Did you "screwed up" on your first playthrough?

Killed the Master, ran out of stimpaks, and then used the doctor skill on myself because I had snuck past the Super Mutants onthe way in... it didn't end well
I massacred everyone in the Cathredal for the reason of them worshipping the Master :(

Last save was a century ago from that point.
Ouch that was ages ago, barely a kid understanding basic english (finally 2 years later big jump in vocabulary :D) but:

Fallout 1: (the very first playthrough magically I still remember it)

Taking a premade character
Getting killed by mostly anything
Not taking a companion at all (yeah I know Lol)
Didn't even visit Shady Sands (who is Tandi? LOL)
Getting thrown in jail at Junktown
Trying to take on Deathclaws with leather jacket/armor and a pistol or two
Trying to take out BOS guards at the bunker for not letting me in
Wasting time going to the Glow, trying to find out how to enter it, taking doses of radiation before I figure out I need a rope, dying from radiation on the way back
Time running out

Fallout 2: (ranging from 1st to one or two more)

Custom character with poor tag choices etc.
Toxic Caves without the boots
Being completely oblivious to most of things I had to do and getting killed by most people even with companions as I was completely lame.
Going south instead of east, running into fire geckos burning me alive.
Going even more south and a little to west, running into deathclaws/aliens killing me for a joke.
Going in Navarro direction (didn't know anything is there actually was just trying to explore certain areas I thought might contain some nice towns) wearing maybe a metal armor by then but still carrying a not even sharpened spear (which back then I never even knew existed) and with only that, running into Enclave patrols who were taunting me making comments on how pathetic I am and zapping my ass to dust in one or two shots.
I created an 4 INT and gifted character my first playing FO1, he was gifted physically, but had no skill points ever, damn did he suck. My second character had 10int and 10luk, found the Alien Blaster fairly early and was pretty much cruised though the game despite playing as badly as possible.
First time i played I got owned by rats in the cave...

2nd time I died of rad-scorp poisoning looking for a place to survive.

Third time, was gunned down by my buddy with a SMG.

Jeez, time to install Fallout 1 and 2 and replay them!
In my very first FO1 Playthrough i didn't really understand the whole FEV thing or what the Masters Plan is all about. The first Glow visit ended deadly, of course...played chess and all. Entered Necropolis after all the Ghouls were dead so i had to search hours till i found the vault...

Well technically i still screw up. I take mediocre perks, like animal-friend in NV (because Geckos are cute and i get bites of concience everytime i kill one^^) or Survivalist in FO2.

I'm just too much a roleplayer, i guess.