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    Dec 22, 2010
    Pretty straight forward in the title. This is an RPG set in Fallout New Vegas. As soon as I finished my first session of that game, I wanted to RP in it.

    I'm not sure how far through everybody is, so I don't really want to spoil anything, so I was thinking maybe all the characters could meet in Vegas? It's a pretty central area, and even if you aren't up to it, you know of it, and no too much would be given away. As for quest, I usually like to let the players help form the idea or choose out of a few so it's something that'll interest everyone. And hopefully that way we can do something that won't contain spoilers. I'm happy to use preset locations in the game or come up with somewhere new to go. This'll be as open as everyone wants.

    If you are keen, post your character (or link to the page with your characters description), an idea if you want, then we can get to rping :)

    Happy hunting, Rave
  2. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    Name: David White
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Former Enclave Soldier
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 160 lb
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: Average Male Voice,
    Bio: Once a member of the Enclave, David a was a corporal in its power armoured infantry division. He never agreed with the Enclaves way of dealing with other humans, not because he was kind or good hearted, but because he couldn't see a good reason behind it. When the Enclave was defeated at Adams Air Force base, he fled and made his way to the capital wasteland. He dumped the power armour, it too damaged and recognisable, and mad his way south. He then headed west and has now arrived in the New Vegas Area, just avoiding the Legion as he came through Arizona.
    Weapons: Combat Knife, 9mm pistol(5 clips)
    Clothing: Tattered Enclave uniform
    Items: Stimpak, 50 caps,
    Likes:Whiskey, Energy Weapons, Women Dislikes: People in the wasteland who have to ask everybody else for help.
    Other Info:

    David around at the flashing neon in the night of New Vegas, His tired eyes observing the Lucky 38, then the securitrons, and then the people walking around. It has a year since he had left the capital wasteland. He had left friends, and he was alone again. He sat down on a bench. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, the night breeze blowing through the holes and tears in his tattered Enlave Jacket. He remembered doing this in Springvale, and he wanted to open his eyes and see his friends, but he knew they weren't here. He had left them behind to find a new life. His jacket was too old and covered in stitches to repair any big tears to be recognised as enclave, and he was from the east coast, so he couldn't be traced back to the west coast enclave, except for his grnadfather, who was a sergeant at Navarro, but he doubted anyone was looking for him. He relaxed and thought about what happened in the past year.
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    Nov 8, 2003
    OOC: Already completed the game, Raven. As Independent, NCR and Legion. Still have to do it House's Way.


    Name: Carib
    Full Name: Ramses Talbolt
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: A +
    Occupation: Formerly NCR Ranger Veteran, now Nuka-Cola Chaser
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 194 lb
    Complexion: African American (Caribbean Descent)
    Voice: Deep

    DESCRIPTIONS: Carib is scarred up man, with a jagged scar cutting across the left side of his face and his right arm is covered in a tattoo sleeve he got during his tour in Baja. He would be considered handsome if not for the cold look in his eyes and the scars. He no longer cuts his hair regulation length, but opted for dread locks. He is medium framed, muscled and his skin is tanned darker due to his dark heritage. On his right hand are scars from torture he endured while combating the Legion along the Colorado.

    PERSONALITY: Carib is a grey kind of character. His time in the NCR Rangers and doing Black Op missions have caused him to become a bit jaded when it comes to black and white. Sarcastic and hard headed, he doesn't stop or quit; and he is stubborn as a bull big horner. He has a soft spot for children and reviles anyone who treats children like meat.

    -Carib during the Baja campaign

    Bio: Carib was born in Southern California to a fairly large family, he was the eldest of five. He grew up venerating President Tandi as many citizens did during her reign. Carib grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong and justice.

    It was when Tandi stepped down and eventually passed on that NCR began to decline. He like many of his peers and siblings were drafted into the NCR military. He went from regular line unit, to the 1st Recon and eventually worked his way into the Rangers. He found he liked it. His other siblings are continuing to serve in the military though he hasn't heard from either of them since the first battle of Hoover Dam. It was during that faithful battle did Carib's world change.

    -Carib Circa. (Aftermath of 1st Battle of Hoover Dam)

    Even with the war with the Enclave a distant memory, he fought like any good soldier did. He took his orders, though in hindsight, he now see's many of them to have been questionable. He lost comrades along the way. While he was fed up with the bureaucracy and the politics of the wars fought by the NCR, he still stayed true to his oath to protect and serve the Republic.

