resort of an injection of morphine and oral oxy. Without these, I cannot function, I am rendered more or less immobile and in severe pain, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, with a red hot nail into the very depths of my hip joints, searing and burning and throbbing, thumping with agony)

    They fucked with the lab, and in dangerous ways too. They FOUND acetone too, plenty of it, its a very common solvent I use. They ignored it. Saw what they CLAIMED to look for, and neither saw it, took it or even moved it, if they did they picked it up and set it down in the same place)

    They did things like open a bottle of iodine monochloride, a highly water sensitive, violently reactive and volatile liquid, or very low melting solid, with the consistency of bromine in the liquid state, which is extremely toxic and not shy about giving off vapor and fumes. Which turn into strong acid when they touch water. Coming with special highly chemical attack-resistant bottles, demanding to take samples. They opened the ICl bottle and somehow managed to transfer a ml or two into one of these bottles without burning a deep crater through themselves, or killing themselves just by standing in the small room it was in due to the poison gas released. These bottles, they then, after deliberately smashing some of my glassware just to make me miserable, knowing the lab is my life's work, and my pride and joy, my personal Sanctum Sanctorum, which I've spent somewhere between ten and twenty thousand GBP on.

    Just to make me suffer. Done things like killed my pets, not in self defence, but in brutality and hatred. They MICROWAVED them, many, many of them. All dead.

    Way I see it, the way ghouls, and the super-mutants that are not vicious creatures, but who live in towns, with humans and even hold offices, are treated, its not much difference to the treatment meted out by the real world filth and indeed by people too, albeit ones of poor quality like pikey thugs to those different. Be it disabled, or superabled, with powers beyond their comprehension, such as autistic people can have.

    I've never committed a violent act in my life, save only to defend myself from the violent depredations of others intent on inflicting serious bodily harm or even death, or rape, upon me, reasons which I maintain I have the absolute right to use violence against those trying to do these things. A rapist, a paedophile, someone thats trying to kill me, or violently assault me in a pack of thugs, while the paedo bit doesn't count now at my age, I'm too old to be of any interest to a nonce of course, but the rest? if that happens, then the perpetrators are going to find they have bitten off a lot more than they are prepared to chew on.

    But it doesn't change the fact it isn't much different, that IRL it doesn't have to be race. Just be different and your destiny is to be ghoulified the moment you pop out of the womb. Children taken by force from spesh people all too often, in many cases probably more than we will ever know, from courts that silence even the very existence under penalty in law, the people who've had their children stolen with little or no redress can't even SPEAK of the event, possibly even being jailed if they do, so they are prevented from appealing to publicity if they can't get a proper lawyer. So many poor. vulnerable people having not the support they need provided, but their precious beloved babies kidnapped and moved to NT homes. It happens not just to MR people but to autistic people as well.

    Things such as when there is the latest teenage serial killer makes the news, theories plucked out of some newscaster's or tabloid pap fuckwit's
    chocolate starfish about 'we think he has asperger's syndrome' or 'a loner, like autistics' 'thought to have autistic tendencies', not when someone is medically diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum but 'diagnosis' by media.

    I've even had the pigs call the media (in the form of one of the lowest, vilest red-rag toilet paper tabloid lie-factory 'newspapers' we have). They are the ONLY ones who could have done so. For the shitrag crew
    arrived while the pigs did, moments after the first meat-vans turned up. Which means the filth probably informed them before they even attacked. And they printed a slanderous (in the EXTREME!) article about me being a 'bomb maker' obsessed with harry potter (my mother bought the books before she died, and yes I have read them, why not, if I got bored one night and read them) but I am not obsessed, and I couldn't for that matter give a dead dog dirty damn about harry sodding potter or 'exploding magic incantations' as apparently I was responsible.

    No explosives in the house, no making of them, no traces on my glassware. Not so much as a collection of farts in a jar with a cigarette with the filter snapped off and inserted into a hole in the jar lid.

