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    Only in China for now. I suppose if they were going to do it, they should have done it like this from the start but...


    THE SLURPING AUDIO IS HORRIBLE. Blame China. Turn it down. Discuss the inevitable FALLOUT.

    Aliens. As party members. It happened sooner than I thought.

    So essentially they took Fallout Shelter Online, added quests, multiplayer, exploration, and a world map that appears to be in the Boston area. Imagine a JRPG version of Fallout without a storyline. More pics in a minute...

    It is only in China right now, but I can't imagine them keeping it over there for long. Expect more in the upcoming days. This is brand new news. It was rumored in 2017 then nothing.


    Here is most of the information on it.

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    I have no idea what I'm looking at.
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    The future of Fallout.

    We are a step away from this.
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    Maybe there's aliens instead of ghouls because they got skulls showing and all that. China frowns on such things.
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    Promoting superstition...

    They could have been Super Mutants I suppose. I will have more info on this soon. Not much to report besides there being a potential in the future for more and more of these Chinese based spin offs which will inevitably migrate over here...no matter what.

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    Sep 11, 2010
  7. Looks pretty ambitious for a phone game. That and the art is pretty nice. If it eventually comes to PC on the west, I'm sure there'll be a way to cheat in the P2W stuff if it's somewhat fun.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    If the writing stays on at least FO4 level and they add Battle Royale we could have GOTY right here.
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    If it's got multiplayer it'll likely have the data stored on a server. That seems to be standard practice with mobile games. IIRC most of those hacked versions mobile games redirect to private servers to allow cheating.

    As far as being on PC, if it's popular enough there'll probably be private servers if it ends up being an always online thing.
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    Looks better than Fallout 76...
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    So they had this planned since the beginning Untitled.png

    Unless they updated it recently. You have to build the Overseer room before you can do quests...
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    Seems like the Fallout license would have been completely unnecessary to make and market this.
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    I have had ideas for a PA survival game for android just like this for a long time now. Looking through various apk sites you can find knockoffs of most recognizable brands. Who is up for making some money?

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    Last screenshot just looks like ordinary Fallout Shelter in which you can already do quests.
  15. TorontoReign

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    I must have stopped playing it before they added Quests. The backgrounds they use in that pic are the same as in the video showing off the exploration.


    While lurking on Chinese websites discussing playing this game I discovered this hidden gem from what I assume to be a Chinese Fallout fan. Forgive the Google translate.

    The background of the story "Radiation: Refuge" was in 2077 after the nuclear explosion, but before the war, the government had expected the devastating nature of the war, so 122 refuge sites were established in advance, and each refuge can It accommodates 200 people to help people avoid nuclear strikes and prevent human extinction. The player is the commander of the refuge. The player needs to control the multiple game characters in the refuge. By adjusting the resources and action instructions to ensure the mood index of these characters, the player also needs to deploy the game characters to explore and fight the waste soil (outside world). Complete the collection of resources to produce more resources to survive.

    The official rhetoric is so. But the real use of the shelter is designed to be the base of social trials led by the government. Sociologists want to see how the residents of these selected shelters face loneliness and how they can reopen the colony after the shelter has opened. These experiments include:

    No. 8 Refuge: A shelter that has been set up and opened for ten years to open up the ground colony. This is how the underground bunker city is created. Unfortunately.

    Refuge on the 11th: Residents here must sacrifice one person each year, otherwise everyone will die. In fact, if all residents oppose this order, the refuge will give the right choice, but when the residents discover this secret, everyone has already sacrificed.

    Shelter No. 12: In order to study the effects of radiation on selected people, the gates of this shelter are designed to never close. This is the Necropolis refuge. The ghoul is the result of radiation.

    Sanctuary No. 13: Designed to be closed for 200 years to study the impact of long-term loneliness on people. But the damaged water purification chip temporarily created the Overseer and made the residents of the shelter adult. Later, Enclave’s study of the No. 13 refuge recorded their plans to end the war.

    Shelter No. 15: Designed to open after fifty years. The residents here have different theories and opinions, and it is difficult to have a unified view and speech.

    21st Refuge: A gift shop operated by Mr. House. Originally, they all lived as gamblers. The goal was to be as equal as possible and to give all decisions to the dice. Finally, Mr. House won the 21st refuge by gambling.

