Brian Fargo comments on DLC

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Agreed but it makes it nothing more then an interactive film, cause and effect means nothing - decisions a player takes means nothing or little.

    People here have complained about the FMV games of old but do you HONESTLY believe modern games are so different to some of these games?

    Not at all - the illusion of interactivity is there but the games are still as linear as the FMV games of the 90's - hell atleast some FMV games had alternative endings or paths, look at MW - its literally one big interactive story! Thats it...

    You might not like what im saying but you can hardly say im wrong, can you?

    Half Life 1 & 2 are excellent games and yes they are linear BUT the story, production values, setting and actual player interactivity is there and does make for a fairly interesting game.


    The problem I found with mirrors edge was that the story was nothing really interesting, the government or atleast the world seemed no more corrupt then modern day (infact I firmly believe we're heading for darker times then the one portrayed in the game) and the story was so boringly linear and I got the impression my hand was being held the whole way through.

    Which brings me onto my other problem with modern games - hand holding is terrible, players dont like challenge anymore it seems.
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    Jul 25, 2003
    Mirror's Edge was really cool, when you weren't fighting people. It had a jet set radio vibe, which I love. And having a strong female protagonist whose defining feature isn't how shapely she is will always net points for me.