Fallout: New Vegas E3 previews

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    Still plenty of sites who had some hands-on time with the game. Let's start with our esteemed host, Atomic Gamer.<blockquote>I was dropped out into the Nevada desert with a companion named Boone at my side, and we made our way to a small campsite with some paramilitary types sending me on an errand to retrieve supplies. I got the chance to use some of New Vegas' many new weapons, including an impressively powerful grenade launcher and a new type of plasma rifle, on some entirely new mutated enemies. Boone had warned me that he'd kill members of a group called the Legion on sight, and when they showed up in their Roman-style regalia, he made good on his promise. Because I helped him kill them, I took a hit against their faction, but also gained karma. I suppose that means that the Legion are inherently evil, but apparently not all encounters with factions are so aligned with good or bad, so you won't always be pushing karma in one direction or another when choosing who to shoot. </blockquote>Gaming Shogun.<blockquote>The Bethsoft rep began explaining how they were striving for a greater sense of immersion in this one by having just about any person you meet along they way have something to say to you. He did mention that some of this dialogue may be copied from another random citizen, but they would never be silent. Maybe it is my curious nature, but I immediately darted for the first civilian I could find and, sure enough, she did speak to me. She also happened to be a merchant so I opened up her inventory to see what kind of new tech I would be able to buy in New Vegas. I was very pleased to see not only plasma-based weaponry but also light machine guns a la the United States M60 machine gun were all available for purchase.</blockquote>Gamer Gourmet.<blockquote>Here I learned more about the objective. Every faction in the Mojave desert is vowing for resources. Although the landscape looks like a nuclear bomb went off in the big war, the banter of the NCR troops made clear that the desert was a wasteland before and after the war, without any bombs going off whatsoever. This was an interesting parallel to what Fallout 3 featured, in that the radiation hadn’t been such a problem for these desert-dwellers as it was in the whole of Washington D.C. and the surrounding cities. I was freely able to take a rad-free drink from a creek running through the camp, which made me appreciate the subtlety that Obsidian was putting in to make the game seem that much different.</blockquote>Gamer Tell's take is really short.<blockquote>As the name suggests, the game takes place in Vegas. You can visit casinos, shows, and other Vegasy things. I started the game and almost immediately ran into a hooker. She asked me if I was looking for a good time, so i responded by punching her in the face.

    I guess the robot security guard didn't like that and he responded by shooting at me with his bullet arms. This caused everyone to run screaming away and me to ultimately get killed. </blockquote>
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    question is this all of it:
    because as much as obsidian working on FONV appeals to me i really hope it more than just cosmetics, because i reall dont want to play another FO3 even with a better plot.
    ill rather waste my little time on some more exotic game like MAFIA2?

    btw how well went obsidian latest title alpha protocol?
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    not sure what you expected, but it hasn't been a secret that the game will follow FO3's gameplay pretty closely. it will most likely have better writing and a more interesting story, but there are many more subtle changes as well. if you've followed these previews and live demos closely you should have seen most of the changes, such as hardcore mode, reputation system, iron sights, new animations etc. it's hard to say how much difference these things will make for the overall feel of the game, but I doubt any of them will make the game worse and I'm pretty sure all of them will actually make it a lot better. but obviously the core gameplay will be the same.

    as for Alpha Protocol, it didn't do too well. it's got some pretty crappy reviews mixed with some very positive ones. I for one loved the game, and many others do too, but the majority seem to range from "alright" to "crap". the two games aren't developed by the same team however, so you shouldn't read too much into it.
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    Alpha Protocol did horrible on reviews (about a 7 on average :P) but it was pretty high on preorders and has a very active fan community (at least on the official forums). I loved it. The closest thing to Deus Ex i've played on this generation.

    I think the hardcore mode, reputation systems and improved real time shooting might pull New Vegas a little more towards a STALKER-like game. That doesn't sound so bad for me. I just wonder if it's enough to look past the graphics.
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    So... it's a casino game? Wow. Everything becomes clear now. It's a casino game in a post-apoc setting. Cool.


