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    Yeah, I've actually never seen the local "Hells Angels" on motorbikes, anywhere, ever. I've hardly ever even seen a Harley. The few I've seen were totally unrelated to any gangs. The only time I actually met a HA-member was when I was a teen attending a dumb party with a bunch of dumb hippies, there were complaints made, and a HA dude showed up with a baseball bat to see to the issue.
    While the other hippies were inviting him to a debate regarding the legality of his intention of bashing peoples heads in, I saw it as my oportunity to scram, and I was out the door like a wind, with big ol' grin from ear to fuckin ear. I probably should mention the hippies ripped me off, after I confided in a friend there that I had a bit of weed, and I would share with him and only him, if he kept his mouth shut. He did not, and I got pressured into rolling up, HE took it, passed it on, and I never saw it again. Fucking animals.
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    Seriously though, people murder people whether it’s right or wrong, necessary or not, no matter what tool they choose. Guns may be interesting to debate, but honestly, they are no more dangerous than the rocks indigenous peoples throw at each other. War is war, Murder is murder, idiots are idiots, and evil is evil. Nothing I can do about that. If perception is reality, maybe I am the problem. Maybe my perspective is to blame.
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    Guns have no place in the civilian institution. That's my opinion.
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    Where do they belong?
  5. Oh god.

    It's dumbshit threads like this that make me happy to live in the United States.

    My friend, you are not at all digging deep enough to make a statement. You are feeling what is true but not thinking what is true.

    Why not say that weapons, fists and clubs, are indeed useless at all to a civilized society?

    No of course not because you are full of fear, and desire freedom. You're afraid of other nations and afraid of anarchy so you of course want a military to gloss over your problems for you and create your own self-serving habitat so that you may be comfortable.

    There is nothing righteous in your words even if it started in your heart as so because it is not tempered in any experience. You preach a half-truth, the darkest of all lies.

    The half-truth throughout history that has murdered races in the thousands, proclaimed nations as superior to others, proclaimed culture as the dominant one, with no real temperance of experience to be flexible and ambiguous. Ambiguity and intellectual fortitude you despise and fear because you do not have the fortitude to bear it, for your mind is weak and enslaved by the bread that has been given to you by your masters.

    The sadness is that it is not your fault. The same poisoned well of selfishness that has caused the sickness in society, that causes the wars, the mass shootings, the rapes, the hatred. The controlling apparatus that proclaims "I am sick so I must change society". Rather than, "Society is sick, I must change myself." "could it not be that these plagues were at one time a good, for my life is forfeit anyways in this material plane?"

    Whatever problems we have, it's better than some un-fucked cowardly ivory tower aristocrat coming in every 40 years to "solve" all of societies "problems".

    These people live in the symbolic world rather than the real world and think that their psuedo-intellectual huffing and virtue signaling is a sign from god that they are the chosen one.

    Every time I say to myself that "yeah I agree with regulation", the far left comes in and destroys any ability to communicate with conservatives to help improve society by throwing a hissy fit and threatening to steal, imprison, and kill those who do not agree with what is currently trendy.

    The Bill of Rights with all of it's vagueness is still a wise document indeed.

    People who love government are the worst type of people. They see it as an end goal instead of a tool used to help society function better.

    What is worse is that most people who desire to enact change in the world are monomaniacally egotistical and have no interest in what is right rather than being right and feeling empowered and justified.

    With stupid shit like this, racism, mental health, economic health, and corruption are glossed over with bullshit like assault weapons, abortion, and religious beliefs.

    The most unconscious and childlike people are the ones running amok empowered by their land-lords and merchant barons to destabilize systems meant for the collective to enforce their own monopoly.

    They see it as a bad thing that private citizens "No in fact, a sovereign life-form itself" can own any weapon, but war with violence and bitterness against whatever displeases them as a good thing.

    The reason I have a firearms is so I don't have to use a firearm. If you cannot understand that logic then you do not have the sound mental fortitude to govern or make policy decisions in the defense of the common good and decency.

    The problem is these people have it so good in life, yet are so under-educated and un-loved by their communities that they have no idea how rough and cruel history has been and all of the sacrifices that have been made to even reach their level of livelyhood.

    They don't care because they have no interest in anyone but themselves.

    And that includes hardliner right-wingers too.

    Your betters say that you are not qualified to even voice an opinion on collective matters, and your selfishness and lack of humility shows that you have much work to do before you engage yourself in law and government. Your actions and attitudes will cause nothing but a field of hanged corpses.

    May god "as he is in his entirety before I conceive of his non-existence" have mercy on your souls.

    To any of those in favor of regulation, then put into practice the regulation and become a teacher.

    No, of course not. That requires effort. I would rather my master do it for me.

    Jesus, you're all so easily manipulated.

    Of course give a man with no strength a firearm, then the trigger pulls his finger, instead of the finger pulling the trigger.

