Fallout 4: The Nature of Generic Bad Dudes

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    What's wrong with the Boomers? Is it the way they dress? The use of the word 'savage'? Their powerful weaponry?

    EDIT: Or is it the quest to get the B-29 working and their involvement in the Hoover Dam battle?
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    Nov 4, 2016
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    I thought It wouldn't be possible, but I just found that correct gif to express my mood on Greed.
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    Plus Avellone's working with Bethesda in some capacity (Prey 2). He could speak a bit on Obsidian since he is no longer with them (though he can't speak of some of their future games he may be aware of, possibly due to NDCs).
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    Because its a completely pointless reference to Elvis, that adds nothing to the game, and exists only to reference Elvis.

    The Three Families completely abandoning their tribal culture to play dress up as Vegas stereotypes makes sense because House was there to force them to do so, and serves the purpose of making The Strip an entertaining place to visit, and thus, a good tourist attraction. Which in turn serves House's overall goal of getting the NCR's money. But there is no other force like that for the Kings, nor does the Kings do what they do for a similar reason.

    It makes even less sense when you consider the fact that the building has been there for 200 years, and people have been living in Vegas's ruins for 200 years, yet they somehow missed one of the few remaining buildings in the city, and only found it and formed the gang after House took over the city just a few years before the game began.
    Basically everything. Its the same problem Arroyo had in Fallout 2, though to a slightly lesser degree, where a bunch of Vault Dwellers somehow regress into a near tribalistic society in just a few years, losing all the knowledge they had. Their one dimensional, and single minded, obsession with guns just makes them another version of "The Family" from Fallout 3, a dumb joke.
    The fact that they are completely incongruous with every other form of robot seen in the series, and exist solely as a reference to Wasteland.
    Well, I will have to start off by saying I was wrong about his name, it wasn't Lobotomite 1, it was Test Subject 1, which only further the point I was trying to make. His name is that he was literally the first test subject they ever lobotomized, and yet hes somehow still alive because TESLA COILS! I guess.
    Except, again, that's completely untrue.

    We know that the settlements of The Commonwealth came together, nearly 100 years before the start of the game, to form The Commonwealth Provisional Government, only for it to fall apart due to infighting. After its fall, and everyone blaming The Institute for it, The Institute started actively sabotaging any attempts to form a new government, making it impossible.

    The Capital Wasteland region has a massive problem in regards to clean water, and, as anyone who has passed a middle school level history class can tell you, large amounts of clear water is the singular most fundamental basic necessity for civilization to develop. No one tried because everyone knows the resources simply aren't there. That's kinda the whole point of Project Purity in the first place.

    The difference is that both The Commonwealth and the Capital Wasteland have explained reasons as to why government didn't form, whereas the Four States Commonwealth area had all the resources, but seemingly chose not to to use them for reasons....
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    I fail to see how they are like the Arroyo tribe. They haven't lost their knowledge and they don't trust outsiders because of the attacks on them during their exodus from the Vault. Pearl even says that the Courier is the first outsider they've talked to since she became an adult.

    Is it their language perhaps? Pearl being called Mother Pearl, Nellis as their homeland, the terms 'outsiders' and 'savages' etc.?
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    Nov 4, 2016
    -The fact that they keep their history recorded on a painted wall like a bunch of cavemen would.
    -The fact that they basically all wear flight jackets, when none of them have actually flown anything before outside of a few simulations, nor is their culture based on any particular pre-war group that wore them like the Khans, or Triggermen are. In this case, even the Kings have more of an excuse as to why they dress the way they do.
    -The fact that their entire culture is boiled down to an utterly one dimensional caricature of extreme gun lovers, and all they do is talk about how cool it is so blow stuff up. Even the whole reason they want the aircraft fixed is so they can fly around and drop bombs on people for shits and giggles, despite the fact basically no one tries to interact with them because everyone knows its basically impossible to reach them.

    What they need to do is
    -Get rid of the flight jackets, hell, get rid of the vault suits(seriously where are they getting more of those anyways?)
    -Give them some typical wastelander clothes
    -Give them some computers so they aren't acting like cavemen painting stuff on walls
    -Turn down their gun fascination by like 90%.
    -Give them an actual valid constant threat that explains why they have kept up their paranoid shelling of anyone that gets close to them
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    Kinda like how the Children of Atom in Fallout 3 only existed to reference Planet of the Apes, and added nothing to the game, other than referencing planet of the apes?

