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    Name: Riley ''The Bullet'' Mason
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Ex-Soldier, Arms dealer
    Family: Dead.
    Nationality: American, born in Vault 22.

    Physical Appearance:

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair/Style: Pompadour
    Height: 6'4
    Race: Caucasian

    Has access to many arms, but frequently uses:
    - Knife
    - Mysterious Magnum
    - Sniper Rifle
    - 10mm SMG
    - Frag Grenade

    - Teddy Bear
    - Pack of Cigarettes
    - Pipboy3000
    - Baseball
    - Pre-War Book


    Riley has gained himself the name of ''The Bullet'' by doing various suicide commandos for the NCR military and various lone wolf actions. Born and raised in a vault, his parents and his sister Katie was all he ever had. That ended one day, as Caesar's legion have burned his parents alive and brutally tortured his sister in front of Riley's eyes. Katie needed a couple of expensive operations to stay alive. Riley didn't earn much in the NCR, so he smuggled weapons from various outposts and sold them to other factions, which eventually ended by a prison sentence of 15 years. He didn't manage to get the money in time, so his dear sister has died. He is in prison for 2 years now and thinks about breaking out to revenge on the NCR. Caesar's legion may be over but the killers are still out there in hiding.


    Riley was always a family oriented person and enjoyed his safe childhood in the vault, that's why he always takes a few childish objects with him. He's a man of priority and always follows his common sense, nobody can influence his choices. His heart is filled with revenge and hate though.
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    My RP Character

    Name: Lt. Holden
    Real Name: James Robert Holden
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: (New California Republic) Head Ranger of his own recon, a bunch of merciless thugs who work under the corrupt orders of Lt. Holden

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Short Brown
    Height: 2m
    Weight: 13"8
    Complexion: White

    After the defeat of the Enclave in DC, James migrated north towards Vegas before being attacked by a group of deadly fiends. During the attack, James' father (Eric Steven Holden) was shot and killed, along with his mother (Stacey Holden) and the fetus of his unborn brother. James swore from this day on that he would get revenge, scouring the wastes and killing every fiend that dared to compromise him.

    After 2 years of chasing the wastes, James met his match when he came across the possessed Caesar. Caesar fearlessly beat James, and crucified him to a wooden cross where James bled for days.

    2 days on the cross, and 2 days of non-stop courage, payed off when James was rescued by a group of Rangers. The Rangers took him back to Camp Golf, where he was nurtured and signed to the steely army of the New California Republic.

    Weapons: A small .44 magnum, which he likes to call "The Ranger Of The Wastes", a lethal shotgun (Equipped with a fully automatic choke) and a wrench to beat the brains out of his enemy. Though his shotgun is preferred in close-range combat, James always like to whip out his .44 and give a little lead aspirin to any wastrel.

    Items: Considering James is an Ex-Brotherhood Member, He always likes to keep a handy box of energy cells close by just in-case he needs to improvise a weapon. James also carries a duffel bag, which holds his weapons, his explosives and his mission holotapes.

    Clothing: He wears a Bullet-Proof vest under a white polo shirt which looks like it has been welded to his chest and he also wears a black trench coat to cover his holsters of his deadly weapons. Although James is equipped with a pair of casual jeans, his legs are coated with thick Kevlar and a pair of boots to coat over his feet.
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    Hooray. Another ex bos. We didn't have nearly enough of those. :roll:
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    Can someone explain to me why people from the Capital Wasteland coincidently go to the Mojave? Out of all the places in the US you go there? Be more imaginative next time, and why would he leave the BOS?
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    Name: Lance
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: He takes on odd jobs for different people.

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Spiky, black hair
    Height: 6’0"
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: His voice is usually full of hate.

    Bio: He doesn't remember where he was born, or anything before age 17. He's been traveling the wastes for the past two years trying to survive. Over these two years he had become an excellent shot with rifles, and can take down almost anyone with just one shot. He's killed all kinds of people and creatures, ranging from Raiders to Enclave to Super Mutants and even Deathclaws.

