Guide to fan-made new adventure with original Fallout gameplay

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I made enough test to be able to add new entries about Nevada(Vanilla completed), Olympus 2207(english demo, until it crashed), and the conversion by Sduibek\Jordan (I would rather talk about the mod goal than its current build), but it is unlikely that i would add those entries this winter, as i am lacking time and energy (And sun ! Damn Canada !).

    Likewise, i am waiting to know which text to google translate in order to be able to try out the Jackal demo. And i don't intend to try out Nevada Crazy Edition too soon. (i just completed the vanilla version last week)

    So i will most likely do unrelated stuff, unless someone bring intel to my attention about some awesome mod (or a mod that is very bad, but does exist) that i didn't mention, or didn't mention enough, or if you have feedback about how this thread is displayed about how all those informations are sorted out, if you think something is missing, or if you want to correct my very bad english (in a kindly manner please), feel free to step up.

    I will most likely do an overhaul of the thread, once i've added the last entries.

    Although, there is something that bothered me as the list kept growing.
    How do you thing i should highlight the mod i recommand people to try ?

    I don't want to give ranking and notes, because all those released things were made and shared for free by people more skilled than me, sometimes with teams, sometime alone, years apart, with or without the knowledge or tools of other modders, taking longer or shorter time, with smaller or bigger ambition, strong design or chaotic mess. I wouldn't like outright saying "This one is good" or "This one is bad". But ultimately, some entries are more about saying the thing exist, while some others are more recommandations. I was thinking about some kind of color codes, or small icons, but i am not sure which option is the best.

    PS: I've checked Nuclear City,, Shamo, fallout generation and Duck And Cover, and i don't think they have intel about additionnal mods. (finished mod, or mods with working links pointing toward a sufficiently playable demo)
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Added this week :
    - Fallout of Nevada
    - Olympus 2207
    - fo1 to fo2 conversion by Sduibek

    To be added :
    - Fallout of Nevada Crazy Edition
    - Fallout Jackal by Foxx

    I might also take another look into some older entries.
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    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    I wont touch this thread (and its french counterpart) again until mid-to-late-september, but i am keeping those links and informations there, so i'll remember them for the next update.

    Lexx added two new thread about the Fo1 to Fo2 port : A - B
    Ardent broke my heart, but i need to update the project status (now dead-ish) : A
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Probably won't make any actual update until september 2020, but i we can still use comments to increase the «TO DO LIST».
    (work is 99% done on this thread, but i plan to do the same for Tactics eventually)

    Found out that three versions of Fallout: Nevada exist.
    There are russians unoficial updates for some mods (like the RP).
    Whispering winds will go slowly now that Lexx is busy elsewhere.
    Need to re-test Fallout Jackal.
    Need to re-test and maybe work on a guide for Last Hope. That mod needs more coverage.
    Will replay Nevada and Resurrection for fun and testing.
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