    Sure. I could make them. Easily. I've even got and could make the chemicals I need if I were to decide to do so from household items. Same goes for mustard gas, phosgene, phosgene oxime, phosphine gas, and all manner of poisons of various degrees of lethality.

    Doesn't mean I am doing, that there is data of any kind in existence
    which would suggest a plot afoot, of any kind. No, I keep myself to myself unless someone seeks to harm me. And as for the lab, again, I don't make such things. On the contrary. A chemist NEEDS a good knowledge of what is explosive and what is not, because if a chemist lacks this knowledge, one is liable to accidentally make something explosive and blast their surroundings to smithereens and reduce both themselves and any co-workers (although I haven't got co-workers, I'm totally free in that respect to choose whatever project to work on I like to) to a pink, fleshy, partially-organic aerosol dispersed throughout the majority of the nearest city in a hail of bone fragment shrapnel.

    Personally, I am glad I know a fair lot about explosives and how they behave. Knowing how to make explosives, built and set off a bomb and what will make it go off by accident/how likely that explosive or combination of them used will just decide to blast the surroundings to hades, it also means you know how not to blast yourself and lab and any coworkers for those who have any into said little bits.

    How poisons work, how to recognize them by structure and how as a result to see a structure in something you might otherwise have made or wanted to investigate, and see the commonalities, that means one can have a far far better chance to know the substance will be a poison, and potentially even how its toxic action will be exerted.

    Say, I could recognize the structural basic functional core of a nerve agent, and see another molecule that might have been a target compound of interest, but then realize 'this has the specific arrangement of chemical atoms bonded in these specific ways that will make this compound an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, either reversible or irreversible or like the military nerve agents such as VX, soman, sarin, 'age' in different times post exposure, so, let's think again and decide that this substance doesn't ever get made by me/us/a group of chemists etc, into anything but a chalk drawing of atoms and bonds depicting a molecular structure, or a pencil sketch of said structure, think again, lets find a different way to do what we wished in the first instance
    to accomplish, with another molecule'

    Same as I can recognize characteristics of a carcinogen/mutagen with just a look in many case, or see a drawing and know that it will be a blister-agent and carcinogen and destroyer of white blood cells like mustard 'gases' (they aren't gases, rather, dispersed as fine mists by bursting charges in shells, or sprayed from airborne tanks like a crop-duster dusting insecticide against the bugs that would destroy the seeds of evil.

    People in the 'uncanny valley' (read up on wikipedia of the concept if you don't recognize it)

    (and from the way the hypothesis speaks of how closely something other than mankind resembles and acts like a human being whilst being detectably 'other', that would imply those who discriminate on this basis
    view us, when applied to humans who are uncanny, with uncanny
    knowledge and uncanny powers and abilities, that they see us as less than human beings)

    Justice denied in so many other ways too. Too many to speak of individually. I can see so many parallels to ghoul-treatment and super mutants who are civilized being treated as they are often treated. Too many of them I know of because I have been the direct recipient.
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    lol okay
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    What's good slang for a super mutant? For ghouls it's Zombie, but I don't recall one for super mutants.
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    I tried my best once to let that guy know people weren't going to take kindly to off-topic books being posted in their threads, but all I got in response was a short novella about being an autistic chemist. I assume this post was more of the same. I don't actually have three hours to read it.

    'Mutie' and 'FEV reject' are the only things I can think of off the top of my head.
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    I wonder if ghouls and mutants are represented in the NCR government? Considering that Marcus didn't build a safe haven for mutants in California, I imagine not.
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    Aren't there ghoul rangers that serve in the NCR military? If it was a somewhat fair system, I would imagine they could run for political office too.
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    Whats good slang for a super mutant?

    'Please, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top Mr Super Mutant Sir I beg of you humbly to stop ripping my arms and legs off one by one'


    or 'Hey, why does that deep crater gouged in the wall look like the back face of a set of brotherhood power armor? OH..WAIT A MINUTE now....*squad, check in, where's the paladin bearing the squad minigun, and why does this half a power armor have a metal tyre with a chain-link belt of .50 cal depleted uranium armor-piercing shells and multiple flattened things that look like they were once round tubes arranged around the outside sticking halfway into the excretory system of the armor half'

    Again...'oh, bugger. Ahem...Sir, is the rank of senior knight too late to turn in my resignation, effective last week?'

