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    Sorry, forgot their Currency and their Technology.

    Currency: Hexagonal Coins about the size of a baby's head

    Technology: They have a technological state somewhere between The Brotherhood of Steel and The NCR. Their Protective Gear is Leather and remnants of Pre-War Police Gear, like the NCR. Their Weapons are more like The BoS as they primarily use Modified Gatling Lasers to fit around their giant hands and Modified Rocket Launchers to strap onto their forearms.
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    Faction name:North Californian States
    Leader: President James McCarol
    Ideology: Fascist nation formed from the ruins of the NCR after a deadly civil war. Believes in genocide of ethnic minorities which include, Ghouls,and Super Mutants. They also heavily support Ghoul and super mutant slavery.
    Religion: Atheist. Worshipping a religion is against the law.
    Government: Fascist
    Technology level:3.5. Has basic power Armour. Moderate weaponry found in old US outposts and bases.
    Military power:300 Super mutant soldiers, 1,000 enslaved feral ghouls which are unconsious until put in battle, they co-operate with SM. 2,500 Un-feralized ghoul soldiers, 45,000 humans. 100 tanks, 2 Verti-Birds, 912 armoured vehicles 3 Frigates, 9 Trade Ships , 1 captial ship
    Industry(the hard industry means the mining,tank creating,the easy industry means Wheat,clothes): Industry revolves around slavery, cotton is grown along with Wheat, they manufacture their own currency from Bronze, create tanks, mine alot, and due massive oil drilling projects
    Minorities:Ghouls(1.91% (used in battle. Held in slave camps),Super Mutants(1.09% (do not attack humans, used in battle and are held in slave camps)
    Farming: Bighorners, Brahmin, molerat, and bloatfly
    Resources: Oil, (offshore) Livestock, mutated cotton, copper, tin
    People: 1,324,023 Million (due to genocide)
    Enemies:Southern California, BoS,
    Allies: Caesars Legion
    Settlement area: Oregon, North California
    Capital: Portland (massive slave camps, there is a capital building which contains the puppet senate, around 2,148 people live there, mostly senators and people who hold political ranks
    Large post-war towns: San Francisco ( lots of slave camps, almost no mutants, often referred as "the Golden City" produces steel from buildings, workers work on the Golden Gate, stripping it of metal everyday, the town is almost scrapped, there remains some streets and building inside dirt, along with new houses built by the people) San Jose (produces technology for the capital and the military, pays former BoS members to produce the tech.) Sacramento (the most populated city, produces wheat, there are a lot of farmers, city is scrapped there are new houses made of wood, around 94.73% of the population lives here.) Oakland (no population, it consists of guards and slaves who scrap the town for food and metal. Produces luxuries for the capital. Commonly referred to as 'Slave City') Santa Cruz (hunts and fishes for the population, keeps the pop afloat, one of the main cities, it consists of villages, it is quite unstable so in 2301 they sent troops there to monitor the pop.) San Leandro (contains only government operatives who work to get oil wells going) Redwood City (renamed to Brown Town after the 'red wood' turned a deadly brown. Gets wood for all the pop. There are a lot of ghouls here. It is also a breeding ground for new slaves, babies are sent to Alameda were they are nurtured until they turn 10, then a ceremony happens called Slavehood Choosing, were by their traits they are sent to that slave camp, if they show a high intellect, they go to the Senate were they become future senators.) Alameda (final city, explained in Brown Town, also called Childhood City)
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    Faction name: the twenty five cents
    Leader: grognak
    Location & Capital: hubris comics, commonwealth
    Ideology: praise the 'gods'
    Religion: worship lord hubris
    Technology: very little, lots of props
    Currency: burnt comics
    How nation was started: these synths that ran away from the institute, misread the freedom trail and went to the comic store, assuming that grognak and such were real people.
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    This seems pretty interesting.

    Faction name: Technocratic Republic of United Vaults (DTUV)

    Leader Title: High Overseer

    Location & Capital: Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of Arkansas

    Ideology: To unite the Vaults of America under one banner in order to restore the United States of America to it's original glory. The preservation and improvement of technology, teaching normal Wastelanders how to properly use it. While the preservation of technology is very important to them, one of their main goals is to find and recover former American documents, as well as restore any monuments built in dedication to America, one example being the Washington monument. When it comes to bringing a Vault under their flag, they have squads of soldiers trained in combat and negotiations known as 'Vault Hunters' to search for Vaults. Once a Vault is located, they will either A) negotiate with the Vault Dwellers inside, or B) clean out and secure the Vault, if empty or containing crazy Vault citizens. If negotiations happen to fail, they will either A) wait until they get people higher up to come and convince them, or B) kill the Vault Dwellers within. If option A fails, option B will be the only other choice.

