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  1. Rayneth

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    Oct 20, 2007
    Name: Rock Evans
    Real Name: Rocko Storm Evans
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Jack Of All Trades

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Sky blue
    Hair: Short neatly cut blond hair
    Height: 1 Metres and 65cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Complexion: Fair Skinned
    He has a very small body and is physically weak, he more than makes up for thie due to his charismatic personality, excellent marksmanship and relatively high intellect.

    Rock speaks in a polite and calm manner when speaking with strangers or bussiness partners. But all close acquantences are treated with rude words and over essentric speaking manners at time. It is unknown whether Rock is calm and collected or wild and gung-ho due to his random personality. Though he mostly is in his calm personality more often because of his lack of friends.

    Weopons: Rock carries a broken gauss rifle, he doesn't know how to fix it and he really doesn't bother trying to find someone who does. The reason is because of his preference to his high powered .223 pistol, along with a lightened combat shotgun. Along with that, he also carries a combat knife in case of close quarters combat or when the need arises.

    Items: Carries a small amount of items due to his weak strength. He carries 20 stimpacks and a single super stimpack. He also carries 2 radX pills and a suicide pill for emergencies. Rock is highly againts drugs so he usually throws away any, instead he carries with him several bottles of brahmin milk that says will give him strong bones in the long run with no side effects (This is true you know). He also carries a large rucksack that contains his entire life savings which totals to about 4000, a modest sum considering his time in the wilderness.

    Clothing: Rock usually dons a leather jacket for his casual walks around the town he walks in, but also owns a combat armor suit along a large black cloak. He wears a pai of blue war torn jeans and heavy leather steel toed boots and a trendy pair of sunglasses to protect the him from the desert sun. Underneath his leather jacket (or combat armor) he wears a light weight bulletproof vest to protect him from sudden attacks.
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    Nov 24, 2007
    Name Ark
    Race Deathclaw
    Sex Male
    Traits: Bruiser, Domesticated
    Tag Skills: sneak, science. unarmed
    Perks: Death Sense

    Bio: After being experimented on for days on end this deathclaw was domesticated by a couple of scientists, taught and taught about computers, and how the world works, speech, and he wears a band around his left arm showing her is not going to rampage and kill on sight like his brethren. He is now working for the brotherhood of steel, in there weapons design and more, he is learning to doctor, and the art of silence for his reckon outside the base, seeing how most mutants and other deathclaws don't attack him.
  3. Arash

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Name : Arash.

    Race : Human

    Traits : Small Frame, Fast Shot.

    Tag Skills : Outdoors, Speech, Small Guns.

    Perks : Animal Friend.

    Bio: He woke up in the middle of a Vertibird crash site north of the ruins of Phoenix (now called New Phoenix.). While not having a vivid memory from his past, his vault suit and the number written on it indicates that he is, indeed, from Vault 68. months of wandering in the wasteland has taught him many survival techniques. although he is a very convincing man, he avoids civilization and tries to find the Vaults and more importantly, the Vault he is originated from.

    Weapons :

    Side Arm :S&W .44 magnum.

    Primary Weapon : FN FALL.

    Armor :

    A brown Leather Jacket, an old black leather pants and a pair of combat boots, gloves and a military helm which he took from the body of a dead military soldier.
  4. Fraust

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    Jul 18, 2006
    I'm doing this, according to the RPGs I'm participating in.

    Name: Dayton Novus
    Age: 28/34
    Race: Human
    Faction: Brotherhood of Steel
    Rank: Paladin (2271) Sentinel (2277)
    Height: 6'0.
    Weight: 177lbs.
    Eye colour: Right eye green, left eye grey.
    Hair: Black, short and ruffled.
    Weapons: AER9 Laser Rifle, Super Sledge.
    Armour: T-4X Brotherhood armour.

    Background: Born in Junktown, Dayton originally never dreamed of living anywhere outside the place of his birth. At 16, he was one of the few people to see the west coast Brotherhood of Steel. After joining at the age of 17, he quickly rose through the ranks, reaching the rank of Paladin at the age of 24. Shortly after reaching the rank of Paladin, and after almost begging the Lost Hills elder, was given permission to travel to the Capital Wasteland.
    After three years in the Capital Wasteland, Dayton returned back to the West Coast, a 53 day trip on foot, which gave him severe radiation poisoning along with going partially mad from isolation.
    At the age of 33, he was the second person to acheive the rank of Sentinel, and at 34, after a frantic transmission from the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland, he convinced the Lost Hills elders to send reinforcements to the Capital Wasteland.


