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    Gamasutra invited Obsidian big shot Feargus Urquhart to spill the beans on New Vegas and things, starting off with his views on Fallout 3.

    <center></center><blockquote>What did you personally think of Fallout 3?

    FU: I don't want to just say that I really enjoyed it, because that feels like I'm just kissing ass: "It was a wonderful experience!" But I am not a guy who was caught up in the notion that Fallout had to be an isometric, turn-based experience. To me, Fallout was always just the feeling of the world.

    Maybe that's the difference between someone who makes a Fallout and someone who plays a Fallout. Whenever we think about Fallout, it's about the areas you put in there. Whether those areas are isometric or in 3D first-person, you do a lot of the same stuff.

    For me, Fallout was always the world. In playing Fallout 3, it just felt like being in that world. That was what was great for me. I really appreciated that. I like playing FPSes -- not so much on my console, though; I'm a PC FPS guy.

    The VATS system really melded everything together for me -- I get to be in the world looking out my own eyes, and I don't have to fight every fight in an actual physical skill-based way. I can use my stats and ammo and all that kind of stuff and see people's heads getting blasted off in Technicolor, which was awesome. [laughs]

    I think you take that. You take the feeling of being there. I really enjoyed it. I don't get to finish a ton of games, because -- I'm sure, like you -- there's usually a stack. I don't have to review them, so I don't finish everything. But I made a point of making sure that... No, you know what? I didn't have to make a point of it. I just finished it because I was having fun.</blockquote>Are you trolling us, Feargus? You are, aren't you.

    They also touched on other subjects, such as how talking spore plants come to be.<blockquote>I think what some people mean is that Fallout 2 pushed the tongue-in-cheek material more.

    FU: Too much, actually. [laughs] In my mind, it did. I don't want to make excuses, but we were working pretty fast.

    Ultimately, we had to restart the game twice because we had started it before Fallout was done. Then, when it was done, [original Fallout leads] Tim [Cain], Leonard [Boyarsky], and Jason [Anderson] originally didn't want to go off and make Fallout 2.

    But after things got a little more positive, and we weren't crunching anymore, they said, "No, we want to do Fallout 2." Then they decided, "No, let's go start our own company," and they started [now-defunct RPG studio] Troika.

    Then we really had to restart it again, and so we only had about eight months to make Fallout 2, which is not a long time to make a big role playing game. We divided the work a lot -- one of our mistakes.

    I was the lead designer and running [Black Isle] at the time, and I made the mistake of not looking enough at what each of the designers was deciding to do. So they each thought, "Well, I'm putting some slapstick stuff in my area, but not everybody else is." Before you know it, everybody is.

    [..]</blockquote><center></center><blockquote>From my perspective, there's a bit of a narrative here, where you guys made the original super-hardcore Fallout games -- those were not forgiving games. Then Bethesda gets the series, and people on the hardcore fan sites like No Mutants Allowed complain about it. Then you guys get it again, and you're saying things like, "We're putting in a hardcore mode!"

    FU: Right. Yes. There were discussions early on, like, "Do we make stimpacks outside of hardcore mode?" That is, even when you're just playing on normal mode, maybe that's the one big change we make: stimpacks actually do take time to apply, no matter what. No more instant stimpack. There was a lot of talk about that, but in the end -- it's funny that it comes down to this one little thing -- it would just be too different.

    I think with a change like that, people would get it and think, "What's going on?" They would charge into battle and get their ass killed, going, "Wait! No! Argh!" The [separate hardcore mode] is better for those people, and it's also a great thing for someone who wants to play through the game again. They can play through the game, or a good portion of the game, and decide, "Okay. Now I want this to be a real challenge." Because it can really change how you play.</blockquote>There you have it: design matters.

    Thanks to WorstUsernameEver and a host of creeping gnomes.
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    I am a hardcore gamer now.


    I want some more respect, please. I am hardcore.
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    May 8, 2007
    Sometimes I wonder if anyone on the original Fallout team was actually aware of the exceptional nature of what they created.

    Or perhaps, they were all simultaneously possessed by a divine will, which has withdrawn its influence after Van Buren died.
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    Apr 16, 2010
    He claims to like the first two games, but he also likes Fallout 3? Clearly, he isn't a true Fallout fan, amirite? Nice interview though.
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    That feels like the Hippies in the sixties when they are telling me now that it was a awful time, and it was wrong throwing stones against the police...that period....
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    He's not exactly going to go "ARGH! I hated Fallout 3, it was nothing like Fallout, it was Oblivion with guns" now is he? You can't expect someone of his exposure and with his relations with Bethesda to say something like that in a public interview that Bethesda probably has to approve. Even if his opinion on Fallout 3 was not what he was saying there he couldn't exactly say it out-loud. Note that I'm not saying this is not his honest opinion, hell, it's his opinion after all. I'm saying that his opinion isn't really allowed to be stretched in the position he's in.

    Notice how every single interview with a Fallout 1/2 dev somehow has "it's all about the atmosphere, the turn-based gameplay and working RPG mechanics aren't what made Fallout in the slightest", while this statement is true to some degree, I don't agree with it.

