Did you "screwed up" on your first playthrough?

Hanging onto the Hunting Rifle until the very end....damm, that was hard!

Strange, I did almost the same with F3. Only went onto Laser Rifle at L20.
My first playthrough I saved over my primary save while in the glow. I also read books (like some others have mentioned) in there. I made it a goal to take as much stuff to sell as I could, since the place is a veritable jackpot of money if you can get the stuff out alive. Needless to say, I died with some insane amount of radiation as soon as I tried to leave the map. My two anti-rad drugs I had on me didn't help either . :(

I had to start over from the beginning since I only had like two saves, and both of them were at different parts of the glow.
In Fallout 2 i gave the Wright children the unloaded gun for them to play with. Bright kids as they were, they got some live ammo and blowed their heads off, turning me into an unsuspected Child Killer. I still remember my surprise, entering Vault City and getting shot at for no apparent reason.
Weird thing is, I remember doing the glow *without* power armor or meds and not dying from it. Bug maybe?
Grin said:
Weird thing is, I remember doing the glow *without* power armor or meds and not dying from it. Bug maybe?
Same. I went in there as a total noob, spent ages there with no meds. Then I realised I might die, but managed to walk all the way to the Brootherhood where they healed me. Only got stopped on the world map about 20 times - "You're not feeling well..."
Those descriptions got vivid sometimes. I'd be running through the Glow (yes, running, there was no double click run, I had to tell my guy to open the doors in front of him), and when I left it said my skin was falling off of my body. :o
Man, I don't even remember my first playthrough. There have been so many — at least a dozen complete playthroughs per game over the past 12-13 years.

Currently I'm doing something I've never done before: playing as an Energy Weapons sniper, with Energy Weapons being the only combat skill I spend SP on, from the very start of the game. No cheating, no exploiting, no bypassing the usual story progression (e.g. going straight from Arroyo to Salvatore's in New Reno)... the challenge is refreshing.

I just got New Reno on my map passing through the Den, but I'm still going to get Vic, head for Vault City and go back for the car before visiting Salvatore's. Spiked Knuckles all the way, baby.

Even when I get the laser pistol, it won't be easy going. Getting past the turrets at SAD is going to be a pain, to say the least. Once I have a laser rifle, however, there'll be armor-bypassing head shots and eye shots galore.
Just a few I remember off the top, F1 & 2 included:

- Taking Bloody Mess
- Giving Ian a SMG
- Reading Books in the Glow.
- Played it through without meeting the Master. My following attempts to play through the game ended in some bug or another allways coupled with the "oh noez, not enough savegames!"-Problem. Took me a good while to finally meet the master.
- Going to the toxic cave, where you have to save the trapper, (can't remember the name right now... ) without realizing that you could use the boots to protect yourself.
- Pissing of Salvatore's bodyguard, when I was hopelessly outgunned.
Quoth said:
I didn't get the Pariah dog was a bad luck dog, so he grew on me and I liked it as a companion until I discovered that he was the cause of some of the most horrendous punishments for an newbie player, I thought the game was bugged.
i hate that dog although i only "screwed up" recently on my last playthrough (either never encountered it before or forgot i did), i had immense pleasure butchering it :twisted:
Fallout 1:

Tried to take on a Deathclaw early on in the game, with Ian as my only NPC. They double-teamed me

Also ran into the Glow without any meds

And just generally spending hours trying to figure out how to do things that when i finally looked them up I felt like an idiot

Fallout 2:

Having my ass handed to me several times in the Temple :oops:
My English was rather poor when I played F1 for the first time. I thought the stimpack in my inventory is some kind of rocket and I was not able to fire it . *sigh*
killed everyone in the military base
killed the master
no endings
I missed to trigger the self destruction in the base...