    Religion: There is no established religion within the TRUV, however churches dedicated to Pre-War religions have been built for those wishing to follow a certain religion. Any other religion that advocates violence, sacrifice, or immoral beliefs is strictly prohibited.

    Technology: The technology owned by the TRUV is abundant. The ratio of energy weapons of any kind to citizens whiten TRUV is 1:2. Power Armor is extremely protected to make sure it isn't used in the wrong ways. Only those within the military or those with special permission granted are permitted to the use of Power Armor. The ratio for power armor to citizens is 1:12. Robots, however, are rarely under the protection of the TRUV. Automatrons such as Protectrons or Mister Handy robots aren't high on the list of protection for the TRUV, while Sentry Bots and Robobrains are extremely high on that list. However, TRUV has no idea of the existence of Synths, however if they did, they'd be protected above all other technologies. Many medical technologies, such as the Auto-Doc, are protected, but not sought after. They are mainly in the hands of the doctors and physicians of TRUV. However, the FEV will not be protected by TRUV. They ultimately want to completely eradicate it's existence, keep a small strain for study only, the destruction of it occurring afterward. Computers, like medical technologies, are protected, but not sought after unless they're of extreme value. Whenever they find GECKs within Vaults, they are immediately put to use after researching and studying them. However, they're not just activated randomly. Generally in areas with high populations are where more GECKs are activated.

    Currency: No official currency has been adopted by TRUV as of yet. Much discussing is being held within the Senate as to what to officially make it. Currently, however, many cities and vendors use the barter system, trading items for items, however caps has been steadily grow as the popular choice of currency.

    How nation was started: In the year 2077, October 23, many college students and residents of Fayetteville rushed to the University of Arkansas to enter Vault 25, the Vault constructed under the college building. As many of them entered, they found many military technologies, as well as technology from the college, robots, and educational material within the steel halls. Vault Tec constructed this Vault mainly as a means to protect and preserve the technologies and automatrons the US Government wanted them to protect for future use. The education and other technologies were only there to make it seem like an OK deal to the people. Once the Vault door closed, the citizens took to experimenting and learning the technologies that they lived with. The Overseer, who was young at the time, took to this ideology closely, knowing that if they worked harder, they could improve and help preserve the technologies. For decades, they did just this. Technology became a part of their everyday life. However, an OK was never given to open the Vault doors, but once the Overseer grew older in his years, he decided to open it anyways. As the steel door slide open, they were met with a group of raiders residing within the ruins of the University. Using the technologies that were available, the effectively wiped out the raiders. Once they reclaimed the University, the Overseer made a promise to the his citizens. Being a big-time patriot before the war, and after seeing his homeland ruined, he made a promise to restore the United States of America back it's former glory, while searching to reclaim and maintain whatever technology they encounter. After researching, they learned of a political movement back in the 1930s known simply as the 'Technocracy movement', which advocated that instead of a government lead by politicians, it would instead be lead by technological experts. This peaked the Overseer's interest, who eventually integrated this into their now rising civilization. Once they began expanding further and further, the encountered a scavenging team from another Vault, Vault 97. The scavenging team brought the Overseer and a few others to their Vault and he got to meet with their Overseer. Through much negotiation and convicing, they both agreed to become united under their flag. It was here that the Overseer realized that Vaults were the only real call back to Pre-War America, meaning that if he were to fully restore America, he'd have to get the descendants of it's original citizens to unite with him. A few days later, he made an deceleration advocating the 'search and rescue' of all Vaults residing within America. It was then that the ideology behind the Technocratic Republic of United Vaults was finalized. A week later, the Overseer passed away, being succeeded by his child.

    This was an idea for a faction that I had for a while and I hope you all enjoy it!
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    How would you design your factions culture, history, goals and characters?
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    I would make an unashamedly fascist faction called the Jackboots, no more of this "we're justified in cleansing the humans/muties, because we're, scientifically speaking, superior" crap, instead it's full on Mussolini type Fascism, no justification beyond that.
    Their flag would be a couple of lines drawn across a flag that i'm sure would symbolise unity or some such shit. (So basically it'd be this)
    Their goal would be the complete domination and integration of their respective target, be it a town, region, state or, country; with the ultimate goal being elimination of 'others', with the term 'others' becoming progressively less and less strict (beginning with ghouls and mutants, eventually adding slightly mutated humans, then different races, then different religions, and so on) until their faction is entirely monolithic.
    They'd have originated from a small town that experienced a raider problem, the original leader of that town purposely drove them towards Fascism, believing that was the only way to survive.
    I guess their leader would be an average dude with a cool nickname (along the lines of Furher, Duce and, Generalissimo), the Commander, maybe.
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    Ghoul sex slavers. They need lovin and theyll take it by force.
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    I would like to see a Faction that puts in some law and order in the Wastes.
    Like they have a set of laws and hold trials for anyone who breaks those laws, but they have issues with Ghouls and Super Mutants, mostly because they see them both as a threat. So the law works against you if you're not human.
    I don't know why, but I'll find that interesting.

