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  1. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Yes, you can update sfall, just make sure not to overwrite Resurrection's ddraw.ini.
  2. coldroll

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    Jul 4, 2012
    So I updated sfall and the mod (Feels more like a new game) and the game has been running great in fact the mod runs much more smoothly and is less laggy then without the latest version of sfall. Everything was running great until I got to Albuquerque and attempted to enter the imperial city the guards at the gate to the imperial city for some reason are facing backwards and don't move out of the way for me when I try to enter the imperial city thus blocking me from entering the city and breaking the game. I downloaded the archived version of the game and reverted back to the old version of sfall that comes with the mod but it doesn't seem to fix the issue of the imperial guards facing backwards and blocking my path. Here's a screenshot of what I mean how can I fix this issue I don't feel like starting the game all over again. I think it's a bug since moving back to the old version of sfall doesn't seem to fix it. I uploaded my savefile as well.


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    Oct 28, 2009
    You must have been toying with NumPathNodes= in f2 res.ini, set it beyond '4' and entered hunters teritory, or dead quarter map and quickly saved and or exit the map afterwards.

    Thing is if you set NumPathNodes= to something greater than '4' guards exit the map into imperial city and *never* come back. You'll need an eariler save ( from before You've entered Albq. dead quarter or hunter's teritory maps for the first time. [suburbs map is fine] ) .

    Last time i checked Resurrection ran quite fine and I used Sfall for the playthrough.

    The above issue was solved in Resurrection forums, however they are currently down due to beeing swarmed with bots/spammers, hence no way of you knowing this :p
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    Mar 10, 2007
    The Resurrection forums have been back online, just the registration is disabled until a better way to filter out spam bots is implemented.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    @coldroll :
    If both guards are blocking the gates to enter Imperial City, you could try eliminating one of them.
    The faction won't turn hostile towards you, if they don't find out you caused the death of one of their members.

    The common tactic is either planting explosives in the target and resting in a different zone, or "healing it" to death, with multiple super stimpacks (always worked in vanilla game, not sure if the developers made them harmless in the 1.5 mod).
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    Oct 28, 2009
    No such thing as Super Stimpacks in Fallout:Resurrection...

    instead devs provided Ultra Stimpacks from Fallout:Tactics into Resurrection, to serve as gap filler for transcendent healing chem. At use they restore full HP even from 1 to 999 HP. In Resurrection, lore wise, Ultra Stimpacks sepose to have expiration date to be 125 years after manufacture and Fallout:Resurrection's action takes place 93 years after the war, so most of them should still be usable (as to why they are not present in Fo1 Beats me).

    Haven't tried the explosive method, but killing the guard outright with a gun causes the empire city to go hostile.

    As I said before. coldroll must have saved the game when entering the map for the first time which is what caused the guards to break the action of walking of the map. The action of walking of from the map is caused by NumPathNodes= greater than 4. if set between 1-4 and save rolled back to before entering for the first time Dead Quarter or Hunter's Teritory maps, then it should be fine. at least it was ok last time i played it on Sfall Not sure how is it with latest release.
  7. Zaius238

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    Jul 14, 2007
    I see.

    That's not a problem, as I can confirm that the different types of explosives (with timer), can be used to safely eliminate an imperial guard (just make sure you're in a different zone, before the blast happens). You won't be attacked by the faction, afterwards.

    If purchasing multiple explosives is not an option (thus you can't follow my previous suggestion), that's OK. Fortunately, I found another method, which doesn't require using explosives, while I was playing with an old 'build' (you'll need some healing items):
    The Imperial City won't consider you an enemy, if one of their guards is murdered by a NPC.

    - Piss off Chuck, and immediately run to the I.C. gate, to the north. He will run after you.
    - Stay behind the imperial guard, until one of the bullets hits him. He will initiate a battle against Chuck.
    - Move somewhere where it's easy to help Chuck. Don't worry he will change his focus to the guard.
    - I don't recommend bringing a follower with you, while you're doing this. You don't want them eating bullets / plasma like idiots, or harming Chuck's life.
    - Heal Chuck, as the imperial guard will try to turn him into goo (You don't want him to die. Not yet :-D).
    - End combat, after the guard dies. You can still talk with Chuck, if you want to (I guess his memory is bad).

