Fallout 2 mod Fallout of Nevada/Фаллаут Невада

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    Jan 31, 2017
    maybe this?
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    Aug 22, 2017
    How can I implement the children without buying the Fallout games from GoG ? Also will it reset my save ?
    Btw, I cant clear the name of Philips in Las Vegas, from my research you have to apparenty get a thing from Bob but he has only one dialog choice about how he wants to go to SLC. Is there anyway to solve that ?

    Edit : Found the problem for Philips's quest, I didnt talked to Bob and I assumed that Bobby was Bob in the russian walkthrough I google trad when I was desperate for an answer lmao
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    Well there's children pattch from our forum member Skynet for Fo1 and Fo2.

    How to bring back children to Fo:Nevada is a bit beyond my scope.
    I assume One would have to copy some of the graphics files from Skynet's mod/patch somwhere into Fo:Nevada's installation. namely all the animations for male kid. Female kid is an later addition, made by one of the modders, and it did not came with vanilla Fo2 originally. Fo:Nevada's executable is it's own thing and doesn't have to be replaced with the one from Skynet's patch.. So I'm guessing only the male kid animations, would have to be copied in order not to have the "burning freak" animation instead of the child one.

    and yeah there aren't *that* many kids in Fo:Nevada

    As for solving quests in Las Vegas:
    I would witheld turning the Las Vegas quests in, until you solve the investigation for the mayor. It's tied like shit to water closet, however without evidence to present to the mayor one could not solve mayor's quest. Evidence which you give away when you turn the quests in to police
  4. John Cassidy Joestar

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    Aug 22, 2017
    I'll try that in my next playthrough, like you said kids arent that important anyway, I got to Level 21 without completing their quest.

    Anyhow, I have a problem with my game, I cant enter New Reno's Hotel Silver area anymore, I have to do the Biker quest where I have to ask the Caravaneers why the bikers have a bad rep but I cant do that since the game crahses everytime I try to enter the area.
    Phil (I think its his name), the biker leader in Power Armor, even proposed me to go there with him and his bike but I refuse and went with my car since I didnt wanted to left my car far away and walk the way back to the bikers. Did I do something wrong ?

    Here's a link of my save https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H-cp_SpvIt8IJMDoQ5Y7Ij27mLVUC_eH?usp=sharing
  5. John Cassidy Joestar

    John Cassidy Joestar First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2017
    Well I finally finished the mod, and I didnt bother with the buggy quest from the bikers since I found
    a train in Salt Lake City by chance and was curious about that

    Anyway, the mod in itself is really good, but the translation really falls apart at the end
    especially in Vault 8 with the President's head
    There is typos here and there but its still readable and playable for the most part. I only encountered one big bug. I just have one big issue, whats the whole deal with
    the reaper of souls, why is he against me or what is his goal ? I mean I get he wants to use the vault for clone but why would he care about me ? Or why would I care about the president's head ? It seems like the initial goal was to find the Overseer but the game force me to see the president to continue. Maybe Im wrong about the last point, but the last part of the game was clearly rushed.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Another shadow organization inside US government, that was separate from the Enclave used Vault 8 as a cloning facility.

    Original dwellers were copied (that's why you have a dream at the beginning about going outside 20 years after the war and then jump 50 years into the future) and then used as substitute bodies for members of this organization (using mind transfer or something).

    Soul Reaper is their enforcer (basically Horrigan)- he fixes problems and eliminates threats.
    Kukish found the station in Lovelock and started investigating the Vault. He kidnapped you to study you and then wiped your memory. You're a threat because you follow Kukish and collect clues he left for you.

    Government Vault is completely unrelated. President and other members of government were part of Vault experiment that resulted in death of majority.
    You and Kukish were both baited there by Reaper, so he could eliminate you.

    When you reach Overseer, Kukish is already dead and Overseer quickly falls into coma. Looking for answers you venture into lower levels, where you meet President. He was supposed to weaken or kill you before the ambush.

    Yeah, it was rushed- main story of Nevada was rewritten 2 or 3 times.
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