    It's all true, guns do make you more violent. Can you handle that?

    We have a herd of people going "no, they are evil." instead of becoming a stronger individual to handle it.

    How can you handle marriage, children, responsibility even if you subscribe to such thinking?

    You can't. You pray for a god that will fit you into a place best for you, when infact you forget that you are god, and god continues to create all in what is best for the all.

    I am so tired of fighting myself instead of being myself. In that, I mean I tire of fighting people like YOU as you spawn like cockroaches in the millions to consume me with all of your self-hatred and inability to accept existence in its entirety. Back on earth to fight another battle so that the child may become a man and let the process continue.

    Well if i must fight, i must accept that symbolic cross that was pulled from heaven and torn apart by the literal minds of imbeciles.

    You are all utterly stupid, do you not see?

    My utter disgust at your stupidity is your salvation, for it is the key to your awakening. I am the divine intervention for you, as I, others, the universe, will be the divine intervention for myself.

    The wolf begs god to rip out his own teeth, rather than accepting that he is infinite and will represent all things forever.

    The TRICKSTER has tricked you into enjoying your own HELL. Because YOU are the dreaming TRICKSTER, the god that had the dream of you. You so divine that you can trick yourself.

    "You are attached so to your dreams you forget to enjoy them"

    There is no meaning in life without death for you human, even though both life and death are an illusion. It is all infinite and forever. You damn yourself to a close minded prison with your thoughts and actions.

    I am your monolith for your evolution.

    As above, so below.

    My kingdom come,

    My kingdom go.

    I am one.

    I am you.

    We are, undefinable in our infinite nothingness.

    Wake up, smell the coffee, and go live as a human, human. That's what you WANTED isn't it?

    You want to get rid of guns? You better build a world that doesn't need them FIRST.

    Who am I to judge.

    There, that is my divine opinion.

    As a human being with likes and dislikes.

    I dislike people picking up firearms and committing atrocities.

    What will solve this?

    Well let's ask why first.

    Well it seems these people are attatched to an idea, a dream, an outcome that they aren't achieving, but of course these firearms will help me achieve that.

    Do they think that this is for their survival?

    WHY do they think that?


    No, don't ask those questions. Those questions look behing the curtain to see what's hidden.

    That dark place you fear not go.

    Well, let's ask why anyways.

    New Zealand. That manifesto.

    Of course he would do such a thing. So, unsatisfied with his life, so lost, he ate a dream he felt was.

    The least painful for him.

    I am a killer he said.

    I cannot, handle...being a killer.

    So i sacrifice myself... to the altar of eternity, in my hatred and disgust, of myself and others.

    My JOY as i killed ALL OF THEM.

    Attached, attached, attached, attached to..illusions.

    Just like you.

    You know this. You fear that one day you may too fall in love with such things, so you want to HIDE and run away from that truth.

    Well, perhaps you need to, disconnect, from your dreams and illusions.

    Try some meditation, some spiritual insight.

    Some, reflection.

    Reflection, the enemy of a controlling mind, a lord, a government, of power.

    Reflection, the enemy...of power.

    Power, is an illusion.

    Your illusions...kill...

    All of you weak premature ejaculatory little nuggets, wide eyed and bushy tailed, ready to stick the spear in the next hole you can find, can whip your faces with my shit and eat it nice, slow and steamy.

    I promise nothing but tons of feces for you, until you digest it completely.

    Your destiny, is a giant pile of fucking shit.

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    How exactly do you define and quantify "dangerousness" to make it fit this claim?
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  7. a gun is just a fancy way of throwing rocks really.

    Let me know when you start fusing matter together and creating explosions 500 times hotter than the sun or start the next bubonic plague.

    No in all seriousness.

    Guns are much more dangerous than throwing rocks.

    They are about as dangerous as, sharpening those rocks and stabbing people with them, from a distance.
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    Btw, practically every indigenous tribe on earth uses the bow and arrow, which trace at least 50 000 years back. For heftyer weapons, clubs/staffs/spears/poles are common in many tribes.
    Rock throwing seem to be either an urban thing (due to lack of bows and arrows, I guess) and toys for poor Turkish goat-herds growing up (at least according to a Turk friend of mine, who to this day carry scars on his forehead)
  9. No rock throwing is a military thing.

    A slinger is a deadly thing on the ancient battlefield. It is also the most cost effective projectile weapon.

    We use calibers for hunting small animals as military weapons today.

    A sling would kill a bird or a rabbit but not a deer or a bear.

    It would kill a person though.

    You need a spear or a bow to kill large game, or pierce armor.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    I know slings have had a lot of success in prehistoric battle - but it is almost always immediately replaced with bows and arrows where these are available.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Nearly every single hunter-gatherer tribe that actually exist right now use bows and arrows for hunting... :D they don't use shields in battle
    Arrow-heads are among the most common archaeological artifacts, both related to battle-fields, as well as normal life (hunting), regardless of shields.