  8. coldroll

    coldroll Fuck Bethesda

    Jul 4, 2012
    I restarted the game last week and I'm almost at the very end of the game but my character is too weak to take on the final boss and it's becoming tedious having to go on caravan rides in order to level up my character. Does the fallout 2 save editor f12 save editor work with fallout 1.5 so far I haven't been able to make it work I want to get some better weapons and gear for my character and companions and give my character the ability to wield big weapons without having to grind for xp all day long. I've increased the encounter rate on the map but most of the encounters give me barely any xp's the only encounter that is really helpful for getting more xp is encounters with tough death claws but those are rare I wish there was a way to increase that encounter to happen all the time.
  9. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    If your character is too weak to kill Saviour in open fight you can always:
    -join him
    -convince him to kill himself and destroy Rebirth
    -set off self-destruction sequence- keycard is in Saviour's room, computer is in room next to it (if your sneak is too low, you can do it by mashing the combat button)
  10. Zaius238

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    Jul 14, 2007
    "f12 save editor"?
    If you're talking about the editor created by vad for Fallout 2, then the answer is no. :naughty:

    As Alphons mentioned above, you don't have to fight him.
    If you think the grinding is tedious, simply don't do it. ^^
  11. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    With the newest version of F12se, yes, but you need to adjust some settings before it can properly recognize the data:
    In the "Override" section, change "fallout?.exe" to "fallout2" (without .exe file extension) and "fallout?.cfg" to "fores.cfg".
  12. RichardGrey

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    Feb 2, 2020
    Ok, since I can't create new account on official forum I will post it here. I decided to record EVIL completionist walkthrough, cause I can't see anything even close to that on YT. Also i can't find any faqs/solutions/strategy guides on Fallout 1.5, only "To do list", which misses a lot of subtle content and covers only quests themselves without any details like consequences, notable loot, skill checks, rewards, etc. Even on my first playthrough I've noticed a lot of alternative dialogue options, quest solutions not covered by this "guide".

    I decided to investigate a few things by exploring GVARs, using mapper and decompiling related scripts and dialogue files. Bare minimum is finding every skill and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. check, which can take a lot of time, so my question is - anyone has design docs or knows every nook and cranny of this mod? There are so much content that I'm certain 99% of players missing and I want to show it to everyone.

    I have one major and very specific question you can answer right now: who is Mario companion? I examined doctor files and he can heal Mario alongside with other companions except for Drooler and Robot. Only one Mario I can remember is child from Imperial City. You can convince him to kill parents, give him drugs and point him to Chuck basement. Also, I found related GVAR "Mario_Prisoned" not tied to any location.

    Edit: Anyone knows max S.P.E.C.I.A.L. checks to aim for? Mainly it concerns ST, CH, EN and LK. I remember couple of ST and CH checks and 1 or 2 LK checks (not considering special encounters). I completed Fallout 1.5 with 1 EN without dying a single time when I was prepared for a combat to start. Actually I don't believe that you even need Lifegiver perks to survive. Only 2 hard encounters are Sedit raiders mission if you doing it early and Rebirth base combat solution with Mutant Hunters support cause they draw all enemies at once to your location. Even without using caravan bug (starting and ending combat 2 times render ghouls afk) caps are easily obtainable and make any imaginable build possible. My current 100% completion build is:

    Traits: Small Frame and Kamikaze

    ST 4 - strength 2 is possible, cause we will be using buffout in a mandatory fights and caravans anyway, but its a hard hit considering Small Frame trait for your carry weight in pre-powerarmor stage of the game.