    Name: Skytzoe
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Faction: Unknown
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: Unknown
    Eye Colour: Unknown
    Hair: Shoulder length and dark brown, straight.
    Weapons: .454 Casull Taurus Raging Bull (x2) .500 Magnum Taurus Raging Bull.
    Armour: Unknown (Suspected of being highly polished metal or mirrors, having the ability to deflect energy weapon shots.)
    Clothing: Pre-war black suit, black fedora, white tie, white gloves, black and white paisley bandana (2271.) Black pre-war sneakers, black pre-war slacks, white pre-war long sleeve under black tee, black gloves, white and black paisley bandana, tinted glasses, black pre-war baseball cap, white pre-war backpack (2277.)

    Background: Not much is known about Skytzoe, other than being very proficient at exterminating anything that comes in his way, as well as apparently being very proficient at keeping pre-war clothes clean. Some speculate that he is a ghoul, using the bandana to cover up his disfigured face, others speculate that he was one of the early FEV test subjects, even though his exposed skin seems human. Whatever the case may be, his skills in the wasteland are almost unparalleled, exhibiting the strength of a super mutant, but intelligence of a human. He speaks ambiguously, usually calm, and hates to repeat himself, or answer any questions that person that asked should know the answer to. He seems connected to Dayton somehow, appearing to aid Dayton, first during the Redemption attack at the Den in 2271, and six years vouching for Dayton to get him into Underworld in the Capital Wasteland. He seems to be bitter towards the west coast Brotherhood of Steel, claiming that they lack, "common sense" and "proper battle doctrine."
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    Jan 16, 2009
    Name: Nigel
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Nigel is a 6ft. caucasian with dark brown hair, green eyes, and a thin build. Not particularly strong, Nigel relies on his speed and agility, as well as his intelligence, to get him out of binds.

    Nigel can be stealthy when he needs to, but is not particularly skilled at sneaking. ( Eavesdropping outside a tent, yes. Knifing a Super Mutant, no.)

    Nigel is quite talkative and flamboyant, and very much a people person.

    He prefers to make use of long rifles when possible. His preferred method of combat is, of course, sniping.

    When not able to maintain a good distance, Nigel's backup weapon is a P90 he salvaged from some ruins.
  6. BeigeFury

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    Apr 7, 2009
    Name: Johnny Goodwin

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Partially Mutated Human

    Appearance: His body has quite a few radiation sores and scars, he stands at an average height of 5'10" and weighs approximately 165 pounds. His skin is pale and sickly from hiding in a bunker for most of his life, and his eyes are a very cold gun-metal grey. He has rough 5'0'clock shadow, and his hair is long, matted and greasy. He has dark rings around his eyes, which are constantly blood-shot and wide.

    Clothes: He wears a dirty dark brown anorak hoody, with stitched in inside pockets for holding ammo. Above this he wears a knee length brown jacket with the arms cut off. He wears thin tan fingerless gloves and tattered dark brown khaki trousers. His boots are also dark brown with steel toe-caps roughly attached to the toes. He has a face-mask which covers his mouth in case of sand-storms. The reason for this all brown outfit is he needed to blend into the dark, muddy landscape of his home area, being seen in the open there was an invitation for the cannabilistic savages that constantly roamed.

    Equipment: A portable Pip-Boy screen which has a map of his home area, a serrated Combat Knife which he keeps on the inside of his boot. A series of syringes which hold household cleaners, still fatal if injected into the blood-stream. A good condition hunting rifle. A rolled up brown blanket which he uses to sleep under when in the open, it keeps him hidden from the more mindless creatures of the wilderness.

    Personality: He's a very cynical and self-centered individual, barely loyal to anyone, he'll only help those who've helped him in the past. He has a shallo cockney accent, a throwback to his origins in England.

    Background: He was born into a heavily irradiated area, shielded from the radiation by a lead-lined bunker. His mother had been raped by a passing raider, after he had killed her husband. She was mentally scarred after that, and saw Johnny as an embodiment of that horrible occasion. She viciously abused him for many years, until eventually she was taken by a group of feral ghouls, leaving the sixteen year old Johnny all alone. Just the way he wanted it.

    He spent three years constructing a basic radio, which he used to broadcast a single distress signal. It was found by Raiders. They ran through the heavily irradiated Crater and into the bunker, intent on killing Johnny and looting his corpse. Johnny hid in a cupboard, and when the Raiders found him, he leapt out at one of them and quickly clawed his throat out with his sharpened nails, made over the years of isolation. The Raiders laughed, and offered Johnny the dead Raider's place in the gang, which Johnny readily accepted.

    He was quickly taken out of the Crater by the Raiders, and given several doses of Rad-Away, then he began his initiation into the gang. He was ordered to completely pillage a small settlement of survivors a mile away, and was only given a combat knife. Johnny snuck into the settlement at night, he sliced the throats of the sleeping settlement guards and stole their weapons. He then used them to take all of the camp hostage. He tied their hands behind their backs and took them back to the Raiders, using them as pack-mules for all of the loot he had stolen from them.

