Fallout 4 score preview

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    He is not orchestral enough for the new Fallouts >_>

    Anyway Fallout 3 was a hit and miss for me. Some of the music was really good. Other tracks just bored me to tears. Or even felt unapropiate. I just never saw Fallout as this epic game with epic music and epic orchestras. I might be biased and tainted by nostalgia. But Mark really hit the spot with every location, I guess the reason is because the Music doesn't get in your way. Each location creates its own tone. It is the same feeling I have with Diablo 1/2 for example. The Music is there to support the game, not the game to support the Music if you get what I mean. Tristram, Mephs dungeon, Diablos Lair etc. Or in Fallout for me Redding, the Cathedral, Vault City and so on. It was simply ambient music, not epic orchesral music.
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    Don't get me wrong I love orchestra... just Mark Morgan's work fitted better.
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    A lot of Mark Morgan's work on the Fallout soundtrack is very derivative of Aphex Twin tracks.
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    Apologies then. It's still great music that really works for Fallout.
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  6. How do you guys feel about this song? I like that they brought it back in New Vegas, fit really well when I was doing Boone's quest in Novac.
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    I find it...ehh...it just slogs on without any tension or development. I realize it's supposed to be ambient, but it's so...dull.
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    Creeps inside... Mark Morgan's ambience music... leave quietly...
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    I recall hearing he had very little direction from Bethesda on the game and had a few weeks to make the soundtrack. I think he's a decent enough composer, but anyone who doesn't get involved in the game's development is probably going to make something generic and not-super-well-fitting no matter what.
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    No. It's third party concept art made by the STATIS team. STATIS is a isometric point and click adventure game and as part of the games promotion they made concept art of various games in an isometric perspective.
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    If only, if only...
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    All we can do is think about what could've been...
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    It makes me sad...