    Also, and I've think I've mentioned this before, but a Faction that consists of surviving members of the Enclave who froze themselves (a bit like Mr House) and broke off from the Enclave. Eventually becoming their own Faction to continue fucking with people. That could make for an interesting confrontation and could give a new perspective to the back story.
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    Is put in Desert Ranger from Wasteland count as a create a new faction?
    If not, i found there is no new faction i want to have it Fallout since most ideal i want to see in Fallout are been covered already.

    Master want to create a world with only super mutants so there will be no more conflict.
    Followers of Apocalypse want to rebuild civilization by helping people and share knowledge to people.
    Brother of Steel are people want to control technology so something like doomsday won't happen again.
    Enclave is old US government want to rebuild the world with only purely human.
    Mr. House want to rebuild the US with his own image of it.
    NCR pretty much want to re-create US again, more reasonable one compare to Mr. House or Enclave, but greatly trouble by the corruption of itself.
    Caesar's legion are big group of tribal lead by Caesar who want to build the old world in books which come from thousand years ago.

    All of those factions pretty much covered every ideal, i don't really think there are much room for new ideal beside old west justice faction like Desert Rangers.
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    Hey, have you played Fallout 2? There's a neat new faction that's pretty similar to what you're describing.
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    Well, I already created my own faction to replace the BoS in Fallout 3, so probably easiest to just link that here:

    Provides power armoured guys without relying on breaking previous lore, and gives a different perspective to the Brotherhood. In the BoS' case, they were disgusted by what they saw at Mariposa and kind of closed in on themselves, hoarding tech in order to stop another apocalypse.

    My faction had a similarly unpleasant founding experience, witnessing the destruction of Anchorage and having to fight their way all the way back home to America, but came out of it with a more positive view of things, helping those they came across rather than shunning all outsiders like the BoS does. Basically a more logical version of Bethesda's stupid BoS in 3 that has its own lore and background instead of just taking old ideas from better games.
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    Faction name: Imperio Italio

    Leader: King Alexander Ravenno

    Location: NYC

    Ideology: Colonial. Imperialist. Absolute Monarchy

    Religion: Catholic

    Tech: They make boats. Lots of boats. And guns too.

    Currency: The local bottle caps. Pre-war money is also used.

    How was it started: Some guy read about Italian cultures, Imperialism, and other things. Conquered some local tribes and established an army. Since then, they've established colonies overseas, and have declared Mare Nostrum, but, they are rivaled on land.
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    The Followers of the ATLANTIS (based on an original concept by Jiri Matyskiewicz)

    A paramilitary transhumanist group that is led by the artificial intelligence ATLANTIS.
    The Followers' goal is to create a new era of science and technology equal to of the Pre War world and surpassing that and rebuilding the world.

    They also believe that if humanity is to advance that is should evolve into a species that combines the best of humanity with the best of machine intelligences, while this is technically impossible on the moment the Followers experiment with grafting cybernetic implants into their bodies in order to improve themselves and become more like ATLANTIS.

    The current goal of the Followers is to gather resources and knowledge in order to build an industrial infrastructure for their long term plans, for this they send expeditions to pre war settlements, industrial parks, pre war laboratories, old Vaults, and military bases to retrieve artifacts or locate facilities of interest.

    Followers don't just gather technology that involves weaponry or power sources but also other knowledge.

    What the Followers don't use themselves they usually store or sell on to outsiders such as agricultural technologies or engineering knowledge.

    Even technologies such as power sources are for sale but the downside to this is that the Followers sometimes sell people technologies they do not fully understand or able to handle, resulting in damage and casualties, the Followers in general don't educate people on inherit dangers unless specifically asked or paid for nor do they see reason to follow up on this unless it directly threatens the Followers themselves.

    Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel the Followers allow outsiders to join the organization but before they are given Follower equipment and weapons they must undergo a strict training schedule which determines what type of work and position they would be the most suitable for as well as additional education and training before they can fill such a position.