    Weapons: Hunting Rifle, Silenced Sniper Rifle, Combat Knife
    Clothing: Leather Armor
    Items: Caps (500), Stimpak (7), Purified Water (3), Nuka-Cola (2), .32 Ammo (50), .308 Ammo (10)

    Likes: Very few things.
    Dislikes: He hates most things, only cooperating with people, so he can survive.
    Other Info: He’ll take any kind of job, as long as it pays well. He feels no compassion towards anyone. He is a very hateful, but patient, person.
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    Real Name: Evan Diego Losanges
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: O+
    Occupation: Brotherhood of Steel Knight
    Family: One cousin (works in Vegas), Older sister (wildcard)
    Family Origin (heritage): Spanish father, American mother

    Voice: Husky and deep, but still young
    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Large deep blue eyes with a dark mole (his father’s) under his left eye
    Hair: Longish shaggy chocolate brown
    Height: 6”5’
    Weight: Isn’t sure. He is tall and muscular, but not buff.
    Complexion: Light coffee coloured skin, more his mother’s colour than his father’s. He is mostly unscarred except for scarred knuckles from fist fights and one scar from a bullet when he was little.
    Personality: Evan is a sweetheart and though he is in the BoS, he doesn’t like fighting. He joined because he wants peace for the Wastes and believes that the Brotherhood can bring it. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and will sacrifice himself to save the innocent. Even though he has had to kill and fight, he too remains mostly innocent, though still strong. He is more like the knights from fairy tales than those in the BoS and nobility beats at his core.

    Weapons: Laser rifle, pistol, plasma grenades and a combat knife.
    Items: The necessities. Food, canteen, that sort of thing. A case full of stimpaks, and his BoS tags he wears around his neck. He also wears Yasmin’s necklace she gave to him before she left for the first time.

    Clothing: Power armour. White singlet, leather pants, black leather boots.

    Bio: Evan was shaped a lot by his father when he was younger and adopted Diego’s kind, loving nature as his own. When Diego was killed, his sister’s rebellion forced him to become even nicer and sweeter, to balance her nature out and try to keep her around. After she left, Evan and Nevra depended on each other more as he grew up. When he was 17, he left their home, as did Nevra, but while she went to the Strip for work, he went in search for something he could join to help keep the Mojave safe. His father’s death still hurt inside him and he wanted to protect people. He came across a gunfight between the Brotherhood of steel and a gang of Fiends. He drew his rifle and helped take out the drug addicts, then aided the wounded Brothers. The platoon took him back to the base, he was the kind of young man they needed in the BoS and he accepted his position after being briefed on what they wanted to do, being sold on the idea of protecting people by keeping dangerous weapons out of the public. He stayed within the Brotherhood’s secret bases, leaving only to see his sister on occasion. The wilder and wickeder she looked each time, the more noble and pure he’d make himself, trying to make up for her with his own behaviour. His increasing nobility and loyalty to the Brotherhood helped him rise through the ranks, being given the rank of Knight and his own squad. He was given mostly recon and elimination missions, and succeeded in all of them, except the last, getting him captured by Fiends.
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    This is another character sheet which I'll be using in some future RPs as I've already used him in many other RPs as well. And I don't think there's much black-masked assassins who can use cards as a weapon or totes two katanas in the wastes of the world.

    Name: Chameleon
    Real Name: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Eye colour: Unknown
    Hair colour: Unknown
    Height: Around about 5"8
    Weight: Slim build, but actual weight is unknown.
    Nationality: Unknown for certain but records confirm that he is possibly Caucasian. His voice is sly and sadistic, giving him a dark personality.
    Stats: Quite fast and strong as well as perceptive and can take quite a few hits. He is only charismatic at times, and sometimes lucky.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Occupation: Hired Assassin and mercenary.

    Appearance: His face is covered by a jet-black oval mask made of glass, like a giant visor. He wears a tight hood to cover the back of his head, and it runs down to his chest. He wears a black trench-coat and black and silver leather gloves. His entire torso is covered in a light combat armour which is black and silver and also covers his lower body as well. A silver striped streak runs down from the top of his head down his back into a little vent of some kind; possibly a respirator.

    Weapons: Two katanas (two ninja swords if you will) named Jericho and Elizabeth.
    2 decks of cards, mainly for killing use.
    An Uzi and a Colt Pistol.
    A stack of throwing knives.
    Grenades, a lot of them.
    A steady supply of Stealth Boys.

