Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Novel

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    Alright, since I have been slowly introducing my Fallout novel over the past week or so, I have decided to create an official thread for it. I deleted my "First Chapter" thread that was here, and will instead be posting the chapter's online. The novel's title itself is, Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Novel. It will be a novelization of the game Fallout, which will include different endings (with different book covers), including the canon and non-canon endings, and the Vault Dweller's non-canon endings to certain 'quests' in the game, interpreted in the book. And yes, the novel will be free. Now, without further ado:

    Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Novel


    Back-Cover Information:
    "Fallout: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel is a novelization of the 1996 computer video-game Fallout, created by Black Isle Studios and Interplay. In the year of 2077, a world-wide nuclear war had devastated the Earth, leaving entire cities in smoldering ruins, landscapes as barren deserts, and animals as genetically-mutated monsters. Humanity, however, managed to survive by hiding in many places, attempting to outlast the worst of the nuclear after-effects. One such way humanity survived was in huge, technologically-advanced underground 'Vaults'. The Vaults were constructed by the Pre-War United States government and a contracted corporation entitled 'Vault-Tek'. The Fallout novel follows an ordinary citizen of Vault 13, a security officer who lives a daily, boring routine. The Vault Dweller, or Jason, along with all the other Vault occupants, are pampered with Pre-War luxuries and technology while the rest of the world is forced to survive off of the scraps of a ruined civilization. When the Vault's water purification system malfunctions and its water chip breaks, the Vault Dweller Jason if forced to undergo a dangerous journey to the mysterious surface world to look for a new one. The Vault 13 population of over one-thousand inhabitants, including the one he loves and the community he was raised by all rely on him to become their savior. Will Jason, and ordinary nobody be able to stand up and not only brave the outside horrors, but survive them?"

    Fallout Novelization Q&A, Questions and Answers:

    Question: First off, who are you and why are you doing this?
    Answer: I am Damen Grzelachowski, those on the internet know me by my pseudonym BigBoss. I have never taken the time to learn modding, especially modding the Fallout games, thus I had no way to contribute to the community. However, I always had a natural talent for creative writing, achieving several Creative Writing decorations in High School and Community College. I have written several short stories, but never a full-length feature novel. I decided that, since everyone else contributes to the Fallout community with their own talents, I will use my talents in my own way. My only hope and motive for writing this novel is to keep the original Fallout(s) fanbase-community alive.

    Question: Who is 'Jason'? I thought this book was supposed to be canon?
    Answer: In the game Fallout, you are required to create your own Vault Dweller, however you see fit. The game never actually gives any real clues as to who the "canon" Vault Dweller might be, and in several occasions you are required to present and introduce your character with the name, and personality you gave him or her. So I created the concept of 'Jason'. The truth is, our planet doesn't have to many people that were destined to be heroes from birth. We don't live in a world full of Spartacus' and Odysseus'. Jason is an average, normal 'everyday layman'. He isn't someone who was destined for greatness from birth, he wasn't embarking on great quests at the age of 15. He is a 22 year old man who was born and raised in a Vault which shelters and pampers its inhabitants, which recently received a run of bad luck. Like I said, this isn't the story of a "hero", this is the story of a normal, average person who is forced to become a "hero". There's no kicking people off of ledges, valiantly and courageously charging head on by himself into dozens of hardened enemies, or standing atop rock taking on 50 enemies below. Jason will be put in situations which will test him everytime, and eventually push him over his limits both psychologically and physically. This is the story of an average man with little to no skills or experience overcoming unbearable and impossible odds.

    Question: Is the book going to contain the 'canon' story?
    Answer: Yes, the original version of the book will be the canon version of the story. However, after the original version is released, there will be several other versions following the non-canon actions of the Vault Dweller, such as talking the Master into suicide instead of defeating him in combat, and even with Jason joining the Super Mutants, with his mutated self leading an attack on his own Vault. The developers also do not tell us exactly how every mission happened. It will be up to Jason (the Vault Dweller) to find his own way in finishing these missions, however when there is a way that was classified as "canon", you can expect Jason will be following that path.

