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    Aug 26, 2012
    Hmmmmm....But wouldn't any ex-enclave be old, if this takes place in the New Vegas setting, 2 years after FONV? Someone help me with the math please--I'd like a woman scientist who used to do experiments with FEV. She started at an early age, and was already heading projects by 16--being abnormally gifted in the sciences.

    But isn't FONV 40ish years AFTER the Enclave, meaning she would have to be at least around 60 or older? I would rather rp someone younger than that, so I am hoping my math is a bit off here. IF my character is accepted, which I am hoping/assuming she will, once I actually get her up here.


    OMG, I am so STUPID. I can use her ORIGINAL storyline as an enclave scientist for RAVEN ROCK!!! *slaps forehead.* New Vegas is 4 years after FO3, so there's plenty of wiggle room there. So, here is my official character request--oh and a note to the creator:

    Yes, I saw your char bio, and no I didn't create my char just to create tension with your character--I really do have a fan fic taking place in FO3 with this same character. I would post it, but I've very little written, due to time constraints.

    Character Request:

    Name: Ariana Lahar
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Scientist, wanderer
    Hair: curly lengths of golden hair, spilling below her shoulders, with red hilights.
    Eye color: Piercing Emerald Green gaze
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: Slightly high, pleasant singong voice
    Bio: Arianna Lahar grew up in Raven Rock in the Capitol Wasteland. Her mother was an Enclave officer, her father a doctor/scientist who's research in genetic engeneering was showing much promise. Ari herself had shown unnatural talent for the sciences from a very early age, and by the time she was 11 years old, she was already helping her father out with experiments and research. By 13, she was already working on her own projects for the Enclave. By 15, she was leading scientific experimentation involving FEV.

    Ari's mother was slain during an expidition to kidnap wastelanders for scientific experiments. Her company had ran into BoS outcasts, and though they killed the small outcast group that had come upon them, her mother was one of 3 casualties. Heartbroken, Ari turned to her work to keep her mind of things. Her father would later dissapear during an Enclave investigation of the nearby Deathclaw den. Her mother died when she was 12, her father 2 years later at 14. Ari did have a sister who helped ease her through these troubled times, Lianna Lahar. The two sisters were very close, though Lianna was actually an Enclave soldier who showed as much promise for battlefield tactics and combat as Ari did for the sciences.

    At the age of 17, Arianna had finally had enough of the Enclave. She always had a dangerous empathy for her test subjects. Eventually, the guilt of her FEV experimentation got the best of her. Lianna, loyal to her sister, agreed to desert the Enclave. She and Ari attempted to sneak out of Raven Rock, only to be caught in the act. They managed, however, to open the doors and flee. They were chased down, however, by a squad of Enclave soldiers headed by Colonol Autumn himself.

    Ari and Lianna managed to stay out of sight for a while, but knew there was no way that they could hide forever. Lianna, realizing there was no other choice, told Ari to run while she distracted the group. After a long argument, Ari did as told--and Lianna single-handedly fought the platoon, killing 4 Enclave soldiers and wounding Autumn before taking a plasma shot to the head. Since then, Ari wandered the wasteland, making her way to the Mohave, becoming a vagrant.

    Ari is currently working to do some good in the world, and has recently developed SyrumX, a prototype medication that could possibly cure Ghoul's of their condition: she just needs to secure a ghoul test subject. Has a makeshift lab a few miles away from Novac.

    Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol
    Clothes: Black low cut blouse, dark skirt that falls just above her knees. Boots that reach halfway up her calves, made of leather. Standard white labcoat.
    Items: Backpack, 5 packs of MFC (50 charges each) and 3 packs of SeC (20 charges each). Doctor's bag, 10 empty syringes.
    Likes: Science, Deathclaws (they fascinate her), and Molerats--she finds them cute. And dogs.
    Dislikes: Enclave, FEV, Super Mutants (though she also feels sorry for them), NCR (she views them as a 'democratic' Enclave).