    Or how The Gunners in Fallout 4 only existed to be Raiders in fancy dress outfits, and added nothing to the game other than being raiders in fancy dress outfits?

    Or how the Triggermen in Fallout 4 only existed to represent the Mafia, and added nothing to the game other than being the Mafia?

    They do it because The King thought Elvis was some form of deity, and wanted to continue the legacy of impersonating him. He does it by an active choice.
    You realize Las Vegas is a huge city, with a population of almost one and a half million right? I don't know, but finding one standing building in a huge pile of fallen apart ruins seems incredibly unlikely.

    Not to mention that they'd have no reason to scavenge in pre-war buildings. Most factions in Fallout have there own ways of obtaining resources, whether hunting, farming, or whatever. They have literally no reason to scour through tons and tons of ruins to find old pre-war buildings, especially considering they were Tribals, and most of the things they could find inside it would be worthless anyway.
    The Boomers haven't lost all the knowledge they have though. They know how to maintain Mr Handies, they know how to work advanced weaponry, and how to repair artillery. They know how to pilot planes, and how to use virtual reality pods.

    Yeah sure, they have funny terms, like refering to there leaders as "Elder", or Nellis as "The Homeland", but they do still have all that knowledge, and haven't really regressed at all.

    And there obsession with guns comes from extreme xenaphobia. To suggest that they are obsessed with guns purely for the sake of being obsessed with guns is ridiculous. They are paranoid about the outside world, and take defending themselves to extreme measures.
    What's wrong with recording history through pictures on walls. Artists have always been fascinated by historical events, so what's wrong with using a picture on a wall to symbolize there history?

    There gun obsession isn't just for shits 'n giggles, it's because they are taught from birth that the outside world is filled with savages and that they need to defend themselves.

    They wear flight jackets because IDK, maybe because they are effective pieces of clothing. Why would they wear generic rags, when flightsuits would work just as well, especially supposing that lots of parts of them would also be effective for operating heavy weaponry.
    Wow, Roboscorpions don't fit in with other robots in the series?

    Gee, it's almost as though they were produced by an entirely different company to all the other robots in the series.
    A. Do we even know when Big Mountain started making Lobotomites?, For all you know, they could have started making them about 10 or 20 years ago.
    B. Various creatures such as Supermutants, Ghouls, Cyberdogs, Yao Gaui, ect. have already been established to have greatly expanded lifespans. Is it so hard to believe that the Lobotomites might have extended lifespans too?, Especially supposing that they have pieces of highly-advanced technology keeping them alive.
    If any attempts of rebuilding has been made, how come the largest city in the game is literally the size of a baseball field?

    In Fallout 1 we had The Hub, taking up most of Barstow, and that was only 80 years. How come the Commonwealth hasn't rebuilt anything beyond the size of a baseball field in 200 years.
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    What's wrong with a mural? Would books have been better? Terminal entries? Holotapes? The mural represents their history well enough, as long as there are Boomers around they're going to teach their children their history, regardless of how their history is actually recorded.

    They're Vault dwellers, Vault culture is what they'd be used to when they first emerged from the Vault and given they've kept to themselves for the past 50 years they haven't experienced other cultures personally. They've been surrounded by Air Force history and objects, so I don't see how it's a stretch that they started wearing the jackets.

    I don't have to ride a motorbike to like wearing a leather jacket.

    They came from a Vault that had a strong gun culture, of course they're going to be more enthusiastic about guns than others. As for fixing up the bomber, well a bomber is a weapon, why wouldn't they want to try and fix it up so they could fly it?

    What are typical wastelander clothes? Leather armours? Patchy clothing? I thought your complaint was you didn't like them wearing the flight jackets due to not being part of their culture, yet wearing 'wastelander clothes' is ok? A group that is isolated and doesn't appear to be able to manufacture clothing isn't going to just discard their Vault suits. Why would they anyway? They're a part of their identity, hence why the flight jackets have 34 stitched on the back.

    As for where they get them? Well since they left Vault 34 with a huge number of weapons and ammo, is it really that much of a stretch to think they took some extra Vault suits too?

    Some of them have Pipboys. Besides I still don't see how a mural makes them cavemen. People still paint today even though we have all sorts of wonderful technology to take pictures with.

