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    Clearly not in any official capacity, anyway. But that's what good mods are for! =D I'd love to see a FO2 or FOT mod that makes a well-represented Enclave a faction you'd work for, in a fun and challenging, non-contradictory-to-lore campaign. That would be dandy. =)
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    Probably just as well. The ending slide would consist of a pile of Advanced Power Armor sitting on the ground in a puddle of flesh-colored goo :P
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    I agree, but hopefully they will be included in Fallout 4 (not referring to New Vegas), though I do not want to get my hopes up. Till then, have to just kill muties in the meantime!

    God Bless the Enclave,
    Always Faithful.
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    No please, the Enclave has been defeated so much that their reappeareance would just break any logic remaining. The wat they appeared in New Vegas is the only acceptable way now, after getting destroyed twice.
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    There may be some Enclave remnants in and around Chicago, but I personally would hate to see them as a living, breathing faction. What's a point of beating up the dead horse?

    I don't think even Enclave is that stupid to go on with their plan, now that, basically, their 2 (3 actually, since that thing in Broken Steel is pretty powerful...was pretty powerful) most advanced bases are destroyed (unless Bethesda builds another Raven Rock and inaugurates another president or something out of their ass). If they have any reason left, they would assimilate, as Remnants in NV did (and I absolutely loved their addition in that way).

    If I were to direct their future appearance, there would be nothing more but a abandoned, destroyed base outside of Chicago, littered with bits and pieces of technology no superstitious tribal wanted to take or a daring prospector to scavenge and haul across the wastes. A nod to their existence here and there, as a testimony of their lost power. I'd even ditch the whole Advanced PA, since the only way for it to appear in game and be usable, and yet make sense, would be so that it is a unique piece of tech, and chasing after unique PAs in games is becoming a bit of a drag.

    Enclave is dead, their remnants scattered and assimilated, their hierarchy and command obliterated, their technology lost, rusted or scavenged. No one remembers their flag anymore, and if Bethesda were to have any sense in their little heads, they would keep them so.

    But I doubt that will happen...
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    I rather choose rerising of remanent of Master's army since they are not aging and there would be racial discrimination between normal and SM. unlike Enclave which was totally destroyed and getting old to be solved, Super mutant racial discrimination is still unfinished business. But not hoping for beth to use them. they just use SM to Orc of fallout. what a shame.
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    I like the idea of stumbling across what seems like a typical ruin in the wasteland, and slowly discovering by exploring it, it's connections to the Enclave, finding logs abou the disbanding of what remained of the organization and finding out how some NPCs you already encountered were part of the Enclave at some point.
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    I think they might try to destroy their remaining tech, in a kind of "if we are not to rule, then at least we won't help them rule".
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    So you're saying about Enclave behaving like BoS?
    Bad idea.
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    Dec 26, 2010

    Something akin to Vault 11 from NV - best way for Enclave to "appear" in game.
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    Thoughts on the Enclave

    I cannot see the Enclave returning, with their appearance in 'New Vegas' and the age of the remnants, I simply cant see it being an option for the future. To be honest, whichever Antagonists come along have large boots to fill in my opinion to match up to the Enclave, they were some solid enemies, not to mention had their own fair share of awesome moments. I just hope more factions are revealed that can match up to the Enclave :)

    I don't think I have ever sided with the Enclave, they were good enemies and sure they had actual belief in their cause which made them so much more believable as a faction, but I simply found them being too genocidal at times, that put me off :D HOWEVER I did find myself growing attached to President Eden and the Enclave Radio station, but that was the only time I found myself feeling any sort of emotion toward them. They will be missed however.
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    I view the NV remnants as just a few older members, maybe just one squad worth and not representing ALL members as being the same ages, arcade was not THAT old, not to mention they had the mk1 type armors, perhaps they were soldiers from around the time the oil rig had been destroyed or shortly after (i don't consider the ridiculous 200 years passed since FO2 and FO3 baloney that bethesda pooped out, more like 20.)