    Traits: Gifted, Small Frame

    Primary Skills:
    Energy Weapons

    Secondary skills:
    First Aid
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    Aug 28, 2010
    Ok this character is good to go. Please note that the group is in Eastern Texas, so you might want to edit it a bit so your character is near to us, like doing research at the town we are heading to. A bit too convenient I know, but it's not too big of a deal. By the way, my character is also from the East Coast Enclave. Do you want my character to recognise yours, and perhaps her sister? If not, it'll still be nice to see the different types of guilt from being in the enclave, with David suffering from PTSD magnified by his drug addiction and mental illness, and Ariana feeling guilty for helping the Enclave with FEV.
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    I don't think you have much to worry about, the character I created for the RP that proceeded this one, Jacob, is technically still a member of the Enclave. In fact, of all the characters involved with the Enclave Jacob is the only one who still identifies himself as part of it I think. So not ex-Enclave, just Enclave. Might make some interesting character interaction.
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    Aug 28, 2010
    I have a question. Would any of you mind having your characters being wounded by the Eagle? It would make things more interesting if the characters don't have plot armour, and can suffer wounds that won't get up from and just shake off. None of the characters will be killed, but I may ask for permission to do that later, when the RP is in full swing.
  5. Chromevod

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    May 25, 2011
    Not at all, the characters are bound to take some hits after all.
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    Aug 26, 2012
    I don't mind--would make sense for Eagle to target Ari if he has/had access to recognize her work with the East Coast Enclave--her work lead to the development of the water-soluble FEV that Eden wanted to use against the wasteland. I would preffer this happens after Ari is known a bit though.

    And yes, recognize Ari--she and your character would have met--but her sister isn't with her, she's dead (see bio). So you could even ask about her sister--you two may have fought together, her being a soldier like yourself.

    I'll have her actually wandering in your area, and stumble upon you running from those coyote-rattlesnake things...(they migrated from NV).

    Okay, so here are the bio changes:

    Ari never went to NV. She started her ghoul research in DC, but quickly left the area when the Enclave showed up, thereby playing no part in FO3 (she deserted just several months before the events of FO3).

    Also, she has a combat knife in her inventory, though she doesn't use it for fighting--it's a survival tool. She is pretty much a vagrant, drifting aimlessly. Right now, she is in Eastern Texas, looking for a feral ghoul pack so she can isolate one and test her syrum.
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    Sep 5, 2012
    Hi, just stumbled over this site looking for some Fallout stuff and I'd like to join.

    I hope my character idea is not too far off.

    Name: Biest
    Age: 12 (looks more like 9 or 10 because of small size)
    Gender: male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Feral child ;)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: a wild tangled mane of brown hair
    Height: 4'5"
    Weight: 47 lb (very skinny)
    Complexion: Caucasian with heavy tan
    Voice: surprisingliy deep if he growls or barks
    Biest was born on his parents small remote farm. He was less than a year old as the farm was attacked. Biest was hurt and knocked out by an explosion and left for dead. A wild female dog found the hurt child and adopted him because it lost it's own pup only a short time before. Biest grew up like a wild dog inside the small pack.
    He had been too young to remember his real name or to walk upright so he learned to run and live like a wild dog.
    Some weeks ago a group of raiders found the cave. They killed most of the wild dogs but captured the pups and Biest. They named him Biest and made him fight against their own dogs and other critters just for fun. A couple of days ago Biest was able to escape.
    Weapons: his long claw like nails and sharp spiky teeth
    Clothing: spiked chain collar (welded together) with three rusty chain links at the front and a little piece of metal with 'Biest' scratched into it.
    Items: none
    Likes: hunting, rolling in the dirt, fresh bloody meat
    Hates: cold weather, Raider
    Other Info:
    A big sign used by the rattlesnakes (Raiders) is burnt into his left shoulder and even visible through the dirt covering his body.
    Biest has many scars from his harsh life and fights with animals.
    He learned to understand human language as he was with the Raiders but still needs to learn how to speak.
    He won't be much help in a gunfight until he learns to shoot a gun but he's very good at survival and adjusted to the local climate. He also knows how to fight like a wild dog.

    For me it's okay if he's injured by Eagle too. ;)
  8. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Hi guys! I had a great idea for a new character I'd like to introduce later. I've never seen a similar rp character, and it/he is completely unique. So, here is my idea for a second (and last for me) character to introduce into the rp--though it will prolly be a while before it makes an appearance.