    Anyway who's to say they don't have it recorded on other mediums on the base but don't keep them in their museum?

    Again they've come from a place with heavy emphasis on guns.

    Their journey from the Vault to Nellis wasn't a peaceful one. The attacks on them left the impression they couldn't trust anyone other than themselves.
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    -When it comes to the CoA in Fallout 3 I totally agree they were rather pointless in that regard.
    -Actually the Gunners exist because they fulfill a logical space in the post-war power structure. A group of people smart enough to use the large amount of military grade weaponry and technology to become high end mercenaries.
    -Similarly, the Triggermen exist to fulfill the logical space of low end drug pushers and hitmen, and dress up that way because many of them are in fact pre-war mobsters turned ghouls.

    -Which is stupid. Even the Temple of the Union slaves didn't worship Abraham Lincoln to that degree.

    -Yes, but New Vegas shows us that basically the entire city sans the Strip and Freeside was near entirely demolished through unknown means after the war. There are barely any buildings left. Also, House mentions that the tribal groups of the Vegas area frequently occupied said buildings to use as bases for periods of time before moving on to other buildings. The likelihood that no one found it is literally zero.

    -And even the retarded Vault 87 super mutants knew how to maintain laser weaponry, and operate Vault computers. Doesn't mean they weren't stupid. Also, Mr Handy robots are designed to be able to repair each other, its part of their design specs. Boomers don't need to know how to repair them, nor are they ever shown doing it IIRC.
    -The problem is that their xenophobia has no basis in the modern day to keep it around. No one attacks them, theres nothing to keep that xenophobia alive. It makes sense that groups like the BoS are still xenophobic because they still have constant contact with outsiders like the NCR who attack them.
    -The problem with keeping history on murals is that anyone with half a brain could tell you its a bad idea because no mural can accurately present information as well as typed words could. If they cared about their history, they would have written it down on a computer, where they could put far more detail and information.
    -They would wear generic wasteland clothing because their Vault suits and flight jackets would have degraded over time to the point they would need to make new clothes

    -Being made by a different company would do little to change design aesthetics. Mr Handys are products of General Atomics, but they still share the same 50's flair as Robco robots like Protectrons, because design is influenced by culture.

    A. We know, for a fact, that Lobotomites were around, as unseen but mentioned, things during the time of Fallout 2.
    -Super mutants are kept alive via FEV.
    -Ghouls are kept alive by radiation regenerating their bodies
    -The only Yao Guai who live a long time are ghoulfiied Yao Guai like the one in Point Lookout, and the Yao Guai ghouls that can be found in Far Harbor, and those are only kept alive for the same reason normal ghouls are. Normal Yao Guai live and die like anything else.
    -Cyberdogs are 100% unexplined bullocks.
    And the reason why it doesn't work for the Lobotmite is that the only stated change to Lobotomites is that their brains were taken out and replaced with a Tesla Coil, which doesn't explain how they are kept alive for so long.

    -Diamond City is the largest city because The Institute has been actively keeping the wasteland a chaotic place, and unleashing hordes of super mutants on the surface, which makes trying to build something larger impossible, because its not safe.

    Danse even makes a comment about how he feels pity that the people of The Commonwealth have to cower in fear in an old Baseball Field due to how many raiders, super mutants, and other threats there are in the wasteland, when there are so many perfectly fine buildings just outside.

    The Hub on the other hand is
    A. Not located in Barstow, I don't know where you got that idea from
    B. Located in the middle of the desert, where there is nothing around to actively attack them, or hinder their development.
    The Hub could easily grow because there were effectively no threats in the region.
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    YOU FOOL! Of course they haven't had anyone attack them in years! They bomb whoever gets even remotely close to their home! That certainly would keep my xenophobia going if I thought that the only thing keeping me alive was shooting on sight. Ever since they've gotten to that place they've shot on sight. And only someone getting through their defenses to show them that they're peaceful would be the only thing to get them to stop!

    That's the thing though! They do explain it with words! There's a kid and everything to tell you! The mural is just visual help! A bonus! And a job for the kid too do.

    OK, first of all. Let's use a big of logic here. Is there a sewing machine in most vaults? Or a vault suit maker? I don't remember there being one? Do you? Please, correct me if there is. But I'm going to assume that there isn't one until proven wrong. Therefore, I think we can come to the educated guess that the vault suits are durable and long lasting? I mean, it's not like they even go out into harsh conditions that much, considering their xenophobia. They just stay in their home most of the time.