    Question: Can we expect any of the side-quests to take place in the book?
    Answer: Yes. There were many quests that weren't required to complete the Fallout game. However, some of these quests' endings were never known to be canon or not by the games developers and producers. An example of quests you can expect to see will be "Killing the Rad-Scorpions For Shady Sands", "Rescuing Tandi from the Khans", and "Helping Blackwater In Junktown". That's all the information I'm going to release for now, as I've said to much.

    Question: What characters can we expect to be featured in the book? Will the Vault Dweller have companions?
    Answers: Well, the main characters obviously. The Master, Lou Tenant, the Overseer, Tandi and Aradesh, Morpheus may or may not make a small appearance. The Vault Dweller will pick up Ian and Dogmeat. There may even be an instance, or 'accident' involving Ian's notorious 10mm submachine gun and his inability to aim it properly.

    Question: Will this novel be free? When can we expect a finished, revised version.
    Answers: Yes, it will be entirely free, and available for download here on No Mutants Allowed when it is finished. The full novel and individual chapters (both revised and unrevised) will be also be available on the website I have posted them at. You may also read the novel and individual chapters here on this thread (look below) without downloading them. There is no announcement date on the finished version of the novel yet. I have to write each chapter individually, and then revise them after that chapter is written. Revise meaning, I must go over and check my spelling and grammar, delete parts I feel aren't necessary, modify certain paragraphs to hold more, less, or entirely different context, and-or add parts that needed to or should have been added.

    Question: Sounds like a cool project. Is there anyway I can help?
    Answer: Definitely. Writing a full-length feature novel is extremely time consuming and exhausting. I am first and foremost in need of artists (NMA resident or not), computer graphics and/or pen and paper, to draw up a new book cover to replace my current, very bland one. My original plan was to release the book with several different alternative book covers, each book cover for a different ending. Second, and maybe most important, I am in need of other writers. Every artist is in the dire need of the opinion of other artists, and that's what makes their work great. Don't worry, I don't want you to proof read my chapters and do the boring stuff like correcting spelling and grammar. I need extra writers to include and suggest new exciting ways for a certain moment to take place, such as romance, action, or a simple talk between two characters. Especially on that romance part. I can't stress enough how much of a cold-hearted ba-... well the point being I'm not entirely great at writing romantic scenes that will "hit the heart". Anyways, I need writers to improve upon my own work. Third, I need all of you hard-core Fallout fans for advice. Advise me on and when a canon event happens, correct me if I make a mistake in the description of some kind of weapon, character, or town, and overall, well, advise me in the ways of Fallout lore.

    Question: I'm either not interested in any of those things, or have no experience in them. Is there any other way I can help.
    Answer: Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions. This is a book FOR the fans of Fallout. Since it's free, all my money-making motivations go out the window. I am trying to entertain the Fallout fans, and nothing can help me do that better than those very fans giving me suggestions on how to make the book better!

    Read The Novel Here:
    Chapter 1 (Revised): http://www.mediafire.com/view/d2na6nh0ofeahk6/Chapter_1.txt

    Chapter 2 (Unrevised): http://www.mediafire.com/view/n5mkoooeu72llvo/Chapter_2.txt
    Chapter 3 (Unrevised):http://www.mediafire.com/view/ncd3hom6jjpuxd1/Chapter_03.txt

    News #7: (10/2/2014) It's been months. A little over three, to be exact. I've gone through my own things, as has the rest of the world. But needless to say; it's finally here. Months of pushing it off, months of working on it, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally finished it in it's unrevised form. The only thing I can say is, thank you for being patient. And, 204 downloads for the first chapter? Wow. That's more than I ever hoped to get, this is more viewers and a large audience than I'd ever hoped to achieve. As a writer I give you thanks for your unlimited support and patience. All I ask if for you to offer feedback if you get the chance. Even if it's negative feedback, just give me your opinions, thoughts, recommendations, and anything else you feel you need to say. Again, thank you all. I am setting the date for the Chapter 4 to be released on 10/15/2014. The book isn't even halfway finished, and look at what we have achieved with nothing more than one writer, a couple loyal fans, and five bucks a month to have mediafire host my book.

