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  1. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010

    My Fallout: Miami Fan-Made Trailer
    Figured since this was the section for posting our ideas, I'd drop this here.

    I had some time to kill over the past few days so I decided to model, edit, and animate something different. I really enjoy the fallout franchise so I thought this would be cool to make.

    I spent about a day or 2 working on this on-and-off, but most of the time went towards rendering this. Even with my 6gb Ram, Xeon Quad Core, Nvidia Quadro Super Comp, this whole Maya file took 46 hours to render.
    Editing in Premier Pro was simple though:p

    To get a slight sense of realism with location like the fallout franchise is known for I modeled the buildings and the sign based on 2 actual Deco Hotel buildings and the Miami Beach sign on Ocean Drive. It would be interesting if someone actually made a Miami Beach mod for Fallout.

    My only complains is that the water did not come out the way I wanted AT ALL but once I get the RealFlow plugin when I get my next paycheck I'll redo this. I'll also be changing up the background buildings a bit to make 'em seem a lil more damaged

    Miami Beach is a cool place, everyone should check it out atleast once in their life.
    Btw, I know the upload on the front page is down, is there any other way of submitting videos to machinima? I'd appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction :p

    However, before I even think about submitting this there's a few things I want to fix.
    A lot of things came out differently than I expected, and I like nitpick, so I'm gonna go back and redo this thing.

    So far I made changes to the radio, the skeleton, and fixed the water. The next thing I plan to do is make the background buildings look a little more dilapidated since you can't really see the details I had put on the textures and normal maps. Another thing is that despite having the settings in adobe premier to export this out into 720p, it rendered out to 480p, this will be fixed:p

    I'll post the before and after pics of the changes later :)

    I just realized there's a fan-fic area, I don't know which section this would fall under.
  2. SkuLL

    SkuLL Chad McRealman Orderite

    Sep 6, 2009
    Hey that was really nice. Naturally, the models/textures are a bit basic, but the sound and camera are great, IMO, and very fitting to the style of Fallout intros!

  3. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    I work in a small local game company. We currently only make games for cell phones (hopefully that'll change soon), so making low poly meshes is kinda burned into my mind. But before this video is 100% finished I hope to have more detail. Here are some before and after shots of the improvements:

    The radio looked kinda flat so I needed to add so geometry to it
    Changed the normal mapping abit and added an actual dial to the radio. I plan on added a little bit more to it later.

    Skelly was way too shiny and white, the opposite of what you'd expect a skeleton in the desert would look like
    Gave him a matte finish and stained his bony structure. I'm thinking about modeling an empty Nuka-Cola bottle and putting it in his hand.

    I had left the areas filled with water too shallow, so sometimes the waves would go under the terrain
    Easy fix, made the terrain pits deeper

    Couldn't figure out how to do the lighting, so I just left it at default
    Better shadows:)
  4. Little Robot

    Little Robot sup Orderite

    Sep 29, 2010
    Crap, I feel like someone should post a CSI: Miami one-liner, but I can't think of anything clever. Oh well.

    It looks pretty cool! I don't actually know what Miami beach looks like, but maybe you should add a couple more buildings in the distance? It's looking a little like a cheap movie set right now.

    I think that the best part is the camerawork-- smooth editing.
  5. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    Lol! Both you and some guy from the Machinima.com forums told me the same thing. But you won't see Horatio Caine in my video:p

    I don't have space for anymore buildings. The place looks bigger than it actually is thanks to some camera work. What I could do is possibly throw in some debris between the initial skeleton and the bus. Maybe a few more dead bodies? I'm open to ideas.

    Here's an overview shot of the whole area.

    Should I be posting the updates under fan-art?

    Gonna throw another before/after image here.

    despite the dirt and grime on the structures, they still look rather intact for surviving explosions and shit. Gotta make em look like they're barely holding together
    Still haven't done much in terms of making the place look raggedy, but the shadows is a huge improvement.
  6. thegaresexperience

    thegaresexperience Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Sep 3, 2010
  7. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    Didn't even know that game existed xD

    I honestly have not even thought about what gameplay would be like. I just made this as a fan video, a "what if". However, if I were to ever make this a reality I'd probably do it as an FPS but have more elements of the first 2 games.