    Sounds as it'd be about fit. What I find odd, is that its different seeming for the deathclaws. That old git Barnaky might not LIKE the various breeds of new initiates, but he doesn't slag off the deathclaw troops, seems to be rather respectful in comparison to 'sub-human' ghouls. Although that said, you wouldn't really want to slag off a deathclaw, even packing a minigun and wearing power armor and possessing decades of experience at the very minimum, until you were aware of PRECISELY how acute their sense of hearing is, now would you.

    Hardly a group one would first recruit, and then call trash or filthy verminous mutations, now, no? Something tells me they'd not be very pleased. They might not have the intelligence of a ghoul centuries old, or of a highly intelligent human, but 'filthy fucking lizard mutation with arse breath' would still most likely be the first, and last time that sentence was ever uttered to anything other than a gecko. And even then probably not a good idea in deathclaw company :D

    I have to say, I rather like the tactics character 'mother', not just the way she is a killer-stealthy powerhouse that turns, after some buffout, meth 'phet and psycho, and wearing a power-fist and carrying 40+ frag grenades in the other hand, ends up as something capable of charging into a full brotherhood squad, in power armor that come charging into the base if you decide 'sod it I'll go on a murder spree and reload, just for the gits and shiggles of it' and tearing them to shreds, leaving not a single one alive, and needing just a super stimpak after the end (the regular ones aren't worth much on a deathclaw, much less so after a full-grown matriarch deathclaw decides to get tanked to the gills on combat drugs and go skitz.

    Didn't fall, the odd healing pack used, until surrounded by elders with power-fists and with only one squad member left, the PC, the rest hadn't seen the troops come in from the back and got mowed down by gunfire, although not before putting a last ditch rocket up the ass of one warrior and reducing that one to garden mulch and his nearest backup to a severely wounded state, and until for some reason the stims seemed, small and large both, to stop working, severely wounded, by the power fists and minigun fire, almost wiped out the base general and most of the base, but fell just before it was possible to close, to ditch the grenades and start smacking the general covering for barnaky around like a golf ball.

    But for the way Mother is implemented, accepted into the ranks and at a high starting rank too. She seemed to have to have proved herself fast. But most of all, accepted. Even if Barnaky is a git, still allowed to join and nobody is insulting her.

    Although it IS rather wierd, to have 'mother' go run after and catch up to 'deathclaw matriarch' and the two have a conversation about, essentially, her freeing herself with her squad from the brotherhood, and then joining it. Anyone at all who has ever watched a scifi movie KNOWS full damn well that if any time traveller or traveller between worlds/dimensions etc. touches, interacts with or possibly even SEES their counterpart that time stops and the world implodes and winks out of existence instantly :P
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    no, really

    you're making literally no sense whatsoever
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    First came a few jokes about slang for a super mutant, the general idea being 'best piss-take for a supermutant? the first time the piss gets taken is when the super mutant rips your gonads off and takes one's piss off with him as a souvenir in a doggy bag'

    Then, aside from a fight involving her, trying to point out 'mother's more....human..side? its ironic, that out of ghouls, super-mutants and deathclaws, that the ones most welcome in the BoS, are the deathclaws, even through Barnaky's general unpleasant tone towards anything that isn't fully human, and still a fair lot that are, such as tribals. Coming out with things like 'mutants aren't fit to serve in the brotherhood' or 'while many believe ghouls are almost human, I disagree' and basically makes it clear that the elders told him something along the lines of 'you old mouldering hidebound bastard we are desperate for new recruits and yet you want to turn away, or potentially kill on sight, both expert snipers with high luck and intellect, just because they are uglier than a turd sandwich and smell half as good.

