Fallout 5 Predictions

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  1. Blastwave Dave

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    Sep 12, 2021
    I don't think it would be impossible to do this in the FPS style. Maybe just have isolated 'chunks' of land that you can explore in more detail when you arrive. I guess the 76 expeditions are supposed to kind of be like that.
  2. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    Yeah, the FP games have already been doing something like this in regards to their dlc locations. They’d just need to make the actual game maps much smaller, which would disappoint many Bethfa(gs)ns. They want to be able to explore a giant world map with lots of dungeons and cool stuff to find. I think it would be cool to have some kind of giant, randomly generated “overworld” that the player can walk around in, with randomized enemies and random encounters, simulating the overworld of the original games.
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  3. Eshanas

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    Jul 6, 2016
    I've said this before, but the Tales of X and Mount and Blade games seem to do it well. Your party runs around on a big, detailed map then you zoom in for battle. I could see that working out for Fallout, earnestly. It'll just require a lot of detailing and care.
  4. SpyBox

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    Oct 2, 2021
    My prediction for Fallout 5 will be that it will be set in the west coast where the original Fallout games were set. It will be a single-player game with a multiplayer deathmatch mode like the original Half-Life. Bugthesda will frame this as an "return to the classic setting of Fallout" or whatever but really just ruin every faction there. You'll be a Vault Dweller because Bugthesda has such a hard-on for anything Vault related. There'll be some Pre-War section or intro because "that's what the fans want". You won't be able to name your character, but you will be able to customize his/her appearance in a super detailed way with every aspect and your backstory will be set in stone, allowing for very-little roleplaying. The perk leveling up system will be like Fo4/Fo76 but involve finding perk cards in the world in chests or something with different rarities but you can buy super rare limited editon perk card booster packs with Vault-Bux purchased with real money. Many elements from Fallout 4 and 76 will return like building settlements, modifying weapons, and collecting every single piece of junk items available.

    The story will be that you Vault Dweller's sibling (male if female and female if male) was KIDNAPPED (oh no) by the EVIL RAIDERS. And then you have to rescue him/her from them. You go out of the vault and then get embroiled in some conflict between the EVIL Ceaser's Legion the GOOD New California Republic. Also in there is the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of The Apocalypse. You can meet Ceaser and talk to him but instead of having an interesting personality and viewpoint, he will be a evil mysognist who loves killing people. The NCR will be portrayed as this loving, uncorruptible, fair and just government while the Legion the terrible sadistic cult of people who kill people for fun. The Legion won't crucify anyone because "muh wokeness".

    It will be a shooter game with very little talking and lots of shooting.
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  5. Canaris

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Depends who will make Fallout 5.
    If Bethesda : some more east coast fanfic bullshit with even less rpg elements, quests or story but more shootin, lootin and probably cash shop/microtransactions shoved in.

    If someone else : no idea. Id love for New Mexico/Texas to be more explored and id love to return to familiar roots of adobe buildings, desert wastes and stuff like that. Or maybe an actual frozen wastes of Montana with Legion remnants, militias, religious leaders ala Jacob Seed, Montana chapter of BoS etc. Could be fun.
  6. Maxson_Taggart

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    Apr 2, 2022
    If its Bethesda, bets on it being on the eastern side of US as usual. I really hope they let Obsidian do another one.
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  7. Eumesmopo

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    Dec 6, 2012
    * Released in 2028
    * Xbox exclusive at launch, PC release a couple of months later
    * Borderlandsy coop open world looter shooter set in somewhere in the post-apocalyptic US
    * Base building and customization of weapons and armor will be heavily expanded upon from Fallout 4 and will be one of the main features of gameplay
    * Player Characters only have three stats: Health, Carry Weight and Stamina
    * Conversation wheel reduced from 4 options down to 2 at maximum, most of the time you only have 1 option
    * Storyline and lore are all poorly written and incredibly retarded
    * Main quest is very linear with at most a few irrelevant binary choices here and there which hardly affect anything at all
    * Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutants will be forcibly retconned into whatever new stupid setting they come up with
    * Multiplayer elements technically "optional", but generally very heavily geared towards
    * Microtransactions for cosmetics and maybe for some exclusive weapons as well
    * No modding support
    * More expansive online game modes added in a few months after launch, including dedicated PvP and a bunch of online-only content designed to get players to spend lots of hours playing and grinding
    * If the online mode becomes popular, they will eventually sneak in lootboxes
    * Will be highly praised by critics and journalists
    * Will be highly successful and profitable because consumers are goddamn cattle
    * Will be milked to hell and back just like Rockstar did with GTA 5
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