    As time went by, he fell in love, and married. His wife Katja had given him purpose, something to believe in. However, life changed during the first battle of Hoover Dam. While he and his wife served in the Mojave, she was on a separate mission. He fought on the Dam while his wife was on a recon mission behind the enemy lines.

    The Dam was won, but his wife and her team were killed to the last man across the Colorado river. For Carib, that had been it. After the battle of the Dam, Carib cashed in his separation from the NCR military. While he hated the Legion, he understood they were soldiers, fighting for their cause. The same with the Enclave remnants, which he saw no reason to pursue people who were just soldiers or whose war was over. He didn't have much feeling towards the Brotherhood of Steel, nor did he care. Carib was a free agent now.

    Looking West, Carib realized his life and fate lay in the Mojave, and he didn't care if the NCR stayed or left. Now he works as a gun for hire and also in pursuit of finding more Nuka-Cola.

    Carib keeps close contact with the Followers of the Apocalypse, often doing work for them in exchange for medicine and healing. He may agree with their beliefs, but he does respect what they do. Rarely will he do work for NCR, though when bounties on Fiends come up, he is the first in line. However, when it comes to the Great Khans, Carib leaves them alone, mainly out of how the NCR treated them during the raid on Bitter Springs. As for the Brotherhood of Steel, he opts to stay out of their way, though he hasn't seen them since the Battle of Helios One.

    Currently, Carib is on the strip delivering a bounty put out by the Omerta's on a Fiend named Barn-Burner who had warranted the wrath of Boss Nero. Carib had delivered and butchered the small enclave of Fiends. As he gets ready to enter the Gamorrah, he see's an old friend he knew from his days within the NCR.

    Assault Carbine w/extended magazines and rail system to accommodate any added optics or laser. Also it has a heavier barrel, so it has a higher rate of sustained and rapid fire without wearing the weapon away.

    -Combat Tomahawk
    -10mm Pistol w/suppressor
    -Tom Brown Tracker Knife

    -Anti-Material Rifle hidden away in a lock box in one of the many layered hills of Southern Nevada as well as other cached stockpiles and munitions. He had a good idea he wasn't heading back west.

    Clothing: Worn Ranger Combat Armor with insignia and numbers scratched out. He wears a pair of faded wrangler jeans with steel toed boots. He wears cut glove fingers. Usually wears a shemagh like mocha/black colored scarf around his neck. Usually seen worn wearing his Desert Ranger Helmet with face mask.

    SKILLS: Carib can use about any rifle, pistol or smg. He has some familiarity with a few energy weapons, but doesn't really care too much for them. Carib favors rifles and melee weapons in a pinch. He can also modify and field repair rifles and pistols.

    Being a Ranger, he was inducted into the SERE course, where he learned the rigors of surviving off the irradiated land. This also came natural since Carib and his siblings did a lot of trailing with their parents.

    Carib was now just getting into Lockpicking, realizing not all pre-war treasure can be gained by blowing off the lock.

    He can read and write. He is, however no scientist and while he may know some basic first aid, he doesn't know a thing about complex surgery or advanced machines.

    TRAITS: Weird Wasteland, Kamikaze
  4. Gonzalez

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Name: Gonzalez
    Full Name: Mark Gonzalez
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: A+

    Occupation: NCR Army Officer (Lieutenant)
    Family: Father, Mother and two older sisters, all of them work for different areas of the NCR government, although he's the only one working in the military. Has a cousin working as a tech in Hoover Dam.
    Voice: Tone and accent tend to change depending on the situation, wich helps him to further empathize with the person he's talking to.

    Physical appearance
    Hair: Chestnut
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 210 lb
    Complexion: Caucasian

    Personality: Gets along with most people and is rather friendly and emphatic, doesn't tend to have preconceived ideas when dealing with people he just met, and while he's cordial he's also cold at times. He hates when people try to take advantage of his good nature, and since this tend to happen a lot in the wasteland, sometimes it seems like he tries to keep the people he actually likes at a distance. He likes to make jokes to cheer up others around him, but sometimes they don't understand his jokes or think he's being serious given the subtlety of his humour. Will share a drink or two but never drink alone.

    Weapons: Like most NCR military he's trained to be an expert with his service weapon and knows how to operate pistols and support weapons like machine guns. Also has basic knowledge in explosives. He ussuly carries his service rifle, a 9mm sidearm, a couple of grenades when he's on patrol, and a combat knife that he knows will be very handy if the situation arises but would rather never have to use.

    Items: a couple of canteens attached to his webbing, some basic field rations that won't last too long, a cranky pip boy he inherited from his vault dwelling ancestors, a few caps he collected during his time in the the Mohave (18) and 155 in NCR currency.