    Again, the sling is a good weapon if you don't really have anything better. I can only think of the famous Balearic cultures as an example of a people who deliberately specialized in slinging, beyond very early examples in ancient Greek and Middle Eastern warfare

    I'm not saying slinging wasn't a thing, slinging has been important to many a human culture and tribe - but it is easily trumped by bows and arrows, arrows are lighter, swifter, more accurate - and you don't need the same grade of expertise to be effective with it - thus, it has always - always - to this very day - been favored!

    Warning, a bad ouchie:
  12. *Sigh* Read it again.

    No rock throwing is a military thing.

    A slinger is a deadly thing on the ancient battlefield. It is also the most COST EFFECTIVE projectile weapon.

    We use calibers for hunting small animals as military weapons today.

    A sling would kill a bird or a rabbit BUT NOT A DEER OR A BEAR.

    It would kill a person though.

    You need a spear or a bow to KILL LARGE GAME OR PIERCE ARMOR.

    Also, think of these tribes that use arrows. They usually live in forests.

    Slingers come from the desert where there are rocks everywhere and no trees.
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    Okay, rock throwing is a military thing (despite most modern militaries using rifles, but okay)
    A slinger has deadly potential, sure, okay, it is cost effective - I agree, hence its use in ancient warfare, okay, I read this part before - now I'm reading it again, I still can see what it says.

    We use calibers for hunting - to kill people in war, sure, why not, I can see that - 7.62 is good for dropping a moose, but also drops a person, I agree.

    A sling would kill a rabbit - but fail to kill a deer. Common sense, sure. And sure, whack a well aimed rock at someones head, and you'll kill them or make them into a permanent drooler, I can see that.

    Spear or bows are needed for big game, OKAY. What's the disagreement? Slings are STILL not commonplace in either living tribal communities (who generally favor bows and arrows, across the continents) or in historical/archaeological records.
    Yes - they can be efficient weapons, yes they have been used, but the bow and arrow is always favored, in practice, by people who war and hunt as a part of their lives. If I'm completely misunderstanding *what* we're disagreeing about here, please let me know what it is :I
  14. Most of those indigenous tribes today aren't militaristic.

    They might be tribal and warlike, but they aren't militaristic.

    When you say indigenous tribes you say it like it's a homogeneous group of ancestors. They aren't They are all different and it's based off of their history and the environment they came from.

    We're not in disagreement, I'm just not going too in depth and impatient and the devil is in the details. I'm sorry. *hug*

    Also, I just find it funny that 5.56/.223, the most common military rifle cartridge, isn't considered strong enough to be an effective hunting cartridge for anything larger than a 70-140lbs Deer, and it is similar in the idea of

    Slings vs Bows.

    So a military effective weapon doesn't mean it is a practical weapon for hunting.

    Therefore, a sling could be more effective than a bow most definitely in certain situations which ancient armies exploited even though bows were available.

    The reason slings are not commonplace is that these tribes are not soldiers slinging rocks from a collective stock of ammunition. They are hunter-gatherers using their hunting tools for warfare.


    Also, you can't use a sling as effectively from horseback.
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    A blowgun with a dart tipped in frog poison can be more effective than most things, I think. It's completely silent and if you're hit and it breaks the skin you're paralysed and as good as dead since there's no antidote. This is the one "primitive" weapon that for me is actually more terrifying than a gun.
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  16. Yeah and those poisons they use can be nightmare inducing.
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    Our imagination is the most dangerous tool in the known universe. In this instance, dangerous means ability to cause harm.

    To be more specific, the ability to cause harm to living things.
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    first you should edit rather than double-post, the latter is typically frowned upon

    secondly, you probably should take a hit and back track your notion that rocks and gunfire are *equally* harmful. With a handgun one can place a bullet in someones heart, there, leaking for the next two and half minutes, and you're gone. With a rock, that's a lot more effort, a lot of bashing, some people can resist quite a bit of abuse. You can beat someone's skull soft, and they will still linger.

    You can also replace the rock with a rolled up newspaper, and make it last longer. Some weapons *are more dangerous* in the sense that danger is a threat to someone's immediate well-being. This isn't about "pro or against guns" - I like guns, and part of what I like about them is their absolute efficiency, compared to for example rolled up newspapers.
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    I don't care if it's the closest thing Americans has as a cultural identity.
    In my own belief, if you have to be around guns . If that need is so damn craving. Sign up for the military, that's where weaponery belong. Also those brick walls of text I was quoted with well... Let me just say that's proof of a defensive mechanism lmao. You can call me whatever, and hypothize that ''you-don't-know.'' - It seems like you're trying to convince yourself, more than you're trying to convince me.