best post- apoc movie

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    May 21, 2003
    I'm pretty sure this kind of thread has been done before, but whatever. My favourites:

    - The Omega Man (Charlton Heston > Will Smith)
    - 12 Monkeys (most of the movie is pre-apoc, but the rest isn't)
    - Planet of the Apes (the original Charlton Heston flick)
    - A Boy and his Dog (weird, cute, crazy)
    - Mad Max 2
    - Soylent Green (gotta love Charlton Heston)
    - Logan's Run
    - Waterworld (way better than the critics say it is)
    - The Postman (same comment as Waterworld)
    - The Road (probably the best movie in this list, but it's hard to 'enjoy' 'cause it seems so realistic)
    - 28 Days Later
    - 28 Weeks Later
    - Zombieland (very very very enjoyable)
    - 9 (animation, very cute)
    - WALL-E (seriously: this is post-apoc brilliance)
    - Pandorum (post-apoc sci-fi in space; recent flick, but very good)
    - Silent Running (similar post-apoc sci-fi, very hippy)

    That's not my 'favourite movie' list, but good post-apoc, I think.
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Yea I saw it now. And i forgot about 28 days later, that was an awesome movie. Fallout got a lot of ideas from these movies as well, well the ones made before '97 anyway.