    Personality: Chameleon is sadistic, as his mind is a bit warped. He doesn't care who hires him, neither their intentions. He shows no compassion nor mercy to anyone, and talks rather cheerful as well as his constant use of wisecracks. He rarely shows any emotion apart from his cheerful and dark demeanour, and his targets have never escaped him. His employees are of no concern to him; if he was employed to assassinate a certain target and the target's close friends were to employ Chameleon to kill his recent employee, then it wouldn't be a problem. He is an honourable assassin though, and once a target is confirmed, he won't go back on the contract no matter how much higher the target would pay him. He will often kill quickly and will only go after his target, often leaving others unconscious or left alone. If they pose a threat, he'll kill them. He shows a strong spot for women, and will treat them better than males. He will often betray his own employee if the target is a pretty female and they have something of interest for him. he will often act on his better judgement in the case of good and evil, and will work for the side that would better his causes in the future if they win. All in all, he isn't bad, but not good either. A neutral player to be truthful.

    Story: Not much can be told about him, as more would be revealed in the RPs. He named his swords after his dead parents, which were burned when Chameleon was a young age.
    His age is unknown and some claims make that he is over 100 years old. Rumours also state he might have assassinated a president. Also, the use of stealth boys and the murder of his parents may have lead to his insanity.
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    Nice character, though some of the weapons seems real familiar from another game. The names do anyway, were they from the Elder scrolls? Like how's he a survivor and not just a stereotypical brute like most people want to make. He's not some invincible hero either, seems rather scourged :)
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    Actually, my inspirations were varied. I got the wrench-gun from Bioshock, because I thought having a monkey wrench as a weapon would be awesome, but that it needed more cowbell, so to speak. So, 20 gauge. The Bushwhacker is original, in ways. The Slapstick was actually a borrowed idea, from a guy I knew who wanted something for home defense, but a firearm wasn't his style. So, he came up with something he could make easy and multiples of.

    I had originally figured to give him a real gun, but that detracts from who he is. If he just showed up with pistols and rifles and blah blah blah, he'd lose the charm of how he makes most of his stuff on his own. I don't actually plan on him being the gun-toting sort in any roleplay, except for where they matter.
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    Name: Benjamin Hauser
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Race: African American
    Place of birth: In the middle of nowhere
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Occupation: Wanderer of the Wastes

    Bio: Benjamin grew up wandering the Wastes of the Mojave with his father, a mercenary who was experienced in mainly explosives and one handed energy weaponry. The father, Garland Hughes, taught him everything about explosives, and taught him how to make some of his favorites, including some old family recipes from back east. Garland was also suffering from a lung disease caused by prolonged exposure to radiation, and refused to take Rad-X or RadAway, saying it reminded him of his own father's days as a Fiend. This caused his eventual death when Benjamin was 16, forcing the teenager to embark on his own. He ventured through the wastes, making friends and enemies alike. Eventually, he made it to the haven that was New Vegas, recently declared the independant state by its new leader known only as "The Courier". Benjamin would open a small shop that sold home made explosives such as Nuka-Grenades, Tin Grenades, Bottlecap Mines and a Hughes family original, the Fat Grenade. Mick and Ralph, feeling that Benji was stealing away their business, hired some thugs to roughen him up, but they felt the wrath of his homemade "Gretchen"; Mick and Ralph, that is, the thugs got vaporized by his father's Plasma Defender. Learning that Benji was not one to fuck with, the two left him alone, but by that time, Benji got bored of the merchant business and packed up, continuing to scavenge the Wasteland. Soon, when the Legion, under the command of the Legate Lanius, invaded the Mojave, Benji volunteered to fight off the invading forces, and distributed out his explosives for no charge. When the Legate fell at the hands of the Courier, the Mojave was declared independant indefinitely. By this time, for reasons unknown, Benji faded into obscurity. Some say he retired to Jacobstown as help with the security; others said that he perished due to his injuries after the Legion invasion. Nevertheless, Benjamin Hauser became something of a folk hero in the Mojave; many people told the tale of the Boomer God (though this had no relation to the xenophobic tribe northeast of New Vegas), the man who decimated slavers, raiders, criminals and filth with his father's knowledge of explosives, his own application of explosives, and a baseball bat ridden with nails.
    L: 6

    Hair: Black; Waster styled

    Eyes: Hazel

    Height: 5'11

    Traits: Four Eyes; Early Bird

    Clothing (casual): Repairman's Outfut and Reading Glasses

    Clothing (combat): Lightweight Leather Armor and Sunglasses

    Weaponry: Plasma Defender (preferred weapon of choice of his father, and therefore, Benji's), Gretchen (a baseball bat with nails driven though it; named after his mother), Nuka Grenades (usually carries about 5-10 of them in normal circumstances; 20 of them when going into dangerous territory), Dynamite (carries about 50 sticks, since they're so potent, yet so light), and Fat Mines (carries these only in extreme circumstances); was apparently seen during the Legion invasion using a special variant of the Fat Man, and used it to tear a black hole through the advancing army.