    Plus.... honestly, where are they going to get the wasteland rags? Seriously, they never leave. Where are they gonna get em? From the super market? The livestock they don't have? The cotton they don't have? W-Where would they get the rags?

    And the flight jackets. I'm not exactly one for flight jacket lore, but I've always been under the impression that they got them from the base, and not the vault. Which means that those jackets must've survived for like two hundred years plus some bomb droppings. I don't see why wearing them for a while while kept under good care would make them just fall apart. I'm just sayian.

    BONUS ROUND(Edit):

    Now hang on one cherry pickin' minute. First of all, WHY does The Institute actively keep the wasteland a chaotic place? I thought they wanted to help it? Father even had you take down a raider leader who was a synth because he was causing chaos. W-why are they INTENTIONALLY causing chaos? And, I was always under the impression that the super mutants getting out was an accident. Are you telling me they actively let them out? I thought that they sealed up the place so no one would ever go in there again?

    And what of the raiders? How are they all just surviving out there? If it's so dangerous, how can a raider gang even be started? And if you say that they somehow in someway managed to get some kind of a foothold then why doesn't it eventually turn into some kind of settlement? Why can't no one else do it? I can clear out a raider camp. It's easy. You just shoot them all. If it's the super mutants stopping it, then again I ask, how are raiders surviving? It makes no sense. If raiders can survive, who're a buncha psychopaths just out in the wilderness shooting people, then why can't a collection of civilized people do something more than a baseball field in the grand central station of raiders?
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    Yeah, and they're still lame factions because your interaction with them amounts to swapping bullets with them and picking their corpses for sick phat loot.

    Really begs the question... what is the recruitment policy for these guys? They seem to just shoot everything in sight that gets too close to their HQ, but you need to go to their HQ in order to say "hey I want to join you guys."

    Sounds like a catch 22.

    It's just indicative of shit writing. That they somehow know how to operate advanced, heavy weapons and/or laser weapons is mostly just hand-waved by the writers. The capabilities of those meat heads is across the board. The Institute Orcs are so dumb they can't figure out how to repair a radio, yet they have the intelligence and perception to capture a human that can repair the device and use it to lure MORE humans in so they can eat them. They're also seemingly capable of handling miniguns, Fatmans, laser rifles, etc.

    They were attacked and marauded the moment they left Vault 34. Would you suddenly become a welcoming gate-keeper the moment you found you were sitting on a stockpile of heavy artillery?

    Plus, the Boomer's are a meme for 2nd amendment gun-nuts. Their entire culture was dictated by having easy access to an overstocked armory - hence their penchant for blowing strangers to kingdom-come before checking to see if they're friendly.

    Honestly who says they didn't document it? It's not like Royer's made a painting of the Vercingetorix surrendering to Caesar from hearsay and word of mouth. It's documented from Caesar's personal journal. The kid (or whoever painted that mural) decided to create a spark notes version of it because:

    a. it's more interesting to the player to have them look at a painting
    b. it's a little more involved than "here go read a terminal for some (pretty fucking important) information on our faction."

    Hard to believe they have a surplus of suits or a tailor amongst their number, isn't it?

    Do you even know what you're talking about? Influenced, yes. The roboscorpions are something straight out of a 50s-60s low-fi sci-fi flick.

    Well, something tells me that an organized Commonwealth just wouldn't exactly be conducive to a sprawling play pit shooter. Gotta have a lot of baddies to shoot your bullets at because Bethesda couldn't be arsed to write something that didn't involve finding X and shooting it with Y - right babe?

    Regardless of the circumstances between the two zones, the Hub is an example of trying to create a post-apoc world that isn't just filled to the brim with raiders, green orcs, and synths trying to shit on you or shake you down for chump change.

    Basically, it's all the in wrist of the writer. They didn't need to make the Commonwealth such a magnificent pile of shit that the people were more or less stuck to 1-3 man settlements and/or barricaded inside of a Baseball field. But, as I said before, you gotta have a lot of baddies to shoot, and tons of places to loot, when you're essentially trying to market your game to the Minecraftians.
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    It's in the Official Survival Guide to Fallout 1, although it's obviously incorrect.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    How do you know it's incorrect?, It could be Barstow.
  15. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    It's too far to the east for the Hub. Lancaster or Edwards AFB would be closer. Barstow looks more fitting for Necropolis (which we know can't be Bakersfield because Bakersfield is off to the west).
    If the Hub were in Barstow, maybe Necropolis could be in Baker instead of Bakersfield?
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    Nov 4, 2016
    Necropolis is Bakersfield, it's stated as such in-game. The devs have admitted at least once to moving things around in Fallout 1/2 for game flow reasons.

