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    Jun 3, 2011
    For what it's worth, yes: the Alien Blaster always crits (its critical chance is x100). As far as Dead Wind Cavern, and some of the other high-end dungeons around Mojave are concerned, they're honestly do-able with just about any weapon. I've said this before, but Chance's Knife is tremendously powerful when properly supported by Perk selection; being a Combat Knife, it benefits from both Cowboy and Grunt. Once you pick up Piercing Strike, you're essentially a Deathclaw yourself.

    Back on topic, though:

    I really enjoyed Honest Hearts. I thought it was particularly well done, especially for DLC. Joshua Graham is pretty much the only vendor, though (unless I missed something?), which can get a little frustrating. By the end of the story, my bags were stuffed to their absolute fullest with fully-repaired 12.7mm SMGs, Shishkabobs, etc. I didn't want to drop them, because they were worth 4,000 or so caps a piece, but at no point could Joshua afford to take them off my hands.

    A minor issue, though, considering how good the rest of the content was. Honestly, the Survivalist's entries alone are worth the price of the DLC.

    Great stuff. I'm really looking forward to Old World Blues (although, the gameplay footage I've seen so far looks ... sillier than I'd expected) and Lonesome Road.
  2. Sillier? Psshh. It only has a midget securiton obsessed with coffe mugs, a sentient jukebox, and a toaster out to destroy the world.
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    I had the same issue; I used every extra 12.7 SMG and Shishkebab I found to repair the ones I already had until I had 3 fully repaired clones of each weapon. Plus the extra armor and unique weapons I picked up along the way, brought me up to 275 out of 280 pounds that I could carry, by the time I went back to the mojave.

    I think this is the main reason for the 80 (or 100) pound limit that they impose on you before you go. It's just a semi-believable plot device used to make sure you have room to bring back as much loot as possible from Zion.
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    I'd look at it more like those silly things are more like those particular intelligences having long since gone senile.