    Personality: Benji is usually a quiet person, but does his best to help out in a situation (specifically if said situation called for things going boom). Best not to get him irritated, though; one might find their insides either turned to green slime (Plasma Defender), blown apart (any given explosive), or ripped our of their stomach (Gretchen).
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    Name: Wendigo
    Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Occupation: Nomad, Scavenger, part-time doctor


    Appearance: Caucasian, short messy brown hair, eyes of a striking pale blue color. Short stubble-like beard across his chin and jawline. His build and height are unimposing, but carry a deceptive strength. He usually wears a smile, friendly but demure.
    -A hooded greyish-tan longcoat with several inner pockets
    -Light leather body armor with harder metal plates in vital areas
    -Sturdy but quiet boots, good for running
    -Arclight Welder Mask worn to shield his eyes from light.
    -A unique dagger fashioned from a metallic hilt and a single Deathclaw Talon. Capable of piercing most non-powered armors. Usually wielded along with the 10mm.
    -Silenced 10mm Pistol
    - .308 Hunting Rifle w/ sling
    -Black and Silver-colored Fire Axe w/ leather sheath. "Impartial Mediation" is written on the shaft.
    Misc. Equipment:
    -Doctor's bag w/ various medical tools
    -Stimpack (2)
    - .308 rounds (40)
    -10mm rounds (50)
    -Vials of Antivenom (2)
    -Blood Pack w/ curly straw
    -Harvested Human Remains (7)
    -A small bag of four or five types of herbal and animal components
    -62 caps
    -$30 in pre-war money


    ~Strength - 7
    ~Perception - 5
    ~Endurance - 6
    ~Charisma - 5
    ~Intelligence - 6
    ~Agility - 8
    ~Luck - 3

    Prominent Skills:
    -Melee Weapons: Cutting open dead bodies was sadly common for Wendigo, and eventually he learned to defend himself with such implements.

    -Sneak: Stealth was always a natural asset for Wendigo, since eating humans openly was never an option. It also allowed him to make a clean getaway when villagers occasionally discovered him.

    -Medicine: Wendigo's familiarity with human anatomy allows him deeper insight into medical matters.

    -Survival: Living amongst Tribals and caravans alike have taught Wendigo many secrets of living in the wilderness. Poisons, cooking recipes, and herbal remedies alike are his specialties.

    -Cannibal: Wendigo suffers from a strange genetic disorder that causes him to have a biological addiction to consuming human flesh around once or twice a weeks. Typically, he does not need to eat the entire corpse to do so, only as much as an average steak. Naturally, he must still eat regular food as normal to survive. He can potentially subsist on ghoul or Super Mutant Flesh, but as one would expect, this will make him quite sick and somewhat more radioactive afterwards. Blood, being rad-free, can also be imbibed by Wendigo to quench his thirst and speed healing.

    -Dine and Dash: A life of eating humans has given Wendigo insight into the workings of the human body. Because of this, he knows the most nutritious and safe-to-eat parts of the human body. He can remove human flesh from a body, which can be stored for later use. Also, because of his body's long-time subsistence on it, he gains more energy - growing slightly stronger and hardier for about one hour after eating it. Ghoul and Super Mutant remains are still unhealthily radioactive as normal.

    -Pitch Black Vision: Part of Wendigo's genetic abnormality gives him highly sensitive eyesight, giving the ability to see perfectly even in dark areas. However, this also causes him acute light blindness in bright or even moderately well-lit areas to the point where, at best, he must constantly squint, and at worst can see nothing but a white blur. When wearing light-protective gear over his eyes such as dark sunglasses, his sight is as normal.

    -Frenzy: If left too long without feeding on human flesh, or seriously injured, Wendigo will temporarily berserk, gaining rage-fueled strength, speed and resistance to further injury. In this state he will attack any human, friend or foe, in an attempt to sate his hunger, and will not stop until he either feeds or dies.