    And probably turn away the deathclaws too, if their recruitment was indeed in the end a recruitment after the mardin mission, where Mother actively encourages some of her pups to join then signs up herself, as opposed to the pups being dragged back out of that nasty hole with her cage in it and the worse conditions still her young were confined in, and the change being, rather than the beastlords enslaving the deathclaw pack and matriarch, it would probably, had Barnaky his own way just have been a change from a beastlord jail and slaver's collars to the brotherhood.

    Perhaps a slight improvement in conditions compared to being stuck with a raving mental case like Daar, and less of the being fed people, but otherwise, I can't imagine him (Barnaky) being too happy about them actually enlisting and telling him 'we want a salary, too' much less Mother herself serving alongside the PC and with pride. Just doesn't strike me as the general's style if that makes sense.

    And lastly a joke about sci-fi tropes, with the way time-travellers, those ending up in a parallel universe etc. causing the timeline to go squirrely and the universes (all of them) to go 'poof' if they interact. Because the tactics dev team implemented the hostage deathclaw as two different units, one a target of a quest, and one that one can hire as a fighting unit/carrier of heavy pack weights and great for loot-recovery with her enormous strength, as well as when drugged up, as a part time tank, thats next to impossible to scratch bar the most concerted attacks with power armor-damaging grades of weapons.

    I find it ironic, the very least human of the three 'species' is accorded the least racism and the most respect. Ghouls ain't pretty and everybody in FO knows it, but one would hardly jump in bed with a deathclaw either (just think of the results of THAT hand-job! enough to make men's privates everywhere try and shrink down small enough to hide behind a ball :P), so the ugly factor is there. The difference factor is there. As for super mutants, they are a threat, they are huge, not exactly the smartest, most likely to take up a job in condensed matter physics research people, not anymore after being dipped at any rate. And they are, just like the deathclaws more than capable of towering over a human whilst grabbing an arm in each hand and pulling until said human comes apart at the seams like a trouser fly being unzipped.

    But, they are treated with the most humanity of all three.

    I can't say as I've ever had a ghoul soldier in my team in tactics. I've only the one squad member slot left so I don't want to waste it when I need a very strong unit, like 'mother' but who can use, and preferably specialize in heavy and energy weapons rather than in sneaking and beating the living shit out of people/other things worse than human, as hard as that might be at times. Mother is great, but its somewhat of a disadvantage being limited to the squad sprinter, grenadier, and sneaky bugger that wrenches raider's heads off as if she were opening a bottle of nuka-cola. Although would be unbalanced too much if she could pick up and use a minigun in one hand and a flamethrower in the other. There is a top notch soldier, even supersoldier, and then there is unfair, because you can't lose, having something armed like that, with a ton of healing items who just cannot lose)
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    Yes, both the civilian Rangers and the Veterans have ghouls in their ranks IIRC. There was also supposed to be a Super Mutant Ranger, but sadly he was cut.
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    Tactics is not canon AFAIK.
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    No, not IIRC. But all the same it doesn't really make a difference as far as attitudes towards ghouls, super-mutants, deathclaws etc.

    With cases such as say, Goris, I can well understand the way other (softer, squishier, tastier) humans would have reason to FEAR the deathclaws. After all, they are gigantic mutated lizards with a habit of being sneakier than one could ever imagine, despite their vast size and physical strength, and named after 'death' and the fact they have claws nearly as long as a man's arm with a very effective capacity to cause it; but they do seem to be just that. Feared, rather than despised as well. Ghouls might be seen as 'rotting flesh-niggers' and supermutants as subhuman big hulking lumps of meat but very tough and stringy ones that are damn effective when it comes to wielding a minigun as though it were a kiddie's cap-pistol. And they are feared, but revulsion and racism is also shown to them. Whereas with the deathclaws there seems, across the games, just the 'oh SHITpleasedonteatmepleasedonteatmepleasedonteatme I'm much too young to have my femur carved into a shiv and used to pick my remains out of your teeth, really I am!' factor that goes with being a whopping great killer chameleon.

