Avengers Assemble in 2012

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    Yes the Ultimate versions are what they are going off of, although they are taking the best from the original (616) comics and the Ultimates and combining them a bit.

    They went with Ultimate Nick Fury because Samuel Jackson is the actor that Ultimate Nick Fury was based off of. So basically the artist of the Ultimates drew Nick Fury to look like Samuel Jackson, Sam digged it, and then he became involved with the movies.

    I am also against altering characters for no reason. Deadpool was a major fuckup in Wolverine Origins, but that wasn't Marvel Studios.
    Marvel Studios seems to be taking good care of their characters so far.
    The high-powered heroes with low powered heroes complaint is silly....sorry. I don't know how it's stupid since most comics with teams are the exact same way. Hawkeye may not have powers,but he has the ability to take out the Hulk and has done so in the Thunderbolts.
    They basically made a Movieverse(their quote not mine) with an amalgam of both comic series. The Ultimates was created to update the Marvel characters basically.
    I actually prefer the Ultimate Fury because he is a breath of fresh air. Hell they could have the white Nick Fury as a LMD decoy!
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    They used a really obvious song for the trailer, but it was NIN so I can forgive them (anyone else notice a trend a song from the Fragile was featured in 3 big, blockbuster films, 300 = Just Like you Imagined; Terminator 4 = Day the Whole World Went Away; Avengers = We're in this Together Now).

    Anyway I'm ind of excited for this, it looks pretty good, but I'm worried about it being a clusterfuck, with all these superheroes and (possibly) villains.
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    Whedon is the director, I hope this doesn't mean that Black Widow is gonna get mary sue powers and the male heroes would take a backseat to the story. At teh end of the Cap America Movie Red Skull looked liek he was transported to Asgard or Ygdrassil itself. Loki and Red Skull as villians?
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    I thought I would post this. An image of the avengers together, plus a first proper look at the Hulk.

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    Good deal bro, thanks.