    Sanctuary No. 27: The population of this shelter has been maliciously exceeded by the limit it can accommodate. 2000 people designated to enter this shelter, twice the number of people it can sustain. The location of this shelter is still unknown.

    No. 29 Refuge: The people who entered the refuge were no more than 15 years old. Their parents were deliberately arranged to go to other shelters. We think that Harold came out of this shelter.

    Sanctuary No. 34: The arsenal inside is full of weapons and there is no lock.

    Sanctuary 36: The food maker is designed to supply only a few porridge.

    No. 42 Refuge: The lights here are not more than 40 watts.

    Sanctuary No. 53: The equipment inside is designed to break down every few months. But these are repairable. These damages just want to put excessive pressure on the residents.

    Sanctuary No. 55: All the entertainment pieces inside have been cleared.

    No. 56 Refuge: There are no entertainment pieces except for some lame comedy films. Sociologists believe that this refuge will collapse before the 55th refuge.

    Sanctuary 68: There is only one woman among the 1,000 residents who enter here.

    Sanctuary 69: There is only one male among the 1,000 residents who enter here.

    Sanctuary 70: All the jumper suits in this area broke down after six months.

    Shelter No. 106: Ten days after the gate of the shelter is closed, nerve-stimulating drugs will be placed in the air filtration system.

    Just..... copy something.


    A review:

    This week, I have a lot of favorite places for this game, such as the overall style and character cards. It’s too appetizing for me, but I’m still more dissatisfied. Here are a few points that I finally let me delete.

    ○ The core gameplay has been completely changed. From the simulation operation of the original refuge to the development of nondescript characters, you must know that your subtitle is a refuge, but after playing these days, the concept of refuge has almost forgotten me. There is no slight sense of existence. There are no residents, only "heroes"; the facilities that exist for survival have become the mines for the production of upgraded materials; the increase in population does not depend on broadcasting, but on the posters, but the consumption of materials that have survived Hero upgrade material. Everything is just for the so-called hero service of the main team. Such a place is not a "refuge" at all, and it is not "radiation"!

    ○ Since you gave up the simulation business and made the character development, you should develop it well. This is also very disappointing in terms of cultivation. With the ready-made special and perk abandoned, it has taken out the rotten routines of the domestic fast-food mobile game. This gives several equipment tools skills to upgrade the player and use the poster to raise the star. Such a so-called "cultivation" has neither freedom nor tacticality. Lineup posts are basically dead, the only difference is the height and speed of resources without brains. This not only does not "radiate", but does not "develop".

    ○ I didn’t feel the freedom of official propaganda. I didn’t rely on exploration. I actually relied on upgrading the radio and then sprinkling a wave of anti-sunning. I ended up with several locations, and the fixed locations were fixed. Do not explore.

    ○People and maps have completely copied the radiation 4, but you have also moved the excellent contents of the refuge. This operation of completely changing the blood but leaving the name gives me a feeling of using fans.

    ○ In short, this is a skin-changing game with a radiant outer skin but a domestic fast-food mobile game soul. It is the only magical game that makes me regret "how not to copy according to the original" in the environment of serious homogenization of domestic mobile games. Recommended for all mobile gamers who have not been exposed to radiation. Radiant fans are still cautious to try, because this is really no waste, I have canceled the appointment
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  16. Heh, good eye. 100% sure the thumbnail for the app will be Vault Boy's face like with the original, though.
  17. Jabberwok

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    Exactly. Even when they announced Fallout Shelter, it sounded almost exactly like the indie game Sheltered, and there have been a ton of similar titles. Plus, they don't even refer to this as Fallout in China, which is apparently their primary market. And I doubt the Fallout name by itself carries much weight over there. They murdered my youth, and now they're raping it for no reason.
  18. Not really. They went on record to taking away first and foremost from the modern XCOM's base management mechanic, which is very, very obvious.
  19. Jabberwok

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    Ah, yeah, that makes sense. It's essentially the same, I think, and I have seen a lot of games do something similar. However, the specific 'survive in a shelter after the apocalypse' fantasy has been done a lot recently, and Fallout Shelter was far from the first iteration.
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    Betty should make this game themselves! otherwise Shanda will make 'chinese' side of the story of the same universe.
    or overhaul Fallout Shelter.