Fallout 4's first review

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Kilus, Nov 7, 2015.

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    I managed to go straight to vegas.

    Also, your name is beautiful.
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    Jun 30, 2015
    Yea, but in Fallout New Vegas you don't get Super Mutants that get upgraded to better models as you level up. At one point NCR and The Legion do start fielding better troops, but it is actually explained in the game, characters take note that shit is about to go down and the Second Battle of Hoover Dam draws near.
    So yes, eventually you do get tougher enemies, but there is a narrative reason for it. This is the right way to implement scaling enemies, unlike Skyrim where in the beginning bandits basically wear rags, just to get full suits of daedric or glass armor when you're high-level. There's no in-universe reason for it, nobody addresses it and nobody finds it odd.
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    That happens in Oblivion. In Skyrim they just scale in level.
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    Nov 8, 2015

    To say that I'm the only one that cares about the ibt review is pretty damn unfair of you , considering it wasn't me that started the thread using the ibt review as discussion. Obviously someone else cared enough to use it as the basis of a thread. So to say what you said is an untruth. All I'm doing is questioning the legitimacy of the review.

    Also, it's not actually a review, its a few throwaway statements that have been cobbled together. The mere fact they whine about trying to hide from molerats for 10 hours sent alarm bells ringing. You can punch the shit outta molerats and eat their sweet meat within minutes of leaving the vault.

    I'm all for reviews that genuinely give an insight to what people will be purchasing. The strengths, the weaknesses, the little things, the big things etc are all things that interest the reader in a review. This site went into the most minimal detail about this game. To call it a review would be stretching it.

    Magazines, sites, YouTubers etc have went into enormous detail about the game pre release. Details that this reviewer didn't touch upon. Didn't even mention or highlight.

    I'll have my digital copy loaded at midnight tomorrow as I look forward to experiencing fallout 4. If it's poor, I'm not afraid to say so, I'd just be sore at myself for wasting my money.
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    Don't know if you realize this, but this is the "NEWS" subforum. The reason why there is a thread on this is because is News. When the rest of the reviews come in the pople in charge of news in the forum staff will make threads on them.
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    I made the news article because it was the first review. Firsts are notable no matter the content. That's also why I made several articles about the leaks, they weren't the greatest footage but they were the first.

    A review is a review is a review. It is a critical appraisal of Fallout 4. Whether it is a good review or a poor review it is a review. Disagree with its contents or question the quality of the review or find faults with the facts and logic or dislike its format, that's all valid criticism of the review you can put forward. Claiming it is not a review, that is an invalid argument.
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    Guess we should stop posting news guys. This is a Fallout news site that can't post a review unless it aligns with our agenda and boy do we need the clicks.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    I don't normally respond to people who immediately start throwing personal attacks around, but ...

    I don't know what rock you've been living under, but many, if not most, mainstream (non gaming) media outlets review video games. They've been reviewing books, movies and television shows for decades now, and wouldn't be doing their jobs of reporting on cultural/entertainment topics if they didn't review games as well, considering how much gaming has grown. Forbes, as an example, is a news publication that caters mostly to business people, like IBT, and they do lots of game reviews, and some of them are very, very good. Obviously, Bethesda thought enough of IBT to send them a pre-release copy of the game for review.

    And why exactly is this not a review? The guy played the game for a few hours, probably as much as he could and still make his deadline, and he shared his opinions on it. Is that not what a review is? Hell, he wasn't even very critical of the game at all - his concerns were that it might not be very accessible for new Fallout players, and that it probably won't be able to live up to its hype. Big shocker there. And yet he's been accused of being an idiot, a moron, an "Indian" whoring for page clicks, and even accused of being on the payroll for Activision or CD Projekt Red or any other studio that you Bethbots have a hate-on for on any given day.

    I'll tell you something else as well - I consider game reviews from outfits like Forbes or IBT to be a hell of a lot more credible than the "10/10! Buy this game now or you're a hopeless douche!" rubbish being spewed by Kotaku, IGN and all the rest of the "games journalism" sites. They're just like the Hollywood "reporters", shills and lackeys for the industry they're supposed to be covering. The rules they work under are very simple - "Say only nice things about us, or no soup for you!". Game "journalists" are one of the main reasons why AAA studios get away with so much bullshit these days, things like releasing barely disguised re-skins of previous games at new release prices, locking critical game features behind paywalls, and releasing broken, buggy messes that need a 10 GB Day One "hotfix" and get half-assed support for a few weeks until the studio just throws up its hands and says "Fuck it, modders will fix it. Back to the next $10 armor pack!"

    And guess what? I'm not planning on buying this game based on what I've seen of it. Maybe I will at some point once it goes on sale - we'll see. But at this time I'd rather spend that 60 bucks on something else.

    Good for you for having already bought your copy. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Sep 28, 2015
    Even though I'm still new here, I am not looking forward to it.
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    Old World Blues too, at higher levels the lobotomites and trauma harnesses have really high level weapons and the roboscorpions can be quite tough.
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    THe Lobotomites and Trauma Harnesses still went down with a few shots because their armor sucked, but yeah, those high level Roboscorpions were just annoying.
  12. This is kind of off topic but I came across the FO4 soundtrack on youtube. I'm 26 minutes in and this is definitely the most "hopeful" soundtrack we've ever heard in a fallout game, I think a lot of people here are going to hate it. I like the hopeful sound in a fallout game if it's done properly but I think that a lot of these songs don't sound anything even remotely like fallout which is disappointing. Some of the combat songs sound good though.
    EDIT: at 59:14 it almost sounds like mass effect music
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    I can't help but feel like some of the music is based from Skyrim, which is somewhat annoying.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    Working for a reputation management firm must be such a cushy job. Trolling for dollars - that's the life!
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    Sounds fake, but ok.
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    Yeah, a paid for promotional tv spot, definetly the most accurate and trustworthy kind of review we can get....
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    Sep 8, 2015
    As much as I love Conan, that will make me sick.
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    If you watched clueless gamer you'd know that what he does is hardly what could be called a review rather more like making fun of certain parts of the game like 'press X to pay respects' in Call of Duty. Heck his Witcher 3 segment was mostly him talking about wanting to have sex with Yennefer.
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    If your promotional video is being announced by Bethesda and you appear in full cosplay getup with replica gun and everything I can only assume you will shill the shit out of the game.