    As for the story background, the one described in Fountain of Dreams is similar to what I was thinking.
    Florida is doomed to be flooded in the future (Say goodbye to The Keys), along with the barren lands of a that are in the rest of the series, it would make for some pretty interesting maps. Mutated Alligators have to be included :p

    Lol, a side plot could be about Cuba invading South Florida, similar to how Castro and Che invaded Cuba in the 50's :lol:

    This is all just wishful thinking, even if I had the time to make an actual mod I wouldn't know where or how to start. I could use a different engine I'm more familiar with, but extracting the old meshes and bringing them into the new engine, re-coding all the scripts, etc... would take...forever
  8. Relentless666

    Relentless666 It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 23, 2008
    Not bad, not bad at all. I'd say you need some kind of skyline behind those hotels (Maybe just a 2d image would work?). And some maybe more junk on the ground.

    Still, it's cool and actually makes me think Fallout: Miami could work.
  9. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    I actually got a sky dome in there but it's stationary. I'm thinking about having it rotate slightly when I re-render the scene either tonight or tomorrow.
    The rotation would give the illusion of the clouds drifting ever so gently in the sky.
  10. Nark

    Nark Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Dec 6, 2008
    Nicely done. Fits with the zooming out in the real Fallout intros.
  11. syllogz

    syllogz Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 16, 2007
    Looks nice!

    There's just one thing I don't understand:
    why not make it with GECK in-game FO3 immediately?

    You'll have all the props (except for the Miami-specific ones), textures and you might even be able to shoot an animation.
    And then if you want to expand the idea you can easily turn it into a full mod for FO3.
    (There's a mod with which you are able to bridge together separate scenario-mods, but I forgot the name...)
  12. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    Thanks, you know, when I first posted this I was honestly expecting to get flamed a bit. This community is really nice.

    I never used Geck before. with Maya I have control over every little detail, I can reshape any objects topology and texture/normal/specular on the fly. Plus Maya has some very detailed rendered settings, it's amazing what you can do.

    I would love to make this trailer into an actual FO3/NV mod, but I just don't have the know-how for GECK (assuming that it's very technical) nor the time to learn to use it and build the mod.

    Also, I made the trailer to add into my portfolio:p (Credit givin for the songs and voice over).
    If Geck is way easier to use than I think then I could possibly do this, but it would take awhile and I'd probably need help.

    anyways, I added some palm trees
    I'll edit this post and add a couple pic links in a few minutes.
    good? bad?
  13. syllogz

    syllogz Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 16, 2007
    Yeah, I know.
    However, you should disable all the fancy stuff for rendering (like reflection/refraction, GI, final gather, etc.) the animation until you got the textures and models all set up nicely. That way you can save a lot of time. I have the feeling that your animation should have taken only a few hours to render.

    Plus, you should probably use two separate water planes/boxes, one for the sea/ocean with low frequency and higher amplitude, and the other one for in-land water with high freq and low ampl and more noise.

    Also, you should try to use a blend material for the terrain where you can smoothly/coarsely blend together two textures/materials based on the height of the terrain. This way you can make the lower level sandy and the higher level cracked mud. And you can also use that blend material for displacement, though that would up your rendering time.
  14. Ausir

    Ausir Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Apr 20, 2003
  15. Nark

    Nark Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Dec 6, 2008
    Fallout Tactics had decent enough gameplay and an advanced SPECIAL system which was sadly scrapped and downgraded in every following instalment, I honestly wouldn't have minded a sequel, even if it would have been an un-canon mess.

    The Florida setting would be pretty cool though. Would have liked to see what they could have done with that.
  16. UnidentifiedFlyingTard

    UnidentifiedFlyingTard Vault Fossil

    Mar 12, 2009
    I like the palm tree you added to my logo.
  17. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    I got the Fallout logo from a fansite, if you're the original creator of the image I'll remove it. I can just make a new one by modifying the Fallout3 logo.

    Honestly though, I picked it that one in particular cause I thought it was the actual logo from fallout, lol. It looked so good I thought BIS made it.

    Just let me know if you want me to take it down.

    On a side note, I started to render the updates footage last night. It's rendering at a rate of roughly 10 frames an hour. If all goes well it should be done around Sunday 1am :D
  18. John B.

    John B. Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Sep 24, 2010
    You, my good man have given me an idea for a videogame.
  19. Migeto

    Migeto First time out of the vault

    Nov 15, 2010
    Through Maya Software yea, but I like using Mental Ray with all the bells and whistles.

    Do tell
  20. PowahAwemah

    PowahAwemah First time out of the vault

    Jun 5, 2010
    The music cuts off too quickly imo. Anyways great job on the intro.