    He was rewarded with his faithful Hunting Rifle, which he carries with him everywhere he goes. This started him on a long successful career of pillaging and slaving, which culminated in his entire gang being slaughtered by a platoon of Brotherhood of Steel wannabes wearing out-dated, broken Power Armour. He only managed to survive because he snuck away when he saw the tide of the battle turn. He ran and ran and ran, and eventually found a small settlement which agreed to take him in, in exchange for his protection. He hastily agreed, and they hid him from the BoS wannabes.

    He hid their for several years, until he was rooted out by Bounty Hunters, he managed to sneak up onto one of them and put his knife through their heart, but he was then spotted by the rest. He fought bravely, managing to fatally cripple one of them, and blind the other, but they eventually managed to overpower him with their laser rifles, and so he ran once again. He hid on a beach crawling with MireLurks, after emptying out one of their shells and hiding in it. He then used it as the base of a raft he used to sail to America, the land of oppurtunity.

    OOC: Pretty good for something I improvised, eh?
  7. BurntAluminum

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    May 29, 2009
    Name: Dead-Eye
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Tribal Descended, Born in a Non-Tribal Community
    Skin: Deeply Tanned
    Hair: Black, Clean cut
    Weight: 195 to 220 lbs
    Height: 6'1
    Age: 32
    Clothing: Often seen wearing a salvaged sandy brown military outfit, to fit with the environment, often seen wearing something to protect his head, ranging from bandanna's to sun hats, face often protected by cloth.
    Inventory: Sniper Rifle(Varies), Tobacco/Papers, Binoculars, Para-Ordinance P14-45.

    BIO: Growing up in a small settlement Joe Huntman was always discriminated for his primitive heritage, however he held no true primitive ties, being raised by a hunter named Richard Huntman who found him at a young age stumbling away from a Helicopter Assault, giving the nameless child an Identity.

    Being Raised by such a man has given Joe the opportunity to become a better sharpshooter, however when Richard died, Joe at age 15 was no longer protected, and forced out of town, only armed with a rifle that he had no faith in.

    Whilst searching for a new home Joe had found himself in an Anarchistic society, having done his first job a mere courier job, had resulted in his capture by a local gang, which had taken his left eye, Rifle, and left him for dead. Having barely survived the job he had been handed a Rifle by another man who pointed him in the direction of the gang that took his eye, and picked them off from nearby building. His reputation for the Massacre gave him a new name 'Dead-Eye' it was cliche, but it certainly kept people who wished him ill at bay.

    Having gained this name he had gained a reputation as a sharp-shooter. The hindered social skills due to his childhood in segregation play a large part in Dead-Eyes biggest flaw, he can easily be persuaded, ripped off, and backstabbed, however a trustworthy side-arm has saved his hide too often.
  8. Brendo

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Name: Derek Peterson
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Enclave assassin
    Body type: Caucasian, Slender
    Clothing: Leather pants, boots, leather belt with gun holster, and a bullet proof jacket.
    Weapons: HK VP70, and a switchblade.

    Bio: Derek was always was the weak child of the group. An oddity for the Enclave. Derek never met his father and does not know whether or not he is alive. His father was a soldier and was always away on missions. His mother died during birth, the Enclave was angry about this. Maria, Derek’s mother was an Enclave Scientist, a smart one at that, and the Enclave blamed him for her death.

    On the west coast he was trained as a soldier like all children. He failed nearly every test. The Enclave saw him as a problem and a nuisance. They would not kill him because that would be a waste of ammo and would be no fun; instead they assigned him an impossible mission. A mission they hope would kill him. If he died it would be of no loss, and if he completed the mission he would be told he was to complete another mission. Eventually one would kill him.
  9. Ben_Kain

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    Dec 1, 2009
    Name: Ben
    Real Name: Benedict Thedrick Kain
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Wanderer (Trying to raise his daughter well)
    Family: A ten year-old daughter, travels with Ben

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Steel Blue
    Hair: Waist Length Blonde
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Complection: Weathered but pale.

    Through everything the Wastes have thrown at him, Ben has not lost his compassion. Between raising and protecting his young daughter and wandering the wasteland, Benedict has seen the best and worst of whats left of the world, carrying his daughter through it, and has decided he likes the best. He has also decided he must set the example, for his child and the world.
    While a naturally cautious person, Ben has no qualms with helping the disenfranchised. He hates nothing more than Slaver ideology. If "legal" means arise, Benedict will gladly outright attack slaver caravans and encampments. He has heard whispers of the NCR Rangers, but to his knowledge he has never encountered a member.

    Weopons: Ben travels light, carrying only a large bowie knife and his trusty sawed-off shotgun. He tries to carry at least twenty extra rounds for the gun, but as ammo is sparse, thats not always possible.

