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    This wikipedia page has consumed hours of my life. It's insane. It's crazy. It's like everything that's ever going to happen that's big. Here's my favorite bit...

    "Around 200 million years before the rip, galaxy clusters like the Local Group or the Sculptor Group would be destroyed. 60 million years before the rip, all galaxies will begin to lose stars around their edges and will completely disintegrate in another 40 million years. Three months before the end, all star systems will become gravitationally unbound, and planets will fly off into the rapidly expanding universe. 30 minutes before the end, planets, stars, asteroids and even extreme objects like Neutron stars and black holes will evaporate into atoms. 10−19seconds before the end, atoms would break apart. Ultimately, once rip reaches the Planck Scale, cosmic strings would be disintegrated as well as the fabric of spacetime itself. The universe would enter into a "rip singularity" when all distances become infinitely large."

    But get this. The only reason that won't happen is because the density of dark energy is -0.991, and this could only happen if it was less than -1. So the exact opposite is going to happen, and everything will become infinitely small. And you'd think that the end of the universe would pose a threat to the continuation of this timeline, but NO!!! It goes on, to the dawn of the next universe.

    There's also a whole load of stuff about the yellowstone eruption and mass extinction, and most of them branch off into smaller crazy science/geology rabbit holes, many of which have lead to my contemplation of my inexplicable desire to watch the Earth die. But did you know that we're going to turn into one of three different supercontinents, one of which puts Morocco on the U.S. East coast. Imagine how the world would be if you could just walk to any country. Isn't that weird?

    The article is divided into three sections... the future of humanity, the future of the Solar System/Planet Earth, and the future of the Universe. But WAIT.......... THERE'S MORE!!!!

    This is only one of three installments in the best trilogy of things in the history of anything ever. There is also Timeline of the Future according to religion, and timeline of the far future according to science fiction. Pretty great, eh???

    You also get to learn about the far past. Like did you know scientists think the second largest mass-extinction in the history of earth may have been caused by a gamma-ray burst, the brightest electromagnetic event in the universe.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?
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