    For me i would say maybe a single small outpost type deal in the area for the next game, no power armor or active units, but perhaps an officer or scientist uniform to be found as a nod to the enclave as a whole, and some of the younger generation of enclave turned civilian? Sort of like an old guard post turned into a rest spot for travelers, best to blend in than be killed for what you were once a part of.

    And no large group of BoS, with how they cling to the old codex i find it unlikely for them to be around still, maybe a non joinable and VERY small handful of them like in NV at the most, or even a random small squad that roams the map and can be spotted from time to time.
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    May 25, 2013
    Check the timeline. FO1 happened 80 years after the war, FO2 happened 80 years after FO1, and NV happened 40 years after FO2, so you're not far off in your thinking.
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    hi all

    As there are many thread here, i didn't want to add a new one for this issue.

    I was wondering about something for a while...

    On the wiki and on various thread, it seems to appear that members of Capital DC Enclave are remnants from the Oil Rig/Navarro that left after the chosen want victory on Fo2.

    But, after i had (finally...) finished Fallout 3, i don't recall any mention of that. Is it something added in fallout Bibles or bethesda interviews or did i missed to dialogs ?

    In my opinion, it would have made more sense that the Enclave already had some foothold in the DC area, way before Fallout 2.

    If i am not wrong the Enclave are the remnants of the (Fallout equivalent of...) USA governements.
    It make sense that the USA officials and militaries that survived the great war would be scatered in various bunker and safehouse. Considering the size of United States (which is the same in the Fallout world), the fact that a simple oil rig can't sustain too much population, it is more logical to have a presence in more than one place, not to mention that they're also supposed to be monitoring the Vault project, and maintain communications installations.

    It also feels right that they would have an important military presence near washington, not only for maintaining the Eden systems (who was there since before the war), but also to make secure some vital ressources and intelligence that shouldn't be left on wrong hands. Beside that, considering their patriotism, they may want to reinstall the governement there, in the conditions are met, as it would be a great symbol.

    All of this would make a better sense, that thousands of (unseen in Fo2) surviving the Oil Rig Destruction, and possible attack on Navarro, while having enough (at least in Fo3) personnal and weapons to wipe all california. Not to mention, that the only ones who seems to care about them in Fo2 are Matt (BOS) and the chosen one.

    All that considered, i find more logical that the Enclave Chapter in washington DC were already there from the beginning, will all their assets still intact, than a bunch of deserters, that conveniently have more ressources in Fo3, that they originally had in Fo2, even before the chosen one came along.

    Also Eden seems not aware of some details about the failed attempt to used modified FED as an airstrike virus in the west coast.

    So, did Bethesda officially made this nonsense happen in Fo3, or is some external material ?

    (of course, that doesn't mean that they didn't include others nonsenses in their game)

    On an unrelated issue, while i don't want to have them as major antagonists in other games (especially in Fo3, which add not very much interresting content in their background), i think they still have a role to play in subsequents games, as minor faction, or specific characters infiltrated in other factions. (like Arcade Gannon, but not necessary benevolent).

    After all, if i stick to what i remember from Fallout 2, they are possibly the one (them or the chinese) who started the war or launch the bombs, actually the one who initiated the vault experiments, and remained the more advanced faction in the wasteland in two games. They're also quite the polar opposite of both the unity and BOS. They have too much relevance in the Fallout universe to be simply forgotten.

    But they don't need to be in EVERY fallout games, and shouldn't be the major antagonists again. All thing considered none of the main antagonists should keep this status in more than one game.
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    I think the Fallout Bible mentions it, also, Willian Brandice, one the dead inhabitants of Grayditch in FO 3 has notes in shis computer mentioning how he traveled from Navarro to the CW, and seemed surprised to hear Eden's radio program.
  16. naossano

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    I just read Brandice's terminal entries again, and the guy seemed to have left Navarro on his own, as a desertor. He had no idea that there was a new president.

    If it is just on a bible, there is a way that future fallout develloppers would contradict the bible (it wouldn't be the first time), or at least, not adress the issue.

    It's probably not a big deal, but if the game itself didn't include that nonsense on the release, i see no reason to consider it canon.
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    If the Enclave returns in FO4 they would need to change their logo into a huge red R and get a talking mole rat.