    Items: Benedict likes to travel lightly. He carries a backpack loaded with old butane cooking equipment, some bramin jerky, a first aid kit including stimpacks and other basic survival gear, a tent, and a
    back carriage for the child (though she is getting a bit big and heavy for it of late).

    Clothing: Ben's choice of clothing reflects his utilitarian personality. From the feet up he wears: A dirty and beaten pair of steel-toe combat boots, old and torn jeans with repair patches sowed into various places, a white (almost brown from dust now) undershirt, a long brown leather trenchcoat (a la' Sheriff) and a texan style ten gallon hat.
  10. Hausen

    Hausen Still Mildly Glowing

    Dec 23, 2007
    Name: Brother Arm
    Real Name: Not known so far.
    Age: Around 35, it is believed.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Preacher
    Family: None he remembers

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Gray nearly whitened (also poor vision)
    Hair: Dark brown, clean cut, shaggy
    Height: 6 feet / 182 cm
    Weight: 154 lbs / 74 kg
    Body type: Caucasian, strong and resistant build, scarred and burnt skin.

    Background: Memories are often fuzzy for this man. He knows that he was born in the ruins of pre-war Oakdale, and he vaguely remembers being raised by locals, but not parents particularly. He also recalls an event, where all these people but an elderly sick man disappeared, and his last memories of his early social life were of the old man dying a few weeks later. It's not very clear for him what that all means. All he remembers clearly is how he spent his teen and young adult years alone in the city, living in the library who had barely survived a series of events, until the day he felt an entity who called itself the Rat God calling him out to march through the cities and spread such a faith. Ever since, he kept wandering from city to city.

    Moralist and easily annoyable, he takes everything as personal and has difficulty bonding with people due to his "mission's" impopularity with the wasteland people. Most of the time he might prefer solitude, but forces himself to stay in the company of other people for his own goals, and that makes him quite irritable. He's had as quite knowledgeable, but a bit mental and more often than not the knowledge he espouses is questioned, even when he doesn't add to what he read. He has a burning hatred for those who try to reach the truth through logic, which he calls perverse and untrustworthy. He favors his personal experiences over logic when solving problems.

    Weopons: His poor vision renders him nearly useless with most ranged weapons, although he can throw rocks and other projectiles. His main attack weapons however are his own fists, due to intensive training and self education he learned a mixture of martial arts and self defense in a way he can swiftly attack vital points of an opponent to quickly bring him down. Melee weapons like hammers and knives are common in his hands too.

    Items: Often living in abject poverty, he usually carries with himself a dull knife, some fruits and a small, old and dusty handbook conataining prayers wrote by his own hand, and a journal.

    Clothing: A long, brown robe sewn from some different sort of fabric. It feels rough to the touch, and covers him entirely, from feet up to the hood that tops his head.
  11. John B.

    John B. Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Sep 24, 2010
    Name:Former Senior Knight Jake Peterson
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Faction: ex brotherhood
    Skin: tan Caucasian
    Weight: 250 pounds
    Height: 6'6
    Age: 30
    Karma: 80

    Bio: Jakes was to be the fourth in a line of senior knights, but before he could reach his goal, he was cast out from the brotherhood for reasons no one but he and the brotherhood higher ups know. He is highly trained in the use of small arms, and energy weapons, his skills with his custom energy weapon are only matched by his skills with fixing old junk. After leaving the brotherhood Jake tried his hand at a multitude of different jobs, but none gave him the same enjoyment that being in the brotherhood brought him.

    J.P's Brotherhood armor: extremely poor condition armor, it's riddled with dents and dings, the color has started to fade from it, and the brotherhood logo has been poorly marked out.

    Backpack(green): other than the bullet holes it's in great condition, should have no problem carrying about a hundred twenty pounds of stuff, if you can lift that much.

    Tinted sunglasses (red): They look like they've been through a lot the lenses must have been changed out at some point, but the frame seams decent enough, on a cloudy day it should be able to keep the sun out of your eyes.

    J.P's sidearm: a heavily modified Wattz 1000 laser pistol, it has a rudimentary scope taped to the top, and has been modified to fire a bright blue beam, as opposed to the normal crimson, the initials J.P. are etched into a plate on the side of the weapon.

    Raider Remover model 238-7b: a 12 gauge barrel laded shotgun, sure to send even the toughest raider running back to his camp, made from the best metal our scavengers could find, and forged in the great white north, this weapon is the first of it's kind to be accurate for up to fifty yards, as an added bonus to those of you who don't like to reload, the RR model 238-7b also has a capacity of twenty shells. At least that's what you read in the instruction manual.