    -Quick and Painless: Despite his nature, Wendigo isn't a murderer and will only kill in defense. Even then, he doesn't like his victims to suffer, and so has taught himself to aim for parts of the body that cause less pain, more damage, and can occasionally paralyze, especially if the victim is unaware.


    Biography: Born Graeme Osborne, his parents were never well liked by the rest of the community. Eventually, he found out why; his mother was known to eat human flesh, and after graverobbers stole several corpses from the cemetery, she was first to be blamed. Both she and Graeme's father were killed in the lynching that followed, and the eight-year-old child was left to wander the town as a more-or-less vagrant. To his horror, he too inherited his mother's condition only a few years later, and it was not long before he was forced to hurriedly flee the town before anyone found out.

    Ever since, he has been a nomadic scavenger, slowly building what few trade skills he has and wandering with caravans. He eventually earned the nickname Wendigo from the mostly-friendly tribals he came across from time to time; not knowing what it meant at first, he adopted it completely.

    He ran across The Family of the Capital Wasteland for a time. Though he felt at home there, he soon grew to reject their teachings of only drinking blood, feeling that to do so was a disgusting waste and in fact disrespectful to the corpse.

    Personality: In manner, he is almost universally polite, and places firm importance on making a strong first impression; to do otherwise could end with him being shunned from the community at best, and at worst being outright attacked. Wendigo will never take chems or even drink much alcohol for fear of gaining a second addiction. He also tries to do good when he can, in what he sees as penance for his cannibalistic behavior.
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    WelcomeToNewReno, just look at the date they joined and then at the date the post was added. It's going to explain you everything. :)
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    Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:42 Post subject: Joining in


    Name: Faust S. Crowley
    Race: Human Male (Genetic mutations present)
    Age: Looks to be in late teens but rumor has it he's much older...
    Build: Tall, around 6' and very thin with long arms and legs
    Description: Pale skinned from to much time underground, has dark brown hair and green eyes that glow slightly,baby face, A deep scar runs down his left eye but it seems that the eye is unharmed
    Traits:Highly intelligent and perceptive, is a good climber and nimble but is suprisingly clumsy at times. His Strength and speed may be average, but his regenerative abilities allow him to take wounds that would cripple or outright kill a normal human. Rumors say that he's a cannibal but they're unconfirmed...
    backround:Not much is known about Faust as he rarely speaks to stangers, but it is known that he grew up in an area near the Sierra Madre, a canyon poisoned by the cloud.
    Personality: Faust will rarely speak around people he does not know giving him an air of mystery. His actions seem cold to outsiders, but is fiercely loyal towards those he names as "friend".
    Faust shows a different side when he feels safe, casting off the cold calculating side to show a whimsical and childish personality, tempered by by a cynical view and twisted sense of humor.
    However, Faust can't stand betrayal, seeing it as a disgrace, even when it may work in his favor. He is known to have some connections to the Gun Runners but the specifics are unknown.
    Abilities: Faust is more than capable of using and maintaining small arms and energy weapons but sticks with ballistics, finding energy weapons to troublesome to maintain. Good with swordsmanship but even better with a rifle, Faust is ready for close and long range combat. Due to his mutations Faust has incredible regenerative abilities and is immune to poison. Unfortunately this means he is completely clueless when it comes to medicine and first aid, having never needed them himself. It should be noted that due to his immunity most medicines and chems have little to no effect on him. His small frame also prevents him from using heavier weapons. Faust also seems to enjoy creating "homemade" weapons and is skilled in modifying old ones.

    Ranger Veteran Armor Modified with Reinforced Trench Coat with hood
    Baggy cargo pants (black)
    Steel plated boots
    Gas mask
    Night Vision Goggles
    Carries an array of items in pack but usually has basic survival gear
    Flares (with gun), Basic repair tools, and will carry whatever he thinks may be useful