    News #8: (12/02/2014) Just wanted to let you guys know there's a new book cover, thanks to Akratus whom will receive a special thanks in the book. The book will be dedicated to my father, and made for Fallout fans. As toward the progress of the book, I have hit the middle of the fourth chapter, and we should be able to expect it after New Years.

    News #9: (12/27/2014) Ok guy's, just wanted to let you know where I am at in the book right now. Chapter 4 (unrevisied) is very close to finishing. Just a few more paragraphs. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be able to include Garl's fight with the Jason in this chapter yet, as it got longer than I'd expected it too. But I wouldn't count that out. I know I will at least end the chapter with the Jason and Ian walking into the Khan camp. Also, thanks to Sander, whom stickied my novel in the fan art section of NMA. Will be receiving a second special thanks in the book. Official date for the release of Chapter 4 (unrevisied) is 1/3/2015. Hang in there just a little while longer guys.

    News #10:
    (3/20/2015) Well, it's been three months since my last post on this forum. First off, I'd like to apologize for the extremely slow process the novel is going through. I recently got a job, a shitty job, but albeit still a job. I make no money from this novel, nor have I ever made any money from any of my other publications. I have to buy food and support my terrible habits and hobbies somehow, right? Anyways, I've got good news and bad news. Good news is, the novel is officially back on track, and I'm beginning work again on the fourth chapter again. Bad news is, I can't find my copy of the fourth chapter anywhere on my hard-drive, I'm not entirely sure hat the hell could have happened to it. Usually I make a back up copy for each chapter, but even that's gone. If fact, the folder that I've kept all the information for this book in (including the back-up files of the other chapters, notes and concepts on future chapters, etcetera, etcetera. And if that isn't bad enough, I haven't paid my bill on the site I use to host my novel. The files should still be up, but I can't upload anything more until I pay them their five bucks, which will have to wait until next Wednesday, because I'm broke. But regardless, the novel IS still alive, and is still back on track. Thanks to anyone who still checks up on this thread, and to the moderators of NMA for not shutting me down due to frequent inactivity. The fact that I lost my copy of the fourth chapter doesn't bring me any grief however. To tell the truth, I was beginning to hate the chapter. Not that it was bad writing, I just felt that, I gave it no heart. It just looked sloppy and lazy to me, and I was already planning to either scrap it or make alot of changes to it. I've also been having some friends of mine re-read my work and go through it, and then they give me their feedback and opinion which has helped ALOT. After I release the fourth chapter, I'm going to release revised versions of every chapter so far (mediafire retained a copy even though I didn't, so I caught a lucky break there. These chapters are pretty long, and the work it takes to make it is, despite what one may think, a lot. The fourth chapter WILL be released by the end of this month, and that is a promise. Oh yeah, I've also added a new section to my front page (the page you're reading now). It is called the SPECIAL THANKS section, which, it's exactly that, but it leans a little more toward credits too. Before I close this update, I just want to thank all of you. You've given me tons of support on finishing this novel, and it's the reason this novel has any kind of fan base at all.
    EDIT: I have finished the fourth chapter, but I have yet to pay mediafire again. So it will be up very soon guys. Ol Slim will be also making an appearance.

    • @Akratus, the artist who made the book covers.
    • @Sander for giving it moderator support and allowing me to use No Mutants Allowed to host my novel.
    • The guys over at NationStates, for helping me with the novel in many ways, such as pre-reading each chapter before it's release and "testing" it, so to speak.
    • A particular thanks goes to Sam at NationStates, for taking a particular interest in the novel and helping me perfect and fix new chapters.
    • @MrJason005, for also taking the time to help me correct menial errors such as typos.
    • @Nigel at NationStates, I hope your mom get's well soon man!

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  2. Kilgore Trout

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    Dec 11, 2013
    Just wanted to say I think this is awesome and I look forward to future chapters!
  3. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Thank's man. I'm nearly done revising my first chapter. I was also thinking about naming the chapters out of Mark Morgan's songs he did for Fallout. For example, the first chapter would be "Vault of the Future", then "Desert Wind" for the second chapter. I'm not sure yet though.