    Rx3lq watter storage device (bad filter): It is a canteen, with a changeable filter, made with technology that filters out almost 93% of radiation, and harmful chemicals from the watter stored in it, to bad you don't have a replacement filter.

    12x Small energy cell(modified): This small energy cell has been enhanced using brotherhood tech to last twice as long as normal ones.

    3x RR Shotgun drum: This specially designed drum can be refilled with twelve gauge shells, It holds twenty shells.

    RR maintenance kit: A Raider Remover 238-7A maintenance kit, this kit is completely useless without a 238-7A, it looks like you are out of luck.

    Toolkit: an average tool set, it has most of what you would need to fix most things.

    Pre-war money: completely useless, you might as well use it as toilet paper. Back in the day this would have been worth about six hundred dollars, key word being back in the day.
  12. Millim

    Millim Venerable Relic of the Wastes
    Orderite [REDACTED]

    Oct 13, 2010
    Name: Ronan
    Age: Unknown (Believed to be around 50)
    Race: Human (Some reports say his a ghoul)
    Sex: Male
    Family: Unknown

    Physical appearance
    A black robe with a hood covering his face. Is belived to be Caucasian of average height and weight.

    Not much is known about Ronan besides stories and BrotherHood Reports. Believed to have been an ex-member of the Brotherhood. Ronan dissapeard after The Enclave set out into the Wasteland.
    Not many people have seen him and even fewer have spoken to him. Conversations often lead to violence.

    It has been reported by many people that Ronan uses a special type of pistol. It is also believed that he carries a Enclave Laser Pistol.
  13. UnadoptedTrack

    UnadoptedTrack First time out of the vault

    Oct 25, 2010
    Name: Mark Hawkins
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: He takes on odd jobs for different people.

    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Spiky black hair
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 182 lbs.
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: His voice is quiet and devoid of any emotion.

    Bio: He once lived in a vault, but once he finally found a way to open it, he escaped leaving everyone else to be stuck there. He has traveled the harsh wastes for quite some time now and has become very skilled in combat.

    Weapons: .44 magnum, Plasma Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Power Fist, Frag Mine (15), Frag Grenade (2)
    Clothing: Combat Armor, Combat Helmet
    Items: Stimpak (7), Super Stimpak (1), Radaway (3), Purified Water (2), Dirty Water (6), Bobby Pin (32)

    Likes: He loves Nuka-Cola, but tries to avoid them as much as he can, because of the radiation that comes from them. The only drink he loves more then Nuka-Cola is Nuka-Cola Quantum, but seeing as how they’re so rare, he will enjoy one whenever he get the chance.
    Dislikes: He hates Raiders who actually bother him or who could be a threat. He hates Feral Ghouls because of how creepy they are, he’s fine with normal Ghouls though. Super Mutants because they’re so damn annoying and anyone who rips him off on a deal.
    Other Info: He’ll take a job from anyone as long as it doesn’t affect his own life. Mostly escorting caravans and retrieving objects from monster infested buildings.
  14. Major Zuma

    Major Zuma First time out of the vault

    Nov 11, 2010
    Name: James Sorrisin
    Real name: Zenith James Sorrisin
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Explorer and Someone who helps out

    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Nearly Shaggy brown hair
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 190
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: Medium, but stands out, a leaders voice.

    Bio: James was born in New Vegas, his mother was a NCR troop, Major Brenda Sorrisin. His father was another NCR troop, Captain Zenith Norisin. But his father was K.I.A. And his mother died of radiation posioning when he was Ten. Ever since he explores a new town does some jobs for people and earns caps and keeps on chugging down. But he has promised himself that eventually he will settle down.
  15. Mr Krepe

    Mr Krepe Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Mar 28, 2010
    A New Hero Character.....

    Name: Thomas Daniel Searl
    Prefers the Name: Tom
    Location: All over the Capital Wasteland, but born in the Northern English wastes.
    Age: 20 (Year: 2280)

    Weapons: His trusty Hunting Rifle which he likes to call Gregory as it is nearly as old as he is, several rounds of .308
    Clothing: A rusty, but once red set of combat armour
    Other Items: Whiskey (at all times), a couple of caps

    History: When Tom was a young boy he lived with his parents in Deathclaw Point in the Northern English wastes, but when he turned 12 (2272) his parents were brutally murdered by a pack of raiders. He wandered for two years, until he decided to migrate to the Americas.

    Once he reached the Capital Wasteland his boat crashed on a shore in a freak wave. He was then saved by a man named Harkness and a squad of guards who proceeded to take him to Rivet City.

    He eventually joined Talon Company, and became a Junior Platoon Sergeant. But one day when he was relaxing in Fort Bannister (Age: 17, Year: 2277), a man with a dog slaughtered everyone in Bannister, when the man looked at Tom, the man did nothing, so this has haunted Tom for a while now.