    I wonder if the difference I perceive in that respect is actually due to the fact that as little as most humans wish to admit the fact, ghouls are human underneath all the bits falling off and the occasional arboretum worn as a hat, in lieu of a scalp, and the super-mutants all started out human, they just got dipped in a vat of virus and turned into hulks with the strength of a light tank and an intellect which would suit them well were they to enter politics. But the deathclaws aren't changed humans, they can't be called 'subhuman' because they are reptilian creatures, and can't even really be called 'sub-lizard' because they still are. Just a lot bigger, smarter and far more capable of eating you for a light snack.

    There does seem to be a difference, right across any FO game where there are deathclaws in the role of anything other than a killer lizard-tank, not the racism.

    There is a real world concept called the uncanny valley. The hypothesis that the closer and more indistinguishable to a human being something is, that one knows is not, the more revulsion and instinctive rejection is directed at the mimic, with the magnitude plotted graphically as an inverse bell curve. Perhaps that, behind the scenes, could be viewed as having something to do with it. A supermutant or ghoul has enough
    humanoid appearance to know something isn't quite right there. But there can be no mistaking a deathclaw for anything but either a huge lizard, or else the sudden realization that one just found out their arms and legs are both missing and making a distinctively wet 'crunch, crunch, crunch squish gulp' noise about 15 feet in the air before one's head is wrenched out and one is taking one last look at one's limb-less torso whilst one is being carried, swinging to and fro, by the far end of one's spinal cord'

    Definitely can't mistake them for anything that ever was a human being.
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    All fucking zombies must fucking hang.
  15. Aurelius Of Phoenix

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    YOU WILL NEVER be apart of a ghoul lynch mob yelling at those disgusting fucking zombies with your bros and hoes... WHY EVEN LIVE MAN! :puppy-dog:
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    There's a lot of prejudice towards ghouls, mostly because they're considered to be "muties" as frank horrigan would put it.
    3Dog on Fallout 3 talks about this.. saying that ghouls are people too.. only because they have been exposed to an ungodly amount of radiation. But still many people are hostile to them because there are the feral ghouls as well.. so in a collective memory of the post apocalyptic inhabitants of the world.. ghouls are either trouble.. or just.. a reminder of the war..

    But the key factor in my opinion is "beauty" people tend to dislike that which is weird or ugly (different).
    Judging by appearance
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    Cuz people fear or deslike that which is different in someway. A different color.. a different complexion..different cultures.
    That's called etnocentric behavior, people that believe their way of life, culture, knowladge are right and others are wrong or less important.

    As to why.. maybe it's just our egoistic nature to descriminate and hate.
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    I mean, Fallout 2 is set 80 or so years after the defeat of the Master's Army. Very few people alive would remember that, so I think you can blame people for still harbouring prejudices over that.

    That being said, I suppose if mutants and humans were at odds immediately after the fall of the Master's Army, it's not too far fetched to imagine they passed on their prejudices to their kids, or that new tensions may have rose up due to shit happening in the meantime.
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    Beyond old grievances, I think it’s pretty understandable, if not rational given that the mutants are genuinely dangerous. Most humans would almost certainly not survive a one-on-one encounter with one, armed or unarmed. Most are dumb and easily provoked. Even intelligent and “enlightened” ones like Marcus keep reminiscing about the Master and express sympathy for his plans for humanity.

    People are naturally wary of each other in the Fallout universe. It stands to reason to be even more wary of super strong, tough retarded humans who are armed and organised and have a history of catastrophic violence.

    As to the utility of prejudice, it depends on the scale and how much it interferes with diplomacy and peacekeeping. People are tribal and distrustful of outsiders because, in a world like the Fallout one, it keeps them alive.
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    Aurelius Of Phoenix Psued.

    Mar 9, 2018
    I believe it's a combination of prejudice and experience, everyone has heard of the stories about ghouls and mutants and would naturally be wary of them, many people may also have experience with ghouls and mutants that did not go well. Like ferals attacking in a subway or a supermutant raid. This combination could inspire some hatred and caution around these groups.
    For example:
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