    Second chapter should be here soon.
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  4. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    I am very happy about this.

    Also if it's at all helpful, there's a short story in the strategy guide that could be inspiration if you ever get writer's block. If you don't have it already, PM me with an email address and I'll send it to you.
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  5. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Half way through writing the second chapter. If I'm not too lazy, it will be out by tomorrow evening or night.
  6. MrJason005

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Just read the first chapter. Well done! :clap:
    Here are a few suggestions though...
    • Page 2, You type "We usually just fine" In the second paragraph (obvious typo)
    • Page 3, You type "trust me, women are...." It doesn't start with a capital inside the brackets
    • General: If I rememeber correctly, in the vault dweller's memoirs, his love was named Pat, Not Kate
    • Page 3, You type in the paragraph before the last "However when your in that realm..." small typo
    • General: I believe that the "every day" chapter and the "panic" should seperated, not one chapter, I suppose it was combined to be showed off as one? I'm not sure, but my suggestion stays
    • General: I've noticed, you use (swearing?) in the typical language (before the breaking news of the water chip) like "yeah typical shit, the man leaves his shit on the hallway, typical shit". Here in greece we don't talk like that, perhaps it's that that put me off, but yeah, you get the point
    • Page 7: In the last paragraph you typed "he could here" I suspect this is a typo and you originally intented to type "hear"?
    • Page 8: You said however due to a mix-up with the Pre-War Vault Tek Corporation, our spare water
    • purification chips were instead sent to another Vault, Vault 15. From memory, I believe that the spare water chips' location is confirmed in fallout 2 since you get to visit vault 8, and it is filled to the brim with water chips.
    • Page 11: Right at the top section of the page you type Affects of Atomic Blasts On Living Organisms and Material
    • Things I think normally you type Effects not Affects
    • Page 12: When Kate is talking to Jason, she says if ever you are close to death, you will abandoned the water chip "You will abandoned" do not go together, so the correct term I believe is "You will abandon the water chip..."
    • Page 13: In the paragraph where he talks about his supplies, he mentions his 10mm ammo, his weapon, his stimpacks and water canteens too many times, cut down on the repeats. He may be in shock that he is leaving the vault but nobody talks like that
    • General: Paragraphs named after Mark Morgan's song titles isn't going to be so good in my opinion, when he reaches vault 15, what will be there?
    This may all seem random, sorry! I just had a .txt and typing notes as I was reading your chapter.

    I have a strong passion for literature, so I do see how this is your first novel. But for a first try, I think it's brilliant!
    By the way, what is your main language? Just curious.
    Good luck on writing this!
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  7. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Thanks man. Main language is English, btw. Born and raised in the US.

    Also, a few things here.

    1) Usually I type fast, that's why there's so many typos. I type around 85 - 100 words per minute. That's why I have to do revised and unrevised versions of each chapter.
    2) In the novel, Kate is the Vault dwellers first love. When he comes back with the water chip, or when the overseer kicks him out (I haven't decided when), she will abandon him.
    3) In the Fallout game, and here in the United States, swearing has/had become a normal process in the way people talk. Good or bad, it's here either way. I'll try to cut back in future chapters, but it gives the characters personality, as well as adds realism.
    4) Chapter 2 will end as the Vault Dweller reaches the command and control center, only to find it under thousands of pounds of rubble. To my own knowledge, you find explosives in the vault, so I might make him attempt to clear the rubble with explosives, only to trigger a cave in for excitement. Ian will partner up with him earlier in the chapter to help kill the Rad-Scorpions, but he will soon return to Shady Sands and leave the Vault Dweller's side afterward. Only when the Vault Dweller returns from Vault 15 to find Tandi missing, will Ian join his side permanently (well, at least until Necropolis, where he will end up getting burned alive with a flamethrower. This will end up being a traumatizing event for the Vault Dweller).

    By the way, bad news on the second chapter. I gotta push it back until this Saturday (24th). Sorry guys. But, to keep you going, here's a teaser, two paragraphs from different sections in the book.

