Fallout: New Vegas interview and gameplay footage

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    As Arden stated, it can be difficult to trust the gaming industry. The "radiant AI" is a good example for starters. Remember the videos that showcased an NPC trying to improve her marksmanship skill?

    Also, I recently discovered that Two Worlds was marketed, at the 2006 E3, as being a game where "you must eat, drink, and sleep to survive". Reference: http://pc.ign.com/articles/708/708763p1.html

    Which isn't true in the full game.. I haven't played it, but I asked others at GOG.com. :P

    There were also features cut from Fallout Tactics before release. Like being able to revive a fallen comrade.. It did sound a bit wonky but it was still advertised as a feature and then mysteriously absent from the final product. There was the editing tools too, but they did at least release those later on.

    And although it doesn't really have anything to do with the gaming industry not delivering on promises, there was also that really cool Prehistoric game where you were to play as a group of cavemen trying to survive.. and yet it was never released and eventually canceled.

    I haven't played a decent survival game in a while... so naturally I'm a bit pessimistic that anything of the sort would get released in this day and age of "shoot-em-ups are the bomb!" and "it would be better if it was in.. first person!"

    A little off-topic but: It's too bad someone hasn't ever thought of combining D&D elements with The Sims... well without the whole "go crazy when their needs break" bit. :P

    Which reminds me, at first I was looking forward to the upcoming Sims Medieval game, until I realized it seems it will just be another community management type of game. xP More like simcity or Spore. (ick.. spore.. ick...)

    Anyways really looking forward to New Vegas and I hope they will still have the hardcore mode with the need to eat, sleep, and drink in it. :D
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    Well, E3 2006 is 4 years ago. Things change over time. Especially over such a long time.

    It is extremely beyond belief that such a pr-feature would be cut out in the last 20 days until release.
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    "Fallout 3 wont be Oblivion with Guns as many people worry."

    "We are all big fans of the original games."

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    This is a bit different, eh?
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    Fallout 3 is Oblivion with Guns.

    Fallout: New Vegas looks a lot more like a First-Person Fallout 2.