Fallout 2
Den (those slavers are strong maybe I missed a town)
Redding (in the way to reach Reno)
Navarro (alerted the base... game over)

with the killap patch is not so easy to reach San Fran but with the official patch I found something like 4 random encounters in a playtrought...
Hoo boy, that was a long time ago...
I tried to use Albert as a "shoot 'em all" type of character. I didn't get that he was supposed to be a diplomat.
Gave Ian a SMG.
Read books and played chess at The Glow, ran out of time...
In Fallout 2, I became a slaver, fucked up my relation with Vault City, went with that chick in New Reno to take Jet at a low level so I couldn't fight my way out of it, got into an armwrestling contest with a certain supermutant (and lost)...
Fuckups are fun. Sadly, Fallout 3 made it really hard to fuck up too bad.
What I remember most from my first Fallout 1 play-through is trying to rescue Tandi by myself without armor and without realizing that Ian (or anyone) was recruitable. I think I had a 10mm pistol (with AP rounds, no less) and figured that I could swipe some armor and stuff from the gang, and I'd be able to Dirty Harry my way through them.

Six or seven deaths/load-games later, I figured out I would have to go find more firepower and more armor before tangling with them again. lol

Also got my ass handed to me in the cave with the radscorpions more than twice. They figured if I didn't need armor, then they didn't need poison to kill me. heh

Then once I finally hired Ian, I found out he was more likely to help kill me (with the SMG) than help kill my enemies. I can't count the number of profanity-laden tirades I launched into while re-loading the last save, as I refused to tolerate such obvious "bullsh**" as one's companion being so stupid time and time again. I was trying to restore as little as possible otherwise, but I couldn't put up with such blatant (game-design) stupidity. (The game was too brilliant otherwise to stop playing; one had to overlook that and the NPCs blocking you in on occasion.)

The biggest problem I remember having with Fallout 2 was just not being able to figure out how to help Torr with his quest; I always said the wrong thing to him at first and then was never able to get the "protect the brahmin" quest. (Oh, well, and then there was the problem of having my boots melt in the toxic caves and not having enough health nor healing stuff to get back out. Ouch! That, and I didn't know how to stop Sulik from running in to battle three goldens at once and dying on the goo - until finally I realized that I could disband him without losing him permanently, so that I could leave him far away from the goo, and then lure the geckos out of the goo and over to where I'd left him.)

@Hassknecht: Fuckups definitely are fun. Games without any real danger of screwing up and dying are not nearly as exciting to play. Fallout's unforgiving nature is one of its real strengths: walk into the wrong place or piss off the wrong person - and you will pay the price. Makes you have to think more, plan better, weigh the risks vs. the rewards.

m- :lol:
Let's see...


Made a character with 7 AG and 5 EN

Kungfooed my way through the initial cave and a radscorpion encounter before noticing that I had a gun in my inventory, or that I had an inventory at all for that matter...

Made it till Hub before noticing there are two kinds of exit grid, and more than one area for towns (stopped playing and picked up the manual after that...)

Talked to Harold, believed his story about deathclaw's hypnotic powers (there was a perk called "mental block" in the manual, after all) and killed it without ever aiming for it's eyes. Later in Boneyard spent lots of time grinding the respawning deathclaws, still without eye shots... finally tried to get "hypnotized", and damn was I pissed...

Dark monitor bug issues, missed all basements initially, failed to find Razor in Boneyard (was blending right in with a table or something), wasted a perk on night vision on second playthrough...

And probably more, was a long time ago...

FO2: general trigger-happiness, gunned down just about anybody (New Reno families/pimps/hookers, the whole population of Vault City etc...), thus missing out on most guests, after reading Per's walkthrough stopped playing at New Reno and started from beginning.
Heh, it was terrible experience on my first few playthroughts. :)

The Master was hidden very well - I didn't found him anywise. Just blowing up whole Cathedral and running away. And my first fight against deathclaw, that was a damn bloody show! Armed only with 10mm pistol - being ripped to pieces in very first round.

I was unable to find way, how to repair the car. Damn, that was a rough trip through the wastes! (Poor Chosen One, forgive!) Also opening the Mariposa Base - that was a tough nut to crack. Damned metal pole! I was unable to enter that base on my first gameplay; same thing with S.A.D. - even didn't discovered it.