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  8. MrJason005

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Allright, guess there's more waiting on the second chapter.
    I'll read it ASAP and let you know on my suggestions :grin:
  9. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    I'm sorry everyone, I know I promised you guys the second chapter a few days ago, but starting Wednesday night I had gotten extremely sick. On Friday I went to the Emergency Room but they weren't to sure what was wrong with me. The problem is in my stomach somewhere, they think it might be Gastritis. I thought it was because I had taken too much Acetaminophen (pharmaceutical Tylenol) that was mixed in with Hydrocodone. I had taken a total of about 2700mg in a 24 hour period, but apparently the toxic level is 4000mg in a 24 hour period. They said that the levels of Acetaminophen in my blood were far to low, so it is extremely unlikely that's what's wrong with me. They did CT Scans and drew my blood to run tests for infections or any other stomach problems which came up negative. So they have no idea what the hell is going on with me.

    I'll finish the second chapter ASAP once I start feeling a little better. Sorry for the extremely long wait guys.

    EDIT: I've decided since I was forced to leave you guys hanging way past the due date, that I will give you where I am at in the novel. Please note that the chapter is currently in the BETA phase. Each chapter I write, have five phases.

    BETA - When a chapter is in the BETA phase it is not only unfinished, but has not been looked over at all.
    ALPHA - When a chapter is in the ALPHA phase it has been finished, but has not yet been looked over.
    Unrevised - When a chapter is in it's unrevised phase, the chapter has been finished, and I have taken a slight bit of time to go over it and correct typos and add/remove parts.
    Revised - The revised version of the chapter is when I have gone over the chapter once or more, correcting typos or removing/adding pieces.
    Final - Once a chapter hit's it's final phase, it is ready to be placed in the novel.

    So, here's Chapter 2, in it's BETA phase, a little below three-fourths finished.

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  10. MrJason005

    MrJason005 First time out of the vault

    Nov 12, 2013
    Very sorry to hear about your health problems. Kinda has me on edge about the novel now, but you be fine. I hope you'll get better soon! :sad:
  11. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    EDIT: The second chapter is up everyone. Thanks for sticking around and waiting on this slow, lazy, and 'gets-sick-too-often' bastard. I'll go over it within the next few days and after correcting spelling and grammar and doing a little bit of revision, making everything is how I envisioned it to be, I will post up the revised version on the second chapter. Then, well then we can get started on the third chapter, which will have a gnarly, bloody, and encumbersome (for the Vault Dweller) bare-knuckle fist fight with Garl, while Tandi hangs in the balance as the prize for this gruesome boxing match! Garl is one meansonofabitch (New Vegas reference there), so I'm not to sure how the Vault Dweller is going to beat this guy, especially with no prior unarmed/hand-to-hand combat training. Garl will be standing at approximately 6'1 and weighing in at 185lbs (the majority of that weight being muscle).

    How will the untrained, un-fit (to professional standards) Vault Dweller do it? Or even more unknown, WILL he be able to do it? Will Tandi be able to go back home to Shady Sands along with the Vault Dweller and Ian, or will she become Garl's personal plaything?
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  12. Emperor

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    Aug 4, 2013
    @BigBoss Chapter 1 link is down, when you click it leads to a page saying that the image doesn't exist anymore.
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  13. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Looking forward to chapter three, sounds great :)

    Possibilities for winning fight, if you use game as only basis:
    Enter fight wearing armor. Assumedly garl allows this because he is so sure of his abilities.
    Head shot to knock unconscious.
    Groin shot to incapacitate.

    Other non game based possibilities:
    Cheating by concealing a weapon before the fight
    Getting ian to sneak up on him
    Getting trandi to sneak up on him
    Dodging causing him to bash his skull into the fence that surrounds the fighting area
  14. BigBoss

    BigBoss Your Local Scrub

    Dec 24, 2012
    I don't know if there is going to be any cheating. I do know that the Vault Dweller will be getting the shit kicked out of him in the fight though.