  7. mor

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    exactly, a public figure heading beth project going against them will probably end up his contract.
    as for the 'honest opinion' part, i dont see why it shouldnt be as he basically making a FO3 mod :roll:

    recently tim cain said it as well in an interview and he is not employed by beth.
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    Just as with any of the other original Fallout developers who have commented positively about Fallout 3, if that is Feargus's honest opinion, then he has shitty taste in videogames. Nothing more or less than that.

    Luckily, anyone from the team having drank too much, consumed too much LSD, or just having whatever mental lapse that makes them honestly believe Fallout 3 captured anything that made the original Fallouts great -- which it clearly doesn't -- doesn't retroactively damage their previous efforts, so whatever floats Feargus's boat I guess.
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    ouch feargus... sadly my 'excitement for new vegas' has dropped another notch. i may just have to give up on the fallout series post 2.
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    Or, you know, he has a different opinion than you. It's sad when I see people claim their opinion as fact. No, you're not the all knowing perfect exemplar of humanity. You're human, with opinions, just like everybody else.

    Hey, guess what? I liked Fallout 3 AND Fallout 1 and 2 (I thought tactics was okay)! I must be some shitty 10 year old who doesn't understand the real world, correct?

    Let's take my avatar for example. In my opinion it's a true classic, and my favorite Wilder appearance. There are people out there who think it sucks. Do I care? No! That's their opinion.
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    May 11, 2010
    "FU: I don't want to just say that I really enjoyed it, because that feels like I'm just kissing ass"

    . . . Tell's me he didn't like it and but had to throw in the good thing's to say about the game.

    I guaruntee you he did not like Fallout 3 as much as some of you think, just a high $$ hunch.
  12. Aphyosis

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    Nov 4, 2009
    He also criticized the game though.
  13. x'il

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    Of course, that's what was radically changed, if it had been the other way around, they would all be saying; "to me, fallout was always about a specific way of playing you know, a particular system that feels and plays in an unique and fun way, not about some stories, themes or lore, blablabla..." :shrug:

    Heh. But it's Obsidian! can't wait for New Vegas! :roll:

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    Personally, I'd rather blame Oklahoma, but then that's just the opinion of this crazy Texan.

    I liked the interview but I would have liked it if he had mentioned one thing he didn't like about Fallout 3. I knew he wouldn't (why risk Obsidian's chances at doing another Fallout game after NV?) but it still would have been nice.

    I don't blame him for liking Fallout 3 though. It was an ok game. Trust me, I went back and played through Brotherhood of Steel, and it was still worse than F3. There was enough to be pissed about (ignoring cannon, designing the wasteland as though it was only 50 years since the war, making it too damned easy, and all the damned bugs), but they got it right on some points and I actually enjoyed it. Though I have to admit, the version I really enjoyed was heavily modded and part of the thrill was trying to find just the right mods to fix the damned thing.

    The only thing I didn't like about the interview were the comments about the humor in Fallout 2. By mentioning that it was unintentional he kinda makes it sound like it's something they're going to try to avoid, and I really wanted the humor to make a comeback in NV.
    Also, no mention yet about whether or not they're bringing back any of the damned sexual themes that the prudes over at Bethesda cut out of the series!

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    Feb 25, 2010
    New Vegas will be the true sequel to Fallout 2. Fallout 3 will be laying in the same bin as POS
  16. mor

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    Jun 18, 2010
    that's ok, as i too never said anything like it, its just annoying that i joined your club by association (you know whining about whiners)

    Btw just like RPG, FPS too has some quality standards so when you write off anything you see in FP with guns as FPS its as good as any consul kiddo writing any FPS as RPG because you play character...
    so for general reference this how an FPS look like altough i doubt that many of those with extreme prejudice against FPS will be able not to get motion sickness from it, same motion sickness they encounter real RTS (none static liner crap).
  17. Continuum

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    Nov 8, 2006
    Well, every explanation is good to excuse <s>dumbing down</s> re-imagining into the shitty FPS console crap fest. I've lost all the respect I had to them long time ago.
  18. x'il

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    Never, really?: http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=791312#791312

    Only worse, as yours is reactionary, useless and pointless.

    Sure, who said it didn't? but thanks for all the pretty links and stuff. :roll:
  19. AskWazzup

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    Well, i, for one, believe that he enjoyed the game thoroughly..... For 20 minutes and then he got bored of that shit like everyone else did.

    Now, some of you may say, that i'm just claiming something that i want to be true and that it's just my assumptious opinion. However, i will stand by what i said, because i came to this conclusion in a deductive manner. Now if you take the "hardcore" Fallout fanbase as a whole, you can clearly see tendencies of most of these people not liking Fallout 3, right? Then you have the developers of the original games, who all seem to sing the same tune, which is not in sync with what the fans of the original games have to say.

    Either something is amiss here, or i'm a mental patient :|
  20. Crni Vuk

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    Well he somehow called it a "FPS" of some sort. Thats more then enough for me :D