Fallout mods and their compatibility with canon

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    I'm fleshing out a Civ 2: TOT mod based on Fallout. Not canon Fallout, but broad strokes. I wanted to include fan made mods with great ideas, like Behtans Lollipopz scanrios, Someguy2000s Series, but also the EPA from Fallout 2 Restored, and SOME ideas from Fallout 76 (no scorched beasts, no 'Appalcian Bortherhood' but the Redeemers, Taggerts Rangers, Appacalica being a hotbed of automation), and some of the factions from Fallout Doomsday, namely FUSA but maybe with some others.

    In that spirit, what about the Fallout/Fallout 2 mods like Fallout Nevada and such? I want to play them but I've held off, because I want guides. Nonetheless I want to check them out and see if there's any interesting things I can take from them. AND the faster I can see what the options are and how they play out, the less frustating it would be for me. Like mucho less frustrating.

    And in general I'm looking foa all manner of Fallout mods that might add something specualucar to the canon I'm building for this mod.
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    I would advise playing them anyway as chances of getting guides in English are very slim.

    There're guides in Czech for Resurrection and Russian and Polish for Nevada that you could always try translating.
    Here's the one I've used on a couple occasions for Nevada (in Polish)

    Anyway to your question (watch out for spoilers)

    Fallout Resurrection- couple years after Fallout, no canon conflicts. Here's some major stuff:
    • Hub was destroyed by Supermutants after Master's death. Butch Harris died. Demetre, Keri, Crimson Caravan, Mrs Stapleton and a bunch of other survivors relocated to Sedit- Hub's trade partner in New Mexico
    • Albuquerque Vault was a control one. It's Dwellers created The Empire- high-tech walled off paradise ruled by the Emperor.
    • Supermutants' march led to creation of Mutant Hunters- hardened soldiers ready to exterminate every mutant- Supermutants, ghouls or humans with deformities (like extra toes)
    • Ghouls organized into Rebirth- a cult- like organization led by Saviour. It's main goal was to collect enough organs from healthy humans, so every ghoul could be reborn- surgically outfitted with healthy organs and skin. Their actions led to the demise of dozens of smaller towns, tribes, caravans and bandit groups.

    Fallout Nevada- 60 years after the war, some conflicts with Fallout 2 and RP.
    • Vault 8 isn't a control Vault. It was a testing ground for cloning project, but the facility is canonically destroyed at the end of Nevada.
    • Fallout 2 mob families were present in Reno 60 years after the war. Bishop owned a fighting ring, Mordino had a wife, son and a cozy hotel, Wright was a polygamist, slum landlord and owned a mine in Uranium City, while Salvatore was a beggar living across the street from Wright.
    • First VC servants were villagers from Gerlach.
    • Richard Grey was a part of the first Vault 8 expedition to the surface. During the expedition one of it's members was killed while Grey disappeared. It was assumed that Grey killed the man.
    • Thanks to Mr House most of Vegas survived. In Vegas' center Pure City was founded. It was a democratic city, with it's own police force and court. It used power from Hoover's Dam.
    • The Kings early on were common thugs- they mostly murdered travelers outside of Vegas and were involved in drug trade.
    • Omerta and White Gloves were created during the drought that affected the area around Vegas. Many farming communities relocated, while others turned to robbery and cannibalism. Slavers in outer Vegas mention buying slaves from one of these groups.
    • Wanamingos weren't created by EPA. They were part of a secret project in Area 51. It's unknown whether they're aliens caught by military, monsters created by using the remains military found in Roswell or part of a hoax along with the fake UFO.
    • President and vice-president weren't part of the Enclave. They both survived in Government Bunker somewhere east of Salt Lake City. President and many other government members died during the fights in the Bunker. Vice- president was able to contact the Enclave using PoseidonNet and was later picked up along with the rest of the survivors and presumably killed.
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    Resurrection 1.5 is kind of contradicted by Fallout 2 and New Vegas, as the hub wasn't canonically destroyed.

    Fallout:Nevada doesn't acknowledge new vegas at all. No mr House and an already rebuilt Vegas. Kings mentions are mostly coincidence. Beside, they include Salt Lake City, that was never inhabited after the great war in the canon, if i am not wrong. (the mormonts relocated at ogden and other medium-sized cities.)

    Last Hope could very well fit with the established lore, if my memory serves me well, considering there is little to no interaction with existing lore. Same with Fallout 1 demo, Shattered Destiny, Wasteland merc 1 & 2 and Ardent's mod.

    Rock Collector Mod, Living dead mod, Fallout Wars, FalloutNow!Easter Special, Vaults Rats, Oblivion Lost, Fillauth, 13V, Dangerous Quest! and Beth the old hag are way too wacky to even remotely fit with the lore. Plus, the latter four are retelling of the first two games main quests. Fonline servers are just impossible to include in any sort of lore.

    Olympus 2207 features its own game universe, not related to Fallout.

    FIXT and Resurrection aim to fit with the established lore, but do not succeed 100% of the time. You have to pick some parts and ignore some others. With global mod, megamod and Setting Improvements, you would need to remove even more parts.

    Can't comment much about the unfinished projects as i have yet to try the whole product, but Mutants Rising aim to be a sequel to Fallout 2, so it is likely to touch some of the established lore, and do their own stuff with it, while not acknowledging lore from New Vegas and other official sequels. Also, any mod that aim to depict the post-geck Arroyo will contradicting the other mods that attempt to do the same, including Mutants Rising.
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    That's quite interesting. Is there a mention why Vegas wasn't nuked like SLC? I assumed that city surviving was acknowledgement of New Vegas.

    Also you're right with SLC, New Canaan wasn't in SLC proper, but in the towns around it.