    The Vault Dweller will win however. While Garl is going to be a tough opponent, and will be throwing blows and kicks that will knock the VD down to the ground five to six times, it won't be a just "Come one, Come all, watch the infamous and tough Garl beat the living shit out of a guy who just took his first steps into the Wasteland almost two weeks ago!" The Vault Dweller will manage to get his own hits in though, even in the beginning of the fight. So, while it will be a tough fight for the Vault Dweller, it's not going to go all "movie style" (if ya know what I mean) where the Vault Dweller gets his head stomped until he's laying on the ground, while looking at Ian and Tandi with the "he's about to die face", In which the encourages him and gives him the strength to suddenly get up even though his body is beaten, broken, and battered, and kick the shit out of a so-far relatively untouched Garl. It's not going to be like that. It's going to be a blood-bash fight. Both kicking the hell out of eachother. (Garl able to fight so strongly because he's a tough bastard, and The Dweller able to last in the fight for so long because he fighting for something).

    One particular thing I will note in the book is that Garl will be carrying a ring that he took off the last leader of the Great Khans (after he killed him in the same way/Khan tradition the Vault Dweller is going to use to bargain for Tandi). This is going to be a BI-YI-ATCH for the Vault Dweller, since Garl will not be taking the ring off when he enters the fight. It will be worn on his right hand, middle ringer. The ring will be kinda big, and heavy (well, heavy for a ring. It's not going to be like 3 pounds or anything), and sculpted as a Mongolian warrior's face (which unknown to the Khans themselves, in Pre-War times it was sculpted as Genghis Khan) wearing a Great Khan helmet (on the back it was labeled simply, "The Great Khan") but the thorns on the helmet of the ring were thick, and will be facing outward so that when you get punched with it, you not only felt that big ass metal ring in your skull, but those two thick horns also. I will be providing background about the ring, which when the Khans were first started, like this piece of information for example:

    The only way a Khan could have a new leader, is if one of the Khans thought their current leader had grown to old and weak to lead them, or was already weak to begin with, they would challenge them to a no-weapon fight to the death. If they won, they would take the ring (and leadership) for themselves. If they didn't... well... you get the picture. Of course if no one ever challenged the leader (either because they were afraid to respected him), he could just die in old-age, and one of his lieutenants would take the ring. But yeah, this will all be said in the book.

    To get back to what I was saying, it is going to be a hard, tough fight. Not a get your ass kicked all day then jump up at the last minute throwing punches like a boss, fight. Garl will also be wearing steel-toed boots. The Vault Dweller's gonna' have some fun.

    Also, the bargain will be if the Vault Dweller wins, they get to take Tandi home. If he loses, they will kill him (and Ian), and then raid Shady Sands, this time without leaving survivors. Though I might change this bargain if I think up something better. Suggestions?

    Thanks, I'll fix that.

    EDIT: Fixed.
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  15. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Thank you for the explanation and writing in the spoiler tag, I enjoyed reading that. :nod:

    Regarding the bargain question in your last paragraph, I think that sounds about right.

    Considering that Garl is badass and/or a total piece of shit, I would wonder if he'd make sneers about raping Tandi or/and letting the Raiders have fun with her. (Leave it to the reader to decide if said "fun" is sexual or violent in nature). Obviously not necessary to write that, but it's something that, while probably cliche, I think would be appropriate for someone like him to say. And, the benefit of that is if the Vault Dweller is a up-standing person they'll be like "Whaaaat? Fuck that!" and get all the more pumped about winning the fight. Because, you know, Tandi is young and sheltered and all that.
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  16. BigBoss

    BigBoss Your Local Scrub

    Dec 24, 2012
    Yeah, sounds like a good idea man.
  17. 5545Trey

    5545Trey Underground Deviant

    Jun 25, 2014
    This is good story-telling. Bethesda should hire people like you and fire their own story writers.
  18. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    wat. The main mission's storyline of Fallout 3 is the greatest story-telling ever seen in any video game, aside from Donkey Kong and Mario.
  19. BigBoss

    BigBoss Your Local Scrub

    Dec 24, 2012
    It's finally here. After months of putting it off, more months of progress, it's finally finished, in it's unrevised form.

    Chapter 3 is finally here. I thank you guys for being patient. You can find the link above with the other chapters, along with an update in the NEWS comments.
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  20. Just read through this.

    Awesome job bro. Keep it up and you can make money doing this.