    Clothing: A NCR Bandolier armor, eyeglasses and an NCR beret.

    Bio: His ancestors come from Vault-13, they decided to stay in the vault after a part of the vault population migrated North, they were later made prisoners by the Enclave and then rescued by a men from the same tribe that traveled North. After their release they headed to Arroyo, wich would later become part of the NCR. At a young age Mark joined the military as part of his family tradition of working for the NCR government, and because it was that or to face unemployment. Once in the army he was sent east and fought on the battle for Hoover Dam, though his unit stayed in the rear as reserve, taking shots at whatever legion they could see. After that, and in part because of his family influences, he was given a commission, and sent to Camp McCarran and then to Camp Golf, a quiet post. This time of tranquility wouldn't last too long as they sent his platoon to reinforce Camp Forlorn Hope after Nelson was taken by the Legion. Mark thinks that the Legion is a serious threat and despises them as much as he fears them.

    Traits: Four eyes; Good natured

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Name: Brix
    Real Name: Yasmin Losanges
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: O+

    Occupation: Drifter, Former Raider
    Family: One cousin (works in Vegas), Younger brother (Soldier, MIA)
    Family Origin (heritage): Spanish father, American mother
    Voice: Husky but was once musical

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Large aqua eyes with a dark mole (her fathers) under her left eye
    Hair: Golden brown/blonde, midway down her back, underside of her head is shaved regularly so there’s a layer of longish stubble
    Height: 5’6’
    Weight: Doesn’t know, but she’s slim and muscular from lack of food and lots of physical exertion
    Complexion: Typical Spaniard. Smooth and the colour of weak coffee. Has a fair few scars on her from ‘encounters’. Pretty big one on the side of her neck from a plasma pistol years back.

    Personality: Willing to give most people aid if it will be mutually beneficial, though a life as a raider has made her wary to grow particularly close. Though will trust people enough to let them watch her back if she’s watching theirs. Loves her remaining family dearly, though doesn’t see them much. Has a serious case of daddy issues and a bit of a dependence on chems. Furious there isn’t enough tequila around.

    Weapons: She is all about her rifles, carry’s a sniper and a varmint on her at all times. A knife for close combat, a few grenades because, well, who doesn’t need grenades? Is ok with energy weapons, but doesn’t like them. They are much harder to heal from than a bullet.

    Items: The necessities. Food, canteen, that sort of thing. Also has a picture of her and her brother Evan when they were kids and a coloured drawing of him she got the last time they were together. She also has a large supply of chems and a Pipboy she got from a dead vault dweller found in a vault she raided years ago.

    Clothing: Leather pants with some of the armour over a pretty filthy and torn white shirt. Has a long duster, leather gloves, used to have a hat till she lost it and wear sunglasses constantly.

    Bio: She got the name ‘Brix’ (prefers 'Yas' now) when she was in a gang of raiders. If their targets were hiding behind the wall, she’d find and shoot the bricks supporting the wall out and it’d crumble, leaving a pile of rubble and an exposed target. She also had training in hacking, is skilled with a lockpick and knows the basics of first aid (how to properly hit the vein when administering stimpacks/medX, how to make a splint, etc). As for family, her mother pissed off early then her father was left to care for her and her cousin, Nevra (both aged 10), and her brother Evan (aged 7). He was killed when she was 14, so they found the nearest town and were taken in by the community. Yas had some pretty strong abandonment issues, so would take off from time to time. She joined raiders when she was 16 because they didn’t offer much in the way of bonds, so if they left she’d not get hurt. She continued to return to her family until Evan took in with the BoS and Nevra moved to Vegas to become a black jack dealer. Yasmin stayed with her gang until one day out scouting with another raider they came back to find the gang and hideout decimated. At that she realised she could have been killed with them and chose the loner path, shrugging to the other remaining raider and walking off. She’s been drifting from town to town, person to person since.

    (Sorry it's long. I shortened it down a fair bit. I just love backstories. Also just thought of a plot.)

    Yasmin walked out of Gamorrah with a sick feeling in her stomach. Usually visiting her cousin at the blackjack tables was fun, but given the news she’d just gotten she wanted to run over to the gardens a vomit. She had to find him, but it wasn’t something she could accomplish alone. She scanned the Strip looking for someone who could be coerced into a mission for the right amount. Hookers, NCR and drunks everywhere, then her eyes landed on a man resting on a bench. By the state of his tattered jacket, she guessed he was just the type she was looking for. Sliding her sunglasses off the top of her head to shield herself from the bright neon lights, she walked over to him and cleared her throat to get his attention. “Hey buddy, looking to make a quick cap?”
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    Dec 22, 2010
    Ok, just got some pretty good advice on how to go about this, so I’ll leave this thread for the out of character stuff like the character descriptions and plot and anything else we need to discuss and start a new one for the actual RP called NEW Vegas: Blood Ties, since the idea I got for this RP has to do with family. So White Knight, if you’d like to post your bit in the new thread, that’ll be a good start.