    Name: GECO Alpha (Genetically Enhanced Cybernetic Organim Alpha)
    Age: Pre-war
    Gender: Male
    Race: Abomination (a mixture of deathclaw and canin with above-human inteligence).
    Occupation: Pre-war superweapon designed to instill terror
    Height: 8' (when on two legs). 5' (when on all fours legs). *all excludes tail*
    Weight: 300 lbs
    Eyes: Crystal bright blue
    Hair: none, white-silver fur instead
    Voice: can't talk due to lack of human vocal chords.
    Appearance: dog-shaped body and doggish head with deathclaw-like teeth. Massive canines, and instead of tongue, appendage for draining blood from prey. Deathclaw shaped tail. Covered in armored plates along vital areas (chest, along spine, front of legs/arms, and top of head). Short soft white-silver streaked fur covering non-plated areas of body. Strong, powerful, clawed rear legs, with 5 elongated toes. Front legs very strong with massive paws that look much like a deathclaws with giant claws capable of tearing through power armor with ease.
    CYBERNETIC ENHANCEMENTS: occular enhancements, allowing it to see perfectly in the night. It can also zoom in on distant objects, seeing even critters on the horizon with ease, if it wishes.

    Stealth Field: It can activate and hold a stealth field for up to 2 days straight before having to drink blood to charge it's cybernetic enhancements.

    Hardened subdermal plating beneath skin: Over vital areas, there is not only external plating but subdermal armor that can withstand all but the toughest punishment (or energy weapons).

    CNS Enhanced reaction and speed: VERY fast, and HIGH reaction time.

    BIO: Originally an experiment that America was working on in a secret military instalation. GECO Alpha was designed to be able to engage entire platoons, hunt down an entire military base population without being killed. GECO is inteligent but cannot speak. It is self-aware and a cybernetic organism that requires not food for survival, but blood. This was to cause great phsychological effects on the US enemies, as well as induce fear and dampen moralle.

    GECO was never unleashed, thanks to the bombs dropping. Had it been, the war may have ended without nuclear armegeddon. GECO is the only prototype of his kind, and was frozen in a cryogenic chamber when word of the nuclear war spread. The Enclave stumbled upon this base, and attempted to settle and use it as an outpost. Instead, they inadvertanly awoke GECO, and it killed the whole squad that found the base, draining their blood, which not only nourishes it's biological body, but powers it's cybernetic enhancements.

    GECO has since been wandering the wasteland, looking for its place in the world. Being intelligent, GECO knows the war is over, and only kills animals (most of the time). Knows it does not fit in with life, but longs to be able to. Wishes for human closeness, and feels desperately isolated and alone. GECO is more canine and deathclaw than human, but it is highly intelligent and if it had vocal chords, could hold a conversation.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Dunno who he is. I based his personality more off the marvel character: Deadpool. Otherwise, he's original (I hope). He's based off another character of one of my books and projects calld Ace who's being used in another forum. (Though Ace is an opposite. They have the same mask.)
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    Aug 28, 2010
    Accepted, be aware that his feral nature will cause all numbers of communication problems.

    Denied. You may have not seen a character like it, and some parts are unique, I'll admit, but I've seen enough intelligent genetically modified experiments to last me a lifetime. At least this one wasn't enclave, but for this RP, I would like this to be a grounded/realistic RP focused more on character development, as well as the legacy of the Enclave in the current wasteland. One of the reasons David is hunting down Enclave members is that he is triyng tob ury his guilt, and I don't thinky uor character would fit with that.
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    Sep 5, 2012
    I'm aware of it. He will have to try to make them understand without words somehow. ;)
  12. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Fair enough, WK. I HAD to laugh tho at your response to a genetically modified experiment, LOL!!! :D :D Seems to me you have had a bit of...erm...'issues' with them? Seriously, my ass is lying on the floor u had me laughing so hard!
  13. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I do. I can't stand any sort of experiment/ambomination that has super strength/various powers but is smart enough to interact with other humans. I also can't stand humans who have been experimented on and now have enchanced reflexes and all that bullshit. Sin Angel's character was very close to this, but I accepted it as I was desperate for people to join Old Glory at the time, and luckily her character didn't become a mary sue who tried to overshine everybody, and any enchanced abilities she had didn't pop up at all. It wasn't my best decision. If your GECO had been feral or the like it wouldn't have been as bad, but I would've denied it as I would've felt it didn't fit with the RP. Overall, I feel these sort of characters are bad attempts to make a character unique by giving it special powers and by making it the only one who survived the experiment. I think if a character has to be made unique, it should be done through characterisation and character development, because that is how a person in real life is unique, through their own personality and through their own experiences.
    And another thing, notice how nobody ever just makes a first generation super mutant character so they can have a smart genetically modified creature. But oh, then their character couldn't be a super cool unique animal or be the peak of human beauty and have naturally turqouise coloured hair.