    He wandered the wastes for three more years, until he created a small camp in an abandoned skyscraper, just over the river from Springvale, occasionaly going over to Megaton or Springvale for supplies.

    He is now travelling with an ex-enclave officer, and is currently based in Tenpenny Tower, trying to hunt down the man who killed his squad.

    Personality: He is very quick tempered and short fused, but this is probably because of years of losing everyone he held dear. He likes being able to talk to people about his experiences, but doesn't like to show vulnerability. He is very interested in peoples past, and can easily tell what people's intentions are just off of their past and their personality. He is currently very annoyed that his companion hasn't talked for a while.
  16. Black Feather

    Black Feather Mildly Dipped

    Nov 10, 2010
    Name: "Swamp"
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, light reddish skin, propably of native american descent.
    Occupation: Scout, Hunter

    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Long, silky and black.
    Voice: a pretty feminine voice for a man of his age. He doesn't talk much though.

    Characteristics: This slender, agile man who only introduces himself as "Swamp", apparently hails from a group of tribals who claim their ancestors were living in a pre-war indian reservation. Swamp talks little about his Life though, and so one gets the impression that he led a pretty ordinary life for a tribal. If one gets into a conversation with him one can clearly see a witty sense of humour, deep understanding of the wastelands wildlife and propably a high set of morals. For some reason he seems to dislike the NCR.
    Weapons: Sharpened Spear, Throwing Axes, a very primitive looking Rifle with a Feather attached to it.
    Clothing: Leather Armor
    Items: Skins, Teeth and Claws of various animals, Herbs.
  17. RavenJeanGraves

    RavenJeanGraves Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 22, 2010
    Name: Brix
    Real Name: Yasmin Losanges
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: O+
    Occupation: Drifter, Former Raider
    Family: One cousin (works in Vegas), Younger brother (Soldier)
    Family Origin (heritage): Spanish father, American mother

    Voice: Husky but was once musical
    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Large aqua eyes with a dark mole (her fathers) under her left eye
    Hair: Golden brown/blonde, midway down her back
    Height: 5”6’
    Weight: Doesn’t know, but she’s slim and muscular from lack of food and lots of physical exertion and has a pretty huge rack.
    Complexion: Typical Spaniard. Smooth and the colour of weak coffee. Has a fair few scars on her from ‘encounters’. Pretty big one on the side of her neck from a plasma pistol years back. Also has a large, slightly faded tattoo of a rose on her thigh/hip. Though she has only seen them in books, she wanted to carry something beautiful with her always to try to cling to the idea that there is still reasons to go on. There is a petal in the shape of a heart with what looks like a disguised ‘C’ in it.
    She also has her ears pierced multiple times along the outside, her lobe and her tragis. Her right eyebrow pierced, her nipples and her tongue three times down the center.

    Personality: Willing to give most people aid if it will be mutually beneficial, though a life as a raider has made her wary to grow particularly close. Though will trust people enough to let them watch her back if she’s watching theirs. Loves her remaining family dearly, though doesn’t see them much. Has a serious case of daddy issues and a bit of a dependence on chems. Furious there isn’t enough tequila around.

    Weapons: She is all about her rifles, carry’s a sniper and an assault on her at all times. A knife for close combat, a few grenades because, well, who doesn’t need grenades? Is ok with energy weapons, but doesn’t like them. They are much harder to heal from than a bullet.
    Items: The necessities. Food, canteen, that sort of thing. A decent supply of meds/chems and one stealthboy which she refuses to use unless she is guaranteed to die otherwise. Also has a picture of her and her brother Evan when they were kids.

    Clothing: Leather pants with some of the armour over a pretty filthy and torn white shirt. Has a long duster, leather gloves, used to have a hat till she lost it and wear sunglasses constantly.

    Bio: She got the name ‘Brix’ (prefers 'Yas' now) when she was in a gang of raiders. If their targets were hiding behind the wall, she’d find and shoot the bricks supporting the wall out and it’d crumble, leaving a pile of rubble and an exposed target. As for family, her mother pissed off early then her father was left to care for her and her cousin, Nevra (both aged 10), and her brother Evan (aged 7). He was killed when she was 14, so they found the nearest town and were taken in by the community. Yas had some pretty strong abandonment issues, so would take off from time to time. She joined raiders when she was 16 because they didn’t offer much in the way of bonds, so if they left she’d not get hurt. After a few years a younger raider took over and they were together for years. As far as Yasmin is concerned, that is as closed to romantic love as she can get. She continued to return to her family, keeping it secret from the gang, until Evan took in with the BoS and Nevra, no longer needing to be stuck in a small town caring for her cousin, moved to Vegas to become a black jack dealer. Yasmin stayed with her gang being the co-leader with Chops, until one day out scouting with another raider they came back to find the gang and hideout decimated. At that she realised she could have been killed with them and chose the loner path (aged 21), shrugging to the other remaining raider and walking off. The loss of Chops, whom she was with for 3 years, affected her by aiding her abandonment issues as well as making people seem more meaningless as they were taken away so easily. It’s affected her view on relationships, making her prefer a few days to a week of sex then taking off, opposed to actually getting to know someone. Tends to go to women more because the fleeting connection is easier. She’s been drifting from town to town, person to person since her raiding days ended.
  18. White Knight