    Sniper Rifle "Gobi Campaign" obtained from a "friend" (extended clip +5 rounds)
    A pair of 45. auto Pistols (modified with extended frames)
    Brownings Automatic Rifle .308 ammo
    Ripper (modified) Lengthened blade and hilt with brown coloring
    (long sword length blade)
    He has been seen collecting parts for a custom-made gun but nothing else is known at this time...
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    Dragunov? No. I can give you at least a few made up Soviet-made sniper rifles that could be included in the actual game.
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    Please do. I love the dragonov as it's not a dedicated sniper rifle but a DMR. If you know any guns that fits please let me know.
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    Name: Peter, known as Irish
    Race: Human
    Age: late twenties, doesn't really care.
    Height: about 1,9 meter.
    Weight: about 70 kg.
    Body type: Bit skinny, with slight and subtle look of being athletic.
    Hair: Red, you won't see any on this perfectly shaved bald head. Shining in sun, or just shining with no-shit manliness. Trimmed short beard around his face, with moustache, that every bum would be proud of.
    Eyes: Left one made of glass. Never talks about it. Oh, and colour doesn't match very well for anybody who can see distinction between green and blue.
    Skin tone: Bit pale, with some scars.
    Look: Green shirt under reinforced, and bit uncomfortably tight leather jacket, dark grey cargo trousers, also reinforced knees. Heavy military boots.
    Weapon of choice: Good with small guns and knives, terrible with throwing, but still keeps two grenades by his belt, next to the old looking desert eagle.44, with word in foreign language engraved on it. Likes using his fists, keeping brass knuckles with him. And combat knife, that used to belong to his father, who was military.

    Let me tell you about this fella of mine. His name is Pete, but i like to call him Irish. No, i don't know if he is Irish. But, that's unimportant. Pete is not a bad person. you'll like this guy, even if he may not look like a friendliest person in the world, with his skinny features. Believe me, He would help older people tend their brahmins, or even clean the streets of Klamath. But, he's from big town of New Reno and, he's just lazy enough to decide, that waving a gun just in front of scared folks faces is much easier, and well, hell lucrative. And as tobacco is getting much harder too find, every penny counts. He's good stalker, and not bad at picking locks, with bit greedy nature, spoiled even more with his lifestyle, sometimes, he just can't stop himself from checking few unlucky bastards places.
    He has very relaxed attitude, probably because of his fondness to drugs - he likes experimenting, but is just clever enough to avoid that really hard stuff, like jet. Although - he's not a burnout, and he's doing good with not being slow in even slightest bit.
    Used to live at abandoned penthouse in the old and ruined block of flats, but it felt to pieces at his eyes. Believing that that was a sign from the upper force - he decided to get himself out from Biggest Small Town in the World, and look for any other fun place to go. Right now, he's on his way to this miracle place - New Vegas, trying to avoid any connections to NCR, and other political shit. And keep his head down. But just for a while, as it will be probably hard thing to do.

    His main occupation is definitely thievery, but sometimes, he's playing a merc, and steal for better money. He seem to have some weird philosophy about life, and usually acts like a good person - being bit hipocritical - but hey, you may be an asshole, but it's good to keep people friendly, right? Bit naive, weirdly optimistic and careless. You could ask yourself, how person like that could survive so long in this world. I mean, like, have you heard this story about his eye? He was doing some delivering jobs, after he stole few packs of jet from one guy in Den, and realized, that his employer is not willing to pay in any other way, but with cold razor stuffed into his eye. I don't know if this is a rumor, or truth. Anyway - how did he get this glass one, and medical care? Only he knows.
    Hes good at acrobatics, you know? That's what happen to your body, when you're earning money stealing it. I've seen him climbing quite good too. Not only buildings - but believe me, that too.

    Surprisingly, he seems to not bother about lack of his eye, and keeps his skill with guns at highest peak. With his father, a military guy, soldier of NCR forces, he knows how to manage them at considerable level. He has some family issues - haven't heard from his father since some time, and Pete is not sure, what had happened to him. After seeing his place falling to the dust, decided, that it may be a good idea to start looking for old man, in some time. He's aware that he has a sister somewhere south, but he never met her, but he wants to check few places in Nevada. He knows her name though, and that may be just enough, to find her. I, personally, don't know it.
    He may be guy that fits exactly into your job, mister.

    Old Desert Eagle.5 with two packs of ammo.
    Sharpened Combat Knife
    Brass Knuckles
    2 Frag grenades
    4 Stimpacks
    2 bottles of Rad-X
    1 Radaway
    1 AntiVenom
    Dog Tags "H. R. Giger"
    200 NCR dollars
    120 Caps
    Clean Water
    3 Instamash
    2 dried Armor Fish Meat
    3 packs of cigarettes Communist Red's
    Old Zippo lighter
    Lockpicks, extended set
    20 bobbypins
    Reinforced Leather Jacket
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    I dunno... Kalashnikov's sniper rifle (KSV)? I mean, similar design, but at least it's not a Dragunov. If you know what I mean.
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    BPR First time out of the vault

    Nov 27, 2011
    I don't know if Ex-Enclave is acceptable or not... so...

