Fallout First - A new way to displease customers?

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    So I havn't seen someone commenting on this.

    It seems many thought Fallout 76 for one or the other reason would become at some point a Free2play game. But apparently that's not what Bethesda under Todd Howard has in plan. From what it seems they want to make a new kind of subscription model for their game. A model based on Tiers or something where you get different experiences the more you pay.

    There has been some controversy about this. To say the least. Particularly as it seems that some information has been leaked out that suggest they want to go even further.

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    I didn't watch the video but I probably don't need to watch it to know what's in it.

    Other than buying the base game it is "free to play". Bethesda hasn't (to my knowledge) said the game won't someday be completely free. It sells for $10-20 in many stores and many others don't even carry it now. I am still sort of expecting it to become free at some point.

    There's not really a "tiered" model (if tiered means there's several paid levels of subscription). You can play the free game or pay for the "premium" service which comes with private servers, unlimited stash space and monthly atoms. Whether premium is worth the money is entirely up to the player. You do not need premium to play. I do not have premium and I'm still playing. It does not affect my life in anyway. There is no paywall that prevents me from experiencing the game's content. The game is not "pay to play".

    What was the information that was "leaked"?
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