    PE 8 - very important for random encounters positioning, sequence (coupled with Kamikaze allows us to move faster than everyone except for less common critters such as Tough Deathclaw and Nasty Floater) for random encounters + sneak = invulnerability, important starting skill bonuses, so we want it high at all times. Since the most dangerous and the most common encounters in this mod against ghouls with low PE you can run away easily 100% of the time. We will be using Mentats in every caravan fight or hard long ranged fights.

    EN 1 - dump stat for any character if you know how to play this game and how enemies aggro works. We will be taking 1 level of Lifegiver perk anyway to compensate late game plasma and explosive damage. We don't need more of it, because HP per level checked only on base non-drug modified stat.

    CH 5 - I doubt that we will need any more than 8 for companions or checks anyway. Otherwise always start with 1. Also nice boost for Speech and Barter (allows more small guns books in pre-caravan stage) and you will need less skill points to level up Barter for a quest specific checks.

    IN 8 - skillpoints is great and constant high level allows you to not miss dialogue options otherwise unavailable. Also you can temporarily reduce it to 1 with only 2 Mentats and 1 Psycho to gain max value from books.

    AG 6 - the most overrated stat in Fallout. You can easily start with 4 or even 2 in original game (due to Jet), but starting bonuses to important skills and no Jet in 1.5 make it worth to bump to 6. Constant 8 action points is enough for sniper rifle and to safely run away and exit random encounters with slightly lower sneak requirement.

    LK 9 - for almost all builds I will be taking 1, but in my test run I was running around with 6 and never found a single special encounter. Considering that I did a lot of random encounters grinding, traveling back and forth carrying loot and exploring every cell of the map to find all types of encounters I need more. Nice bonus for head and arms crits too. Also allows me to use burst weapons later after taking Sniper perk to showcase full power of all unique guns.

    Tag skills: small guns (guaranteed 6-7 books and free hunting rifle with 100 ammo from the start = easy caravans), sneak (2nd most important skill in every Fallout game) and speech (the most important quest skill, alongside with sneak allows early power armor and Gatling laser).

    Perk progression:
    Level 9 - Better Criticals
    Level 12 - 2 Lifegiver, 1 Tag!
    Level 15 - Bonus RoF
    Level 18 - Sniper

    Game plan: Stealing spree and bartering for books. Drugs, Stimpacks are like 90% success with any steal skill, ammo a bit lower than that. Then I will be grinding caravans before doing any quests: for money (selling weapons), exp and the most important part - positive karma. We need 101 to complete 1 inaccessible quest for evil characters from Imperial City companion and get +1 LK from Shaman in AQ in order to bump it to 10 for free. After that we can be as evil as possible without facing any consequences (I think there was 1 NPC dialogue that required positive karma, but I don't remember where it was).
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  13. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Maybe cut companion? I've played it 4 times and never met anyone like that, there's also no mention of him at Fallout Corner.

    During my Evil playthrough I had 4 Luck at the beginning. After helping Chuck and doing first two donor runs for hospital I talked to tribal shaman and had my Luck lowered to 3. I decided to return to Corath and during my travel there I met spammers and McGyver. During my return trip I found Stargate encounter.

    I have some faint memory of some lady in Empire, so maybe that's it?
  14. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    1. The "Mario" reference as party npc is probably not Mario Carbone but Sheriff Carpenter's Son (when playing a good guy we need to 'liberate' him from Vex's imprisonment, after which {the little boy} joins our team/party, and we need to escort him to Sedit to his father. I never had to fire a single bullet while with him in the party so I'm not sure how he behaves during combat. {uberspoiler}the trick to get him home safely is to get to albuquerqe with special Frederyk's Caravan ( the one you get invited to once you waste the raiders in sedit and tell Frederyk about it) liberate Calrpenter's son from Vex's imprisonment and return to Sedit with the same caravan you came to Albq. (the Caravan get's attacked only on the way to albq but not on the way back). This way Carpenter's son is unharmed and can safely return to his home. Ofc. Story Is quite different if You decide to play evil guy as You'll be the one stealing the kid from Sheriff Carpenter :/

