Damn Gothic 2 is a masterpiece

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    Aug 28, 2005
    In G3 there's no plot to advance. None of the player's deeds matter in any way, except which god he chooses. 90% of the game is meaningless.
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    Feb 22, 2014
    You are already trapped inside circular logic. Try to free yourself from it.
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    let me explain.
    at G1,2 every plots are prepared and fixed.

    you will go to mine area to gain information of dragon, go to captain of paladin to deliver that information to acquire amulet, but amulet is already stolen, amulet is broken, reapair the amulet, kill the dragon, find secret library, go to big bad dragon's isleland, kill the big bad undead dragon and game ends. and while these process, there is no hope for changing order of quests. you can't find secrect library unless you receive a book from Xardas. you can't kill dragons before amulet is stolen. alll the plots are fixed tightly like JRPG.

    but at G3,
    you can kill Xardas or Rhobar or big bad guy of desert without knowing you have to kill them.
    you can acquire artifacts without knowing where they are or you have to acquire them.
    and factions react not by fixed plots but by reputations or deeds. if you destroy 1 city of certain faction, they will warn you. that's maybe fixed reaction. but destorying cities are not fixed by plot.
    at G1,2, if you try to kill someone tied with mainstream before the game allows you to kill them, they won't die.
    but at G3, you can kill anybody. that means there is no character that fixes plots unlike 1,2.
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