Fallout: London - Official Reveal Trailer - Fallout 4 Modification

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    Would have put this in as a sort of news but I forgot only a few very priviliged people can post there. Anyway. Just saw this on Youtube and I thought why not share here :

    Seems to be a mod set in well you guessed it. London. Based on Fallout 4. Good? Bad? It's the first time I hear about it. Not even sure London is such a ... great or interesting setting. Honestly I think something set in China or something close to it would have been actually more intesting. I don't know. We have to wait and see. The gameplay I assume will be close to Fallout 4.

    Edit. Oh. Just saw someone has already made a topic. I guess a moderator can push this in to it?
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    Depite being terribly wrong in premise, I thought the trailer was exceptionally well done.

    *When does Microsoft sue them? :(

    ...or hire them? :deal:
    (...and pay Mr. Statham to do the narration.)
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  3. Morgan_

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    Nice, so there will be no guns in fallout for the first time.


    There is a knight fighting a flame atronach/golem.
  4. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    There will be a druidic cult...and secrets below Stonehenge. :roll:

    Nah... I doubt it.

    More like this, I think:

    What will be bad is if they have Deathclaws in London, and worse if... bottle caps.
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