    You can't really treat the in-game maps as 100% evidence for anything due to things scaling issues, and devs assigning a in-game place to a real world location, but then moving it around on the map for reasons, while still treating it as if its the same locations.

    1. But that's exactly the problem, they attack everyone for no reason, even if they aren't attacking them, and then turn around and claim they are defending themselves from people attacking them, when no one is actually attacking them. Do you not see how that train of thought doesn't add up?

    We blow up everyone who attacks us! -> But no one ever attacks you? -> Right, because we blow up everyone! -> But why do you blow them up if they aren't actually attacking you? -> To protect yourselves from being attacked! -> But how do you know they want to attack you if you blow them up? -> Uhhh, I guess I never thought about that!

    It's an entirely dumb contrivance, that anyone who rubs two brain cells together could see doesn't make sense, made up just so throw another quest in your face. Its just as dumb as needing to tell the Great Khans about how the freaking KHANS, the very group they are named and model their existence after, lived to inspire Papa Khan to get them to move on from NCR lands.

    2. It's not even supposed to be the kids job. It was someone else's job to tell the story until he got killed doing something stupid while drunk. And its even WORSE that they tell their story verbally because everyone knows that verbal story telling is the least accurate method of keeping history as the story changes every time you tell it. They lose thier history every time that kid tells the story, something that could have been solved had the just wrote it down on a computer terminal.

    3. Its mentioned in lore that Vaults have Vault-Suit extruders that can produce new Vault-Suits, and, if unlocked with codes from the GECK, other outfits as well.

    4. Which is itself another problem. Bighorners are fairly commonplace in the mojave, they should have used their robots to capture a few a long time ago. Which would give them access to material to make clothes.

    5. They did get them from the base, I didn't mean to imply that they didn't. But after spending generations wearing them they would have developed tons of holes, and without anything to patch them with, they would have quickly becomes useless. That they have anything to wear at all is something of a surprise.

    A. After the fall of the Commonwealth Provisional Government 100ish years ago, the people of the wasteland blamed The Institute for the CPG's fall(when evidence actually points to the settlement's infighting being the reason), and started creating paranoid delusions that The Institute was behind everything that went wrong in The Commonwealth.

    The Institute originally tried to simply hide in their base, staying completely out of the affairs of the surface world. However, after the Broken Mask Incident 58 years ago, in which an early Gen 3 synth was accidentally released to the surface on work duty, only for it to wonder off to Diamond City, glitch out, and murder and bunch of people, getting destroyed by D.C. Security in the process, and revealing the existence of human-like synths to the people of the Wasteland, the paranoia wastelanders had of The Institute only shot up to 11.

    The Institute, still wanting to stay out of the affairs of the surface in general, but also wanting to defend themselves against a possible paranoia based attack by the surfacers, set up a system of things like synth crow watchers, and replaced a small number of people, like McDonough of Diamond City, and got him to run on an anti-ghoul platform, getting the ghouls thrown out of Diamond City(to split the populace up and keep them divided) and used him to watch for possible surface threats, and give out speeches that downplayed The Institute's threat, in order to try to prevent the surfacers from being able to rally against The Institute.

    B. The Coursers, and you being sent to retrieve the synth raider Gabriel, are an effort to reclaim what they see as lost property, and to keep synths out of the general public so there isn't another Broken Mask type incident that could incite the people to attack the Institute.

    C. The FEV lab was closed down because the scientist running it, Brian Virgil, got tired of doing tests on people for what he saw as having no real purpose, since the synths were doing fine, and there was seemingly no need to improve the FEV strains used in synth creation. He wanted to get the lab shut down, possibly forever, and escape The Institute, so he infected himself with a strain of FEV he developed, turning himself into a super mutant, and wrecked the lab. Super Mutants "getting out" was never a problem. All evidence suggests The Institute simply dumped them on the surface because it was easier.