    2. Imperial City woman that requires 101 karma?! Do You mean Lystra? Seriously?! she's not sepose to give you any quest or join Your party when you are evil doer hence 100< karma to recruit her.
    If You're willing to go with evil playthrough there's a guy in mexican casino in Sedit Lost Town that is willing to join Your party inly if Your karma is less than -100 and even so you must satisfy his finacial needs (as he's evil and greedy) and if your karma ever goes above -100 he'll leave the party and won't return. He also attacks you if you attempt to help the ghouls in Sedit dispose of Sanchez and Rodriguez.

    any ways it's next to impossible to play with all 3 Human party npc's, and extremely hard to go about the evil route and keep that karma less than -100 a killing any dumb ghoul, dog,mutant, raider or any other fucker gives a tremendeus amount of positive karma, which you need to keep below -100 so that the mercenary won't leave
  15. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    He's going for completionist evil playthrough, so he recruits Lystra with good karma he still has after getting Luck bonus from shaman. Finding her brother gives some nice exp and he can sell her after it for Intelligence discount.

    Chuck's quest and hospital donor runs will easily keep you below -500.
  16. RichardGrey

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    Feb 2, 2020
    I remember spending like 6 hours hunting for Gauss Pistol encounter in Fallout of Nevada. I guess it's on me.

    Thats exactly what I'm planning to do. After that I will go straight for Power Armor easily obtainable from Rebirth base.

    Mario mos def Sheriff son. I like Evil Walkthrough of this quest way more, especially considering things you must do in order to trigger Sheriff son kidnapping being Good. And quest resolution for Evil Character is quite satisfying too.

    Yeap, unfortunately he's not very valuable as AQ organ donor, but he has nice gun at the start of the game.

    TBH, companions only ruin advanced tactics required to beat stronger enemies. Mainly I bumped CH for "sex" checks and some dialogue options. Companions will go through meat grinder in order to improve my S.P.E.C.I.A.L. cheaper. Also, during Genocide phase I will lower map traveling time to 0 in order to recruit Drooler and not to lose him too early. He will complement my robot friend to add extra fun to this mundane process.
  17. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Speaking of the robot companion. during the "genocide" it seemes to often run out of ammo for the minigun and there seemes no way of giving it any more ammo. It usually starts with like 250x extra in inventory (tested via ControlCombat=2) , as there's no way to steal/plant any into the robot, there's no bartr button/option, and additionally it's free space hans been set to 0 by the devs, so I can't even pick anything up when controlling the robot (assuming I've put ammo on the ground for robot to pickup during it's turn).

    I usually start the 'genocide' on 6th floor, and clean floor by floor until surface.
    Robot is usually out of ammo for the minigun around 4th floor. And there seemes something wrong with robo rocket launcher as i can't even reload the damn thing with robo rocket ammo, since few sfall upgrades back. Besides robo rocket launcher sucks big time damage wise.

    Anybody got ideas on how to resupply the player owned Rebirth robot with ammo?
  18. kokeeby

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    Jul 4, 2019
    Guys, do you have any tips on how to get the MacGyver encounter? I've completed the game ~10 times never meeting him. Is there some specific place where he spawns? Or do you need 10 luck to trigger it? Thinking about starting a high luck alien blaster playthrough.
  19. Alphons

    Alphons National Beholder

    Aug 9, 2017
    He's a normal special encounter. Once met him with only 3 Luck. If you're going for high Luck build remember about Luck bonus from Albuquerque shaman.
  20. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Vault Senior Citizen

    Oct 28, 2009
    He usually spawns in a semi-hidden quest from Crimson caravans.
    If you get the quest to negotiate a trades deal with New Hope from Crimson Caravan McGyver usually spawns there. McGyver is the first source of Combat Armor early in the game. although if you are unlucky ( I mean You not your character) then it's worth to consider a perk of increased special encounter chances like "Explorer" or something. Only in my first playthrough i haven't met McGyver as i blew my oportunity to get the trade with New Hope quest.