Cyberpunk 2077 - Coming out on the 10th

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  1. MayonaiseCream

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    Nov 22, 2017
    As someone who decided not to pre-order this game back then, this video has somehow made me so happy.
  2. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Even if Cyberpunk 2077 had another full year of development it would still be a mediocre RPG with a terrible plot.

    The prologue before Keanu Reeves is injected into the plot is probably the most elaborate and compelling the story telling on the main plot gets and it is still pretty subpar as far as conveying a narrative in any satisfactory way. You can't just "patch" what is wrong with this game, they would need to completely redo it again.

    The Aldecaldos ending is probably the worse one because you don't even fight what I assumed was the "main villain" of the story (You don't even interact with the motherfucker at all), you just hear later that apparently some other character died and he took over anyway, Adam Smasher is the crappiest boss in the game so it makes me solidify my opinion that Johnn Jerkoffhand was not only a douche but also a pussy that got killed by such a clown. Characters just appear and drop off the story, I remember everytime I suddenly wondered if maybe this character that seemed cool in theory but did nothing after one quest, if they had some side mission, and 9/10 looking up with the wiki revealed that no, that was the extent of them in the game.

    I played on a pretty good PC so no crashes or bad performance for me, but a lot of glitches were had anyway. At one point in the prologue I had to roll back to a previous save 30 minutes earlier because a Suitcase I had to interact with to progress the story for some reason fell off the table and the quest trigger for it went underground, like just clown shoes shit with this game, Bethesda level in fact.

    My "favorite" moment of amazing gameplay was in a mission where I have to infiltrate a shinto temple to install some malware (most quests are just get insdie the building and interact with some terminal or bag). I had the double jump legs, got on the roof of the temple, made all the guards kill themselves with quickhacks (but because I had special contact lenses, them shooting themselves in the head just makes them sleepy), I decide to jump to another roof to get a better angle on the generic thugs on the floor, but my foot must have touched the magic field that makes me unable to double jump inside the lcoation so I fell and I got detected. Reloaded the game and then just double jumped better and made the thugs kill themselves (in minecraft) and just walked up to the terminal an pressed F. I don't have a single point in stealth. The quest giver tells me nobody noticed anything, apparently everybody just thinks the guards and the thugs just did a mass suicide pact and decided to kill themselves in the temple that day.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    The game's writing is fine for me but I admit I prefer this to be a story about criminals trying to make money and not try to make some epic save the world plot.

    It's also weird they try and play down what monsters Arasaka is. Are they afraid of being accused of being racists?
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    Dec 30, 2010
    I don't even get why Arasaka are the main villains while Militech is whatever and you even do jobs for them. If the answer is in random shards I couldn't give a fuck about and not in the actual narrative then That's just bad writing.

    Is it because of the soul dropbox? Johnny Jerkoffhand killed more people avenging his groupie with a nuke.

    If I hadn't looked up the Arasaka ending I wouldn't even know what Yorinobu's motives, plans, goals or even outlook on the world even is, it seems like literally the best course of action is to let the guy who killed your friend and pit his patricide on you ito have his way and control the evil megacorp and cause another war. The point the game decides to end is so random and nonsensical for a narrative. You literally get told in all endings that you are gonna die in 6 months anyway and nothing you did even helped you achieve anything to prevent it, you just helped a charcter that only appears twice before and has no properly established motives or goals until you pick the ending and she tells you. All of them end with "Now I live my live to the fullest" or "Let's find the cure!"so nothing is actually resolved, at least nothing your character (or I) would have any reason to give a fuck about. The only ending paths where it makes sense for the game to end there is letting Silverhand take over your body. Altho with how bored I was with both gameplay and story at that point I shouldn't complain the game didn't subject me to more of itself.
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  5. Norzan

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    Apr 7, 2017
    Cyberpunk 2077 has killed Walpknut's children and that's why he hates the game so much.
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  6. Walpknut

    Walpknut This ghoul has seen it all

    Dec 30, 2010
    I mean it killed my money. Also it almost killed a lot of the people working to get it out the door.

    Also I played this shit for 50 hours, I think I am owed being able to shit on it for a week before I leave for holidays.

    Ok, as a sign of good faith I will give a compliment to something:

    The soundtrack is good. Even if the "RATATATATATATA" song gives me PTSD from that fight with the Razor guy.
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  7. Eshanas

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    Jul 6, 2016

    I beat the game. 66% achievements, 167 hours. The Star ending. Maybe V won't live long, maybe he will, but fuck Arasaka, fuck Johnny, fuck Night City.

    Screen looks terrible because :V my damn computer didn't grab the screenshot but luckily I streamed it so screencap.
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  8. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    So I'm currently 35 hours into the game on my PS4, not finished yet. I have already given my feelings on this game before but I'm very much engaged by.

    The main story is pretty poor after the first act and the game has new bugs I didn't even think could exist (such as the camera staying in 1st person when driving even through I set it to 3rd).
    But what the game does very well is the side quests, I actually give a shit about the side characters in this game. It has moments where the game shuts up and just lets you relax for a while.
    It passes my barrier of base level core design in an Open World game and that is 'does every hour feel different but connected?' and the answer is yes.
    One minute I'm making sure AI cars get back to base, next minute I'm sneaking into a heavily guarded area. It's a lot of fun and the range is actually vast.

    The lighting looks nice, but I will admit, the game is very overproduced.
    I'd rather have the game looking a bit more shit but playing smoother over what we got.

    Could this game have done with another years worth of development? Absolutely, give it another 3 years. It's clearly unfinished, even through all the features are there.

    Now, this game has got a lot of baggage with it, with the abuses that CDR did to their employers and the fact this was overhyped as hell, to the point where it was never going to live up to expectations.

    So first of all, CDR needs new management. There is clearly talent within the developers, but I feel the People at the top are squandering that talent. Too much was added in game, and as we've got reports, the game practically started development 3 years ago. There's no getting away from it, CDR have squandered the early promise of Witcher 3 and any good will given to them by that game.
    There isn't going to be a redemption arc here, what CDR need to do is create a tight budget for the game, create better working environments and conditions and pay their employees the right sum of money. Doing this won't redeem them, but it will garner a lot of better faith.
    At the moment, they are European Bethesda, they just happen to make better games.

    Considering I was more looking forward to this game rather than being extremely hyped, I can safely say, I wasn't disappointed. It's a fun game and it's probably one of the better western RPGs I've played since New Vegas.

    The game seems to be a good length, I'll probably be around 40-50 hours in upon completion, which is honestly a good amount for me.
    I'll replay it again at some point, maybe make a female V and create a different build, try out different styles of play.
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