    As for the characters meeting up, either on the Strip or in Gamorrah would be a good place to set your character since Yasmin will be searching for recruits there. In me previous post she approached David, so I’ll post that bit after White Knights and add on anything I need to if anybody else has posted where there character is and she can see them. The start might be a little hard to coordinate, but after that I think this’ll work well.
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    Sounds like a solid plan, Raven. I suppose when White stars off I'll get myself in gear. And looking at the ages, I guess I am the oldest :D

    Also on White Knights character. I got the impression anyone wearing Enclave clothing was usually most likely to be carried away by NCR security. if you played New Vegas, you know being Enclave member was apt to get you arrested and locked away.

    Just a suggestion. Your game Raven. Just thought I'd put that factoid in...
  8. RavenJeanGraves

    RavenJeanGraves Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 22, 2010
    Thanks :) I'm glad we're getting everything figured out. I'm so excited to get this rolling, it's kinda embarressing.

    And I guess it's up to White Knight. After all, it'd be him the NCR was after, not us. But it would be wise not to wear anything that would make you a target. Thanks so much for the factoid :D If you have any others in future, don't hesitate to throw them in.
  9. Name: Brad
    Age: 21
    Armor: Leather Armor
    Occupation: former khan, gambler.

    Brad used to be a great khan, but when papa khan was convinced that the legion would be good for the khans, he left. You see, he hated the legion more than anything else. So he headed to vegas with all the ncr money he saw on dead troops that other khans killed.

    Brad was sitting at a blackjack table at gomorrah. He had won plenty, but he wasn't here for the cash, just the thrill of gambling. He was getting tired from a long day of blackjack, so he took his winnings, got them cashed out into caps (3000) and left.

    (ooc: whoops, forgot weapon) weapon: 10mm pistol with laser sight.
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    Aug 21, 2004
    Is it ok if I make my first post? It's basically how I got to the strip. Carib should be the one who approaches Gonzalez next, since they already met and can recognize each other, and then Yasmin could approach them.

    Also: There are frequent power outages right now where I live, so if I do not post or you can't get me on PM, then it probably means I am without internet access.
  11. RavenJeanGraves

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Sure thing, go for it :)
  12. Carib FMJ

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    Nov 8, 2003
    As for timeline... are we playing after the Courier helped a faction or is this before he got shot in the head?
  13. RavenJeanGraves

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Before. I haven't finished the main storyline yet because I get caught up in side quests, but I gather it has a pretty big shift in the power in the wastes. If we have it set at the start then it's obvious where all the big factions stand.

    Sound like an ok plan to you guys?
  14. RavenJeanGraves

    RavenJeanGraves Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 22, 2010
    Just posted in Blood Ties. Pretty basic starting point for you all to insert your characters, and it hints towards the type of work in store.

    It's ready and waiting for you boys :D
  15. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    My starter post says its too tattered and torn to be recognised.
  16. Carib FMJ

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    Nov 8, 2003
    That's good. After all everyone comes to Vegas to forget but I suppose not all sins are forgiven.

    I did my post and waiting on LT so we can get the ball rolling. This feels like old times and I can't wait to see what the enigmatic Yasmin has in store for us.
  17. RavenJeanGraves

    RavenJeanGraves Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 22, 2010
    I'm going to make this as interesting as possible. So far whats spreading out in my head is looking pretty good, I just need to find locations for it.

    And White Knight, if you just want to wait for a bit, after Yas has recruited Dave she'll ask Brad to join on her way back into Gamorrah.
  18. RavenJeanGraves

    RavenJeanGraves Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 22, 2010

    This is a old picture of what Yas looks like [not in Fallout]. I'm going to draw a few of her for the RP. It'll be pretty much the same, but the tattoo on her neck will be a scar from a plasma pistol, darker skin, no piercings, her natural hair and an undercut. Just thought I'd give a visial reference since I didn't describe her face that much :D
  19. In the most recent blood ties post, is yas talking to me? Just making sure.
  20. Gonzalez

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    Aug 21, 2004
    I think she's talking ro Dave. After Dave posts I think she will talk to your character and then she'll meet with Carib and Gonzalez at the Gamorrah.