    Nickname/codename: Reaper
    Real Name: Rai (no surname)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Wanderer

    Physical Appearance:
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond; neck-length with short ponytail
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Complexion: Pale.

    After the defeat of the Enclave and death of President Richardson, Rai had no true loyalty to the Enclave despite being raised within its ranks, he was trained as an assassin to deal with things or people where force was not the best option for his superiors and learned that loyalty was irrelevant and a useless thing as even a loyal subordinate was subject to being killed no matter how loyal he was.
    During the destruction of the Oil Rig, Rai could have stopped the destruction of the Enclave and the president's death had he cared enough to do so, but he found it in his own best interest to let the tribal do what he wanted and left.
    Rai wandered around the wastes doing odd jobs, mostly assassinations if they paid enough or simple tasks in tribal villages and towns. If he wasn't doing odd jobs, he was scavenging prewar technology and rebuilding terminals to gather data and create other items he learned in the Enclave.

    Personality: Serious, calm, semi-curious and always shows a great dislike for guns. While he finds some enjoyment from doing small and uneventful tasks, he finds assassinations much more thrilling especially if they're challenging, but he'll never take a child's life no matter the pay and he won't take a woman's life without good reason He trusts very little people and those who might have it, never know it. He dislike working with others and if he has to work with others, he considers his 'allies' expendable, especially if they get into a situation they aren't smart or strong enough to get out of.

    Weapons: Wire, 30 custom-crafted knives, and flash grenades.

    Items: Being a former member of the Enclave, he keeps a good deal of technology with him, mostly for gathering data from working terminals or any book he finds, Enclave keycard/ID and a duffel bag that usually holds surviving prewar books, holotapes, holodisks and food.

    Clothing: He wears a black bulletproof trench coat, with a white shirt, black pants, gloves and boots. The trench-coat had a hood sewn onto it and a small metallic-like screen that lowers at the user's whim, acting as a one-way mirror. Worn thin metal plates are strewn across the trench-coat and his pants for added protection against stronger weapons.
  20. Sin Lucifel Angel

    Sin Lucifel Angel First time out of the vault

    Dec 8, 2011
    Name: Sin Angel aka Lucifel

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Sin is a very unique and contradicting person as her name suggests. When she was young she had no name so she ended up naming herself in the end.

    Species: Human… She thinks…

    Occupation: Black Smith/ Assassin/ Wanderer

    Looks: Sin is tall yet short standing at 5 foot 7. She has smooth golden tan skin with some scars on her body. Her back had a scar on the right shoulder in the shape of a perfect star. On her chest she has a scar going from her left hip up to her right shoulder. She has long raven hair that cascades to just under her 32DD breast. Her ice blue orbs seem to pierce the soul as her Indian heritage from her father’s side comes out. She’s slim with a build of strength and curvage with her 20 inch waist and rounded hips and bottom. She looks like she’s there for looks and er… a paid lover but in actuality she’s built for work and fighting.

    Apparel: Her outfit changes quiet often as she likes to try and stay clean to the best of her abilities in this post apocalyptic world. Sin tends to wear what she feels like and more so dresses to look like a man. She wears a pair of black fitted shorts and a black fitted spaghetti strap tank. Over this layer she wears chest armor and some leg armor. After that she puts on many of her weapons that she hides within her clothes then she puts on a large khaki t-shirt, khaki cargo pants, and a large sand colored cloak. She wears a pair of black healed combat boots that can also be weapons as they have a blade in them. Sin likes to change and pretends that her and a woman (her other ‘half” pasha nah just her dressed different) named Lucifel are two different people.
    When acting as Lucifel, Sin wears a pair of black fitted leather shorts that go down mid-thigh and her trusty old boots. Both are slightly reinforced with some armor having made them herself. On her torso she wears a black bra under a black net long sleeve shirt. Over the net shirt she wears a light yet strong and dense armor that molds to her body with the turtle etched onto it as a ‘reinforcement’ to the armor. Just under her breast she has a black belt tied on that holds many butterfly knives she loves to use as weapons. Over the layer of armor she wears a black spaghetti strap fitted tank rimmed in crimson lace and a cut just under the chest. Over her shirt she wears a black leather half jacket that ends just under her breast covering part of a black clothes sleeveless vest. She wears three black belts with small silver studs on them. One sits normally on her hips and the other two criss cross on hips to her higher thighs. She uses the belts to hold weapons like 2 sawed off shot guns at her lower back which is held by the belt through two looped silver chains that allow the guns to easily slip out and put back. The belt resting on her left hip holds one sword on her right side and the right resting hip belt holds the other sword on her left thigh. She wears her hair up in a tightly braided chignon that allows a few strands to fall down and frame her masked face. The mask in a black half mask that covers only her eyes and nose. It’s rimmed in crimson lace and has a silkiness about it yet has armor in the center. The mask has ice blue designs sewn into the fabric as it provides a striking contrasts to her golden tanned skin, ice blue eyes which are crimson when the mask is one and dark cascading raven waves. Sin wears black fingerless gloves with spiked knuckles and a black choker necklace that has a red diamond (blood diamond) dangling from it with it’s small crimson lace trim.