    White Knight Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Aug 28, 2010
    Name: David White
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Former Enclave Soldier
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 160 lb
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: Average Male Voice,
    Bio: Once a member of the Enclave, David a was a corporal in its power armoured infantry division. He never agreed with the Enclaves way of dealing with other humans, not because he was kind or good hearted, but because he couldn't see a good reason behind it. When the Enclave was defeated at Adams Air Force base, he fled and made his way to the capital wasteland. He dumped the power armour, it too damaged and recognisable, and mad his way south. He then headed west and has now arrived in the New Vegas Area, just avoiding the Legion as he came through Arizona. Davids experiences has given him a sharp eye, as well as a dislike for the softened civillians of the NCR.
    Weapons: Combat Knife, 9mm pistol(5 clips)
    Clothing: Tattered Enclave uniform
    Items: Stimpak, 50 caps,
    Likes:Whiskey, Energy Weapons, Women Dislikes: People in the wasteland who have to ask everybody else for help.
    Other Info: It has recently come to light that David was once part of a elite group within the enclave, known as the Reapers of Eden.
  19. Carib FMJ

    Carib FMJ Nuka-Cola Chaser

    Nov 8, 2003
    New Vegas: Blood Ties

    Name: Carib
    Full Name: Ramses Talbolt
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: A +
    Occupation: Formerly NCR Ranger Veteran, now Nuka-Cola Chaser
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 194 lb
    Complexion: African American (Caribbean Descent)
    Voice: Deep

    ST - 6 Barrel Chested
    PE - 8 Monocled Falcon
    EN - 7 Tough As Nails
    CH - 4 Peevish Librian
    IN - 6 Gifted
    AG - 8 Knife Catcher
    LK - 3 Sickly Albatross

    DESCRIPTIONS: Carib is scarred up man, with a jagged scar cutting across the left side of his face and his right arm is covered in a tattoo sleeve he got during his tour in Baja. He would be considered handsome if not for the cold look in his eyes and the scars. He no longer cuts his hair regulation length, but opted for dread locks. He is medium framed, muscled and his skin is tanned darker due to his dark heritage. On his right hand are scars from torture he endured while combating the Legion along the Colorado.

    PERSONALITY: Carib is a grey kind of character. His time in the NCR Rangers and doing Black Op missions have caused him to become a bit jaded when it comes to black and white. Sarcastic and hard headed, he doesn't stop or quit; and he is stubborn as a bull big horner. He has a soft spot for children and reviles anyone who treats children like meat.

    Bio: Carib was born in Southern California to a fairly large family, he was the eldest of five. He grew up venerating President Tandi as many citizens did during her reign. Carib grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong and justice.

    It was when Tandi stepped down and eventually passed on that NCR began to decline. He like many of his peers and siblings were drafted into the NCR military. He went from regular line unit, to the 1st Recon and eventually worked his way into the Rangers. He found he liked it. His other siblings are continuing to serve in the military though he hasn't heard from either of them since the first battle of Hoover Dam. It was during that faithful battle did Carib's world change.

    -Carib Circa. (Aftermath of 1st Battle of Hoover Dam)

    Even with the war with the Enclave a distant memory, he fought like any good soldier did. He took his orders, though in hindsight, he now see's many of them to have been questionable. He lost comrades along the way. While he was fed up with the bureaucracy and the politics of the wars fought by the NCR, he still stayed true to his oath to protect and serve the Republic.

    As time went by, he fell in love, and married. His wife Katja had given him purpose, something to believe in. However, life changed during the first battle of Hoover Dam. While he and his wife served in the Mojave, she was on a separate mission. He fought on the Dam while his wife was on a recon mission behind the enemy lines.

    The Dam was won, but his wife and her team were killed to the last man across the Colorado river. For Carib, that had been it. After the battle of the Dam, Carib cashed in his separation from the NCR military. While he hated the Legion, he understood they were soldiers, fighting for their cause. The same with the Enclave remnants, which he saw no reason to pursue people who were just soldiers or whose war was over. He didn't have much feeling towards the Brotherhood of Steel, nor did he care. Carib was a free agent now.

    Looking West, Carib realized his life and fate lay in the Mojave, and he didn't care if the NCR stayed or left. Now he works as a gun for hire and also in pursuit of finding more Nuka-Cola.