    I hate this game.
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    Hmmm, a casino/gambling game collection set in a post apocalyptic setting, well you have to admit that its different.
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    Well, these are the things that grab the people... children's attention. That's all they see. Just the shiny surface. We must wait more about the actual content.
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    I'd like a PA game where I feel lucky to find two or three 12-gauge shells for my sawed-off shotgun, please.
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    I don't know if I am the only one, though I hope they are going to throw in a armor reputation in this one like they did in FO2 for the Adv Power Armor "I thought you were one of the good ones. I ain't coming" Says Marcus in FO2.
    I just found it a little bit weird to be able to walk around in raider clothes and be worshiped... >.> just saying.
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    I noticed something like this in Fallout 3 only one time. If you killed Lucas Simms and wore his clothes people would say "you think you're our sheriff now?"
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    I find it strange that you complain about the lack of development in Fallout 3 200 years after the bombs fell, yet you complain about Vegas which was protected from the bombs having gambling. Seriously wtf? I could care less tbh if you don't want to gamble don't fucking gamble, I know I probably won't do it more than once. Besides, Vegas is just one town in the game so...
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    I don't know if you just have a terrible memory or if you just never actually played Fallout 1/2, but they BOTH had gambling, ESPECIALLY Fallout 2. Fallout 2 had two fuckin' casinos, with standup comedy routines, card games, slot machines, and everything. So stop being a nitpicking fuckwit when it comes to this because you've just cherrypicked a quote out to try and slam FNV, when in reality the bit you're slamming is just as prominent in Fallout 2.
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    Then quit clicking on news related to it, is it that hard to control your damn finger?
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    LOL, don't mind the jaded Fallout gamers!
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    Search the threads…there has been a lot written about merits and flaws regarding New Reno, many regard it as a flawed design, some think it was the most interesting, and the most interactive of the locations found in Fallout 2. Horse for courses…who cares, just play the game and if it turns you on - good luck to yah, if Fallout NV sucks (there’s a good possibility of this happening) then live with it and choose the next game on the *must play* list. The older generation game players will look upon games like Fallout NV with a lot more skepticism, while the younger generations will simple suck them down regardless of the quality…This is not a life and death situation here…it’s just a bloody cheesy computer game. :wink:
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    I'm pretty sure I gambled in Redding too.
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    Actually, that's not armour-related.
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    I urge you to read up on my +12000 posts before you accuse me of these things. Maybe then you would see how I have never liked the city of New Reno with its "two fuckin' casinos" as you so blatantly put it.
    If you would have cared to read up on my +12000 posts, instead of calling me "a nitpicking fuckwit", you would have also noticed how the gambling part of New Vegas is not my only concern. I also have a beef with Caesar's Legion (minting coins while they are at war, what?), genderbending supermutants, Obsidian's efforts to make the FPS experience of the game more immersive and enjoyable, the fact that New Vegas looks like it is being maintained 24/7 by a dedicated group of professional gardeners, cleaning ladies and repairmen, the apparent endless stock of lightbulbs the city seems to own, ...

    But yeah. I'm just nitpicking, aren't I? :roll:

    Pardon me for wanting to be informed about things that interest me. The news about the oil spill really makes me hate BP as well, does that mean I should just stuff my head in the sand and act as if there is no oil spill?

    How can you expect people to listen to your opinion if you won't let them have an opinion of their own as well?

    This is a discussion, which means it's a cesspool of opinions. If you are too young to accept the fact that other people might not agree with you, then maybe you should not take part in the discussion. Just saying.
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    Shit, an emoticon and a blanket statement about a game that's not even out yet? I dunno man...

    Not really genderbending as she was previously female...

    Those monsters! Who wants to play an enjoyable game?!

    whoa never mind i guess you win

    Those fucking gamers...Ruining video games for the rest of us who don't play them.
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    It's funny how you youngsters barge in here every time a new Fallout game is going to be released and all you guys seem to think is that you immediately own the place. Get real. I was probably already playing Fallout when you were still trying to kick the habit of breastfeeding. If you think I was put on this world to repeat ad nauseam what I and a lot of regular members have been saying for the last couple of years when there is a 'search' function available and tons of threads discussing the problems with New Reno and New Vegas, then you should think again.

    I do not like what I have seen and read and heard so far and I expect New Vegas to be another shitty sequel. Deal with it.