    D. The Institute cares nothing of the surface, and doesn't want to help them at all. Father, and several people in The Institute point blank tell you so. They see the surface as a completely lost cause, and only wish to finish their nuclear generator so they can attain self sufficiency, and live in their underground paradise. They only "care" about the surface in so far as making sure the surface can do nothing to harm them.

    E. Raiders DON'T survive in The Commonwealth. They even go over this in Nuka World. Raider gangs in The Commonwealth are started by people who think it would simply be easier to take things like food, instead of working to make it. However, none of these raider gangs have any real plans, and usually only last a few years before getting killed by other raider gangs, super mutants, or destroying themselves by infighting or drugs. There is no long term/old raider gang in The Commonwealth, its just a constant churning of gangs getting destroyed, survivors wandering off to join other gangs or form new gangs, etc. etc.

    Also, why would a raider base turn into a settlement? Raiders don't trade, they all fight each other, and they started raiding in the first place because they didn't WANT to work on a settlement to make their living. Them becoming a settlement is entirely defeatist to the point of being a raider. That's why raider gangs threaten and attack settlements for food and stuff, so they don't have to do it themselves.

    Furthermore, the player character being super good at murdering a horde of raiders does not make it easy, it just makes it plot armor. Like the Vault Dweller solving all of southern California's problems in Fallout 1' doesn't man anyone could do it, it just makes the PC a Gary Stu.
  17. Hassknecht

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    Yeah, the maps have to be taken with a grain of salt. Although when the game can state that Necropolis is Bakersfield, then the Hub can be Barstow when the official guide says so, I guess. Doesn't really matter, anyway.
  18. Jogre

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    Oct 25, 2015
    If people are raised there entire lives to believe certain things, obviously they are going to be more likely to believe them.

    The Boomers are raised from birth to believe that the outside world is filled with savages, and that they have to defend themselves at Nellis. Most of them will probably blindly accept that as true. Even if one of them did begin to question it, they still probably wouldn't try to challenge the belief, because they wouldn't want it backfiring in the event that what they were told is true.
    How do you know that they don't have it written down somewhere, and the kid just tells it verbally because it's more interesting for who wants to hear it?
    That piece of lore is only actually in the Fallout Bible and Van Buren, neither of which are canon.

    Besides. you do realize that they have literally only been out of the Vault for 50 years right?, Vault Suits seem fairly durable, and not the kind of thing that would be worn out in 50 years.

    And most people when they are going somewhere, pack multiple suits. Not to mention most of the original members of the Boomers probably have died, ect.

    They don't seem like they'd have a shortage of jumpsuits yet, and even if they did, why wouldn't they wear the few remaining jumpsuits they have?
    They have clothes as it is, they have food as it is. They seem fine for the moment.
    (Barely 2 generations)
    It's odd that there would be that much infighting between a few homesteads, and a couple cities the size of baseball fields.
    What?, So people are choosing a proffesion, which they already know certainly leads to death, and doesn't actually get them anywhere?

    Why?, What's the point in being a raider if it serves literally no advantage over legitimate work.
    Then what's the point in Raiding in the first place?

    Like seriously, if they can't trade any of the stuff they raid, then why is it worth anything to them?
    But that's completely and utterly pointless.

    "Should I spend my life farming for food, or instead live a life of doing morally questionable things, putting myself in dangerous situations, having to constantly make the people fear me enough to pay tribute, and in return I get the same food, except I didn't have to farm it myself."

    The way you are selling it, it sounds like there is literally no advantage whatsoever to being a raider.
  19. Greed

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    Nov 4, 2016
    "official guides" are usually made by Prima, a company who is known for literally making stuff up out of nothing all the time, and should be taken with a grain of salt, at best.

    IIRC, the Official Fallout 2 game guide says The Master used genetic modification to alter deathclaws, despite nothing suggesting so in either Fallout 1/2.

    Fallout 3's game guide says Moria Brown in from Canterbury Commons, when no one, not even Moria herself, mentions so.

    New Vegas's game guide says Goodsprings was founded by NCR citizen given a land grant, but in-game they all act like the NCR is an invading force trying to take their land.
  20. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    That's true of course. Still, Barstow fits to the Hub better than Bakersfield fits to Necropolis. Not that anything in the game says that it's Barstow, but it's as good a guess as any other.
    I liked how the first game wasn't really into the whole "real location" thing and rarely had places named how they were before the War. Makes it feel more like the Great War really ended civilization.