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    Sep 26, 2017
    So, I've been dabbling with the idea of making a major fallout mod for quite some time in my head now, and after a lot of thought concluded Charleston SC looks like the place. As a spiritual home of the Confederacy, and being quite an iconic american city, it looks like the perfect place for fallout-style americana irony and sarcasm to take place. I've already thought out the major factions, and some minor ones, and also have the overall story arc planned out.

    Charleston also looks like a good, mid-sized place to go for, since aiming for a major american city would almost certainly end in failure, since it would basically mean making a fallout game from scratch. So the Holy City struck me as a good compromise, since it is not a bustling metropolis full of skyscrapers, major buildings, and subway stations, like Boston or DC, but due to its historic nature, it provides the uniqueness necessary for an interesting setting.

    So, I'm here to ask the community for ideas and suggestions regarding major locations that should be present in the greater charleston area, and also tips about factions, specially minor ones, since I already have the "Big Three" pretty much figured out. So, what do you think would be essential and\or interesting for a fallout mod located in the Holy City?

    It would begin a few months, maybe a year after Broken Steel and the final destruction of Enclave forces in the Capital Wasteland. The Big Three would be:

    The Enclave: remnant forces that regrouped, and fled south towards Charleston led by a major surviving officer, aiming to rebuild their strength in an area where there are no major factions like NCR\BoS to end them once and for all while they are at their weakest. They are still humans-only, but due to necessity are now accepting and training wastelanders.

    The Confederacy: Blaming the "Yankee federal government" for the nuclear destruction of the world, the confederates seek a return to an idyllic antebellum southern lifestyle. This means good ol' iced tea, southern folk music, agrarian lifestyle, plantations, and of course, slavery. Ghoul slavery. The faction was forged a few decades prior to the start of the game, and a semblance of civilization has been returned to the Holy City. If you're a human, that is.

    The Gullahs (possibly temporary name, ideas are accepted and encouraged): a resistance group organized by runaway ghoul slaves, and wastelanders who feel oppressed by the dominant plantation class of the confederates, or just sympathize with the suffering of the mutants who toil under slavery enough to fight for their freedom. Of the major factions, this is obviously the least powerful, and the one that most lacks lore developed.
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    Two issues- Enclave is kinda overplayed. Also ghouls would be the worst type of plantation slave.

    They are slow, weak and rot in the sun. I can't picture someone drinking tea on a porch while wind blows their stench towards them.

    You could make them butlers, entertainers(playing piano) and give access to bath.

    Or maybe make some custom mutants(Confederate scientists were experimenting with extra limbs, higher strentgh and endurance?)

    Otherwise pretty cool idea.
  3. Drop the Enclave, drop the 'Ghoul Gullahs', replace the latter with Swampfolk slaves? They seem rather strong and stupid; after all.
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    Dec 31, 2017
    Here is an idea include a faction in the Citadel, the military college of south carolina, Make it kind of like the BOS, but all the cadets were in a vualt instead. You could have You could have the rank structure were you start out as a knob(what they call freshmen) and work your way up. You could have them have a rivlery with the local BOS faction, because they just see the cadets as a bunch of children playing soldier.

    Also it wouldn't make sense for their not to be a BOS as Charalston home to an air base, as well as a nuclear training facility, so a BOS presence would be expected.