How come Enclave soldiers don't clad themselves in red, white, and blue?

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    If all you're going off of is the color palette, and if you're western-centric, then sure the original design seems "malicious". But that's just because it's big and black, and very naive mindsets just perceive that as "evil". The helmets looked more like giant bug faces than they did "evil" or "malicious", and if they were bright silver like the original T-51b's, then we'd think very little of the Enclave when we see them. But they were given a distinct look, and on top of which, distinct color palette, so they stood out prominently from any other entity encountered in the game, and it worked perfectly. Sentiments that the design catered to feeling exaggeratedly evil were merely simplistic sentiments to begin with.
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    The fuck are you on about? "Western-centric?" "Naive sentiments?"


    - Fallout was made BY westerners, FOR westerners, IN a western culture, ABOUT western culture, FOR western consumption. This offends you or something? Tango Sierra.

    - Big and dark (not black, in any game) compared to smug and shiny is a deliberate contrast. Light and darkness, good and evil. You really expect me to believe the intention was some mystical "otherness" rather than straightforward bad-guys? Really? Was the intro to Fallout 2 not blunt enough for you?

    - Your "bug faces" happen to include glowing yellow eyes, often contrasted with dark backgrounds and shadows in official art, with deliberately downward-slanting lenses, giving the impression of furrowed brows, anger, or violent intent, along with perhaps a hint of a predatory animal. Even the shape of the headpiece is curved as if something other than a human skull resided within. This isn't just "different" from smug and shiny, patriotic retro-future aesthetic with visors, but a complete contrast across the board.

    It doesn't take a genius to see how often the Brotherhood of Steel is adored by fans as being the "good guys," so much so that Bethesda homed in on that impression and exaggerated it for their straightforward plot in FO3. And when they're the ones with the bright and shiny futuristic stuff, and their opponents happen to have darker, more suggestive characteristics that are the exact opposite, are you really going to tell me it's because they're "just different?" And then have the nerve to call anyone having this patently obvious observation "naive?" God almighty.
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    Its resemblance with hornet/wasp anatomy can't be coincidental though.
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    They actually resemble a male sheep's head. That's why the Navarro password is 'sheepshead'.

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    Well there's a forehead-slapper. I'm really not sure how I never managed to see the resemblance before. Rams and goats being prominently affiliated with Satan or paganism in western culture still doesn't bode too well for The Enclave's case here, though.
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    The above sounds like the sort of odd thinking that originates out of Bethesda. However, the use of a subdued American flag on the right shoulder and stenciled on branch of service on the left side of the chest would definitely not be a harmful addition.
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    Heh, suddenly that "sheepshead" password phrase the guards are asking for makes a much more sense to me! :smile:
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    If they dress as proposed, it will make them too visible and thus turn them into easy target.
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    For the same reason the French Army got rid of their red trousers during WWI :