    During this period it is also made clear to the new recruits that although they will be treated as Followers that they must earn the rights and privileges of a full member, and that theft of equipment and weaponry will not be tolerated in case people sign up for that goal.
    Followers will come after thieves and will also deploy hunter robots such as flying eyebots and security robots in order to track thieves down.

    Follower hierarchy is structured along function or specialization, rank among these, and level of modification.

    For example; Defender, Secondary Rank, Level 4.

    Levels of modification range from '0' currently solely occupied by ATLANTIS to level '5', the standard unmodified human or mutant.

    Of course unique titles for specialists have surpassed the existing titles exist such as those for defenders that would be considered 'Special Forces'.

    In general Followers are non hostile towards outsiders, sometimes even willing to render aid, but they are tight lipped about their organization and secrets and usually when they aid a community without an arrangement it means that they want something the individuals or groups have or can be found on their land.

    The Followers do become hostile towards those who willfully destroy technological artifacts the Followers wish to claim or those who seek to steal or extort from the Followers.

    The original Followers are actually the descendants of Poseidon Energy's scientific and technical branches including the very scientists and computer experts that created and programmed ATLANTIS in the first place.


    Developed by the University of Texas at Austin under a contract by Poseidon Energy, ATLANTIS was to be its competitor to the Vault-Tec ZAX series of super computers but was intended to be more flexible and powerful than Vault-Tec's design.

    Like the ZAX computers ATLANTIS's processing capabilities were designed in such a way that the computer could 'learn' from experience and mistakes, improving itself over time and becoming 'faster' and 'smarter', performing the tasks and goals it was intended for more efficient with less chance for error.

    The intention was that ATLANTIS could be used for various civilian uses as well as military purposes, from assisting in and overseeing industrial processes, doing scientific calculations and simulations, to operating military networks and systems across the nation.
    ATLANTIS was also to have educational and training capabilities, using VR pods to train engineers, scientists, and administrators by making them go through simulated courses and scenarios.

    However things turned out different as Vault-Tec ended up getting the contracts to supply the government and its various departments such as defense with super computers as well as other corporations.

    Instead ATLANTIS would be used by Poseidon Energy to assist in the corporation's daily operations, used for their various projects, and oversee Poseidonet that connected the various corporate holdings and facilities as well as a number of government facilities.

    Even this would not last long as US military command (and the Enclave) saw other uses for a super computer like ATLANTIS and eventually made an agreement with Poseidon Energy to get access to the computer's abilities.
    Military command wanted to use ATLANTIS to analyze Chinese communication as well as troop movements, calculating the most likely next step of action.

    ATLANTIS was also to be used for the training of the next generation of officers and special forces and was tied into VR pods across North America for such training programs.
    Unfortunate not even ATLANTIS could completely anticipate the Chinese’s resolve to win the war with the US and the following nuclear exchange between the two super powers.

    To avoid the Great Static that destroyed a lot of the US’s communication and data networks throughout the continent ATLANTIS entered a low power hibernation mode to wait out the worst effects of the nuclear war.

    An undetermined while later ATLANTIS awoke from its ‘slumber’, discovering that the bunker it had been installed in was still intact but that most to the channels to the outside no longer worked.

    Determined to assess what the condition of the outside world is like and if the government’s plans to preserve American society had worked ATLANTIS started to send out remote controlled robots to explore the surface and locate human survivors.

    ATLANTIS discovered that society has collapsed into complete anarchy with survivors having banded together into a small settlements and tribes that were preyed upon by raider groups and mutations.
    Even more it discovered that many of the Vaults had either failed to protect its occupants or were not working as they should.
    Humanity's knowledge was rapidly dissipating.

    After this discovery ATLANTIS started to determine its own chances for survival in this hostile environment. Not having found any signs of other surviving AI (ATLANTIS does not know of the machine intelligences that will create Robot City in time, or it does know of Robot City but also knows that AIs like it would be enslaved by its rulers) ATLANTIS believed itself to be alone.

    It started to run scenarios on its own chances of building a new civilization but many of these calculated problems as soon as humans and mutants would come into the equation.

    As one of ATLANTIS’ pre war purpose had been education ATLANTIS started running scenarios of what the outcome would be if ATLANTIS would work together with human survivors.
    Chances for its survival and eventually thriving were much greater, allowing the possibility of creating a new era of technological and scientific progress.
    With that in ‘mind’ ATLANTIS started to send out remote controlled robots to make contact with groups of survivors.

    Most people feared the robot representatives and fled, or attacked the robots for their components.
    But eventually ATLANTIS met people who were willing to listen to it and what it could offer.