    Weapon/s: She has many weapons many she made herself. She’s a black smith of great ability but doesn’t look like she could pull it off. She has her swords as I mentioned in the looks. Her swords are named Leo and Silver each having it’s slight differences. Leo is one built for power and strength which she carries on her left side portrayed by the colors gold and red. The sword is made of a black blade with a deep crimson shine to it and a lion engraved into the slim and dense metal that seems to weigh no more than a feather. The hilt is made of a gold looking wood and is rapped in a red ribbon with gold interlaced into it. Silver is exactly the same in the blade and except the crimson is blue. With the rest replace the red for blue and gold for silver and the engraving is of a wolf built for swift, silence, and cunning. She uses butterfly knives created from the same dark yet impossible strong metal created by her .The metal hilt has a blue look to it and they have the engravings of a poison butterfly on it. She carries a bag of Bees on her they‘re another she made for silence. Bees are small throwing knives the size of a grown woman’s hand for easier hiding. The blade has the design of a bee on it along with an older sign meaning speed and accuracy. The blades never miss their target but may not hit precise spot intended. She uses 3 different styles of guns strapped to her person. An Assault Rifle strapped to her back, two .35 pistols strapped to each thigh with a silencer and ammo, finally 2 sawed off shot guns strapped to her belt in the back towards her lower back. Each weapon is reinforced with the special metal she’s created through some experimenting with different metals, minerals, and rocks she has found. She uses special bullets made specifically for speed, power, and death. Stingers as the bullets have been named are made to break easier when they hit their target shattering inside the enemy’s body in many pieces ripping through organs. Each of the stingers are unique in their own right having different attributes such as poison, explosions, acid, combustion (flames), and more.

    History: She was created as an experiment used from the moment of prevailed conception. Her mother died giving birth to her into the wastes of the capitol. Her father was one of the doctors on the team studying her as she grew in age. She was treated as nothing more than an experiment by everyone but her father growing up. They had infused her with certain super mutant traits in her DNA. They’d been trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to create a weapon as strong as a super mutant that’s also fast, swift, agile, lithe, and extremely fit… so in other words the perfect weapon. The experiment had failed many times before she came along. In their mind she was perfect, well almost perfect anyways. She tended to have attitude towards them when they asked her to do tests and such. Sin just didn’t like the men as they made her feel weary and alert. She was ever watchful around the dreadful men who angered her at times.
    When Sin was nine her father grew tired of their constant test as they repeatedly tried to brain wash her. He took her and ran always to be on a constant move. When it was about a day before her tenth birthday the men found them and murdered her father. They left her to rot as she’d taken out a few of their men. She was knocked unconscious and left there to bake under the Capitol Wasteland’s sun. She had somehow found herself waking inside Vault 101. She was treated as on outsider being watched by the Overseer at all times as the tunnel snakes tried to pick on her. Sin quickly handed Butch his butt and got out of the Vault by the age of 14 tired of the place. She dragged herself, her pipboy, and her belongings with her out of there.
    Over the years after that she went from place to place traveling and people started to hear of a woman assassin for hire who you could only contact through a kid whom you couldn’t tell was a guy or girl with how they dressed. After she felt she was done with the Capitol Wastelands she started traveling talking and traveling with different people along the way.