    I'm not trying to attack you for writing that GECO character, FOVet, but I just can't stand those sorts of characters. David White has evolved from a Enclave Spec Ops member with a tendency to be self righteous, into a Murderer suffering from PTSD and a drug addiction, having plunged into this after the realisation that he is actually a villain protagonist. I did it without giving him any stupid gimmicks or ridiculous backstories to make him unique. Ok, I'm finished with my rant.
  14. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    I understand where your coming from, really I do--and I know your not attacking GECO--more the attitude that in order to be unique, a character has to be modified in some way.

    Actually, I had an idea for the group to run into an inured Yau Guai--a 'cub' I guess you could call it, and it decide to follow them around when Ari insists that they help it (she has a soft spot for animals). I think this group desperately needs an animal friend, and my first thought was a Nightstalker, but they fit the 'genetically enhanced' profile, and I was never fond of those damn things anyway. At least Deathclaws were plausible, as were cazadores. What the *fuck* was Bethesda thinking with *nightstalkers*??

    I love your antagonist or protagonist, whatever he ends up turning out to be in this RP... not sure how to classify Eagle, really. I can relate to his strong dislike of the Enclave, so I'm not sure I would cal him a villain, even if he ends up targeting Enclave members that may not necessarily be like the main group; Ari, for example, who left on moral grounds.
  15. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I like the idea of a injured cub. Edward would want to kill it, and it would be nice seeing the contrast of the three enclave members.

    Looking at David, he's more of a Byronic Hero. He's horribly flawed, but getting rid of the enclave, in particular the members in this area of texas, could be seen as a heroic goal, and as you'll find out sooner or later, Edward and his former squadmates were anything but good. I think David is the Protagonist, seeing as he is the most important character in the RP. Right now the role would more likely apply to the group or maybe Edward, but as the RP progresses, he'll appear more and more.
  16. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of Eagle, his story intrigues me a great deal. I've always felt....idk, let me rephrase this.

    I've always -had- mixed feelings about the Enclave anyway. I am very patriotic, and love the US. But the Enclave seems to me, to be made up of all the BAD points of the US, maybe because they are decended form the politicians and not the people, LOL.

    But, in all fairness to the Enclave, they do want to rebuild society, they just have a very Machivellian phillosphy about what they are willing to do, and the ends justifying the means. All good stuff!

    As for the little injured Guai cub....since you're fine with that, later on after everything is settled and they are traveling again, sometime during their journey, they will meet a cute tiny baby Guai who will steal their hearts and force people to like him LOL
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    May 25, 2011
    Since we're talking about the characters I may as well throw in my two cents. I do think it will be interesting when Jacob exposes himself to the other members. Mainly because while I would definitely not call Jacob a "good" character, his flaws are personal in nature and not a direct result of being a member of the Enclave. Bringing his greed back into focus with my more recent posts. Hence why he jumped at the chance to loot the cazadors before even really acknowledging Arianna.

    In the end though I would probably have to agree that Jacob is going to settle into the roll of an antagonist during the course of the RP. His overall goal of course to try and help the Enclave regroup, or what's left of it. That of course would put him in direct conflict with David, who is trying to kill them off. So I guess he provides a foil to David. Jacob being an overall nice guy who's goals happen to fall on the villainous side of morality.
  18. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    WIth Jacob wanting to help the enclave regroup, and recognizing Ari, I look forward to seeing what happens with those two. Ari has absolutely no interest in rejoining the Enclave--even if they wouldn't execute her on sight because of her defection. She won't even join the BoS; and they probably WOULD accept her.

    I think there are some interesting times ahead for everyone in this RP, that's for sure :D
  19. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I like that. The foil idea works nicely. Considering how David is at best a lighter shade of grey on the morality scale, comparing them and seeing the similarities as well as the differences will be interesting.
  20. Deathclaw Chameleon

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    Jul 28, 2011
    I like this Yao Guai thing. Suppose m character might react differently depending. Me and Vet hve already discuss'ed Chameleon's outburst. It will most likely lead to a dramatic turn in both mine and Vet's characters. I don't want it to be too contrasting with the main storyline, so I'll open up Chameleon's secrets in short bursts through the RP. I guess people may decide to like him more, though he'll still be his psychotic 'by-the-code' assassin at his best times. So, Chameleon's entering a new phase. I was also thinking WK; would it be alright to create a minor villain to accompany 'the eagle'. Some scout or something, just so he can be a minor distraction for the group?