Death of a BOS paladin - A Two Part Story

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    Note: construtive criticism is accepted by me and I'm open for any suggestions that you may have for me in making a New Story or adding onto existing ones is greatly appreciated.

    Note:This is my my first written work i've posted so if you've seen a story on NMA that is realated to mine please accept that I haven't combed through all of the fanfictions to see if the piece that i've made is original or not so please forgive my if you think my work has been copied from another thread that was ages ago.

    Death of A BrotherHood of Steel Paladin PART1

    As I walk through the door of the bunker that had shielded me from the outside since I was born I couldn't help but fathom at the landscape because it felt so... alien to me.Though I've been educated about ghouls,geckos,raiders and deathclaws i've never been on the surface for myself but I knew from stories the older paladins told was that the wasteland is a unforgiving landscape that will try its best to kill you at every turn.

    On this particular day Elder Mcnamara had assigned me to my first actual mission with a few others to eliminate an NCR Ranger outpost that had been casue trouble for our scouts, I jumped at the offer as I had never seen combat aside from pre-war simulators.As our team got ready for the two-day trip we started loading up on microfusion cells for our laser rifles and a couple of plasma grenades, But now that I was at the entrance of the bunker I couldn't help but have a bad feeling in my stomache.As I and a few others started our trek across the desolute expanse of the mojave searching for the outpost we immediately noticed it was getting dark quicker than we had hoped for.

    My long time friend Dan and I were searching for a house so that the team could take shelter. when we found one it was at about 11PM, The house was in horrible condition as it was missing a whole wall and its roof was caving in some areas.As we went inside for a further inspection we spotted three raiders inside by a couch who were telling eachother ways they've killed traveling merchants.These people were obviously monsters who deserved to die.

    I motioned for Dan to go around the other side of the house.Once he'd gotten into position I gave him the signal that we'd been taught in combat sims that meant to open fire on 3, once I gave him the signal it was only 3 seconds till would open fire onto them 1... 2... 3... the smell of burning flesh went through my helmets filter as we opened fire on them firing with such accuracy that could only be from years of training or in our cases hours of combat simulators experience. It only lasted a couple of seconds but it was the first real combat that i've experienced outside of the bunker.We went over to see what the raiders had on them and we were surprised as they had laser weaponry,the reason this was surprising was because laser weapons are hard to maintain and to find ammo for it in such a barren place would be no easy matter. I set aside my questions and left to gather the rest of the team as Dan was already searching the area for more raiders.

    After we finished our rest in the ruined house we set out to search and destroy the NCR outpost that had been causing trouble for our scouts to navigate around.Along the walk I couldn't help but to be filled with such wonder as this barren wasteland was filled with such amazing formations from the salt pits to the hills.As we were nearing the marker on the map we were told by the elder beforehand to watch for snipers as they had killed some of our scouts and we were to be as close to cover as possible as they were great marksman from what i've heard from older paladins.

    As we were nearing the NCR outpost I could see what seemed to be a figure on a large hill but ignored it as I facing the sun and it could be anything.
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    Death of A Brotherhood of Steel Paladin PART2

    KPOW! TINK! Besides scaring me half to death the bullet that hit me in the chest did nothing more than give me a bruise. 'Get to cover, move, move, move!' I shouted to my squadmates. Before anyone of us could get to cover I saw a grenade land by the feet of Christine. KABOOM! her legs were ripped out of their sockets and she died before anyone of us could get to her in time. This was my first actual mission and at this moment I feared it could be my last.

    'I count two snipers to the north on them hills and at least seven infantry behind those sandbags!' I shouted to the others as were seriously out numbered. 'I got one of those snipers on the far right hill, Jack!' Dan shouted to me. 'Make sure not to give anyone of those Rangers the chance to snipe you.' I replied to Dan
    'I'm going to rush them,Jack!' Pedro shouted towards me.
    'No,Pedro there's too many!'I responded.

    I looked over to Pedro and saw him rushing towards the sandbags anyway. He might as well have painted himself a target on his back because that's where an NCR ranger's 50.caliber AP round hit him. Pedro fell to the ground dead the moment after he was struck down.

    'Dammit there's only three of us left!' Dan shouted to the rest of us which was him,me, and Thomas.
    'Give me some covering fire, i'm going to move up!' Thomas shouted
    'You got it!' I shouted to Thomas as I got up and I started firing towards the snipers.
    I glanced over and saw that Thomas had made up to the sandbags which were no longer occupied by the NCR infantry seeing as we had killed them all. Thomas got out cover and waved for us to go over to him.The coast was clear and we no longer heard any gunshots so Dan and I started to make our way towards him.

    'Damn, we did it but we got two deaths in the proc-' Thomas was cut off as a sniper had shot him in the throat.
    'F**k, Take cover, Dan!' I shouted as a .308 round tinked off the back of my helmet.
    I ducked down and could do nothing as I saw and heard Thomas choking on his own blood.
    'We can't just leave him here!' Dan shouted but I heard the fear in his voice as were now surrounded by over 20 troopers who had most likily came here as reinforcements.

    We were now on a hill with large boulders all around us and only a couple of ways of getting on top.
    'We need to get out of here!' I shouted to Dan.
    'How do propose we do that now.' Dan questioned me.
    'I don't know?' I responded to his question.
    'Than our best of living through this is- F**K GRENADE!' He shouted as a grenade had just landed within a couple of inches in front of us.'NO, DAN DON'T!' I shouted as Dan had just put his body on top of the grenade.
    KABOOM,The grenade exploded but I was hit with no shrapnel as Dan had just done the most heroic thing i'd ever seen.His dead body rolled over and faced the sky as I can now see first-hand what the damage to him was.

    The grenade had blown a hole in his chest allowing for all the world to see what he was made of and along with that the explosion had also sprayed the whole area around me with blood inlcluding the power armor I was wearing. He died instantly as I could no longer see the life in his eyes. I ran out of the cover I was using and fueled only by adrenline and a deep surge of hatred for the NCR as I rushed up to an unsuspecting NCR trooper and grabbed him.I kept running using him as a human shield as I was being shot at all around me. I dropped him and kept on running until I needed to take a short break to catch my breath as I was still being shot at by 5.56 rounds that were bouncing off my armor.

    KPOW! I looked down and saw that I'd been shot in the stomache by no doubt an armor piercing round. I fell straight to the ground and looked up at the sky and felt a burning pain in my stomache and realised it must be my stomache acid.

    As I looked straight up to the sky my whole life flashed before my eyes and I remembered all the birthdays I had in that bunker along with my first kiss. Ah, those were the good O'days. I mustered all the strength I could took off my helmet. Cough' Cough' I turned my head to the side and started coughing blood.My lungs felt like they were on fire everytime I took a breath and my stomache didn't fair to well either.

    An NCR trooper ran over to me and pointed his service rifle to my face and before I could even raise my hands I was no longer looking up to the sky I was now falling in a dark,dark,cold abyss and before I could do anything else I thought I didn't deserve this...............