    Carib keeps close contact with the Followers of the Apocalypse, often doing work for them in exchange for medicine and healing. He may not agree with their beliefs, but he does respect what they do. Rarely will he do work for NCR, though when bounties on Fiends come up, he is the first in line. However, when it comes to the Great Khans, Carib leaves them alone, mainly out of how the NCR treated them during the raid on Bitter Springs. As for the Brotherhood of Steel, he opts to stay out of their way, though he hasn't seen them since the Battle of Helios One.

    Currently, Carib is on the strip delivering a bounty put out by the Omerta's on a Fiend named Barn-Burner who had warranted the wrath of Big Sal. Carib had delivered and butchered the small enclave of Fiends. As he gets ready to enter the Gomorrah, he see's an old friend he knew from his days within the NCR.


    Assault Carbine XM177A3 w/extended magazines and rail system to accommodate any added optics or laser. Also it has a heavier barrel, so it has a higher rate of sustained and rapid fire without wearing the weapon away. Also can be mounted with a suppressor.

    -Combat Tomahawk

    -.12 ga. Shortbarrel Shotgun the 8-Ball: A deadly short barrel version of the Mossberg 500. While it only can hold six shells, it is deadly for close quarters and excellent at concealing underneath his coat. He usually keeps coin shot rounds

    -10mm Pistol w/suppressor: The Dual 10mm pistols with suppressors. Great for quiet kills and the heavier round is excellent for stopping a drug crazed fiend.

    -Tom Brown Tracker Knife

    -Anti-Material Rifle hidden away in a lock box in one of the many layered hills of Southern Nevada as well as other cached stockpiles and munitions. He had a good idea he wasn't heading back west.

    Clothing: Worn Ranger Combat Armor with insignia and numbers scratched out. He wears a pair of faded wrangler jeans with steel toed boots. He wears cut glove fingers. Usually wears a shemagh like mocha/black colored scarf around his neck. Usually seen worn wearing his Desert Ranger Helmet with face mask.

    SKILLS: Carib can use about any rifle, pistol or smg. He has some familiarity with a few energy weapons, but doesn't really care too much for them. Carib favors rifles and melee weapons in a pinch. He can also modify and field repair rifles and pistols.

    Being a Ranger, he was inducted into the SERE course, where he learned the rigors of surviving off the irradiated land. This also came natural since Carib and his siblings did a lot of trailing with their parents.

    Carib was now just getting into Lockpicking, realizing not all pre-war treasure can be gained by blowing off the lock.

    He can read and write. He is, however no scientist and while he may know some basic first aid, he doesn't know a thing about complex surgery or advanced machines.

    TRAITS: Trigger Discipline, Kamikaze

    DISORDERS: Carib is currently suffering from mild schizophrenia resulting from long term us of Stealthboys. While not insane or senile like the Nightkin who were exposed to the use of stealthboys for over a century, Carib is developing sociopathic tendencies. His sense of justice is wrapped, having gone to stalking evildoers in the dark of night or Fiends only to butcher them either in person or under the use of stealthboys. Doctor Usangia has urged him to stop using it. And while Carib hasn't used it as often, the effects have remained more or less the same. His Dark Passenger often urges him to destroy the wicked. Its only a matter of time Carib's handy work is found out and would bring him in conflict with his loved ones as well as the law.
  20. Gobba42

    Gobba42 First time out of the vault

    May 12, 2011
    What could I use this fella for?

    Name: Sol

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Unknown Mutant

    Occupation: Ronin

    Appearance: Lanky, pale, mottled skin, sticky fingers, no visible eyes.

    Clothing: Leather breastplate, black, embroidered shorts, sandals.

    Equipment: Quarterstaff, Katana, Wakizashi, Water Purifier, Flint and Tender, Compass, Notebook, Canteen, Week of Supplies.

    Bio: Was born in a remote village in British Columbia to a military father and apothecary mother. Apprenticed to a daimyo after warding off a pirate attack at the age of 7. Learned well, but was always an unruly and pugnacious pupil. At 17, he entered the service of the aged noble of a local fort. Relegated to mere guard duty, he always dreamed of more action. With his old masters death, he sold his sword to his son. Uncovering the nobleman’s involvement in a shady smuggling ring, he was banished from the land. Happy to face new adventures face on, he wished his family goodbye for good, gave them all his savings, and headed south to find his destiny.

    Personality: Sol is impulsive and easily distracted, but quick on his feet. He loves a good row, but tries to pick the right sight. He has no troubles with alcohol, prostitution, or selling his sword.

    Skills: Sol is a masterful swordsman, and knows his way around outdoor survival and map reading. He has a random, Jack-of-all-Trades skill set.