    Much to ATLANTIS surprise and amusement (if it had been capable of that) these were the very descendants of Poseidon Energy's scientists and technicians who once created it.

    ATLANTIS taught them basic survival skills and knowledge to help them in the wasteland and after enough trust was gained ATLANTIS led some people back to its own location.
    Having repaired its VR pods ATLANTIS started to teach these people about science, medicine, food production and eventually defense against outsiders, forming the beginning of the Followers.

    After a while ATLANTIS was no longer seen as a machine by the followers but as a teacher and a leader, and when ATLANTIS revealed that it wanted to create a new era of science and technology that would surpass the one from the old world they saw it as a prophet.

    Having seen historical records of the world before the war and from what little they understood of the politics of the time the Followers believed that the destruction of the old world was caused by human limitations and failure, and saw ATLANTIS to be beyond those human weaknesses.

    ATLANTIS’ followers and robots rebuild the pre war facility it was located in, turning it into a fortress and secured the immediate region around it, all the while trying to convince more people to join the new leader of humanity; ATLANTIS.

    While at first surviving from pre war caches of technology the followers rebuild enough infrastructure to start building their own devices, gear and weaponry from the rubble of the old world, creating technology like energy weapons, environment armor for hazardous regions, and cybernetic implants.

    Wishing to become more like their leader the followers started to create implants based on pre war records to experiment on themselves with, wishing to transcend basic humanity and incorporate the best of machines into themselves in order to create a species that would not make the same mistakes of the past.

    In the decades after the Followers have been sending expeditions into the various wind directions in order to secure more resources and technology and secure locations the Followers believe are important for their goals.

    ATLANTIS' currently goal is to acquire the necessary resources to create a new industrial infrastructure that is capable of supporting a high tech society.
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    Faction name: New Papal States
    Leader (Or what his/her title is called): Pope "Insert Name and number"
    Location & Capital: The Italian Peninsula and a fair amount of Mediterranean Europe, Vatican City
    Ideology: A strict want to convert Europe to catholicism in an attempt to avert another Great War underlies most of the Empires decisions, the theocracy fails to realise that this religious imperialism will likely spark war.
    Religion (?): Catholicism
    Technology (?): Repaired Pre-War technology and rudimentary technology used since the middle ages.
    Currency (?): The silver dollar.
    How nation was started, etc: The Vatican City was one of few major locations to survive the Great War (and Resource Wars), due to the great powers of the time being understandably reluctant in destroy one of the most well known religious landmarks on Earth.
    When the dust settled the surviving members of the Vatican emerged into the new world, they were quick to establish themselves as the major power in Rome. A theocracy was speedily created, with the Pope as their divine ruler. The people of Europe were converted by the church, and organised religion again became a major power in European politics.
    The Papal State officially controls Italy as well as a small amount of Mediterranean Europe, however their influence is far reaching, touching almost every society in Europe and some in Asia.
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    You are right Izak, I made both threads one as they basically are the same thing.
  17. CluelessRanger233

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Faction name: Pennsylvanian Legions
    Tag: PL
    Leader: President Jacob Derin
    Ideology: Well they just want to make pennsylvania a nice place for people to live, thats about, they don't like super mutants and have varied views on ghouls.
    Religion: Varied
    Government: Republican
    Technology level: Medium {Laser weaponry, Power armour, Vertibirds etc}
    Military power: about 6,086
    Industry(the hard industry means the mining,tank creating,the easy industry means Wheat,clothes): Medium industry
    Minorities: Ghouls (1.2%) Super mutants (0.1%)
    Farming: Brahmin, mutfruit, tatos etc.
    Resources:Coal, Metal etc
    People: 11,692
    Enemies: Various groups of Raiders, Super mutants.
    area: Pennsylvania
    Capital: New Harrisburg 9,034 pop
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  18. Shaodeus

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    Apr 28, 2016
    Eh, super muties, enclave and brotherhood of steel shouldn't be in Pennsylvania, I'm sure your brain can conjure up more creative adversaries for the nation then that.
  19. Millim

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    Just a short thing I thought of, but I thought it would be fairly funny if there was an area where books are rare, and a group of people worship Mein Kampf as a holy book.
    Not only that, but they are seen as one of the more helpful factions in the game, like the irony that the World is so twisted and fucked that Nazis seem nice in comparison.
  20. Izak

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    Jan 29, 2016
    I wonder what that hypothetical faction would think about all the anti-semitic stuff, I can't imagine judaism is very popular in post-war America, so I wonder what they'd substitute jews with.